: Why Kayne though? Doesn't he like literally have the weakest early game before his mid spike? Seriously, don't even take him top, he's a crappy duelist and his early game is pathetic. How about {{champion:58}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:83}} , {{champion:36}}
Because they are talking about lategame scaleing melees, specifically skirmishers, and non of those you listed quallifys for that, exept maybe wukong.
korg023 (EUNE)
: Things riot should make priority right now : 1. BUFF TOWERS 2. CHANGE JUNGLE AGAIN,REMOVE XP CATCHUP MECHANIC,MAKE GANKING MORE RISKY,REWARD PEOPLE FOR FARMING IN JUNGLE MORE. 3. FIX MINION BLOCK. When they fix these,its going to be huge leap forward.
Highest priority should be fixing vision. Ever since the massive nerfs to trinkets and sightstone aswell as removeing greenwards it's just fucked up. There is nothing you can do at all vs ganks early on, you simply have no way of getting decent vision in any form vs ganks, and later on it also results in baron standoffs cause there are to little wards to really play the entire map unless you have absurd save splitpushiers, which is the main reason why tank ekko and tank fizz became a thing while low escape fighters as irelia or jax hardly get used in high elos. If vision was reverted back to S5, the impact of junglers in the ealry would be reduced and strategic deversity later on would increase.
Seenan (NA)
: Anyone else excited for that 3 Doran's Ring nonsense to be gone?
**IF** they adjust the absurd mana needs of many champs that currently ~~abuse~~ desperatly need double/tripple dorans to get through lane, i'm fine with it. But if this change comes through with no adjustments, i see many ap assasin passing out of viablillity and tanks that use mana will finally abandon top.
RexSaur (NA)
: Season 7 in a nutshell
I find it wierd how you draw ' why play a high skill adc over a braindead tank' as a conclution of that... We have a 2-item draven that fights heads on in the midgame vs a 2.5item poppy and comes out ahead while casually two hitting the opposing lucian, and he didn't play it perfect, he allowed her to get an easy wall stun by poor positioning in between. It's certainly astonishing how long poppy survives, but at the same time, draven survives just as long with no lifesteal item, and he also has no %pen vs poppys heavy armor, and draven was never known for his tank shredding skills. Also, that poppy had 5/3/5 compared to dravens 2/3/3, so she actually headmore feed, and a two level lead, and she actually played it pretty well, getting her passive shields and useing her ult to turn it into a 1v1. The fact that a fed poppy can't duel a draven that's neither fed nor behind in the early-midgame is actually more concerning. Not saying poppy isn't somewhat to strong atm, but this vid shows more how out of line adc are if they actually get played well and don't fall behind, as well as showing how little it matters wether you do well as toplaner or not.
: > [{quoted}](name=Feed Daddy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7xUeKRFq,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2016-11-25T22:38:11.349+0000) > > And Kassadin used to have 70 flat armor pen on his W. > > Next. > > That was before they changed it and he was permaban for an entire season 2 seasons later > > Edit: not even mentioning they cut all his base damages in half and removed the attackspeed from his passive > > And all of season 4 his ult didnt have an AP ratio and did 0 damage Lol you're not trying to argue he was perma banned because of on-hit effects, are you? It also used to manaburn, and that was taken away a long time ago.
no, he's saying that kassadin shows that heavy nerfs don't mean a champion can't be broken anymore. Kassadin has recived many nerfs even befor his imfamous ~98% pick/ban times, and stayed pretty powerfull for some more nerfs. Similar with lulu, it took damn long till she was finally nerfed out of viabillity simply because the way her kit funktions and by how much utillity she has, if her numbers are any better than gutted, she's goind to be strong. There are just kits in the game that either need a fuktional change in terms of core mechanics, or they'll either be gutted or strong. Kassadin with all the nerfs and small changes still has the core issue of his kit: Huge mobillity paired with **instant point n click damage**, which means his numbers had to be gutted quite a bit to be remotely balanced. Similar with Janna, her numbers have been nerfed alot, but her funktionallity hasn't, so she stays amongst the strongest supports since forever, as her kit has just to much peeling-utillity, allowing her to invalidate any form of divecomp nearly regardless of numbers.
: Buff steraks/titanic for their target users in preseason please.
I think you didn't really get the intention of Titanic. It wasn't ment to help non-aa jugernauts, it was meant to help AA-focused juggernauts/fighters, like Volibear, Reksai or shyvana. That beeing said, i feel like it gives to little health and dps and to much burst on the Active, So it's not that great for tanky dps but rather supports tanky-assasin builts with the huge burst active. Steraks could use a small buff to the duration and the hitpoints, maybe even increasing the base-ad to 30%, and if needed with a melee only tag. Most of it's intendet user scale with hp in some way aswell as with base-ad. Another option would be the courage of the colossus treatment: Let the shield scale with the number of nearby opponents, so it's not such a powerfull 1v1 item and anti burst tool vs assasins but instead helps melees to survive in teamfights.
