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: I'm afraid I have already failed at that since I didn't have the redux version of my buglist quite ready yet. Then again, doubt they'd attempt to fix all the dozens of bugs right today, anyway, and with things such as the 'E window' and BA-selfcancel being complex things I'd rather stay on top of the mixes myself before we get another Patch 8.3 absurdity!
hey, as i highly doubt id be able to get into depth with this kinda thing although its pretty important to me, is it possible for you to add a bug to your buglist? katarina's auto attack reset in her e is often really inconsistent for many people. its definitely a more quality of life problem although it can mean the difference between winning or losing a trade sometimes.
: #Other champions 1. Azir doesn't spawn ult soldiers near the fountain's edges. [video]( 2. Is it normal that shaco fear roots you for 0.5 seconds? Other fears don't do that. 3. Katarina remains locked out for more if her E kills a target. Also she doesn't correctly buffer movement commands. 4. Wukong's E clones are targetable for 0.25 seconds upon hitting their targets. They can be hit by Illaoi's E and Katarina's Q for example. This is a video with attack move illaoi W. [video]( 5. Vayne's W is consumed upon hitting an untargetable target (i.e zhonya). [video]( 6. If fizz gets stunned while untargetable during his E, his E will stop and make him targetable again. Abilities like Blitzcrank E can stun him during the untargetability. [video]( 7. Wolf stops attacking Rift Scuttler if it enters a bush. [video]( 8. Gnar can completely reset his Q cooldown if he grabs it at maximum range [video]( 9. Wukong's E applies a stack of Electrocute through untargetability. [video]( 10. If Yasuo gets stunned during his E after pressing E-Q, his Q will still go on cooldown even though it did not cast. 11. Malzahar gains W stacks at the start of the ability's cast rather that at the end. If he casts an ability and the target dies mid-cast, cancelling the ability, you still gain a W stack. 12. Yasuo and Braum cannot block Swain's raven's projectiles from returning to him but they can block soraka's Q rejuvenation projectile. Kind of an inconsistency? 13. Casting Pantheon's or Pyke's Q-s while on cooldown will disable your movement or attack commands for 0.25 seconds. [video]( 14. Aatrox ult doesn't increases spell vamp healing (maw of malmortious). 15. Diana and Xin passive have both had their cycles changed after the guinsoo change, and yet only jax and yi have a fix planned for them. I think they deserve too. 16. Some abilities create clones that do stuff only champions should be able to do, like grabbing ~~the eye of herald or~~ turret plating gold. These are, and are probably not limited to, yasuo r test cube, lissandra thralls, wukong e clones, assassin kayn w. [video]( **UPDATE:** Non-champions grabbing the eye of herald was fixed in 9.21. Turret plating was still however not. 17. Mordekaiser is granted two stacks of passive when basic attacking with deadman's. 18. Caitlyn's ability granted passive attacks don't grant her guinsoo or energized stacks. They also don't trigger spear of shojin's cooldown reduction. 19. Caitlyn is allowed to shot other headshots while one is already traveling. This is because the stacks are consumed on-hit rather than on-attack. 20. Other abilities can be cast before Sylas' E hits his target. Upon hitting a target Sylas will start dashing even if he's during the ability's cast animation. All abilities will still work, other than his W which will cancel and go on cooldown. 21. A patch ago Camille's E was made to not be castable during groundings. What was forgotten was to also make her E non castable while rooted. 22. If Camille is grounded while attached to a wall with her E, she will regain her ability to move, and once the grounding finishes (if she's still attached to the wall) she will dash away from her current location. 23. Darius' Q will heal from its shaft if the shaft is blocked by a spellshield. 24. Olaf's W lifesteal and spellvamp bonuses calculate on-cast, instead of based on his missing health. If the ability is re-casted it will simply refresh its duration instead of recalculating the bonuses. 25. Fiora's Vitals do not trigger if her Q is spell shielded, but do trigger if her W is spell shielded. 26. On 9.14 Lucian's second shot critical damage was hiddenly increased to 100% from 75%. Infinity Edge still used the old value for its damage increase. 27. If Garen Q-s a champion before it becomes invisible, his Q will cancel and Garen will be unable to cast E for the duration of his Q buff. 28. There's no reason for Hecarim's E to go through after he's immobilized / grounded. Rengar's passive and Illaoi's W stop, but Hecarim's E will go through, for example through veigar's wall. 29. Jayce melee E doesn't knockback his target. Rather he pulls them to a certain location in front of him decided at the start of cast. Doesn't matter if the target is away or behind Jayce during the cast time, they will be pulled on that location. 