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: Why is it a single magic resist item feels way more impactful than a single armor item?
It's mostly because every champion has less base MR than armor. Every champions start at around 18-30 armor and ends up with like 70-110 without runes. Every ranged champion in the game has 30 base MR without any MR per lvl while every melee champ also has MR per lvl, so they end up with 52 MR at lvl 18, yet again not counting runes. One armor item basically gives you 50% of the armor you already had, while one MR item might just be double your base MR value. That's also why magic damage is generally considered better than physical damage or why magic pen is more expensive and valuable than armor pen.
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Gehco (NA)
: Lucian question
Randomly running up to people and kissing their legs? That's not how human interaction works.
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: {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:114}} can rape juggernauts lategame {{champion:126}} {{champion:104}} would just kite
The point is not if they're getting countered by juggernauts or not. The point is that fuck them because they're cowards who can't stand a glorious face-to-face fight with their obviously much manlier lane opponents.
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: forget URF. RIOT sucks.
What are you still doing here. Go play other games then.
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: this is good progress
Amen. Fuck those pussy ass skirmishers. {{champion:157}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:126}}
: You mean Soraka can go top and have chances of doing well? That kind if diversity?
OK let me rephrase that: In an ideal world toplane is made for all kinds of classes. Maybe excluding enchanters.
: Who can beat Fiora, 1 vs 1?
I mean there's a reason why she's called "The Grand Duelist". Make it more than two and she'll have a tough time. There is also her weak early game.
: Master yi. Yorick and Vi can beat her early. Kayle? Nasus with stacks.
Master Yi and Vi in lane? Wut?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: The 2 most popular top laners are squishy carry champs.
In an ideal world toplane is made for everyone. I love the diversity it already has, couldn't do without it.
: i think she needs a mini-rework if not a grand rework Riot needs to give counterplay to her kit while giving her better tools to survive in early game also: vayne wouldn't be vayne anymore? that's actually a second problem, i don't know what vayne is is she a tank shreder? she kills people faster than zed is she an anti-assassin? maybe is she a duelist? this one probably fits her
I see her as the archetype "anti-melee" carry. She struggles against everyone with a lot of range but anyone who has less range than her is basically at a loss fighting her. She is the answer to assassins, tanks, bruisers etc. but she has a hard time against most other marksmen and mages. At least from what I can gather. Never understood why people always feel so strongly about her, or about Yasuo or Lee while we're on the topic. Sure, everyone of them had their time when they're OP but people are much more vocal about them than let's say, Varus who's also pretty strong atm. They're not _that_ annoying and can all be dealt with. IMO.
: Remind me the counter to Vayne in late game?
I can see where you are coming from but a lot of these things, like the silver bolts and her ultimate stealth are things that hardly something can be done about. If you would remove it and replace it by something else, Vayne wouldn't be Vayne anymore, it's part of her identity. If you would nerf it, she would quickly get a negative win rate because as you said, she isn't exactly overpowered. You can still make the argument that something that is so unfun to play against for a lot of people shouldn't be allowed into the game but that would be just a dick move against all Vayne players.
: Tanks are tanks. Stop calling them retarded names like "wardens" and "vanguards" this isnt WoW wtf
It's officially used by the devs and the majority of the boards gameplay community. Why wouldn't I do the same just because you're miffed?
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: > ( considered Vanguard/Battle Mage Hybrid ) are considered to be Vanguards by Riot. I think you meant Wardens bud.
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: Should Riot make Kindred more viable with Crit Chance?
I feel like the new BotRK on the PBE with its extra life steal and AD combined with Hurricane will make for a clean transition from on-hit to crit: {{item:3006}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3036}} Thoughts?
: non-physical %health damage ho!
I don't know what's more glorious to witness - the huge HP bar I had and the sheer tankiness, or how a Vayne would melt it all away.
