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: Me being really upset that I can’t play him 24/7... ;w;
Yeah, going from having him as a near guaranteed choice to hoping he won't get picked/banned by someone else in every lobby is going to be a hard pill to swallow for a while.
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Kartagia (EUNE)
: FOr math part: I am one of the players with enough games to have statistically sound number of games. And your way of using math is not using math but abusing it without any understanding of it. Why it is so hard to grasp that intentional feeders do exist. And my personal skill cannot win game alone, when I am matched with way less skilled players who have **so much pride they are insulted if support appears to have higher impact on game they do**. I just lost game due 3 players going intentional feeding and lose game, and I have no faith none of them gets punished regardless their constant rules violations no both chat and on game, as the system does ignore single reports. I know they are not **literally ignored**, just de facto ignored as they have no value towards punishment due the frequency of report affecting the chance case is handled by Artificial Stupdity sytem. I am wondering why all of you spend so much time attacking my elo - whihc is by the way against FOrum rules as MMR bashing is prohibited - and not giving single argument countering my analysis of the game and system. The fact is I cannot win alone. And there is plenty of players who does **anything** to ruin game if support is playing better they do, or support is not doing what they tell support do do. They totally ignore suggestions of support for cultural reasons and total lack of respect towards supports and their knowledge on league of legends.
There you go again; any objection to your reasoning is an attack or ELO shaming. There's no shame in being Bronze. I was stuck in Bronze myself during season 3. The difference between us is that I knew I wasn't skilled enough at the time and learned to improve. People don't automatically get out of low ELO on natural talent. They also need time, training and an open mind to change. That's why your reports are never/rarely headed. No one has attacked you! I'm not in this discussion for my benefit. I'm in it due to a futile hope that I can help you change your mindset. Folly, really, which I already knew. I will stop wasting both of our time. Just know that I genuinely feel sad for having failed you.
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Because you make false assumption there cannot be skilled player on bronze divisions. This is simply mathematically inevitable due the fact league system is zero sum game: every time somebody gains LP someone loses it. Only way to climb is face only people who are less skilled you are. This is not possible due numerous people ignoring totally **eula restriction not to use accounts owned by others, as following that rule would prevent them earning real life money with league**. This includes mercenaries elo boosting by playing on accounts of others as well as those smurfs who build accounts up in ranking and sell them. There is vast market of LOL accounts RIot refuses to investigate on various sites, and RIot does all to deny their existence. Manufactured innocence. The third kind of players ruining the system are those who elo boost without breaking eula, but breaking summoner's code, as getting down to bronze in order to play with clients requires you intentionally lose to drop your elo. Then they duo with clients until clients are out of "elo hell", and again intentionally lose to drop back to bronze for next client. Again there is numerous sites where people sell this kind of services for real money.
You said it yourself. To climb, you have to be better than people at your current level. Therefore, you get better and then you climb. Then you get better again and you climb again. It's working intentionally. You can't climb by spamming games and not improving. Where, in this example, can a skilled player get stuck in Bronze, especially over multiple seasons? You're not improving because you absolutely deny that you need improving. You like maths? You're roughly in the bottom 14% of all ranked players. That means roughly 86% of players have managed to rank higher than you. That's not an attack, that's a fact. Are you claiming that you are insanely unlucky and are better than, say, two thirds of the ranked player base? If you don't think you're better than at least 50% of the player base, then how can you say you are skilled? I mean, you bring up law of large numbers needing a source of tens of thousands of games to be 50%. It doesn't need to be that many to be in the region of 45-55%, which would allocate you an ELO bracket. Also, you've played over a thousand games in season 4, 5 and 6. You're about a thousand games in season 7. You have plenty of games to allocate you a very accurate ELO bracket. Again, these are facts. During all of these seasons, your win ratio has been 50% give it take 2%. Coincidence? That's a pretty damning figure to your argument. And if you deny then, you are denouncing facts that oppose your divine dogma. This makes you a hypocrite. *drops microphone*
Kartagia (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=D Kayn goes BOOM,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GT8ZObph,comment-id=000d00000001,timestamp=2017-08-01T11:38:34.731+0000) > > You really have to differentiate between skill and knowledge. Knowledge can be copied, there is enough data available. You can come very far by copying without actually having to understand why you do these things. > But you can't participate in a discussion like somebody who does things, because he understands the mechanics behind. > > Always building item A is fine, if you know it works, you don't have to know why. But when you start lecturing players it becomes a problem. > Then the only thing you could say, while still remaining honest, is "It seems to work well for a lot of players so I am doing it too and it worked for me as well". Tell me.. Why it becomes a problem when I give you factual reason why it works, and only factual response I get **but it is not used** without once people telling me **why my reasoning is wrong**, but they attack it because I do not support their limited view based on minmaxing of personal score and damage. Every time I am attacked, **nobody attacking me ever touches my observations of the game as they do not want to admit my skill coming from thousands of games I have played. THey do not want to admit that someone who can understand the game well is stuck in bronze, as it violates their belief that league system is system based on skill, and getting out of bronze is proof of skill**. I am sorry, but stating facts of score gets people mad, when they see score as proof of skill. I do not see it like that, as score has no information value on itself. You have to check the game events to see it. And trust me, I have thousands of comebacks with win while I have bad score, as score does not contain single objective. You can win with 0/20/0 easily, if you have team who focus on tearing down towers, and dying while doing so. This is fact, but it hurt feeling of people who **want to believe their aggressive pvp focused play is only way to go**. I have constant games in which people argue that they need kills. No, there is only handful of champions who need kills. They need gold. And even those champions who do need kills, can get stacks from creeps. Thus you do not need kills of enemy players, but kills of creeps.
