: Rp used
Account security issues is something the boards cannot help with. You should contact [Riot Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and explain your case, they might be able to help you out, refund and/or cancel a thing or two. Changing your e-mail's password may also be a good idea, depending on how the other person managed to get into your account.
PEB and alpha are not related, thus your spot is misplaced~ People are chosen into PBE by chance. You do not get an e-mail when you are accepted.
Repress (NA)
: Ability to do league survey's in client.
If I recall correctly, this is already the case on the old client and it is already Riot's goal to further implement it with the new client as they can code it better.
NaesKun (NA)
: Meow
Just saying, but bumping does not work on these boards x)
: will ranked be available on the alpha client?
Eventually, yes. For now, no.
: Post-Game Information - Champion Mastery
> I assume this is due to there being no crafting tab yet on the alpha? Correct. The whole crafting thing is done server-side though. You'll still get the keys and all, you're just not informed about it~
: Where are the changelogs for the PBE alpha client? ( i only have access to the alpha client but i wanna see whats being developed.
: Quick Reminder
It's kinda surprising how many people seem to not realise this. It's *early testing *alpha D:
NaesKun (NA)
: Profile Page Additions?
Not everything's been added to the alpha yet. Please be patient :>
: I need help joining
In addition, you can get the PBE Alpha (where you play on the PBE server with the new alpha) [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/HRnvZ8mU-league-client-update-profile-and-collection-now-available-for-bug-catching-updated-june-14th).
: [Suggestion] Match History being installed?
New match history will be added next week, as it is on PBE alpha now.
: The shop
Meh on PBE, where we have enough IP to buy all runes, what you see happening there is that people reach a cap of how many runes on can own (~700?). If everyone just got the tier 2 runes for free you'd reach that cap easily and not be able to buy tier 3 runes D: 1 IP is as free as they can make the tier 2 runes, you'll have everything you need for like 150 ip x)
Chriś (NA)
: I need a rioters help. I play on mac and you guys asked for mac users to try out the alpha, so how do i sign up for the mac version ?
There is no "mac sign up." There is only "sign up." Riot knows what OS you play on. Just sign up and Riot will accept ya when they need to \o/
: On 1024 x 768 monitor, the client appear oversized
Riot said the client is currently on a fixed size and that it will be resizable later.
Nemiril (EUW)
: Keys, Chests and Tokens
Afaik we do get all that stuff but we just don't see it; whether you receive something or not (or whether you own something) should be server side and not client-related. Could be wrong, though.
: General Questions
When Riot feels the client is stable and ready for it. Soon(tm).
: > [{quoted}](name=aceofsween,realm=NA,application-id=2E4zVIwd,discussion-id=EmIbMh7Z,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2016-06-10T12:21:03.456+0000) > > All the features are available on the PBE Alpha version. Not sure why they haven't been enabled on the Live Alpha though... How do I get on the PBE alpha? (I have live alpha access)
If you have a PBE account, you have access to PBE alpha. There's a sticky thread on the PBE boards.
Draxado (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aurelyce,realm=EUW,application-id=2E4zVIwd,discussion-id=el8pi2tT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-09T17:52:44.831+0000) > > The resize function will be added later. will they add it? i remember a riotler said that the client size is fixed and that it is meant to be so (someone asked for resize function, not explicit full screen). im not quite sure tho
Riot said the client is currently on a fixed size and that it will be resizable later. Stability and performance is currently more important.
: I did not receive a gift while in the alpha client.
Not everything's been added yet. Please be patient :>
: Real Talk, guys. This isn't a suggestion forum... is it?
Well technically, PBE alpha is solely meant for bug reports. If you find some on the live alpha, you should of course report them of course, 'cause it means we missed some on the PBE (sorry). Live alpha is mainly for feedback (and/or suggestions). The problem with suggesting, however, is that the alpha is still "new" that not everything has been added yet (or has had the chance to be added yet). There should be a button on the live alpha that says something like "give feedback." Riot wants people to write there feedback there :>
: I see. I wasn't aware they were on different versions. The overall question still stands though, I guess. Why the difference? (Going to assume it's to limit the impact of bugs related to the Alpha on live?)
Basically the same as the normal PBE/live system. PBE is the gateway to stop all the bugs. So yeah, PBE alpha is for bugs, live alpha for feedback :3
: [Change] Can we do things will in low priority queue
It is meant as a punishment and you're meant to feel it; so no x)
: No Aram Mode? Automatic Updates??
It should update with your normal live client.
: Full screen option
The resize function will be added later.
: Is there a fix? Because i cant find the alpha anywhere other than the dock
Should be in your Programs. That's where you usually install... programs x)
: End of Game Stats, also Launching Problem.
