HatedbyGod (EUNE)
: League of legends:10 Year Anniversary Gift
You should have contacted with the support, if you haven't received the reward within one week after the date. you could give it a try and contact the support. and ... + You're not gonig to get a notification about you've received RIOT kayle, it'll just appear as an unlocked skin at Kayle's profile. You'd check it before writing to support.
: Kalista Buffs?
No buff for her, but a rework coming at preseason. That's why the silence around her. and ... "Maybe give her the 1.0 AD aa ratio, fix her aa, make it so MS slows don't slow her hop (because that slows her AA), revert her attack speed changes, and make it so she can Q in mid air again for dodging purposes." all nerfs sicne she's out, they were reasonal. I bet you've never played Kalista before these; or more luckily: never fought againts her before these. You wouldn't ask, if you've done it.
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: >maked **TRIGGERED**
I just wanted to comment this! double **TRIGGERED**
: Well, I personally feel Victorious Viktor would have been a much better choice due to him being an all around strong Competitive pick and just stands for a staple mid laner. He's exciting to watch, has a ton of outplay potential and really needed a new skin. But either way, I'm fine with it being Maokai, seeing that I like playing tanks :9
They announced a while back that viktor, Graves and Gravas won't get Victorious skin this season. But why Maokai ... There have been way better (and may more gamechanging?) toplaners around the season.
: Zed: 46.7% Win Rate; 20% Ban Rate
The website i watch, says 45% bannrate. They only contains Platinum+ ranked. http://champion.gg/champion/Zed/Middle I do see him banned OR picked in almost all Ranked on EUNE. (Plat2 atm) No wonder he's at 47% winrate, if actually his mains can't play him and almost 100% pick if he left open, no matter if the guy who pick him has any clue how to play him or not. I help you, they mostly not.
Decrit (EUW)
: Nami for Katey
I have a "jhin only account" on EUNE which is currently plat5, and playing together with a nami-only support main. This comic describe us: http://i.imgur.com/Sk66zD2.png I wish the same experience for all fellow botlane premades/friends. Because it's my support who carry me to the point where i can carry. #Praise the nami supports. And an extra: http://i.imgur.com/oX2MXbM.jpg Never underestimate a nami.
: Oh pls, can you stop acting like "you, the community did it"? These particles where propably already planned, the skin just got unfinished on the PBE. I mean why wouldn´t they give her the blue particles in the first place. People always think the PBE stuff is finished and that their complaining "will change" something..... jeeees so naive....
Riot said at first they did't want to full-color change the abilities due of gameplay economy. So yes, community powa so stronk.
Ralanr (NA)
: Well Rengar is getting reworked. And I think enough people know the layout of the rift to know that a bush doesn't belong there.
>to know the layout of the rift to know that a bush doesn't belong there. You ask so much from a regular player.
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: That is always a good stredegy. I also like making terrible puns. http://67.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcqfz859v71rotq8bo1_500.gif
: Jinx has a 54.25% win rate with a 19.12% pick rate
I love this. First Corki and Kalista op. Nerf directly/undirectly, their winrate and palyrate dropped. Lucian and Ezreal op. Nerf directly/undirectly, their winrate and palyrate dropped. Then Jhin and Ashe. Nerf directly/undirectly, their winrate and palyrate dropped. Then the next strongest ADCs take their place. Do you see the pattern?
Surge06 (EUW)
: If I avoid needlessly spending any more money, I'll have enough for a new PC. I just...
I hope there is 1-2 male. so they could join to the Taric's table at the bar.
: Do the same for yasuo and you'll be at -70
The other topic, where there is a potential yasuo balance idea, posts who agree with the nerf at sitting with -20 or so. Even in the Zed nerf topics weren't this intense.
Shadòw (EUW)
: Can Yasuo have some CD before he can generate Flow again after his shield was broken?
I love how everyone who agrees with this, having a huge downvote. While even the "little" toxic posts gaining upvotes. Yasuo mains?
: Taliyahs nerf
When will people understand: They said months ago this + next patch will be about LCS directed balance. Taliyah is indeed can be a threat in LCS with great gank setups and waveclear. So chill down, they'll buff back once LCS hype is down. (other mentionable victims of LCS patch: Sivir, Shen, Gnar) Keep making Taliyah nerf QQ threads, this was announced months ago.