You spend a lot of typing but not much time reading. Why are you talking about KDA? We didn't bring that up. You're arguing with ghosts. We're not angry and we're not attacking you. And why do you get to dictate what 'facts' are and denounce what others think 'facts' are? It sounds to me that, in both cases, they're just opinions. If your opinion differs to someone else's, does that always mean they're mad and you're a victim?
: now gimme honors!
Here y'go! *gives honors*
: Wait, are you saying that reasonable people should sit down and have a reasonable, thought-provoking discussion in a game of League with a random stranger that probably doesn't give two-shits as to what comes out of your mouth (or fingers)? If a bronzie is talking non-sense in an asshole-like manner, then yeah, people are going to superficially say "lol stay bronze" because there's no point in putting actual effort into teaching someone who doesn't want to learn. This would be helpful if the world was a magical place and people listened to each other all the time, even on the internet. But that isn't the case. We're all know-it-alls when we're behind the screen. The point of saying "stay bronze" or something alike to that is not to better or alleviate the situation. It's to deal a blow to their ego and piss them off.
Cruel... but it gets the point across better than I could.
: so....rank does means something?
You did it! You deciphered it. Now, make sure no one else discovers the secret. ;)
: If you know that you are right and you can explain why, then there is literally no reason not to do it. And keep in mind that they do not simply mention your rank, they need to know you rank to begin with,which means they will start digging into your profile first, maybe even sniff around in your match history to say "oh you did bad in this ONE game!". They invest a lot of time just to disqualify themselves from the discussion.
Well, there is one reason not give a structured response. I have the right to remain silent. I like communication in terms of strategy but if I think a conversation/argument is a waste of time, I'd rather ignore it. Also, with things like Lolnexus, digging for player info isn't so hard when it's just a glance away. Not including the match history example, that WOULD be going too far, haha.
Kartagia (EUNE)
: if low elo player advice is bad, they could tell why it is instead of attack on low ranking and stating **this is the divine dogma - do not challenge it**. Can you tell me why you feel so offended? I bet it is due the fact **you cannot counter my argument with facts, but feel annoyed somebody say something contradicting your only way of playing. Your divine dogma. The only way you see possible and want to force others follow**. Honestly, I think reason why you are offended, is the fact some low elo player showing high understanding of game destroys the false image that ranking is sign of skill. That higher ranking indicates better understanding of game. And by destroying this I destroy the false sense of competence, and you hate it. You truly hate it. Even Riot Support admit this. Support person admit after long discussion that league position is no sign of skill. It is just achievement. And I can mathematically prove there is very high probability that highly skilled player stays in bronze. This is due the boundaries of matchmaking, which Riot games have tried to hide. On season 2 they did not. During that time some devs divulged unfavorable details of matchmaking like the fact MMR matching allows estimated win chance of 75% to one team over another. And the fact is league system did not change matchmaking at all. Thus there is good chance you get often matched unfavorably, thus your chance of winning is not 50%. FOr those who yell **but on average**, I have to tell you that average function becomes accurate on sets of tens of thousands of games. Probability math is a bitch. On smaller sets results vary way more. Thus MMR bashing is due the fact my facts prove that **emperor has no clothes**. In this reference it proves the image of rank people want to uphold is false. And people on higher ranking hate this, as they have build their boosted image due their ranking. I understand this, but I do not accept it, as it makes community more toxic, and prevents enjoyment from people who can never reach higher rankings. Why enjoyment of best 10% is so much more important than majority? I would like to see community revert back to state where the level of challenge gave the limits of play. Where trying different and thus giving team mates chance to challenge and learn was important. Time when losing party stayed on end game lobby talking what happened, and how they might improve in future. When wining party did not bash losing party but gave honest and good advice. If everybody would do that, META would never change. I cannot understand the **divine faith in authority and total ignorance of facts**.
