: Just because you didn't know the term was a racial slur doesn't mean that the term wasn't ever a slur. Just because you claim that there are no racial issues inherent to the term doesn't mean that there actually aren't any. I'm not going to try to go into the background of the term (as I honestly only know that it _is_ a racial slur, I don't know _why_), but it helps to consider that you might not know as much as you'd like about stuff like this.
These days everything is considered racist. Even chocolate éclairs are banned in my country because an extremely small entitled as fk group of people complained about them 'being racist'. Such a joke.
: Odd. I've never had an issue with League on this laptop, and it runs the latest version of High Sierra. I've had *maybe* 3 crashes since I've had it, and have had to restart twice *at most*. It's probably an issue with you, your computer, or just outright terrible luck.
I've spoken to several mac users, all on High Sierra, and having issues since they upgraded it. I've never had any problems with League, or internet, or any other game. But since the upgrade to High Sierra, I disconnect at least once almost every game. I've been scrolling through the forums before, and found some useful threads regarding this issue. Result was that Riot isn't actively planning on making a special suitable client for High Sierra, and that the best advice was to downgrade your iOs. Which I tried, but then my iMac told me I could not go back to Sierra or an older iOs version because IF your computer can handle High Sierra, it magically blocks downgrades for some reason. I've also reinstalled the mac client several times, but nothing has worked. I'm already used to it, but I'm scared to play any ranked games since I don't wanna get flagged for afk or trolling or something like that...
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: Permanently Banned for this?
Deserved ban. You blame your teammates in every chat log, which is passive aggressive behavior. Also, asking for reports is bannable. Since you've received a 14-day ban prior to this, you knew (you get a message from Riot) that a single offense would be enough to trigger the permanent punishment. Well, according to the chat logs it wasn't a single offense, but at least 7 games in which you were toxic towards your teammates after your 14-day ban. Hope you learned your lesson from this.
Rioter Comments
: [PLEASE HELP] Player intentionally feeds and trolls, somehow Riot decides to ban me?
I would be willing to take bets that you've got banned for talking too much in a passive aggressive matter. Yes, that's a thing. But post your logs, without those it's all guessing.
RexZor (NA)
: How long does it take to get from Honor lvl 1 3/3 to Honor 2
Assuming that every checkpoint in level 1 takes the same effort, I assume that it would take about 50-100 positive rated games. But nobody, apart from Riot employees, can give you a real answer. Just play positively, and don't get validly reported.
KingKazoo (EUW)
: Seems like its going to to take literally forever. They need to make it so people see progress. Maybe like a check point to unlocking the honor you know ? So people know its getting better and i dont give up say screw it and go back to my old ways since you legit never know when its going to be unlocked. I guess ill just keep that mute all handy and see how long it takes. Maybe make another post in 2 years saying its unlocked :')
Yeah, especially when you're locked to level 0. I believe, but am not sure, that the progress is even slower at level 0 compared to level 1. If you play for honor solely, you'd be better off creating a new account I think :p
KingKazoo (EUW)
: How long does it take ?
When I had a 10-game chat restriction, it took me two weeks to unlock honors again. Then, it took me 9 days to unlock checkpoint 1. I average about 0.5 honors per game, I'm never (passive) negative towards others, and sometimes I compliment people. Overall I'm not typing much anymore. I think (but I'm not sure on this one) I have played about 200 games since I received my restriction. So yeah, it's going to take time to get your honor back. Good luck.
: What did i say that was toxic tho?
You're constantly complaining about teammates, mocking them, being passive aggressive, etc. You should focus on your own game, instead of trying to tell everyone what he or she might be doing wrong. If you don't realize this, and if you don't change your behavior, you're 100% going to be permabanned.
: Pathetic to see an account get suspended when nothing toxic was said ~
Good luck on your new account, cuz if you think this isn't toxic than your account is going to be permabanned very soon.
: I Got A 14 day Suspension
Your name says enough, lol.