: What If Kassadin Has an other Kind of Silence?
The main issue i can see is that it probably isn't that statisfying to use on kassa, both because he can't really uitilize it himself and there is no direct inabillity to do anything on the target. So overall, it would be rather annoying for the target without beeign very rewarding for the user, so it probably will creat more unfun than fun.
: aside from sion ulting from fog of war, pretty much everyone has a cast animation or a visual indicator for long range spells (like ziggs ult). I dont even think you can hear a corki using his package if you dont have vision on him
Just that you here the sound even if the source is off screen, but you can't see animation of someone of screen.
LankPants (OCE)
: Mains Malzahar and Annie, complains about how oppressive Zyra is. OK buddy, what ever you say.
him playing opressive laners doesn't mean zyra can't be opressive as well. Her garden of doom is hard to deal with on many champs.
: Sorry, I should have written more than I did, but you saying "especially as support" meant you did also say that you should have been maxing E on Zyra mid and that's simply not true. I agree that E max was best on Zyra supp but the fact that it's now desirable even on Zyra mid is concerning and probably the main reason for the change. It makes a nice buff for Zyra mid while hardly impacting support at all because Q can even be maxed last if you're bot lane Zyra.
For mid, both was/is viable, based on circumstance. Basically if you played alot together with your jungler and/or vs a impbile squishy, maxing E was better as it gave you alot all-in killpresure and strong synergie with ganks, while you jungler could also cover your ass when you used E for waveclear. Without your own jungler, Q was just the way safer option and alowed for the long poke game rather than all-ins
: > [{quoted}](name=Battlecast Janna,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jXjvP1io,comment-id=0005000000010000,timestamp=2016-07-14T23:14:54.867+0000) > > I'm sorry, but maxing E first is always the better choice. Longer root duration for your ADC = more peel. You're a support - you're not there to do damage, you're there to ensure that your ADC gets to do as much damage as possible. I only ranked Q first in lanes where roots are either superfluous (tahm support for example) or where poke > all-in (like against Soraka, where a max rank Q with a few plants does like half her health without putting you in any danger). > > In a lane with any kill pressure at all though E max first is better basically 100% of the time because it's more reliable. You only have to land the 1 E and you get extra root duration, but in order for maxed Q to matter (the base damages at max are fairly close together) you have to hit it multiple times, and it provides less peel than the longer root. She is mage intended, Support is secondary, don't generalize.
support is secundary http://champion.gg/champion/Zyra/Support ~87% of the zyra players see that differently
: > [{quoted}](name=Azlagor,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VcUwGiKi,comment-id=00040000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-14T19:08:40.604+0000) > > That's not outplaying her, that's idealy the result of outplaying her, or given her kit a result of overpowering her. > then talk with riot about vayne? they said 5 or 6 times that %hp true damage is countered by killing vayne because of her low range kek
One champ(or actually an entire class of champs) beeing bullshit is not an excuse for others to be the same. I always hated how the biggest damagesource in this game are the AAs of ranged carries, so ranged point n click. As a result, you either burst down a carrie with cc so hecan't do anything, which feels shit for him, or he right clicks you to death, which feels shit to you as you can't do anything against it if you can't straight kill him. It's also something stated to be problematic with many fighters, such as irelia over and over again, and riot refers to those champs generally as 'stat-balls', but does nothing about it.
: Yeah? All of Kindred's skills are auto aim except E which is targeted. Still took a year for Riot to nerf them properly.
And what has that to do with me or sona? 'Kindret has no real counterplay, so sona doesn't need one aswell'? Nice mindset...