: But League of legend isn't just another MOBA, They have a development team that are to death to hear players feed back on improving over all game system. (Not balancing system)
I still don't see any replay system which the playerbase asking since years for. (and most other moba have it) Your argument is invalid.
: Mute Button - For Pings
Most MOBA have it. - Mute a specific person's ping. - Reporting someone automatically adds the person to your block list.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: It's funny that they say supports get flamed but whether I'm playing ADC or another role, it's always the Support flaming the ADC. Blaming the ADC for losing lane, etc. It doesn't matter if it happens on my team or the enemy team. It seems it's ALWAYS the ADC's fault somehow. Which is funny because a good Support is who wins lane bot imo.
Supports are the gods and invulnerables on the forum. If you dare to desecrate them, prepare for the downvote-wave.
: Ok here is the tier list (god is highest lowest is trash) Korea China EU NA International Wldcard
EU just performing really bad in this season. Doubt they're better than NA atm.
: Back near the end of Season 5 Riot said they were working on making knockups affected by tenacity, haven't said anything since then.
We know where Riot's promises end up.
Bardful (NA)
: no because you mentioned both the time of teleport and the time of root then told the person you were talking about the root time when they corrected you on the teleport. It was an understandable mistake.
I should just grab popcorn before coming to forum. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Actually there's going to be a new tribunal system so it goes more hard on players (Thank god) which can decrease toxicity by a a lot actually. so I get what you are saying, I can be really toxic in game and get NO punishment whatsoever
New tribunal system? Haha. Do you believe in ghosts?
: God sometimes when i read these comments i'd like to ask you if you imagine your enemy to be a bot? You know they are also gold/plat/dia ??? A kog won't just stay infront of your team and wait for you to throw all your CC.
You forgot to mention "While having one of the biggest autorange when W is active".
Sharjo (EUW)
: Some new VO popped up on the PBE talking to the Jungle Monsters
: Yasuo mains be like https://i.gyazo.com/e19a59a1bb61db1f5963bc654e83dbe9.gif
The moment you know where the gif is from and suddenly remember the whole video ... I think Yasuo mains will be fine with this, at least they can play their champion.
: Help...I Accidentally...
Well, i have few other if i type in google. http://i.imgur.com/A82nlZQ.png I think the picture talk to itself.
: Which was reverted back to the same functionality. I mean, it was changed technically, but it was moved back so in a comparison there is no difference.
They did revert the changes of "behaviour of a minionwave", but the minion collision changes have stayed.
MadJ0hn (EUW)
: Star Guardian Lux Chroma Pack (Sailor Moon Theme)
I actually know the actor from reddit, he have posted several quality Chroma. rioters should learn from him.
: Personally I think there's not enough 'Caitlyn' in her design. Sheriff? no, Caitlyn? no, Sniper? ... maybe? We made her a mythical chinese demon with snake motifs and a magical living weapon that leaves dumpling traps because. Don't get me wrong I think the execution is gorgeous and it's my favourite Caitlyn skin overall, but looking back there is more we could have done to tie it to her as a champion. A good question to ask is 'Would this design work on any champion?' and if the answer is 'yes' then it's an opportunity to dig deeper.
Lunar Wraith Caitlyn do contain "Caitlyn". After all, the ultimate is just a recolor, perfectly holding a piece of Caitlyn (or laziness).
: Well actually your allied minions are programmed to move aside after a half second or so. It's because they were enemy minions and he only got into that spot by using a dash that goes through them. To be clear, THEY HAVEN'T CHANGED MINION BLOCK SINCE AT LEAST SEASON 3. They had that little experiment last year and everyone hated it so they went back to their original code. Stuff like this has been happening since forever, and since it's so infrequent provided you're not being a goober it's never really been a problem. The other issue is it's a pretty hard thing to fix. You shouldn't be able to walk through minions like they're not there, so now we have some mechanic that impedes movement. But you can't just make an exception if a champion can't move allowing you to go through because that sounds like a great way to introduce bugs to the game. Also how do you know if someone's really stuck, sometimes you can move like a tiny bit but can't get far so how do we account for all of these factors properly?