Boonó (NA)
: uh, ok. edit:) maybe i was banned, honestly dont rem, have a lot of accounts, this just my main, my only question is, does this flame here actually warrant a perm.
You were negative and passive aggressive towards your whole team. So, assuming that you've had a 14-day ban recently all these flagged games (also games that were not mentioned in the chat logs), it all adds up and the system just go to the next stage, which is the permban in this case. If you didn't receive a 14-day ban recently, than submit a ticket to Riot Support as this chat log solely would not be enough to jump into a permban instantly.
: Riot Does Literally Nothing Against Trolls (People who intentionally lose games)
Yep, inting goes mostly unpunished. There's a guy who's been inting since level 1, and it took over 500 reports to alert Riot to do a manual review of his account since IFS was not able to detect anything to punish him. It's a paradox: Riot doesn't want to ban people for having a bad game, obviously. But the system is not able to detect intentionally feeding or losing the game on purpose.
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Xurreal (NA)
: It took me a few months, a lot of inward reflection, and alot of pride-swalloing after my Perma to fully realize I was the reason I could not get to gold. I allowed myself to become so easily triggered after a while, because I felt I deserved the right to be triggered. Saying it like that just... ugh... I'm embarassed. My account was Honor Level 5 and I had all champs (wont go into skins and runepages). I guess I had an over-inflated sense of self worth. Farewell to all that. Exile teaches you very much if you're willing to learn. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Took me 6 permabans {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Oh well, better late than never I guess :p
Krytoric (NA)
: I wish there was a way to actively track honor levels in level 0 or 1
I average 0.5 honors per game and unlocked my level 1 honor within two weeks after a 10-game chat restriction. It is possible if you behave positively.
Defliers (EUNE)
: Actually, it took me about 2 weeks to get out of my locked honor and into checkpoint 2 and I'm close to getting checkpoint 3. All in 2 weeks.
Nice job! Keep up the good behavior :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: You can assume that in about every 5 to 7 games you play someone will report you which will automaticly reset or freezes your progress.
I have been told that this only is the case if the report is valid. Otherwise there would be no harm to your progress.
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: This Experience Convinced Me the New Honor System Doesn't Work
Seems to me you were only defending yourself, but I think the system detected some phrases in which you were calling out your teammates, which is considered negative behavior. So next time, it's better to just mute them and focus on your own game. But losing your honor streak just because of this lousy game is way too harsh in my opinion.
Lirb (NA)
: What do you do when you miss a 50/50 smite?
Blame your support, obviously. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} On a serious note, just mute them lol. Arguing with them isn't gonna change a thing.
Xidphel (NA)
: >Jhin gets bonus move speed after critical hits. And with boots and AS items, well... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSQ8Lledz3g
lmfao that video was so funny
: Ah.. didn't even think about that. This would explain why the posts here are getting vote brigaded so hard. Remember when Tyler1 got banned?
Certainly. Well, I wish him the best of luck with his hypocritely upvoted topic. He's not gonna get unbanned with this behavior, but if he thinks a few upvotes make a difference, let him dream :p
: Do you think so ? it's weird so many people are defending him. Do they really want this player in their team ? Because I sure don't. Nothing tilts me harder than people standing around and arguing pointlessly during a game.
Almost certainly. Either that, or people haven't done their research. Personally, I thought he was right at first. The chat log itself is not that toxic, but after seeing the context I can confirm that it certainly is toxic. So I just think nobody saw the video. I've been reading this board for some time now, and forum users tend to overturn these kind of hypocrite complains. Now, in this case it's suddenly the total opposite, which looks very weird to me.
: I've noticed that too.. perfectly legitimate explanations getting downvoted. Apparently the toxic defense force is out in force today. People can't stand being told that what they did is wrong and they deserve what they got.
I think all his viewers, no idea how many he has, are upvoting all messages in favor of him. This board is normally very punishable towards these kind of toxic people, and now they defend him? :D
: I wonder why Riot never shows us what other people said in the game.
The system can't detect context, so why mention others chat in your chat logs if the system only punishes you for your own chat?
