: These missions are unfair to bad players tbh
: Pretty much, she was one of the lowest win and pick rates for a while. That's how the win rate and OP boat tends to work, something just clicks and suddenly everyone joins a bandwagon.
It's just thet they nerf every other "OP" champ and then the other set of champions becomes OP. It's an endless cycle and this game is literally impossible to balance.
: To be fair Mid lane mages pushed supports out of bot and instead of fixing it, riot made it official. {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:90}} completely outclassed champs like {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:223}} last season and earlier this season. After the mage update, many of those mages invaded the bot lane making lots of traditional supports obsolete. Riot even started balancing these mages around the support role and ultimately just re classed those mages as supports, securing their place at bot lane forever. So certain classes stealing other classes' lane is nothing new.
Don't worry soon every mage player will be supports because of the cancerous ADCs.
: ... did you even read my post? > if you tried you'd only ever get Support. With Auto Fill, Mid/Support gets Mid 70% of the time, and we can assume they'd be getting similar results it they put Fill. This is why Auto Fill exists for all ranked tiers, so that specific role combinations can actually exist, instead of having anything + Fill/Support resulting in Support.
So you force people to play support just so other people don't play support, dude u're making no sense lmao. Autofill exists simply because of queue times but the thing is that lower elos don't have any problem with the queue.
: Because you *couldn't* do Mid/Fill before Auto Fill was implemented, if you tried you'd only ever get Support. With Auto Fill, Mid/Support gets Mid 70% of the time, and we can assume they'd be getting similar results it they put Fill. I swear, people who try and use "You have fill as an option!" must gave been blind in Season 6.
You could use Mid/fill before but people that were bitching about long queues still wouldn't do it because they don't want to play a role they don't like. It's just a bad idea especially for ranked. My queues were fine around plat elo in season 6 why can't they use autofill for high elo which actually was the only elo that had huge queue times
: idk man says the one with lux in their name lands a q and they are dead if they are squishy
At least she has to land something unlike our point and click lord Vayne over here.
: Please take Autofill out of Ranked
There's literally a fill option for people that want shorter queues, you could simply pick mid/fill and that's it. I don't get Riot and players that defend this trash feature.
Mizaya (NA)
: Let's not exaggerate. Mages have {{item:3165}} to build as a first item and don't need as many stats to get going. ADCs need a BF and a zeal item to become even slightly relevant. There's a reason mid laners tend to dominate damage statistics. They come online earlier and are more useful earlier. If ADCs are somehow strong early, then why don't we see more of them mid? Literally only Corki is played in solo-q as a midlaner, and his pickrate is low too. That aside, the meta, I believe, is tilted in ADCs favor late game, due to the nature of front to back teamfighting in a tank + enchanter meta. That is a combination of 3 classes of champions, though, which makes it more of a general meta problem than ADC problem. If you are a better ADC but the enemy team has a better protection comp, your skill advantage means nothing.
They could nerf enchanters and buff assassins but then again, everyone will start complaining about assassins being "broken". The only reason adcs feel like they have no counterplay is because of supports like Janna Lulu soraka etc that don't even give assassins/mages a chance to kill them.
Razorex (EUW)
: Can SG Syndra be cancelled or re-designed?
1.Not everyone likes what you like. 2.Since when is an underwater being and queen of diamonds light-hearted? 3.God fist lee sin is lame af and so would be an evolution for Syndra instead of new themed effects,see? we have different opinions, there is no right or wrong when talking about what skins people like but you are indeed wrong if you think that any of the skins for any champion are supposed to follow the same theme as the base skin, skins are made to change what a champion is not change their looks a little bit and make that syndra Q a little bit more purple.
: Rakan shield regens during damage.
At least it has a long ass cooldown and he's not some hypercarry fighter that needs to be focused anyway.
: Renekton's Weakness?
: Malzahar is a fun champiom for me. He can create lane pressure from level 2 and you can refresh the E duration by forcing your opponent to move into a narrow space and Q'ing them. He is not very mechanics-heavy but he does have rewarding moments like melting anybody that gets near you once you hit 5 items. I would enjoy it, though, if his voidlings were faster. They're almost useless in trades early on unless your opponent is literally walking after you.
Why would they make voidlings faster if you literally make someone sit in one place for 5 seconds?
: Vayne deserves buffs.
Yeah she deserves early game buffs not literally being impossible to kill in late and murdering the shit out of tanks. She already has one of the best late games as adcs the only ones beating her in late that i can think of are {{champion:18}} and {{champion:29}}
Kythers (NA)
: Write a letter to the Riot balance team one word at a time
: SG Ahri is fine because she fits the theme
Star Guardian {{champion:23}} This literally doesn't fit the theme,you can't make it happen :^)
: Vayne is one of the LEAST mobile champions in the game...