Everything you just wrote indicates that you misunderstood my post entirely. I'm not butt hurt nor insecure. I do not consider low ELO players insignificant. And that non-sense you're posting about ranks and MMR is just plain silly.
: I'm an ARAM player, so I never play Ranked (I hate this thing and try to run from it like it's the black plague). I played it so much and got good enought in it that now, me, an unranked player, gets matched 3 games out of 4 with full teams of gold/Platinum/diamond players on both sides. I often get complains that they got matched with a troll or an unranked noob... So listen up everybody: if you get matched with someone far below your Elo, you are not matched with a troll: the lower elo is either far stronger than you, or you are complete and utter bullshit! Imagine in ARAM, a gamemode considered as a luck-based mode, I'm strong enought to get matched with people far far higher than my inexistant ranked elo, imagine if I would get serious and stairt over with SR. The game system matches you primarly with people of the similar skill and elo, so if a player bypass the elo aspect, it's because his skill is far far beyound his elo's expectations... BUT NOOOOOOOOO I'm unranked so I'm shit, right? RIGHT?
During your post, you said that being matched against Platinum players in ARAMs means you consider yourself Platinum yourself. I have to strongly disagree with that way of thinking.
: When they mention your rank ...
I think it depends. Some people just use it as a form of flame which is bad. Most use it because they're tired of low ELO players giving them bad advice every single game. You're right, every player's opinion counts. But when you're Diamond and you get called out by a Silver player in every damned situation, you'll tire of them just like the rest of us. Calling them out for their rank doesn't mean we don't have a valid response, it means we can't be bothered to respond. Both parties are human, neither party is righteous.
: Scripting & Boosting? + Possibly Giving Up
If you want to get out, we need to start with you. If you'd like, I'll watch some videos of you playing and give some advice. Especially with ones you feel you deserved to win but your team let you down.
: Solo baron at 20 minutes with 0 damage, the guys didn't want to drag it so they ended it at 14 minutes, couldn't try it
It's situational. You'll need a certain amount of AP and to be level 11. You also need W to get drake to baron faster. I can do this most games.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir HaxaIot,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Z5KBzuhn,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-29T15:54:39.870+0000) > > Solo baron at 20 minutes with 0 damage, the guys didn't want to drag it so they ended it at 14 minutes, couldn't try it I've tried this before, and can't solo baron at 20 with dragon ghost. When he was first reworked he could, before he got the load of nerfs, but not anymore
It's situational. You'll need a certain amount of AP and to be level 11. You also need W to get drake to baron faster. I can do this most games.
: Okay. I get yall's points. I just hope he's not turned into a tank. I love Morde's passive shield, high sustain, damage, and ghosts. I just hope he can still get champion and dragon ghosts, have that high sustain, shield, and high damage. Being a Seige God is freaking cool.
I'm sure he'll keep his Juggernaught status. :)
: Mordekaiser should NOT get a full rework
Sorry, friend. You outlined the reason for a full rework with your second sentence. Too strong in some situations, too weak in others. That's what imbalance is. He is fun for us mains but can still be toxic to play against. The Dragon is crazy. Solo baron at 20 mins without taking ANY damage? He's my favourite champ but I'm looking forward to a rework.
KoKoboto (NA)
: I think Vandril or someone did a video on this. If you use the Ivern ghost the enemy team Ivern won't be able to farm the camps at all I think.
The ultimate counter jungle! I suppose it makes sense that the passive will be reset if any other champion clears the camp.
: I`m just gonna hope that Xayahs passive and W stay permanently like Jhins 4th shot.
: You can use a rakan ghost to make your allied Xayah's recall faster fyi
... what? :D (Excitement intensifies)
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: > [{quoted}](name=PureSilvrr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hcnmhng0,comment-id=0002000000000001000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-03-29T19:17:35.407+0000) > > LUL hes not silver yeah Euro diamond is like silver NA
Whatever helps you sleep at night. You'll need it after a game like the one you posted, hue hue!