: Chat Restriction Does Help
>"Does this shit really need to be said?"< This. I'm not restricted myself, but I've been perma'd 6 times. I've finally learned to keep my calm. Chat restrictions didn't really help me change my behavior, but the philosophy in your quote did. I barely type anymore, I'm playing better than before, and I'm having way more fun than before. Every time I type something in chat, I question myself 'does this really have to be said' and 'does this contribute anything to the game'? If no, I delete it. It's working very well for myself, but that would only work if one can control himself. Have fun in the game and good luck reforming! :)
Chermorg (NA)
: I'm not sure if you actually read the logs Djinn pointed out. There was a lot more negativity in those logs than just calling someone an idiot or child once. >You don't necessarily get a chat restriction before receiving a 2 week ban or a perma-ban. You **always** get chat restrictions before a 2 week ban **except** if you use hate speech or other **extremely** toxic behaviors. The escalation is the same for everyone: 10 game chat restrict, 25 game chat restrict, 14 day ban, permanent ban - **in order**. The *only* way to skip tiers is to use *extremely* toxic behavior. As you posit in your post, accounts that are incorrectly escalated past levels of punishment will have their punishment reduced upon contacting support - what happened to your brother. ---- Lastly, keep in mind many times players will intentionally try to hide information that does not support their "case" for a removal of punishment. Some players even go so far as to edit their chat logs - but most of the time they just refuse to admit to prior punishments they've had on the account. If they did not have prior chat restrictions, support would have reduced this ban to a chat restriction. Since support did not do that, it is safe to assume they did have prior warnings.
I don't understand why this post is down voted so much. I've watched the video and he was indeed toxic (and AFK) basically the whole game. People don't do their own research before voting apparently.
: By this log, by that support staffs comments, by that video, this is the most ridiculous 14-day ban I have ever seen in my life. IFS system looks to be more broken than they Tribune.
Have you watched the video? He was toxic and AFK basically the whole game lol.
: I believe my 14-day ban was erroneously given.
Okay, so I've been watching your vod to see your 'context'. I honestly thought you were right, but your ban is 100% deserved and I'll tell you why. Firstly, you keep claiming you want to heal your ADC. Meanwhile you pick Vladimir support. I'm not really familiar with support meta, but if you wanna heal your ADC, you should go for example Soraka. Yes, Varus didn't let you use your relic shield, so that sucks but that's no reason to get tilted and toxic at your whole team. Secondly, you keep blaming literally everyone on your team the first 10 minutes of the game. Literally every time you got ganked, every time when you missed a minion for relic, every time someone died - everything was their fault and you thought were doing it all right (yes, you said this in the chat during the game LMFAO). Just play the game and try to win your lane, instead of blaming everyone else. Thirdly, as of minute 10 you started typing in chat like ALL the time. And I mean, LITERALLY ALL THE TIME. You've been typing until the end of the game, constantly blaming others, pointless arguing with your team, even flaming here and there. Eventually you end up muting Kassadin after arguing with him for 15 whole minutes. During this time you were negative and toxic towards him and your team, and you were basically from a gameplay perspective AFK from the game. You didn't participate in laning, (team)fights, objectives, or any other gameplay related activity. All you were doing was typing and being negative. Fourthly, you keep going full tilt in post-game chat. You keep telling your teammates they're stupid (not in these exact words), that they are bad, and that you are very good. You even literally say you did your job well as a support that game, while you've been AFK and tilt typing since minute 10 until the end. You did nothing for your team, apart from spreading your toxic attitude through the game. Ironically enough, you even tell your team that they "should (have) stop(ped) typing in chat and just play the game". HAHA, are you f*ing serious dude. Are you really this hypocrite or disabled that you blame others for your own errors?! That's probably also the reason why you think this ban is not rightful and that you deserve an unban. TL;DR: I've watched your whole game and I can tell you this ban is 100% valid and will not be lifted, as you were negative, flaming, harassing, being toxic, and arguing with your team, and you were AFK from basically start till end. First 10 minutes of the game were mild harassing behavior, but from minute 10 till end (minute 28) were completely filled with toxic behavior from especially YOUR side. I strongly advice you to rewatch your game and see for yourself. If you still don't understand the validity of the ban, I wish you best of luck as you will receive a permanent ban very quickly if you keep up this behavior. You can't always get the best teammates, but you can at least try to get better yourself and focus on your own game. Stop typing and stop having nonsense discussions that lead nowhere. If you don't like someone in your team, just ignore him and focus on your own; they will not change magically if you type whole books in the chat.