MagÊ (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Azlagor,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VcUwGiKi,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-07-14T18:36:18.679+0000) > you can't outplay her he's giving you right now a way to outplay here: by killing her, same way riot made soraka unable to cast W on herself to leave you room to find a solution to win against permanent healing and that's why sona is squishy else you would be able to do nothing but watching her supporting her team with Q/W/E > [{quoted}](name=Azlagor,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VcUwGiKi,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-07-14T18:36:18.679+0000) > make her more binary yes, like every champ in the game. Either you die, or you live and it's better in general for your team. It's also a good idea, because it makes sona balanced. Good players will survive attempts by using her passive, and her defensive spells and will be able to help her team, if those good players died the enemies just played better and this isn't a power issue
> by killing her That's not outplaying her, that's idealy the result of outplaying her, or given her kit a result of overpowering her. >yes, like every champ in the game Thx to damagecreep, that seems to be the case as anything either kills or dies instantly-,-. However, There can be variance. So Sonas impact in fights has only few variables: Hit/miss Ult, passive management, ability timeing, her items/runes/masteries and how long she stays alive and positioning. Now item's and co aswell as how long one stays alive, timeing and targeting on abillities and positioning apply to any champ, so the only variable that sona really brings is the ult and passive. The big thing is, the only thing opponents have really influence on is how long she stays alive and to some extend her targeting(and maybe indirectly her positioning) Leona for example has more variance, As where is another skill(E) she can hit/miss, and that skill greatly determins whom she can target with her Q. Unlike sona's, Leona's ult canb be reactively dodged(atleast the stun part), so can her E. And by beeing a melee with the only form of mobillity beeing avoidable, opponents have far more impact on her targeting. As a result, there is little way on how i can influence how much impact the opposing sona has, while i can have quite some influence and a far more nuanced on how well an oppsing leona does for example. Counterplay isn't about what options sona has, but about what options i have vs her. Andmakeing her more vulnerable wouldn't increase the number of options i have, but how likely i can use an already existing option. So instead of allowing more counterplay vs her, it increases the impact/likelyness of already existing counterplay. A counterplay with rather binary impact at that, as it does not lower her impact, but removes it completely if seuccesfull.
: i would prefer riot giving enemies a way to deal with sona rather than touching a strength of sona. Censer interaction being nerfed will makes sona players going into an AP build once again, i find this very suspecious that it's the solution. What i would like if sona were to be op, is riot nerfing her in a way where they increase her weaknesses: -limited by mana -being squishy with 325 base ms either reduce her aura/auto attack range so her enemies can target her easier, or increase her W mana cost/reduce her base mana pool+mana/lvl so it rewards more enemies who manage to extend the fight. reducing her healing/shielding power, utility, or increasing her cooldown would be a terrible idea from a design point, because what should make players picking sona should be "look this champion can bring utility on a low cooldown, but is terrible at cc'ing and tanking".
I think those are horrible ideas to fix her. Makeing her vulnerable will just make her more binary, and reduceing her power in extendet fights prettymuch goes against what she's supposed to do, especially after those changes. Extendet fights is where she is supposed to shine mid-lategame. The main issue remains that her skills are all instand autoaim, there is no real room for error other than the timeing, and even though her ult can be missed, it can hardly be dodged reactively unless it's on max range(prettymuch like tibbers exept for the max range part) So prettymuch all the agency is on sonas side, you can't outplay her but have to wait for her to outplay herself or just overpower her.
: Maxing E mid was a terrible idea. Yeah it gave you longer to punish the opponent with plants but putting all of your waveclear into your only safety tool was always asking for trouble. You maxed Q so that you could push without inviting ganks you had no defense against.
As sololaner, yes, as support, no. As support there is no need to push with Q, and most of the poke comes from the plants, not the Q it's self, even if you max Q first, unless you caste it alot without seeds which costs a lot mana compared to the payoff. As support, a longer root to setup all ins or deny them is just better on a good zyra. For un experienced zyras, maxing q was better as it's easier to use, but if you were confident in landing the Es, maxing E always was the better option on support zyra.
: Because they nerfed her Q during the MYMU and now people are maxing E over it because it's pretty bad. I'm all for the buff.
Maxing E always was the better call, especially as support. More root duration->more free time for your plants(and adc) to wack away on the victim+less chance for them to get out of the ult befor the knockup.
: Yeah, it would be fighter if that ONE damage item wasn't a semi-tanky item as well ({{item:3078}} {{item:3748}} )
trinity always has been a fighter item, mostly because it also gives some tankiness. The issue with fighters as a class is that they are **dps based melees** with extendet fighting patterns. This means they have to endure through way more damage than any other class within teamfights to be effective. As a result, if they funktion in teamfights they have to be busted overall, either by beeing so tanky that it's nearly impossible to fight them 1v1 or in scirmishes, or they deal so much frontloaded damage that they basically have burst-assasin patterns rather than extendet dps patterns, which currently seems to be the case. Fighters always were a very problematic class for that reason, and imo what needs to be done is implementing more and stronger mechanics that scale with the number of opponents, else they will never get balanced outside of a pure splitpushing role.