: > [{quoted}](name=Azrael Jiraco,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hcnmhng0,comment-id=00020000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-29T16:56:54.516+0000) > > Don't worry, Ralanr, I've got your back on this one. He can't play the ELO card on me. ;) hey it's bronze's silver friend. LUL
Ralanr (NA)
: bringing up a point that actually strengthens your complaint, you're going to disagree because I'm bronze?
Don't worry, Ralanr, I've got your back on this one. He can't play the ELO card on me. ;)
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: Or we'll unleash destruction and metal against each other and.... realize that we won't get through each other shield's and just heal up. It makes sipping coffee so much more epic though if you're surrounded by an aura of malice, metal and destruction
Coffee metal!
: Well... This should be interesting
Whilst we fight our epic top lane battle, the Baron will be trembling in its pit, if it even has the balls to show up! We will shake the Rift with our destructive attacks! Our path of destruction will spill into all the other lanes! And then we'll realise we both like Morde related things and stop to chat and have a cup of tea, huehue.
: You do realize he's essentially a Diamond one-trick Morde
So am I! But not essentially a OTP; I'm purely a OTP.
: 1v1ing Malicous just sounds scary to begin with... Was it a mirror match or what?
I'd give him a Morde off. It will be a very interesting battle, huehuehue!
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: If you had the time to research the changes to rylies, you should also have had time to research how riot will deal with the situation for champs who build it for HP. Riot said they will change other items if necesarry to keep champions like morde/vlad/rumble relevant, one example given was changing dead mans plate.
Like Malicious, I will remain anxious until I know what the replacement is. I really don't want to be rushing a Deadman's Plate and being useless in the early and mid game. Morde players generally don't want to see the game get to late stages, either. Unless they're planning on changing DMP to a bruiser item instead of a full tank item, how will it help? Oh look, I landed a slow, now to do nothing for the rest of the fight. But don't worry, we'll counteract that by keeping dragon ghost! Your success now fully depends on your team's ability to contest dragon! *cries* But it's all 'wait and see' as to what the final changes are. I just remember being this anxious about the juggernaught patch, and those feelings were justified! Like Malicious, if Morde is gutted from a tier 5 champ to a 'this guy is so bad he gets his own tier' champ, I'll probably switch to Overwatch as my main game.
: Challenger Darius Mains: Do they exist? Here's a Master Darius one trick, which should end the argument. Also, I'm a Diamond OTP Morde main whom is arguable more kiteable than Darius. As previous posts have said, you'll find every champ everywhere. The exception seems to be competitive ranked 5's.
JustSeba (EUNE)
: Thanks
When I watched that game, I couldn't help but wince at all the kills he could have secured if he took Stormraider's Surge, haha. Still that's probably the only downside for having such a huge range of junglers he can carry his team with. Insanely good jungler!
: What you're saying is not wrong, but the main problem as presented in this thread (immobility) of morde is almost irrelevant to how well he does in the top lane for example, when not against ranged champions like Quinn (who punishes any melee champions, even riven who is utterly mobile), because then his job is to survive lane phase and the ideal goal is to win trades and gain control of the lane (which he can do pretty well thanks to his passive, q w e self explanatory but they basically deal a lot of damage, much more than other melee champions can - usually because they have cc/gap closers which in exchange forces them to be weaker than him), and yea usually in melee skirmishes it's not about how much base movement speed a champion has. Mordekaiser also has a relatively high attack range, and can set up his third q decently on enemy minions before forcing a trade, assuming played correctly. (As I remember every mordekaiser I've seen before the rework had Rylais :D)
His Laning prior to Rylai's is hilarious when using Stormraider's, but all of my Diamond opponents are aware of that little trick. Sad times. I mainly get sad about the movement speed when against other juggernaughts. I get a good trade, they simply walk away. They get a good trade, I have to absorb two or three more auto's if they orb walk correctly. The movement speed isn't so noticeable in huge teamfights, but in delicate top lane trades, it's the biggest difference I felt between old and new Morde. (I rocked the Luden's Echo and Void Staff Morde back in the day. Tanks and squishies, beware! There were a few high ELO Morde players that took Rylai's, but not as a rushed item. Most of them used the DFG build, or Luden's when DFG was removed. Rylai's was a nice mid or late game option when you needed more health to survive getting bursted. That's what I'd like Rylai's to be again: situational, not staple. It wasn't taken for the slow. Pre-buff Rylai's slow on AOE attacks weren't worth anything.) I'm off for now, but I've enjoyed discussing my favourite champion with someone who actually structures their opinions. It's a shame we're on different servers.