Harmon (NA)
: Personally I don’t think it was bad at all, but I had gotten a 2 week ban before for “arguing with a teammate”. I don’t remember what exactly happened but basically it was like this and just talking about something with the game, didn’t curse once, didn’t insult anybody once, but I think I was being flamed and I defended myself and that was a toxic behavior apparently.
It's not all about being toxic or negative, indeed. I've contacted Riot before when I received a chat restriction for arguing with my team. Basically, the support advised me to use chat as little as possible since Riot doesn't want people to chat, other than discussing quick strategies. She told me people can be restricted or banned if they simply talk too much, as the game is not built as a chat room. The more someone types in chat, the less he or she focuses the game - that's the philosophy, basically. It's pretty harsh in my opinion, on the other hand I understand why.
: That creates a "prisoner's island" type situation which spells doom for anyone sent there. Placing a player, who showed poor behavior in response to poor behavior, into an environment that is guaranteed to be filled with a much higher density of trolls is assuring that they'll never start behaving again.
Hmm, yeah that's partly true. On the other hand, people should learn to just mute other toxic people. If they've been toxic, they'd be placed into the bad sport lobby and they should complete a certain amount of games and/or time to get out of it. If they prove to not be toxic, they should get out without any problems - similar to leveling up your honor level back from level 0/1 to level 2. If they're not able to do that, and they start being toxic themselves again, than they've proven they're not ready for it yet. These people would, even when there would be no bad sport lobby, eventually be banned anyway. So I don't think it would make a (significant) difference in the end. In my opinion it's worth the try for Riot.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: > "fuck just stop playing" "holy, kill yourself" Sounds like Cristiano Ronaldo to me
: Honor, Reports, and genuinely, generally, the worst gaming community to date.
How about a GTA 5-like system (the 'bad sport lobby') in which dishonorable people get taken out of the matchmaking player pool for a certain amount of time, so they can only start games with other dishonorable people. This will 'clean' the player pool, so that eventually more games will have less toxic, flaming, or trolling people in it. But you allow those bad sports to still play games, but just in a negative players pool so they can go annoy each other.
Grimfolt (EUNE)
: Low priority queue!
Fix your connection, don't rage quit or AFK. You'll be fine.
: Feedback on Riot's Report System
I don't think the system itself can determine if a 'mean' phrase is indeed meant as a joke or as a serious insult, as you said. This means, as soon as you get punished in any way (chat restriction or ban), that you should not write those phrases. Personally, I am scared to type. Basically, I am always positive and forgiving to my team no matter what. And I never make risky jokes anymore. On the one hand it's sad that I need to censor myself, but on the other hand it's not as there is a lot of toxicity in this game. I was part of the toxic side of this community, but am reforming as we speak and if I am 100% honest I think that you should type as little as possible since it doesn't contribute anything.
: I don't really understand this ban and reward system.
The best advice is to not type at all. Just mute and focus on yourself.
Cynikul (NA)
: Maybe you'll get lucky one day and have the lovely pleasure of being put into a challenger norm game. So much fun to have a challenger enemy adc.
Diamond I is highest I've gotten into my game so far, mostly platinums and gold though. I don't think I'd survive against an enemy challenger :D
Unker139 (NA)
: Normal and ranked MMR are separate. If most of the players are that high then there is a good chance your skill level is pretty good and you will move up fast in ranked. A lot of high ranked players also use normals for casual play or to experiment with champions/strategies so their MMR in normals might be quite a bit lower than ranked.