: Yasuo is 100% not intended to be built as a fighter. If he was, he wouldn't have a huge portion of his power budget dedicated to a stat that he literally cannot get on fighters items (crit chance). Yes, he's currently being built that way, but Yasuo is another bandwagoner on the "it's better to survive to do damage than actually build damage" train, not someone who is immune to it.
thr reason he was given double crit and the 50% bonus arpen on ult was so he only needs two off items to get high dps and then can built tanky so he can stay alive in the frontlines long enough to charge the knockup and reach the backline. To quote phreak from the champion spotlight: "_Yasuo absolutly needs defensive items_" We all know that it panned out diffrently and he usually goes full off, cause then he can assasinate any squishy that gets cought by any knockup, but he still works very well with just SS+IE+either 3 tank items or lifesteal+2 tank, **which was originally intendet.**
Annoxis (EUW)
: New Lord Van Damm's Pillager : Should it be on the Rift ?
cause what we really need is even more flatpen... I'm not opposed to an armor+ad item, but haveing that flat armor reduce aura will be a horrible mistake, especially if it is applied adter the cleaver shred. {{item:3147}} {{item:3104}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} , some decent def stats on top of 65 flat pen, 30% pen, 40% cdr and tons of ad, that certainly won't be an issue on ad assasins at all... Also, just bc and that item would be absurd amounts of armorshred for the eintire team...Adc could easily bypass any armorpen as theri opponents whould have alla rmor shreded away anyway.
Jet Sett (NA)
: Correct, not a single tank was listed, they're all assassins/fighters. The problem lies in that the bases of these champs are high enough that you build one item for damage, maybe two, then build tank items. These off-tanks do more damage than fighters that don't build off-tank because they'll actually live through the brand ult that eradicates your ADC and mid laner because they didn't build in a similar fashion. {{champion:5}} that builds tank after one or two offense items will probably leave the game having done more damage to champs than your ADC because he lived long enough to do it, and he'll likely have taken as mush damage as your tank because you couldn't afford to ignore him even though focusing the "tank" is poor prioritization, and that's where the problem lies; semi-mobile/mobile off-tanks that accomplish a Juggernauts goal of damage/tank but without the weaknesses the Juggernaut class itself has.
To be fair, going 1-2 off items into tanky stuff IS Fighter, which is totally intented for some of those like {{champion:5}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:157}}
: No. Solo lane Lulu actually uses Q a lot more for waveclear. With only 70% damage to targets beyond the first, her waveclear will take a decently sized hit, as the damage reduction also affects Q's (rather high) base damage.
unless you get fed or rish ludens, you will need two lances for a wace anyway, so it's not that hard of a nerf for better trades and utillity. However, with the ap ratio beeing reduced to 0.6 on pbe now, i fear that sololane lulu will have a hard time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Azlagor,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ruzuJu2L,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-15T22:59:01.892+0000) > > Depends wether the As buff from W is applies to her self or aswell or only allies. > Don't forget that the ratio gets increased by 0.2ap aswell, so basically only the base damage is reduced on subsequent targets comapred to live. The ratio is also decreased, as nothing in the text says "base damage reduced", it says "damage reduced" which means base + ratio.
Her new ratio will be 0.7ap, which gets reduced to 70% on subsequent targets, so pbe lulu has a ~0.5 ratio vs subsequent targets, which is the same that life lulu has on all targets, so her ap ratio on Q** compared to live** gets a buff vs the first target and stays the same for the rest.
: Lulu changes: "The damage taken by targets subsequent to the first by each bolt is reduced to 70%"
Depends wether the As buff from W is applies to her self or aswell or only allies. Don't forget that the ratio gets increased by 0.2ap aswell, so basically only the base damage is reduced on subsequent targets** comapred to live.**
: So let's say I play 3 roles in LOL...
Or just add a random option(because fill = supp mostly) and add checkboxes to both the random and fill so you can for example fill while excludeing top and adc.
: AD Leona almost viable.... Riot please help
i think a small ratio on E(she uses her god damn blade) would be fitting, and already enough. If used correctly, leona is already a terrifying laner, and as tank she scales quite well into late. It certainly wouldn't need much to get bruiser or ad leopna somewhat viable aswell.
: Guys there is a reason certain ADCs work better with Yomumu/BC/Duskblade
how does lucian not make sense? He's an earlygame adc, so arpen builts work well with that, he does nearly all physical damage, he scales really good with cdr, he has a high base damage physic damage ult, he's rather bursty, he has high physical base damage with fervor(which nearly doubles his base damage output, it's still a damn broken masterie), and between his passive and ult, he can stack bc really fast. The only reason thos arpen builts get more dominant lately is that they are strongest early game, while crit still scales best into late, and the game gets more and more earlygame focused. Going for arpen/ad was a viable aproach in previous season aswell, and just as now it gave a much better early-midgame. The main difference to now is that early-mid wasn't as overly important as now, so most people prefered the absurd lategame power of crit. Another thing is fervor, which adds absurd damage to AAs which gets amped by arpen, but not by crit. Also, with the changes to LW, it was obvious for me that BC will eventuall replace it as %pen item, as it still works vs total armor. I already used it succesfully instead of LW on champs that can stack it fast befor the mage update, and now with the buff to bc the choice is rather obvious.
