: what would you do if you knew?
: its more fun if you play to win and get good at the game. Then again if you just like to fuck around you should be playing normals.
Ranked is pretty much a glorified normals atm.
Shyvauni (NA)
: yes that counts 20 most recent matches including normals and arams. Go compare those names to my last 20 ranked matches. You will not find them except maybe at most 4 times and then just Prince Mindfang. But yes go on prove you can not read as I already stated that and those exact name
https://gyazo.com/ef02afabd026a435b532d3a18a147acf https://gyazo.com/1b654c806b9de79cc14553804e81eca3
Shyvauni (NA)
: If you look at that aloof my match history is not just ranked. For Example Tenkiei never touches ranked and I play many normales with my friends. I played a couple of ranked games with Prince Mindfang buy again most of those 5 are normals. Next try? Go on look at each match and look for those 2 names that it lists you will find them in mostly normals. Good day sir. Nice attempt at being halfassed with your research though.
https://gyazo.com/6c11e57536f9f6e9e74ef3bb2eb44cfb {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Shyvauni (NA)
: 8 of my last 20 games was not queued with other players. nice try there. I would say I have queued with others at most 4 times this season and then it was just one other person.
Are you saying the Op.gg is lying to me? okay then sorry for the inconvenience.
Shyvauni (NA)
: That would lower toxicity levels which it as not. Toxicity has not gone up though. So in reality the changes do not negatively impact a SoloQ player (such as myself) in any meaningful way.
you aren't a solo player if you played 8 of your last 20 games with other people
: also there is a penalty for dodging...
3 lp at first 10 lp for later ones and 6 min time penalty with no effects to mmr. I say thats a good deal in order to avoid premades. Whether you agree or not is left for you and the other readers to decide.
: not all premades are bad, some are good, you never know if you dodge a game you would have won
It's not about winning or losing, when you are with a premade you are just a filler, your opinions don't matter, your team won't speak with you other than the occasional ping spam which you don't know what it means because they don't tell you.
: why would i do that everytime i enter a game with premades, and wait another longer queue time, such a waste of time
To avoid playing with a premade team that refuses to communicate with you. I personally believe playing with a 3-4 man premade is a bigger waste of time even if you win.
Rioter Comments
: nah i love dq :^)
Of course you do :) dynamically boosted to diamond 5 from gold last season and now you can't even play ranked anymore (you play ranked once every 2-3 weeks, seems suspicious.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Rethinking Ranked Fives and Tuning Dynamic Queue (comment and response
The idea of getting a medal for playing solo in dynamic queue feels like being compensatively forced into intercourse.
: My Dynamic queue horror story.
This happened to me, however mine was real, a quick op.gg search shows that it didn't happen to you.
: Remove 4 man premades.
I don't understand why it's even allowed. I literally didn't play normal games because i didn't wanted to play with 4 premades. Check my op.gg and say what you see{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hòpe (NA)
: You have 61 cs at 20 minutes. Thats literal bronze cs.
Come on dude, bronzes aren't that bad.
Rioter Comments
: Not convinced.
And that's your opinion, which is fine.
: Never did I say that YOU were toxic. And getting mad may be natural, but acting on that feeling and lashing out to other people is not tolerable. I rest my case that: 1/ People care as much as before and 2/ LoL doesn't need toxic players to survive. About 1/, I might add: why do you think people care less if YOU can care without being toxic yourself?
Primal instincts.
: Are you out of your mind? You're actually arguing that you can't be a decent human being and care about competition at the same time? Because not "raging, blaming, flaming" people is simply being a decent human being, I'm sorry to say... No, people flame less in DQ because they are with their friends, and it's harder to behave as a piece of sh*t with your friends than with random strangers. But they care as much as before about competition and winning.
You are the one who doesn't get it, im never toxic in game and i was never punished by riot for anything at all. But i am me, and you are you. You can't change everyone's attitude and getting mad is only a natural human reaction people show when they lose something they care about. Are you going to make 67 million people non-toxic in a competitive environment? Good luck.
: > [{quoted}](name=Baek Ma Ri,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PUpRIVPZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-07T13:10:59.735+0000) > > Now, i want to talk about something a bit controversial. > In the dynamic queue rectangular table Riot stated that dynamic queue greatly reduced toxicity, while this may sound good on paper, the reason why people become ''toxic'' is that the old solo queue created a very competitive and frustrating environment for most people. But the thing we should not forget is that people were toxic in that game mod was because they ''cared'' a lot about that game. > Reduction of toxicity does not bode well for a game that wants to last for generations, it needs people that really care so much about the game that they rage, blame, flame. I believe toxicity is an indication of people showing their affection to the game. > Thats just my opinions about the toxicity in solo queue and i don't think league can last as an e-sport without it's ragers. See this right here ^ If you're a good writer your villain will have a perspective just like this one. He doesn't believe that he's evil, no one should. They believe that what they're doing is righteous no matter what. That's what makes a really good villain.
First of all i'd like to say that im not a flamer/toxic person in game and i have never been punished by riot for anything i've done in the game for the last 3 years. I just wanted to approach the whole thing from a different perspective.
Quepha (NA)
: Does this post qualify as stockholm syndrome? If you care about the game then you care about the state of game balance and the development of your own ability; toxicity is almost exclusively about criticizing others for their mistakes and being toxic shows a frightening amount of immaturity and inabilty to look at your own mistakes or consider the feelings of others.
I was never punished by riot because im not toxic in game, i never use bad language, i don't even do ''constructive criticism'' i just wanted to take a different look at the ''reduced'' toxicity in the game. But even if you want to deny that it's basic human nature to get angry when you are unable get a thing you want ,in this case being able to win, you have to agree that you wouldn't get frustrated if you didn't ''care''.