They DID change minion block at preseason. Check the early season6 patches. You'll suprise.
: O_O Woah that would be fun once a couple turrets get knocked down. I could turn the Rift into Shurima!
Ashe Q had a kind of interaction with Azir passive. Hey, it's not a big problem. Only 10-12 Azir tower on the map. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0HhSE3x0VI
: what does viktor,evelynn and lucian have in common?
: Just extrapolation based on previous reworks and riot. Akali ult will also acquire global range and make a loud, annoying noise everyone can hear.
: > [{quoted}](name=IAmAn0nymous,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=625FkE6m,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2016-08-27T18:50:16.208+0000) > > Or nerf Janna because she's disengaging for her team. Janna doesn't need a nerf. Janna needs a rework. Janna is so freaking hard for Riot to balance because she doesn't have enough levers in her kit for them to mess with. What's the power of her Q? It knocks people up. Well, let's increase the mana cost, reduce the damage, and lower the ratio. It still knocks people up. Okay, then we make it so she has to charge it longer or else it doesn't travel as far and knocks people up for a shorter time. ...It still knocks people up. What's the problem with her ult? It knocks people back. Let's mess with the base heal. ...It still knocks people back. What's the problem with her passive? It gives everyone MS. Let's increase the MS, but make it not global. It still gives everyone MS. Yeah, but now it's conditional. But it's always active. No cooldown. No cost. No counterplay. ...Shit.
Actually, Janna got nerfed a ton in S5, because people kept bringing her into LCS.
: To the people calling s6 a tank meta
This season more like. "Let's stack armorpen on ADCs while updating mages and assasins"
adidas (NA)
https://youtu.be/g3YG8Rmwyhk?t=49s In case someone is wondering. He dashes into the minionwave where from he can't get out which result into a kill.
: you got me, that is what i want, but at the same time id rather be pointing out riots deficiencies than get peoples hopes up.
They did promise the soloq, as a queue next to dynamic queue at the season start. Then they said it'll come in weeks. Weeks turned Months. Then they publised a video "Riot round table" something liek that (That table wasn't even round) where they directly said SoloQ will NOT return. That's why every promise from riot is so "trusted". An old interview/statement from season start: http://i.imgur.com/9EjHS9g.png So yea.. Sandbox is coming ... soon.
: *but riot promised it, that means it must be coming right?* *just like they promised to fix dynamic queue*
> [{quoted}](name=CrestKnight,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QE4tR6XA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-25T01:13:07.592+0000) > > *but riot promised it, that means it must be coming right?* > > *just like they promised to fix dynamic queue* you wanted to say: *just like they promised to BRING BACK solo queue*
: Sivir's nerfs in comparison to Ashe and Jhin is huge.
Jhin nerfs directed the Armor penetration rune + Armor penetration itemization, where you could blow up (or burn 1-2 of summon) the enemy ADC by landing your W and use your ult. Just by only after completing yomuu. (If enemy support wasn't around). Still not the right way to nerf him, or not him but do something with the items. He wasn't problem for so long till Lucian (direct nerf via kit) and Ezreal (Frozen mallet/Trinity - undirected nerfs) got tuned down. Obviously then he took their place, and he just abused the armor penetration as lucian did. Do something with your items instead of tuning down every marksman which fulling their predecessors place. (Like at season start happened with Corki, then Kalista, Lucian and Ezreal.) I like the sivir nerfs, finally i won't see her at all in this season. (#sarcasm) She got already the victorious skin last season, tune her down. (#STRONGERsarcasm) (To the kalista level) The new nerf on PBE - if making out to live - will murder her to the point she'll need a recovery. HAHA.
Asinine (NA)
: riot don't care they just want your money. also yorick's w is trash its jarvan's ult without the damage and we all know how useful his ult is at keeping people inside of it.
If it's me or this Yorick rework is basically a ctrl+c ctrl+v from HoTS Nazeebo hero. (W and Ult is totally the same.) Xul passive (HoTS) = new Yorick passive. May it's me, but for me they start to lack in creativity.
: The particles both blend in too well with the terrain background, making them take longer to react to (at least that's what happens for me).