: How much? Quantify the buffs that were made. Compare those with the nerfs. Describe the bugs with the implementation. Most people didn't even realize that the double proc q was a bug and not intended, and some still don't despite being told otherwise.
I did know that the q proc is a bug but a hyper carry that's mobile as fuck and has a stealth ability healing to literally full hp after killing a tank with her 14% true dmg every 3rd auto is stupid. It would've been balanced if there was only an adc but you need to know that there are viruses like lulu janna and soraka walking around so focusing something like that in late game is literally impossible.
: The Vayne Complaint Threads Show a Disturbing Trend
I don't need to test something like that to know that it's not healthy for the game. Sure I need to test them buffing the dmg on a Q or reworking an ability like they did with Alistar E but literally buffing a champion this much is simply retarded.
: Just because i picked off meta doesn't mean you gotta ruin our game
Who said that he needs to play as a support, following your logic everyone can pick and do whatever they think it's fun.
: What if Nami could ride her Tidal Wave like Taliyah?
What if fizz would throw himself as fish food for his giant fish with the ult and kill him?
: > I can do the same and give u examples of mages that do exactly what I said Wait what? I just gave you examples of the long range mages aka artillery mages. There are no other long range mages (azir is kinda long range but he is more of a carry mage). > ,if everyone would be able to just sidestep everything all 3 of those mages would have less than 10% winrate No shit. BUT ive played against people that were able to avoid every single skillshot i thrown at them (during laning phase ofc). Most people that have brain can avoid the majority of their kit. > actually anything that's heavily based on skillshots would be garbage which is not true. And they arent because when teamfights come they enemies wont be able to evade them. Thats where artillery mages shine. > You wasted time to prove me nothing. Not my fault if you cant understand basic counterplay.
I'm not even gonna try to argue with you lmao. Sad.
: *Ahem* >What's that my lane opponent is a long range mage All long range mages are {{champion:115}} , {{champion:101}} and {{champion:99}} (though lux is more of a burst mage than artillery) and their skills can be avoid with sidesteps. Thats right all you have to do to counterplay them is to avoid their delayed skillshots! In reality you dont even need mr if you avoid most of their skills! Awesome? I know right. > literally oneshot me while trying to cs Again not true! Why? Because {{champion:101}} 's q has a delay and is telegraphed w deals low dmg unless its in the centre. Difficult to hit the centre. e low dmg, low speed, can be blocked. ulti, low dmg(compared to others) but high dmg if you land them all(unlikely), difficult to land. {{champion:115}} 's q easy to evade w big cd, not the biggest dmg in his kit e is used mostly to zone out. Low dmg each mine ulti, Awesome dmg at the centre, takes a bit of time to land, but its plenty to avoid the centre. {{champion:99}} 's q is skillshot w is shield e deals low dmg if she isnt ahead, easy to land but take a lot of mana ulti, low cd, awesome dmg but easy to dodge if you pay attention. Also the lowest of all artillery mages ulti.
I can do the same and give u examples of mages that do exactly what I said,if everyone would be able to just sidestep everything all 3 of those mages would have less than 10% winrate, actually anything that's heavily based on skillshots would be garbage which is not true. You wasted time to prove me nothing.
Sebbo (EUW)
: What's that my lane opponent has bought a Hexdrinker?
What's that my lane opponent is a long range mage and can literally oneshot me while trying to cs if I don't buy the only ad item that counters mages? ~~also have you ever heard of roaming to get fed~~
koshkyra (NA)
: -I dont try to 1v1 fed assassins, and im usually the support so idk how i can bitch to one about peel -I dont try to 1v1 assassins in any way -I never said i tried to 1v1 "that fucking khazix" -I will often have at least one armor item and nobody builds 3 lethality items anymore, its always Duskblade+one of the others You're making exaggerations about me that you dont have knowledge of and arent correct.
I'm just saying that you bitch about something that can be countered but instead of finding a way to do so you just cry about it 24/7. Try playing assassins yourself against Janna lulu soraka etc. and then come here and cry about how they heal shield their allies exhaust polymorph silence you and you can't do shit about it. Not to mention that supports aren't the only ones with cc in your team most of the time.
koshkyra (NA)
: I get that assassins are supposed to kill you as fast as possible, but theyre killing in literally 1-2 hits at this point in like 0.05 seconds and it needs to be toned down.
*feeds assassins* *cries about being two shot* Here are some tips: don't try to 1v1 a fed assassin and tell ur damn support to peel, don't try to 1v1 an assassin even when u're even, stop 1v1ing that fucking kha'zix you have 0 defensive items and expect not to get oneshot by someone with 3 lethality items.


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