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: uninstall Pando Media Booster and see if that helps, it worked for my issue of nothing being transferred from the Riot external servers to my client.
I have not had Pando on my computer for a year now.
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: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
Calm, poignant, reserved. People want to make "outrageous" jokes about him, but what to me defines Taric is that he is that kind of a gentle man who protects weak out of pure empathy. Akin to Finrod from Silmarillion, a man defined by his noble and generous heart. Maybe "noble" is the keyword here. He is not brash and jolly like Braum or dominating and vicious like Thresh. Old fashioned nobility, "the prince charming" quality. It would also fit him as a protector, but as someone who stands aside you instead of front of you, to contrast to Braum.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Well if it syncs in to the recall and not when you've actually recalled, what happens when you get stopped when you're recall is almost complete, but not in that grace period where you recall anyway? The animation still gets interrupted. Also why should the player themselves not get to see the respawn animation? Some critical questions to consider there.
Some things cannot be helped. Stopping recall is very important game situation that there function takes priority over form. Although a lot of recall animations that are fancy and involve the character flying off-screen (Vel'Koz, Jinx, Azir) do time that fly-off into near the grace period so it is rarely interrupted that late into the animation. But when you are dead, you are not going to do anything. Maybe if the player has ticked the "move my camera to fountain when I respawn" could be prematurely brought to the scene to watch their respawn animation as the grey screen nicely transitions to living colors. Would look lovely really.
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: The Truer Evolution 3rd
Oh baby. While being forced to choose between one augmentation might had made the choice more meaningful, League is not really a game where it worked in the end for choice was too obvious. More damage always trumped. Also the quiet genocide of silence mechanic continues. Gravity Field is going to guarantee absolute annihilation to any team that gets trapped in it as a group, that is certain.
inDJ (NA)
: Wow, okay. Riot, look.
What is exactly the problem here if I wonder? Is it that unless Summoners are all-powerful, you cannot introduce wide array of champions to behave together that would normally not? Void monsters would be destroying the world, cats eating all the mice and so worth. I can understand this and I agree. Summoners were stupid because they were all-powerful, all powerful elements in fiction can create lopsided scenarios where nothing matters because God can intertwine and stop everything from happening, which is kinda what happened in the whole Crystal Scar storyline. War broke out, summoners and Zilean pop out a overpowered time bubble and snap the war is over. But you took the jig too far. Just because summoners were too powerful does not mean that they are unusable. You have issues with power, not agency. So why do you not do the logical step and REDUCE THE POWER OF SUMMONERS? Just do it. Instead of being the police over the world, make Summoners into de facto entertainers slash press people. See, where Journal of Justice succeeded was that it was a window into the lives of the champions. From time after time it has been proved that people care about character personalities rather than faction power levels. Are people who watch GoT fans of the people or the kingdoms? Make a lore explanation why ingame stuff is merely an illusion of the real deal. Summoners summon images, fakes from the stories of Champions that then battle for the amusement of the people, betting and maybe even official struggles like the old lore suggests. Would it be a queer reflection of the IRL League if Summoners were actually treated like a sport even inside the game and summoners were not old bearded wizard as much as young rock star wizards who control illusions based on famous Runeterra legends to win games and swoon hot honnies? This way you can separate the fates of the Champions from the Institution while still keeping the narrative that the players are explained by the lore and do not feel disconnected from the story. Also skins exists because summoners can now dress their favorite superstars in skimpy clothing even without their approval, to much disgust of some populace.


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