: I'm pretty sure Riot know how hard Rylais nerfs will hurt morde and perhaps that's one reason why they haven't hard nerfed it yet - because some champions (specifically mordekaiser) are heavily reliant on the state of this item, so I'm overall calm and trusting Riot to make the right decision (they seem to be on a better direction to balance than they were in the beginning of season 6)
Yeah, I think you're right. There's been plenty of times in the past where Riot have surprised me about keeping Morde on their radar.
: It's kind of different though when you have 10 seconds DOT and 3 seconds DOT, but I think it is overall agreed that Rylais or Frozen Mallet are perhaps too strong right now
It is true, they are. I'm anticipating a Rylai's nerf eventually, and fully expect Morde's win rate to plummet because he can't simply replace it with the next flavour AP item like everyone else. He's bound to it. Unless Riot anticipate it and give compensatory buffs like they did when they removed DFG.
JustSeba (EUNE)
: Why is it only the players that have 0 Mordekaiser ranked games that say he doesn't need this buff?
I was triggered by the comment about him being a top tier champ. ;)
: That until he gets his Rylais xd Which might explain why he has such a low base movement speed. Other juggernauts like Garen and Darius don't have Frozen Mallet as a core item on them, instead they have higher base movement speed and some sort of way (Garen specifically) to get into the face of the enemy carries, but Riot probably knew Rylais will stay core on him (as it was before the rework as I recall) when he has no gapclosing mechanic, and thus they might've thought that if he had that movement speed as garen or Darius have it would be pretty harder to escape him when he builds Rylais in every game probably. By the way, I think the t3 boots / boot enchantments were still existing in game when they released juggernauts rework, and actually rushing one of these enchantments on mordekaiser to help him reach a target could cause a very deadly situation for his opponents who probably did not rush any enchantment. (I believe many morde players would give up 500 or so gold for that alacrity or furor straight after Rylais even to be able to reach their target easily, but that would end up with morde being too fast than intended once he tagged someone with his ult and permaslowed them for that 10 seconds)
Whilst this is true, lane is usually already won by someone before first items are completed. I agree with the enchantments; I bought them all the time. Rylai's is only core because of his movement speed. If Darius had the same movement speed and no slow, Frozen Mallet WOULD be core on him. If I didn't need Rylai's, I wouldn't take it half as much. (It wasn't core before rework, but a small group of mains liked to buy it.)
: Brand and Malz are already slow and Swain have a root on his kit so it doesnt even matter. Other mages with dot?
Brand has 340 MS, Mal has 335. This is what the OP is asking for Mordekaiser, who has 325 and is melee. I agree with him, but also appreciate nerfs should be applied to rebalance, such as to his W heal. Morde has the worst base stats for a melee, and even some ranged champs. This is not including AD, which he has the highest stat at the game at level 18. I will not mind if this is reduced.
JustSeba (EUNE)
: Why not remove mobility from every champion in league, since there are so many choices to reach / stick to a target? I'm surprised how you basically agree with me, but don't realise that 325 ms is unnecessary considering how low his health/ armour is, that he is a melee champ, with no escape, no cc, that needs to get up close to be effective. (Also, I see you still haven't played some Mordekaise)
To be fair, the counter argument is that his W heal is too powerful and the dragon passive makes or breaks the game. Whenever I get ganked early, I often kill the jungler and get out for free. Sometimes, their top laner dies as well. All because of the heal! He is completely out of whack. Ps apologies, I posted this before realising you replied to me saying exactly the same thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Azrael Jiraco,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M5z090kA,comment-id=000a000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-16T12:00:05.563+0000) > > What about me? > > His base MS was designed around bot lane. Riot have abandoned that idea and given him back to solo lanes and jungle, but his MS is still the lowest in the game except for unmounted Kled. > > Darius, Garen... All juggernaughts are faster than him. All juggernaughts can kite him. Mordekaiser can be kited by MF juggernaughts! what makes you suppose they have abandoned that idea and given him back to solo lanes and jungle? i havent been a tight follower of mordekaiser, but i still wanna know its not like his base movement speed is his biggest problem on him being most viable in solo lanes right now. his w passive is completely useless in solo lanes, and also with nobody except minions to interact his w with, it feels underwhelming as a skill. im pretty sure garen has always been faster than him, and the fact that a champion in some role - juggarnauts - have a high/er base movement speed than some others in that role, doesnt make it unfair or mean that the other champions should also have high/er base movement speed. while garen and darius are all from same champion update thus are categorized to same role - juggernauts - doesnt mean they all must act the same and have same stats because they are in fact, different champions, and every champion is unique to itself. and even though darius and garen **might **have easier time getting into enemys face than morde, both of them are as well very vulnerable to kiting, as they should stay and so is morde. as mordekaiser you only need to attack the dragon 10 seconds before it dies and you gain control of it, which grants huge objective and teamfight potential, that is something garen and darius dont have, yet i didnt see a single complaint about that. so while garen and darius might be better in some stuff than morde, morde is also better in some stuff than darius and garen.