30. Infinity Edge increases Kindred's E damage multiplicatively. It should either be 25% damage increase or lower. Instead it's 37.5% more damage. I consider it a bug because it's the only one that acts this way, and inconsistency is usually a bug. 31. Lee sin cannot self cast his W while rooted or grounded. I bealive the tech wasn't available when he was made, which is why the entire ability was disabled, but the tech should be available now, considering talon q and illaoi w exist, both of which can use their melee versions when rooted / grounded. 32. For some reason Infinity Edge increases Noc's passive damage to the primary target by 2.5% AD. Not a lot, but still weird. 33. Riven's W-R cast times are cancelled if cast right at the end of E's dash. Doing E - W - Q is faster than doing W - Q. 34. Ryze cannot teleport a single minion with his R. This was supposed to be fixed 2 years ago, after a failed attempt on a tourney to teleport rift herald, but the bug somehow reappeared. 35. Shyvana's Q second strike is affected by critical strike modifiers. However, when in dragon form, it no longer is on the primary target. The ability will deal more damage to the secondary targets than the primary. 36. Since about 9.11 multiple champions' abilities have been re-coded to work on decoy takedowns, including yi r reset, katarina passive etc... One of these is Swain's passive which is kind of the only one i don't agree with, because it triggers on ally takedown. If Swain is against Illaoi, and Illaoi uses her E, Swain will get free hp, mana, and stacks. Sometimes it's better if Illaoi doesn't use her E at all or else Swain overpowers for nothing. 37. Sylas' passive is the only empowered basic attack that modifies its damage and when critting it doesn't deal 100% AD bonus damage. 38. Sylas passive doesn't apply press the attack. 39. Sylas passive does not add additional stacks of electrocute / phase rush from multiple hits. 40. If Tryndamere crits the moment guinsoo on-hit triggers, his E cooldown will be reduced twice, even thought guinsoo doesn't really crit. 41. Warwick's tooltips keep on mentioning that effects on him are triple, when they're never tripled. They're always 250%. 42. Yuumi's W says that it gives a certain amount of % of the player's ad or ap as adaptive power to the other. The thing is, that % itself is adaptive. When giving it from ad it actually grants you % \* 0.6 adaptive force. #General bugs 1. Melee basic attacks sometimes consume on dead targets. To reproduce this just attack a target the instant it dies. You won't get the kill credit but your attack will go on cooldown. This also fucks up some spells like Illaoi's W (does not make tentacles slam). If Illaoi hits a target before or after it dies she triggers slams. If she hits them the moment they die she doesn't. I think draven's axes also disappear if this happens. [video2](, [video3](, [video4]( 2. Abilities that hit at the same instant are considered a single ability for black cleaver stacking or spellshields. Spellshields had a bugfix that said "no longer blocks multiple abilities that hit at the same time", and yet it still blocks multiple zed shurikens, multiple azir q-s, multiple tentacle slams. Here's zed stacking black cleaver. [video]( 3. The newest pbe yi guinsoo fix made you guys discover that you can allow abilities to trigger on-attack effects. That would be a cool stuff to add to every abilty that is noted as a "basic attack" in the client. I.e yasuo q, which cannot trigger guinsoo for example, because it's not really a basic attack. 4. Empowered projectiles can still hit you after you became untargetable. Usually the attack either doesn't cast or the projectile disappears mid-air. In this case it just hits you. Pretty sure this is because these abilities destroy projectiles on-cast, rather than for the full duration of the untargetability, and since some attacks don't cancel if a target becomes untargetable, they create the projectile after it, and so they escape the destruction. Can easily be test with Dragon's empowered attacks and Zed's ult / Yi's Q [video](; [video2]( 5. A lot of abilities interact, i could say, weirdly, if cast under the champion's model. Usually the animation and the actual damage area are placed in different directions. in other cases there's asssassin kayn w which hits every unit in a 4500 unit radius. Here's a video with Illaoi, because kayn is too broken to actually make a video of, but the reproduction is the same. Jinx W had the same bug and after a vandiril video she was fixed. I also saw a reddit post talking about rakan not jumping when doing this. Click somewhere. Don't move mouse. Use ability. Enjoy [video]( 6. If a target is affected by more than one invulnerability effect, when one ends the target is shortly no longer invulnerable, even if other invulnerabilities are in effect. EDIT: Moved items and runes bugs to another comment in this thread, since i didn't have enough space in here.
cassiopeia's ult has some broken interactions, i dont have much material to provide but i do know that with katarina, when kata ults, cass can stun her regardless of whenever she was not facing cass. there are probably more of these but i cant find many solid clips :(
: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
hey! when katarina uses her r, cassiopeia can still successfully affect her with her own r, regardless of which direction katarina was facing, this is annoying in cass lanes and is a pretty big let down sometimes :c


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