: > The cost had been reduced long before they began to be spammed ... As for the speed increase, it seems to me that if you review the history of the boots, it wasn't so much a buff as much as a reversion of a nerf. I was wondering why I had the idea that the speed was not increased and the reason is; Because it was not increased. Originally Boots of swiftness provided +40 speed over regular boots (50 ----> 90). Then the boot rework in S3 arrived and they were chunked down to +35 (25 -----> 60). This obviously didn't work out so they returned to the +40 they gave prior to that. Though it was this way for a long time, it was unknown why they nerfed them. You are 'technically' right in that it was still a buff, a nerf reversion is indeed a buff. I should have been more specific and/or given a larger time frame. Rather than say "**Yes, boots of swiftness were buffed**" I would say "**They got nerfed and then the nerf was reverted, putting them in the same position as before.**" Basically your argument is garbage but it is not technically wrong.
just that they recived the slow resist in the very patch that changed them to only be 15ms faster than tier 2 boots. Befor that they only gave increased ms and nothing else. the v5.22 was the first time ever there those boots had both, 20ms more than other options as well as the slow resist, and on top of that thy became cheaper than ever. at 5.22, they recived a clear buff that left them in the strongest spot they have ever seen, which lead to them becomeing the most used boots overall till they lost 5ms and had their costs increased by 100. Right now, they are in a fine spot, and the pbe nerfs will more or less remove them form the game as it will leave them in a worse spot than prior to 5.22, and they were hardly used befor 5.22 already(though they certainly were better than people gave them credit for at that time)
: Guinsoo's Rageblade
i think the stacking for guinsoos should work the same as for favour of battle. Right now, it's just the same issue as befor the change(only with overall less power): In a 1v1 splitpush scenario, it is really strong as you can reliably reach full stacks, most of the time even befor fighting a champion, and then stick to your opponent for huge dps. In a teamfight however, it's really hard to get those 6 stacks as melee, and even harder to stay around for some more AAs to actually use those stacks, and with out full stacks, it's just weak.
Mishli (NA)
: my issue with swifties is that everyone is taking them... all the time, adc are taking them, tanks are taking them, supports are taking them, even if the enemy team has pratically no slows, people are still taking them (which is the whole point they exist for) so if they are the most common choice of item in the whole game... i think they need to be toned down a bit, or all the other boots need to be buffed to make them worth picking over swifties
i see enough tanks picking mercs up, and most mages go either cdr or sorcs, some adc also go cdr. only ninjas, berserker's and mobi boots are not that common. Ninjas and berserkers already have buffs on pbe that msot likely fix them, and mobis are already used some times on supports, though they imo could use a buff, like requiering less time out off combat. 3 or 4 sec instead of 5 would already go a long way.
Rivini (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vistha Kai,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n0NGJEiE,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2016-05-22T10:04:39.685+0000) > > Of course they are superior to mobi's. > > The Sol _(geddit?)_ fact Swifties always work make them better than Mobi's. > I mean, let's be real here. > Where do you want the most MS: When coming back to lane or When dodging shit in teamfights? For me, as soon as Swifties got the slow reduction passive, I knew they were clearly the better choice. I found it odd how pro/LCS players favored Mobi's more, regardless of role. Sure, faster roaming and getting back to lane a little quicker isn't all bad, but the boots end up being crippling to have once you start fighting. I was argued that getting into position faster was more important than consistent speed during the fight, yet I knew their logic was faulted and proven so later on.
They usually used it on supports like any or alistar, and on (tank) junglers. It's hard to escape a gank if the jungler closes in with ~50 more ms, and once he's on you, redbuff and his cc will be enough. Same with a roming support comeing to gank. It also helps initiateing teamfights, catching people or just seting up vision. And on sup and jungle(at that time), the low incombat effectivness hardly did matter as they were mostly there to setup plays and leave the high incombat impact to the farmed laners. On sololaner or adc, you would hardly ever have seen mobi boots. In competetive play, those were certainly valid arguments for mobis. In soloQ, seting up a play often isn't enough as you can't rely on proper followup, so haveing better in combat stats, especially the ms+slowreduce from swiftness to nope out of a fight if you notice that your followup isn't comeing, certainly is the better option.