> **Major Known Issues:** OSX * Clicking on the League client update’s pinned icon in the dock will not launch the application. [Source](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/HRnvZ8mU-league-client-update-profile-and-collection-now-available-for-bug-catching-updated-june-6th).
: No Clubs?
Not everything's been added yet. Please be patient :>
: What I tried to say is, how are they going to search for stability bugs that affect only low-spec computers?
Will be done later, after some other significant stuff's been finished and stable.
: > [{quoted}](name=Aurelyce,realm=EUW,application-id=2E4zVIwd,discussion-id=eHR1BzLo,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-08T19:20:18.403+0000) > > The is no "Alpha" report feature. You have an issue with the wordings/descriptions; this is part of player moderation, not about stability, bug reports or suggestions regarding the alpha client itself This is true. I considered putting this in PB&B. But the fact is, this is the board that is about building the new client. The report feature is a part of the new client. So if it's going to be reviewed, this is the team that's gonna do that. Maybe I'm wrong about that.
I'd say tere are other teams that handle the definition of judgement, though. Ah well, in the end it will be read by someone~
: But it's part of the new alpha client. I believe it's relevant as it's pertinent to the Alpha's report feature and its wording.
The is no "Alpha" report feature. You have an issue with the wordings/descriptions; this is part of player moderation, not about stability, bug reports or suggestions regarding the alpha client itself
: Chat Filter
It has not yet been added.
: "Report a player" wording is confusing
This does not belong to the Alpha subboards, but rather Player Behaviour & Moderation.
Jst4r (NA)
: Can you have a PBE acc and just install it?
PBE alpha and live alpha are separated. You can find and download the PBE alpha link in one of the sticky threads of the PBE boards. For live alpha, you need to apply, be accepted and then you'll receive a download link for live alpha.
: There isn't a "disable language filter" option yet, is there?
Not everything been added yet. It's all coming~
: Do players with low spec machines get in? I mean it would make sense to catch bugs that are related to low spec computers, and maybe have feedback on things that need optimize.
Riot mentioned people with low specs will also get in, but not at the beginning, because stability is more important yet.
Meowpai (NA)
: Client Resize
At the moment, there is no way the change the size. Riot has confirmed this will be added later.
: [suggestion] Please let us resize the client
It is only a fixed resolution for now. The other sizes will be added later.
Zooreka (NA)
: Morgana Champion Select Quote
PBE boards are [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/). Bugs regarding the PBE are to be posted there. If the bug is on the live servers as well, it should be placed in the [Report a Bug](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report) section on the live boards. Welcome all the same :>
kuanshi (NA)
: The rules said troll and toxic player's account will be revoked, but how much troll is troll?
Playing non-meta or unusual tactics is allowed. Playing, for example, AP Olaf, is straight up troll. Being toxic is never allowed.
: Separate Sign Up for Mac Players?
Riot knows what OS you're playing on, just sign up~
: is it bannable?
Correct me if I am mistaken, but I believe it is not forbidden to play (ranked) on a second account/smurf. Account sharing in any way (buying, trading, giving, w/e) is forbidden, though, paid or not.
: Question regarding whether or not the alpha client will have a linux release
If you scroll a little down in this subboard, you will find some other threads related to linux with Riot responds.
: I got into the alpha, now what?
Upper right corner of these boards -> Your name -> Settings -> Pre-release testing (or something lime that). Play and give feedback~
Reg1337 (NA)
: "in game" status hasn't changed
Sounds like a ghost game, which is, as far as I know, is a server side issue. Waiting up to 4 hours should eventually fix it.
patmax17 (EUW)
: up! (is upping a thread allowed?)
Well it's not forbidden because it doesn't work x) Riot reads everything, they just do not comment on everything; don't worry about it.
Spection (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JakobRaiden,realm=NA,application-id=2E4zVIwd,discussion-id=oVizPgHI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-18T20:33:02.410+0000) > > has anyone been accepted into the alpha outside of the pbe? I'm not in the PBE, yet I got an invite. I don't think you have to be in PBE to get an invite, unless they made a mistake with me. xD
Everyone who's on PBE has automatic access to the PBE alpha. One did not need to get invited to get into it. For live alpha, you need to get accepted/invited.
: Scaling of client windows question
It's a fixed resolution for now, but that wil change later. At the moment, stability is the most important thing.
: Help Wanted: Where is the PBE install location?
: Picking champion to play
In ranked/draft you'll get kicked. In blind it will lock your current champion.
: Is Champion Mastery 6 & 7 coming with the new client or was it canceled?
The level 6 and 7 champion masteries have not yet been cancelled, but Riot has stated that they will no longer do it with Hextech Crafting.
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