As an owner of this skin, i went custom to make pictures. http://i.imgur.com/nGC7bsc.png http://i.imgur.com/XXjsMat.png May it's me, but i can tell totally the difference between hawkshot and ult. An other (a bit more bad) when hawkshot follows the ult: http://i.imgur.com/8uayfHk.png http://i.imgur.com/CyfFh6D.png My own problem with the skin is when she's in the hood-mode, the Q particle is a kind of fustrating to tell if it's ready to activate or not: http://i.imgur.com/MNEvkHz.png Mainly, if you're on blue-side when you most of the time watching your character from behind. Chanigng the color of the cape when it's ready to activate would be a fair move for both the skin user and the enemy. (because right now, i rather watch the stack icons than the character if it's ready)
: The question is not why does this bug exist. Its why do you have RFC on ekko. Seriously though. Does this only affect ekko, or will it happen for other dash/damage AA spells like {{champion:120}}.
> Its why do you have RFC on ekko. You thankfully haven't met with the newborn "korean idea" as AD Ekko with Trinity.
: Rapidfire cannon works with hecarim E ( 573 range dash )
Damn, the increasing RFC range while charging E is so satisfying to watch.
: if you cant handle ranked...
Even as a guy who never ragequit, i have something like 4 games in total (with all account together 500+ ranked this season) where i did ragequit. I bet there is not a single person who did not ragequit at all. Sometimes the stupidity is so much to handle and then just be like "ok, fak it, im out, will work the lost LP back later. This is just a game overall". Brrrrr. edit: Yes, i know. everyone want to looks cool on forum with this "i never ragequited". if you check my post, i said i may did 4 times form over 500+ games, sometimes you just have to if you want to keep your sanity.
: I definitely get where you are coming from, it is a little complex. When I first saw it I had to stare at my screen and say, "Wait...what?" a couple times. But similar to League, once you get a bunch of games under your belt, it isn't as complicated as it seems. Keep in mind that for the Project Skins themselves, you can still buy them normally in the store. For Project Icons, you can also buy those for 250 RP. The only 'exclusive' content you will need to unlock through Hextech is the Decrypter, EM Caster, Hyper Edge, and Disruption Summoner Icons, the First Strike Summoner Icons which unlock the special Loading Screen border. At the end of the day, if you want just the skins, we got you. If you want some more exclusive content, we got that for you too!
What is this guy talknig about: Old project skins (leona, lucian, zed, fiora, yi): you got the loading screen border if you bought the skin for full price. Now this awesome system has no longer discount on release. So now you force people to buy it for FULL price + use hextech + buy boxes if they want the loading screen. (Or you wait for discount **4+ months** later, but _**no**_ loading screen). This is what people are mad about.
: Woah it's a joke from meme and games which doesn't suck. Somebody call the police.
Or not a repeated/reposted joke or stolen joke from comments. The real MVP. (prepare to see this post in 2-3 months again).
: I know the feel. Also I main {{champion:78}} so I can't just buy the skins I want. Whoever's the idiot at Riot that decided more than half of her skins needed to be Legacy needs to be fired.
**Psstt... We know your pain. ** - _Twitch mains._
: Hey folks! Thanks for taking the time to point this out (and to everyone who upvoted/commented as well)! I'd be happy to follow up with the team on Monday to talk about this. ^-^ **EDIT:** We're discussing the pain points listed in this thread and are discussing the best way to solve for the issues.
Could look up Project ashe Q stack glowing aswell? It's really hard to see as a skin owner and as enemy aswell when it's ready. (Mainly when Ashe is hooded, so the bow glowing much more as basic)
: As annoying as Kalista was last season, leaving her in this current state of near uselessness is much worse. She's not the only ADC right now that's struggling either. Varus and Corki, the 2nd and 3rd worst winrates for adcs currently (Varus is also 3rd worst mid winrate at 44%) both have winrates at 46%. Riot should definitely give a little bit more power to them.
They've said that 6.17 patch will be about nerfing Jhin and Ashe, and buffing the other marksmen. Source: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/LGKtX4UP-so-how-come-they-gave-ryze-a-random-teleportation-ultimate?comment=00040000000000000000 Additional comment: "Looks like 6.17 rather than 6.16. We want to adjust a few champs at once, but won't have changes for them all ready for 6.16."
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