: This game is in the worst state its been in for solo players than it ever has been. Its toxic because of the shitty tank meta is really frustrating to play in and it promotes toxicity by every time you even criticize people you get reported. They've created a culture where being a whiny little bitch is promoted. If they don't do something about the current garbage meta I guess I'll be one of the many who are walking away from this once incredible game.
I think you misunderstand my post, my post was about riot's ''DQ has less toxicity'' attitude and not about whether it's true or not.
: Your long-term logic is valid, theoretically. But consider there has never been an online game that has outlasted a generation anyway. It seems much more realistic to embrace and cultivate a large, passionate fanbase and let it run its course than to chase something that is unsustainable. The same people that like new inviting games will always like new inviting games. They don't magically become the player who stays and plays the game for a long time. And for a game that requires a ton of time sink to really be a viable "player" - fresh player cycle isn't as impactful to the community. To revenue, yes. But I'm not sure sticking the business model of candy crush onto a competitive MOBA will have the desired effect.
Considering that Internet wasn't around for a generation, it doesn't surprise me that no game outlasted a generation, while i wrote what i wrote, i don't think that im a toxic person and i have never been punished in the game. I simply wanted to take a different approach to the ''dynamic queue has reduced toxicity approach of riot''(whether or not what they say is true).
Rioter Comments
Wildlash2 (EUW)
: What do you miss most about solo queue?
I miss the times when my team used team chat to make calls and use pings rather than speaking on skype.
B00B00 (EUW)
: What petition? 67 million. Month play league probably more now as its still a growing entity, what percentage of that signed a petition? 0.5%?
The fact that riot hasn't released the playerbase statistics in the last 2 years makes it more likely that it's losing players rather than growing. It's safe to say league has less than 67 million players currently.
B00B00 (EUW)
: I climbed from s5 to G4 soloq..... I don't see anything wrong with the que however I would like to see a full solo only que as let's be honest it's nice to play solo too and you same as me don't want to be matched with a premade. However league is a team orientated game/esport and they are pushing it forward by highlighting this.
quick op.gg search shows that you played last 5 of your 6 games was premade. I don't trust you.
MrPharmD (NA)
: Can you make smite available sooner?
Go download smite, its free.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Errrrr this is just straight up untrue... LP losses and gains are calculated from the adjusted MMR of a match (so the average AFTER accounting for premades). I'm not going to speak to the perceived fairness of a match vs. premades while it's going on, but in terms of LP gains, there's no "solo punishment" built into the way that stuff is calculated. Strangely enough, historically it has often been a bad idea to queue as a premade when you're looking to climb (assuming no smurfs). Your ability to communicate and work together has to be really strong to outweigh the fact that you're being matched against lane opponents who are likely to be straight up better than you.
His point is that, since his mmr as a solo player will be higher than the enemy team's his mmr increase will not be as strong.
spombjop (EUNE)
: I'm a solo player and i like DQ
why post with an inactive account if you are a solo queue player that likes dynamic queue? Right... you don't want people to call you out on your lie. (on this account you have no solo games played in the last month){{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M7lphLH7,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-06-02T19:18:42.347+0000) > > What if they made premades fight higher ranked queues? If they can't force premades vs premades, why not make it so they have to compare their advantage of teamwork towards the enemy advantage of higher skill? The example they (Riot) gave when they discussed the problem is "what if SKT plays as a 5-man?" There ISN'T a higher rank queue they can put them against. I'm sure THAT is why the higher ranks are being cut off from 4 & 5 man premades, but that kinda dumps the POINT of "dynamic queue", doesn't it? (hence, why people are saying just go back to solo queue)
Don't lose your head over it {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: What would Your turrets look like if you were in charge of turret balance
Give all the turrets the same stats as the fountain turret, make them invincible, and allow them movement with 500 movement speed. Its the turret's time to rise again!!!!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: thank you! Then do anyone know the average length of queue? or where i can find them?
its around 15 minutes in gold im not even kidding. Unless you pick support in which case you'll get support 100% time (only speaking for gold-plat)
: Dynamic Q isn't the reason you're losing; it's the fact that you're bad
It doesn't make the game harder to win, it makes the game less fun to play with.
Rioter Comments
: This takes intentional feeding to a whole new level
So am i the only one here who got the joke?
: A question to all you solo players in this league of dynamic queue
Check my lolking. I've quit the game. Thats how.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Dynamic Queue QoLs
this is about the new champion draft, not dynamic queue.
: Dynamic queue isn't stopping you from climbing, you are just salty.
Its not about that its harder to climb. Its just really not fun playing the game with 4 premades that are on voice chat and there is no communication between you and the rest of the team, they get to do whatever they want.
: You're not quitting League.
Yes but i already have;)
Rioter Comments
: What Motivates YOU to Continue Playing?
Nothing, come dynamic queue, i leave.
: Work hard, get nothing?
Who really cares about normals :/
forresto (NA)
: why all the hate for dynamic queue?
For the love of god look up the difference between the dynamic queue and the new champion select before you shh post.
: The end of the Competitive Scene?
Rip korean solo q stars...
Alüe (NA)
: A real solution?
All i want to say is that, they don't really care about us.
: 4 random solo players can also do that?
If 4 random players with no influence from each other decided to surrender, its safe to call it a lost game. But no 4 randoms would surrender ''just for fun''
UrPalAl (NA)
: Classic blind doesn't use DQ...
Classic blind has always been using dynamic queue. Please don't mistake the dynamic queue with the new draft system.
FrankerX (EUW)
: made a poem about Dynamic Q
https://www.twitch.tv/dekar173 this guy is literally elo boosting (legally) for subscribers.
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