: > [{quoted}](name=LordBrasca,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n0NGJEiE,comment-id=00030002,timestamp=2016-05-22T12:01:40.959+0000) > > You forgot the part where they buffed them by increasing movement speed bonus That... never happened. Slow resistance as added, speed was never increased relative to other boots. > and reducing the cost. That is the point where everyone started to spam them. The cost had been reduced long before they began to be spammed. You are fail.
>V5.22: > > Total cost reduced to 800 Gold from 1000 Gold. > Movement speed bonus increased to 65 from 60. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Boots_of_Swiftness
: TBF, a year ago they weren't very good. But when they were popular it was because they gutted merc treds and there was a shift in power to early game snowballing.
they were quite underated befor, and it wan't only mercs getting nerfed, but also swiftness getting a good buff, 5ms more for 200g less is quite something.
: > And no, "I wanna go fast" is not the same niche for mobis and swiftness. Mobis bring out of combat ms but poor incombat, and boots of swiftness add mostly in combat, though they also increase the out of combat which is why most junglers use them. Actually, yeah they do share the same niche. Otherwise every instance in pro play of players grabbing mobis wouldn't have switched to swifties. Swifties turned into the "I wanna go fast" option, so mobis saw little-to-no use in pro play. Same issue with mercs, since mercs got nerfed and swifties buffed, swifties became the better diving and even kiting option. Now they're buffing serk, tabi, and merc, which is good, but they're neglecting mobis and swifties' niches, which is currently just speed. Out of combat is less useful than general, which is why mobis aren't used. Their niche isn't strong enough, which is why they over-lap. Making items generally weak without a strong niche isn't the answer. They should be focusing on their unique passives if they have one, not just the raw stats that are offered. Otherwise people will just use whichever one is the better stat-stick, such as with swifties. MS is one of the most valuable stats in the game. Buffing niche use and nerfing general use is the best way to balance items that are out of line, but won't be used when they aren't. Instead they're nerfing Swifties into never-use territory again.
Going ham on niches isn't always the best way for balance, as it can create hard counter scenarios. If one were to buff the slow reduce on swiftness to 50%, any heavily slow reliant champ would either need to get compensation buffs, makeing them rather opressive vs anypne without swiftness, or they stay as they are and become rather irelevant as soon as theri oponents pick up boots of swiftness, a scenario well known from strong heals and grevious wounds. Also the in-combat mobillity offered ba swiftness is imo a niche that can be more easily reinforced without causeing balance issues with a hard-counter scenario like slow-reduce would do.
: Can we change Trinity Force's recipe more?
Love how this post gets downvoted by gp and corki mains(or corki fotm sheeps) If you hold so dare to the crit on it, then how about keeping the current for ~2champs and add a 'new' trinity for all the the champs that lost trinity as they don't give a damn about crit? Possibly building out of a changed {{item:3101}}: {{item:1042}} +{{item:1042}} +300g(900g total) - 30% as - 5% ms - 10% cdr Nashor's could simply get a dagger added to the builtpath and now gives 5%ms, if it becones to strong the cost could get increased by~200 The new trinity could look like this: {{item:3044}} +{{item:3057}} +{{item:3101}} +500g (3700g total) - 35 ad - 35% as - 20% cdr - 7% ms - 300 hp - 300 mana - spellblade for 200% base-ad - rage - doubled rage speed on the spellblade proc This would be a good version for spell wavers(mix AAs with abillitys), giving some more ad for scaleings, and some good as+cdr for faster AAs and spells. aswell as extra ms on speelblade for it and run or stickiness. Another option would be {{item:3044}} +{{item:3057}} +{{item:1043}} +300g(3700 total) - 30 ad - 30% as - 30 physical on-hit - 10% cdr - 5% ms( i think ms belongs to trinity no matter the builtpath) - 300 hp - 300 mana - spellblade for 150% base ad, double on-hit on spellblade - rage This way it would work as great multiplyer for on-hit champs, though not all as you need to proc the spellblade frequently, and the double on hit would probably need the same name as sated, as stacking devourer with this trinity on a champ like jax could get rather stupid. A last option i see would be {{item:3044}} +{{item:3057}} +{{item:2015}} + 650g(3700g total) - 30 ad - 30% as - 10% cdr - 5% ms - 300 hp - 300 mana - spellblade for 200% base-ad - rage - energized: You Energized attacks deal an aditioal 10-40+base-ad magic damage and slow the target by 25% for 2 sec Mostly to empower hit and run tactics and asassination-patterns.