Because Riot admitted it, and made changes to his W to allow him to survive alone. They also nerfed the W experience passive to almost non-existence. They haven't REMOVED him from bot lane, they just removed the bot lane restriction. His movement speed is only one of the issues I have with his balance. Believe it or not, the dragon is the other major issue. I believe that Morde needs changes that strengthen him, whilst removing some of the kit that causes him to be so feast or famine. Such as: Dragon passive: your team gains a win condition that your opponents do not, but suffer if they don't control dragon. Shield: needs to not be reduced by resistances but have the conversion reduced. Makes the lanes less snowbally both ways. W heal: needs to be gutted or removed. It's too strong. In other words, having huge problems with base stats does not justify his crazy strengths, and vice versa. Does he need buffs? No. Does he need a full rework? No. He just needs to be rebalanced.
: He used to have much higher movespeed. When they reworked him they gutted his base health, armor, move speed, passive, and ult damage.
Agreed (except ult damage; this was buffed by 1%.) These base stat changes were meant to bring him in line with ADC's that they wanted him to lane against.
: Cause he is meant to be a kiteable juggernaut. He also has his W to give him ms. It would be a nice change to have BETTER FUCKING BASE STATS BECOZ FUKIN KHA';ZIX HAS BETTER BASE STATS THAN A BRUISER
But he gets kited BY juggernaughts. D:
: Because it could be utterly strong if he had more movement speed than he has with his W if used correctly, and it could be ridiculously hard to exploit one of his clear intentional weaknesses (vulnerable to kiting) once he finishes {{item:3116}} {{item:3146}} You can try out ghost on him if its something that bothers you too much. And, he already is very tanky with his passive and once he finishes {{item:3116}}, + some people build{{item:3146}} which grants him a good amount of damage, sustain and chase potential. Again, it is an intentional weakness on him, which nowadays is already deminished by {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3152}} which are all viable options today.
Let's be honest, he needs a complete rebalance, 'cos he's even more of a feed or feast champion than the old Morde. MS and base stats up, remove or weaken that absurdly high heal on W (or replace with resistances. The resistances on previous W worked fine). Make him so that Rylai's isn't a staple item. Morde's power is directly linked to the state of Rylai's whilst other champions can just change to better items when adjustments are made. For the same reason, Stormraider's Surge being used by most high ELO Morde mains is weird, and I'm sure not the way he was meant to be designed. Dragon? I don't know how Riot feels about dragon, but I think it's utterly ridiculous! Kind regards Diamond Morde OTP
: Because rylaz gives him a 10 second stund on his ult.
If this were so, shouldn't this logic apply to all AP champs with DoT?
: lmao you speak like you have 5k games on him. 1 ranked game in 2011. 80 games in 2012 14 games in 2013 1 game in 2014 2 games in 2015. 26 games in 2016. 124 total games in ranked over **6 years** and you talk like morde master. 50% winrate and 5.5/8/6.9 KDA with him. level 4 mastery on him. another guy that plays a very powerful champion and complains that his champion actually has an exploitable weakness, after going 1/10/0 in a game with it.
What about me? His base MS was designed around bot lane. Riot have abandoned that idea and given him back to solo lanes and jungle, but his MS is still the lowest in the game except for unmounted Kled. Darius, Garen... All juggernaughts are faster than him. All juggernaughts can kite him. Mordekaiser can be kited by MF juggernaughts!
: He would suck because of losing Rylais. I'm assuming you'd also switch him to physical damage and that would be a nerf as well either way. Leave it magic and he can't get the right pen, switch it to physical and he does less because armor is far more prevalent. Losing the option for Liandries, Abyssal, and Rylais would suck.
Of course, it would have to come with a rework for the same reasons you've given.
: W doesn't scale from ad either
I know it doesn't. The combined ratio of QWE is still exactly the same. I can't add R to that comparison, as it scales in a different way.
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