I think the last possibility is more likely than the first haha, I don't consider myself that high. I like it though, I feel like I'm getting better as they take advantage of my weaknesses and I tend to get stronger on those :)
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Dolyna (NA)
: My advice: Don't reply to anything that annoys you. Don't reply to people who flame you. If somebody accuses you of something, or asks you something in a snarky way, ignore them. Don't tell people that you're muting or reporting them. Just mute and report. Don't ask for reports. More than one report isn't going to make the system check a player's logs any harder. Don't say "easy".
Yes, thank you for your feedback. I've done that before these games and have also been doing since I received the restriction and what I will do in the future. I'm not sure why I got carried away in these 3 games, but after reading the chat logs I have to conclude that the restriction was valid. By gathering the tips and advice I have the answer to my question, thanks :)
Dolyna (NA)
: You should have received some chatlogs along with your chat ban. If you could post them here, we might be able to point out what the system didn't like about your chat.
NB: I am Opgekankeren, just my new account where I started (or tried to start) my fresh journey. I submitted a ticket and got a quick response from Riot with the chat logs that led to the chat restriction. After reading them I must realize I got myself carried away a little bit in these games and I'm clearly not reformed 100% just yet, which is a shame. I'm not (extremely) toxic anymore, but I happen to had a negative vibe (mild flames, blaming others, asking for reports, etc.) in my chat. I barely type in games anymore (I'd understand if you don't believe me after these royal chat logs, but it's true), because it doesn't contribute anything and only leads to people to get mad or annoyed even more (including yourself), but happen to got myself carried away in these games. Very stupid from my side... I see this as a final lesson learned and will stay away from chat if someone tries to trigger me or something. It's pretty ironic, since I have been advising people to do the same but I made the mistake myself again... time to work on myself some more :) 0:50] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): knew it [1:18] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): maybe [1:24] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): :D [1:39] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): well [1:43] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): rip blue [2:11] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): wp shaco [3:08] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): omegalul [8:07] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): this lee is tilting me [8:17] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): no i mean [8:20] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): his playstyle [8:35] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): cant mute his playstyle [8:36] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): :D [12:01] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): than why r u pushing tf [18:03] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): why ult so late brand [18:59] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): go in your lane [19:25] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): ok me2 [22:16] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): ok imma vote yes [22:17] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): next time [22:50] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): cuz we cant [23:00] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): maybe late [23:03] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): but im tired [23:17] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): of this lee [25:17] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): really? [25:33] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): xd [27:31] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): everything's warded [27:32] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): btw [29:15] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): yeah so maybe you should have stopped psuhing 24/7 [30:54] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): not my fault [31:32] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): ok but dont look on ur grindr this time [32:24] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): lolol [35:17] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): lul [38:29] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): nobody goes there [38:31] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): so me neither [38:55] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): let it [38:56] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): come out [41:09] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): jesus [41:11] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): this velkoz dmg [41:20] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): no [41:31] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): . [41:43] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): push mid [41:44] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): tower [41:50] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): at least get some objectives [44:17] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): end [44:35] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): gg [3:49] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): uhm [3:58] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): why did rengar hide in that bush lol [6:29] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): kill him [6:43] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): hey veigar [6:45] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): goodnight man [8:03] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): no [10:03] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): nice ss [10:06] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): bot lane [11:40] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): whatever [12:26] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): dont push [12:29] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): if you dont have mana [12:41] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): okveigar [12:47] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): haha [12:52] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): sleeping people [13:10] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): what about map awareness [14:17] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): go away [14:21] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): ok [14:23] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): afk [14:49] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): lol [14:53] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): what arer you talking about [19:59] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): we can win [20:09] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): haha ok toxic boy [20:24] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): look at your mentality [23:26] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): you talk too much [24:00] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): ill do you a favour [24:02] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): and mute you [24:35] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): ashe is extremely toxic holy moly [25:20] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): ashe doesn't realize this is a normal game and people actually have the right to experiment with new builds [25:21] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): sad [0:43] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): lul [0:49] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): ignite team [1:13] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): tf adc? [1:39] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): they prob premade [1:39] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): ty [4:56] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): theyre so low omg xd [7:16] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): you want some [7:35] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): he's better atm [7:40] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): look items [10:19] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): you pushed it as far as you can [10:21] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): lmfao [10:29] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): dont ask for gank and push crazy [10:38] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): muted [11:10] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): well [11:14] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): dont join me [11:16] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): hahahahahhaa [11:24] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): gl [11:49] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): easy btw [12:51] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): mute all [16:10] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): I CANT WALK THROUGH WALLS OKAY [16:17] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): immuting all of you [16:18] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): bye [16:29] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): report these kids trying to tilt me [16:31] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): wtf [20:28] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): our taric is legit flaming 24/7 [21:17] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): instead of flaming your already behind jungle you could try to assist or advice him, instead of trying to tilt him with the whole team [21:32] [All] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): i cant always land my skills shots, i cant always go 30/0/0. I'm only human, give me a fuckin break [24:37] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): base is dying xd [26:32] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): i told you i have a bad game [26:40] Bıogen (Xin Zhao): and that i cant always be the best
: i get what you're saying too, but I just disagree. i dont think people who are actually keeping their cool and not saying anything truly inherently toxic should be punished. that's not the part that i disagree with though, the part that i disagree with is that i should continue on and put up with this bullshit system when it's just not worth it anymore. why should i play a game where 15 out of 20 games ive played have been trolls like this? i admit even for league and the elo im in that's a LOT more than usual, but it's still pretty damn soul crushing, and by itself makes me not want to bother playing anymore... but then the fact that i DID remain calm and consciously tried NOT to insult anyway or do anything even remotely reportable.. but still somehow got reported AND punished for one game, in one fell swoop, is pretty much the last straw for me. and with how bad the state of the game is going (normally i dont buy into this kinda talk on these forums, as you can see from a lot of my posts, but you have to admit it is BAD now), i'm at a point where I think can finally just stop caring if i even get perma banned or straight up quit. and that's a byproduct of this community and riot's inability with all their income and resources to handle it appropriately, not of me just simply wanting to be toxic.
The system is evidently far from perfect, I agree. I don't support the fact that Riot restrict or ban people who say one bad word due to them being trolled or flamed at. But it is how the system works, and we can't change a thing about that. You've gotta deal with it, or accept the consequences if you don't. It took my 6 accounts to eventually deal with it, but in the end it really is the best since you dupe yourself if you are negative.
: negative because im sick of being griefed for 15 games in 3 days. you're damn fucking right im negative _now_. my negativity is a byproduct of this bullshit system, as I see happen with so many others who are legitimately just trying to play the game and are griefed by asshole children who just want to piss everyone off ON PURPOSE. nothing i did whatsoever was ridiculing my teammates, what part about them straightup griefing us did you not get? and sorry but no, the games not worth me taking your advice anymore
Don't get me wrong, I know your feelings. I've been there too, a lot of times. What I'm trying to say is getting angry is one thing, but expressing that anger is another story and that is what the system detects and punishes you for. The best thing to do is just let the trolls be, report them if possible and hope for the best. You can't really change their behavior and being negative isn't gonna help a thing, but will in the end result in restrictions or bans on your own account. It sucks, but it is the reality...
: 10 Game chat ban for what?...
You talk too much and your overall attitude is full of negativity and I'd even label this as a little toxic too. Next time don't complain or ridicule your teammates, but rather give them advice on e.g. what items to buy. Keep it simple and positive. If you can't deal with that, turn off your whole chat. In the long run the system will detect your negativity only and you will be punished for that. That isn't always justified, but it is what it is. It's how the system works and you will have to deal with that. So I'd advice you to stay calm and positive, or rather type as little as possible. This advice comes from a 6-time permabanned ex-toxic guy.
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