: What? A safe & burst-y champion? You don't say . . . {{champion:51}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} But seriously, riot's running gag needs to stop; this kind of playstyle is frustrating to fight.
most of those really aren't safe though
: Anti-Playmaking and the Competitive Scene
I don't think thats the main reason, especially not the items. Some skills like thams W certainly contribute to it though. imo the mainreason for this is the increased snowballing, mostly the overabundance of (burst)damage and the long death timers and ofc the lack of vision. In the Competitive Scene they simply try to avoid the risk of anyone snowballing out of controll, thus most of the time it's a laneswap, takeing all outer sidleane turrets in the first 4 min, then 10min of a passive stallgame. And after that, death timers are so high that one mistake can already come at huge costs(the fact that there is so much damage that a mistake most certainly means death unless your a **fed** tank contributes alot to this), so they play it very save. Going for plays just has become very risky, and i think only a smaller part of this is due to play-denial tools. And if we talk about play denial, i think the nr.1 offender is and stays {{summoner:4}} , cause lets be honest, the ratio of savety flashs to playmakeing ones is about 9:1
: What champions would fit me?
{{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}}{{champion:64}}
Rezandra (NA)
: The Hardest Thing About Being a Tank Support
don't have much problems if playing tham, just eat your adc and then slap the minion
: Overused. And Braum doesn't cry.
maybe you should get rageblade on braum, works wonders vs superminions{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: The original goal we had with Kalista was to make an approachable marksman that taught players how to attack move. We realized that we were trending towards something that was much more mechanically difficult and decided to keep it for the unique feel and what it brought to the character (kiting power and dodging).
Just that it feels like you failed to adjust the rest of the kit around her exessive mobillity then, which leaves her rather overloaded.
: Lucian released in a time before we had really started focusing on making each champ strategically unique. Kalista was in the early days of experimenting with the idea and I think she brings some unique things to the Marksmen class (extreme kiting, ally saving). That said, she has been a bit hard to balance because of some of her weaknesses going away when you are super high skill with her.
i think the main problem with her balance is that she has to many niche strnegths: extreme kiteing, huge execute that can save objectives vs simte, ally save **WITH NO COUNTERPLAY AT ALL**, and hard engage with a 1k range aoe knockup.
: > [{quoted}](name=Siegfried7b,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HIoekhxt,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-22T16:35:39.250+0000) > > I started playing league from s2, and I have always been highly addicted to this game. Never in my life I have felt such bored and tired of league. Never in my life I have seen such an unbalanced patch. Clearly you weren't playing when Xin was released. On topic: the snowball is the problem right now. Rageblade is a mild annoyance, but even if they made it too expensive to use, there are so many other options now for carries to itemize with. Would it really be any better if Jax rushed Gunblade first and stomped you with that instead while healing all your damage back?
i was playing than xin was released, and i have to say rageblade xin >>>>>>>>>>>> release xin
: The new Thunderlord works great on her, as it will proc from Q-Q-E, or three ticks of R, and she also has a long auto-attack range. So she's burstier than before. The bigger problem really is with the fast pace of games, since Anivia doesn't really hit peak power until she completes two very expensive items.
fast paced games seem to be more in her favor http://champion.gg/champion/Anivia her winrate in short games is insane, and drops hard later on. It's her massive basevalues on Q+E+R that allow her to be a force with prettymuch only catalyst and bluebuff, especially with the new masteries and blue giving ap.
: Executioner's Calling is the most rarely built item in the game...
elofants statisitcs are not really useable for that. the item statistics go by the items that people have intheir inventory when the game ends, so naturally executioners won't be seen often as you will upgrade it to mortal remainder most of the time. Just that elofant so far does not provide any data on any of the new items, which also means that it's questionable wether their executioners data is based on the recent patch or a different timeframe.. _edit: just looked at the statistics closer, seems the last update was 4 months ago..._ from my own wxperience i do agree that executioners is very rarly built and that this is one of the bigger reasons for how well mundo is doing, but be carefull with those stattistics, they are often misleading.
: Well with Warwick, he already has one of the most safe clears as it is, I wouldn't be surprised if he could clear the first couple of camps without a jungler item. The Talisman provides Warwick with mana, which is useful since Warwick can be mana hungry for his first clear unless he starts the Gromp and goes blue buff next.
machete still is by far superior to talisman on ww, as he simply doens't need to use any mana for a sustained and somewhat fast clear.
: You missed one on poppy: her ult blocks turret damage too
he actually missed more like a dash+stun and up to 40% damge amp from her ult, and haveing the highest base armor at 18(not counting in the W...)
: Excellent point, I haven't played as much post-rework Darius as I would like so I can't say for certain what effect that change has had, but I'm sure it isn't insignificant (especially on this matchup).