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AntonEgo (NA)
: Anyone else think the incoming warlords bloodlust rework is going to replace grasp of the undying
First off, only 1 out of the 5 champions you named is a tank, everyone except Maokai is a fighter. Then you also have to consider that most of these champions don't do nearly enough auto attack damage to profit from the life steal. I mean compare the damage they deal to a Yasuo, a Tryn or any Crit Carry. You could make a case for Nasus since his Q applies life steal but the rest not really, especially Maokai whose auto attacks are basicallly tickles.
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awdaf (NA)
: I can't beat that math
This looks like something that could be in Memes and Games rather than Gameplay.
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: The Warlord's rework is actually a pretty big nerf from the current Warlord's unless you're using the movement speed to kite. With the current Warlord's, you get more healing over time, where the new one has you get a burst of 50% on a single auto, which seems like a lot, but you get more than that in the duration of the fight with current Warlord's. I expect that, next patch, the META will shift a bit more to crit ADCs who have bad early games, but start Long Sword and upgrade it to Vamp Scepter and buy a Pickaxe first back. That Pickaxe then gets turned into an Infinity Edge, they get their triple crit, maybe third item a Last Whisper and then their last crit item, and then upgrade Vamp Scepter into either BoRK or Bloodthirster and finish Last Whisper into LDR. Also, I expect my rat to come back into flavor {{champion:29}} (sneaky sneakyyy...)
I'm also unsure about the numbers but in general I just like the concept behind it, it's a lot more interactive and no stat check. I think once the numbers will be in the right spot it will be much better than current WB.
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: yet every post from mine and so on just continues to ruin it
Not if I can stop it! We will keep it at multiples of four no matter what, currently 8 comments. You want war, you shall have it.
: When there is a Jhin related post with four upvotes, and four comments that also have four upvotes
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jmp231 (NA)
: Lulu kog was even more bonkers before they reverted him
Nah I don't think so. Back then, Lulu didn't have that attack speed buff on her W and Ardent Censer wasn't buffed yet either.
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Tomosima (EUNE)
: Which pre reworked champion do you miss the most?
{{champion:14}} I know, he was stupid. Like, extremely random and horribly goofy. Bu that is what made him fun. Give me a champion that has no mobility or utility at all except for a 2 second stun and is extremely easy to kite, but WHEN he finally gets to you, he chops you up with 120% lifesteal 1k crits. Or a champion with two 300 base damage 100% AP ratio spells, one of them also being a shield at the same time. Of course, you had to wait I think 3 seconds before you could pop it, but if you managed to get it off, two-shotting people in less than a quarter second was extremely fun. I'm fine with his rework and it probably was for the better but there is just no champion in the game anymore with which you can have fun solely because of the reason that he or she is retarded.
: I wonder if {{champion:50}} 's bird attack (you know, the one where the bird attacks and slows nearby enemies) will give multiple stacks of the new Bond. It damages multiple times, and I think the spell applies a slow every time it deals damage. That could be several stacks of the new Bond.
You can only have one stack healing you at a time but slowing will reset it, which means that someone attacking a champion that is slowed by Beatrice will heal him-or herself until the slow stops and then also get healed for 2 seconds after that. That's why you want to have spamable or ideally permanent forms of CC when you take the new Bond of Stone.
: not applied often enough though. Now if it applies from item slows then frozen mallet might return to the meta for more then just Gnar.
The problem I have with Rylai's/ Frozen Mallet combinations is that you won't have that item before the laning phase ends, making the strat somewhat redundant. You have to get a sighstone on one of the two and both want to build Relic Shield and its upgrades first. What you have too look for is reliable, short cooldown CC on tanky champions that is inherent in their kit and can be applied at early levels.
: E slows
It only slows whenever someone breaks free from the spirit connection or if the spirit is killed, and then only for 1.5 seconds, and it has a 20-15 second cooldown AND can be blocked by minions. Not nearly as reliable a let's say, a Mundo cleaver which slows for 2 seconds every 4 seconds.
: also consider champs with ranged poke {{champion:420}} would definitely benefit enormously, ESPECIALLY if allies can mark the spirit with bond of stone; if she hits them and both champs she'll regen like a monster in 2v2s
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