Honestly, it was a huge hit into Darius face. Prettymuch all that rework did for darius and garen, but mostly darius, is makeing them even stronger vs melees, especially those that have little disengage, so even stronger in situations in which he already was rather opressive witt bloodrage/noxian might, and made him far worse vs high mobillity and/or ranged, mostly with the E change, but also the Q delay and overall nerfs to his kit besides heal and aditional passive. I used to pick him vs short ranged adc like lucian or vs mobile champs like riven, cause i could use my E to screw their day and burst them down. Now, it's very hard to ever land a E if they are somewhat competent, and even if you do, without reaching 5 stacks, you deal rather poor damage, especially if you miss the Q-blade, and vs high mobillity it is nearly impossible to keep em in range for 5 stacks oe land the Q(again, asumeing they are competent) Now, in adition to the juggernaut rework, three new items were released, all for melees only. The result: Tons of melees getting played to test the new stuff, while at the same time, the 4 juggernauts were played, champs that by (imo bad-)design hard-counter other melees. Not really supprising that juggernauts had an absurd performance and still perform well... And pretty telling that (new)darius was so bad on release that he needed hotfixes despite haveing the perfect enviroment...
: > [{quoted}](name=ZenonTheStoic,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Hd6ZAtqq,comment-id=0010000000010000,timestamp=2015-07-15T21:44:05.159+0000) > > Top Tahm is suffering like LongPanda. He is sitting at a 36% winrate with little sign of improvement. I'm actually very concerned we trapped players into playing him top by promising viability in the champ spotlight, and the R % dmg buff is definitely aimed at top lane, where you can afford to build a lot more health more quickly, where you hit level 11 and level 16 much more quickly, and where you're often in a position in the team comp where it's not your job mostly to keep the ADC alive, so you can attack a whole bunch more. His problem Top is that he has no reliable waveclear. It seems pretty decent if you max W first, but you are making Q even better to max first. Also, the way W works just makes it so you can only reliably hit 2-3 minions at once with it. Once you hit 6 your trading is a lot better, even somewhat decent, but by then most Tahms have been destroyed completely. The only real way I could see Top Tahm get better is if you moved the R passive to his Innate. He doesn't have enough damage to justify the lack of waveclear against the majority of tops, and since he is AP he has no way to deal with this problem. If he was AD he could buy Ravenous (like Wukong has to do because of his E not being good enough) but alas he usually rushes RoA into Full tank. Iceborne might be decent but slows don't stack anymore. I'd say if his innate passive stacks worked on Monsters he could be a decent Jungler, but right now he is too unhealthy in clears. It would certainly do him better to be a Jungle/Support rather than a Top/Support. Jungle Tahm seems really good tho if his innate worked on Monsters. The lack of Ultimate really hurts him in Lane, but it really helps him in the Jungle. Q can be pretty useful for Ganks (on par with Nunu) and he could probably coordinate with a laner to swamp their way into the middle of a lane for a gank. It's odd you guys wanted him to be Top instead of Jungle, he seems perfect for it.
i find his wveclear not that bad, W+sunfire clear out waves faster than any mini-gnar could ever dream off. I also find him to be incredible strong 1v1 vs any champ that can't simply kite him down, atleast post 6, but most of the time even pre 6. His main problem top aswell as jungle is the lack of escape. he can't go for counterjungleing if he doesn't have alot backup from his team, cause he has no escapes to get away once cought, which also is a problem if he gets counterjungled by strong early duelists like lee. HIs Ganks also are very dependend on your laner, as you have no mobillity, and you only cc is a skillshot slow. In top, he can't really push out the lane, as he's insanly vulnerable to ganks. No aoe cc, no hard cc unless he comits to a fight, no mobillity. This also makes his splitpush despite the global ult rather risky, especially for soloQ. I think one of the major reasons for his bad performance top is that people max Q(acording to champion.gg) It has a horrible scaling with ranks, only 35 damage per rank and 5% slow. 50% slow is more than enough in most situations, and the cd stays the same, while manacost even go up. If you max W instead, you gain 50 more damage per rank on a longrange aoe nuke, which gives actually some good waveclear, 300damage rank 5 is pretty high for an aoe nuke, especially since it profits from the ult passive aswell. it's also less cd, more speed for ally eat, more duration for ally eat and more % damage while the manacosts stay the same. Maxing W first is just so much more effective.
: The Problem with Jungle items
I actually agree with everything here. Unless the Jungel items are so powerfull that laners use them as well, it always feels a bit lackluster as a jungler. I mean they do their job, you get a nice powerspike for few gold, but if you look at all the gold spent for it, they are rather meh items in terms of efficiency, and usually i would wan't to sell them in a 6item game. So no matter how cool an jungleitem is atm, it will ged nerfed till it feels just ok... I'd rather see jungle items outsourced like you purposed, and the enchantments reworked as new items that are balanced around junglers and laners alike.
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