Kei143 (NA)
: Oh I can agree with that. I always say that the system will be better with more transparency, clarity and education. Although, they'd have to make sure they prevent the abuse cases like "Oh, I'm about to be punished soon, let me back off a bit and once it decays I'll be toxic again".
Exactly, but making these changes would help amazingly with toxicity no matter how long it takes.
: > [{quoted}](name=BaronBoots,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=QVLNzmYf,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-06-10T01:29:55.646+0000) > > I believe those are old games, I gladly accept your feedback, where was the hate speech? Also I think that game was before my 14 day suspension, I was comparing my old behavior to my new behavior, sorry for any inconvenience. I can't recall writing that hate speech at any moment. The hate speech was here: >BaronBoots: Bow down to me >BaronBoots: %%%%%% This is a homophobic slur, and definitely qualifies as hate speech. I apologize for the confusion about which games occurred when, but the behavior in each game present was sufficient to cause a punishment, which, in either case, would have been escalated to a permanent ban.
I am definitely not homophobic, trust me, I never say anything offensive to people that are LGBT+, and I don't insult black nor' white people or any other race. Is there a way for me to find out the word?
: My experience with being Perma-Banned in League Of Legends.
Ok guys, I've read all the comments and I think my final verdict is that I am not going to continue playing League. Riot never supported me nor' my account and my behavior throughout my playing time and only punished me for my toxicity. It's like Riot is the teacher and i'm the student, the teacher gives me an assignment and I miss it, the teacher will punish me instead of punishing me and giving me advice to avoid being punished next time. I recognize the impact of my actions and a consequence of them, if Riot wants me money and doesn't want my help then so be it. League is dying, and i'm not going down with it.
Kei143 (NA)
: Using hate speech is super severe. Calling people mentally handicapped is moderate-high severity. Your gloating methods are mild-moderate severity. Calling for reports is mild severity. In your recent games you've used all severity levels of toxicity. How the heck do you think even think you these chatlogs are a reformed chatlogs? If you think that you are reformed cos there are no cuss words in your logs, you are surely mistaken on how the system works. The system actually doesn't care about cuss words, it only checks for insults and harassment against others, and you don't need to cuss to do that.
I'm just saying, why shouldn't there be another server or perhaps way for people to act on their behavior, an example would be that if someone is depressed, they go to a therapist or psychologist, they don't throw the depressed person under the truck. Say all you wan't about warning about chat bans but yo only realize that once you get banned, Riot never help people who are toxic or guide them how to be more peaceful, they just punish people for their actions, no help is sustained through out my experience whatsoever.
SS Pappino (EUNE)
: In game 1 there is a word with all '%' signs, I don't know what it is, but what I do know is that it most likely falls under the zero tolerance policy regarding hate speech and some other stuff, which nets you a 14 day ban right off the bat, or in this case, a permaban.
I think I said in my paragraph that it was an old game.
Ýisus (NA)
: The real question is ... why do you care? Its a free game... make a new account. Dont spend money on skins. Just play how you have been playing. And if you get banned ... click sign up again and keep doing what you do. I don't spend any money on skins because of the ban system
I care because of the 2500+ games I invested and the £600+ I spent, I feel at least robbed of my money,and the time I spent so i'm sure i'll never come back to league.
: > [{quoted}](name=BaronBoots,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=QVLNzmYf,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-09T22:56:31.038+0000)Before I begin, I would like everyone to write mature and relevant comments if at all. Certainly! > BaronBoots: stupid yasou player > BaronBoots: YASOU DIED TO KRUGS > BaronBoots: 2ND TIME > BaronBoots: 1/4 > BaronBoots: Keep feeding > BaronBoots: There's a mute button > BaronBoots: Use it, are you blind? > BaronBoots: Your fault Yasou > BaronBoots: You instalocked, you pay the price > BaronBoots: Bitch > BaronBoots: Im only being mean to them > BaronBoots: BEcause they are toxic to me > BaronBoots: SO BAD > BaronBoots: NOOB > BaronBoots: Keep being salty kid > BaronBoots: How old are you? > BaronBoots: 5? This sort of behavior is insulting, belittling, and completely unnecessary. > BaronBoots: %%%%%% This is hate speech, and is subject to a zero tolerance policy. Coming off of a 14-day ban it will result in a permanent ban 100% of the time. > BaronBoots: this botlane is so useless > BaronBoots: little 12 year olds kids > BaronBoots: get banned > BaronBoots: Literally are so toxic > BaronBoots: How do 12 year olds even sign up for league > BaronBoots: feeder > BaronBoots: feeder > BaronBoots: feeder > BaronBoots: noob > BaronBoots: noob > BaronBoots: feeder > BaronBoots: noobs > BaronBoots: get good > BaronBoots: so bad > BaronBoots: feeder > BaronBoots: NOOBS > > BaronBoots: this kayn is so useless > BaronBoots: Kayn is useless > BaronBoots: toxic ass player > BaronBoots: LMAO > BaronBoots: kayn is mentally handicapped As the first behavior, these two games are likewise insulting, belittling, and complete unnecessary. -------------------------- >I think I reform quite well rather than cussing back to my enemies that were calling my mother a slut and to kill myself, just to note I have also spent lots of money on the game itself over the years. Unfortunately, I can't agree that this is true. There a lot of gloating, belittling, insulting, and some hate speech thrown in for good measure. This is absolutely a deserved punishment (and a severe one that that, given the hate speech), and with a previous 14-day ban on your account that means a permanent ban is in order.
I believe those are old games, I gladly accept your feedback, where was the hate speech? Also I think that game was before my 14 day suspension, I was comparing my old behavior to my new behavior, sorry for any inconvenience. I can't recall writing that hate speech at any moment.
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: Accomodating Toxic Players
> [{quoted}](name=AddictedtoKills,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=NjqFd029,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-27T01:58:24.670+0000) > > League is a toxic game. > > At least in my experience, every two games, at least one person is toxic on my side or theirs, either having tirades of cussing, going afk, or any number of fucked up things. > > And you know what? I'm used to that. As sad as it is, I'm used to that in my ranked experience, and I just take it as it comes. Every twenty reports or so, one might even come up as successful, and I take some pleasure in that, but it's this sad stockholm syndrome that it's become normalized to see this behavior in my games. > > But today, I met something that made me angry. Apoplectically angry. As usual, someone was being toxic. We had traded top turret for bot turret (each side took two kills; our bot, their top/jung) and the support starting calling me a fucking retard and saying he'll go afk because I didn't TP bot lane at 25% health in full view of them to dissuade bot's push while I was in the middle of a fight to take top tower. > > But that's not what tilted me, oh no. Because there is something much, much rarer than mere toxic players. It's when perfectly fine players have to fucking bend over backwards to accommodate these fucking childish pieces of shit. > > After it became clear that our support wasn't going to do anything, our midlaner switched tactics. He started insulting me, criticizing my play, even though we both knew that I was playing perfectly fucking fine, and eventually he said something along the lines of "he's a fucking idiot, he doesn't know what he's talking about, I'll honor you if we win this game." (Not an exact quote.) > > This tilted me _so fucking hard._ I literally had to use my emergency key - the one that deactivates my enter key - so I wouldn't explode into a fucking angry tirade at him. And the worst part is, I understand our midlaner's thought process. Fuck, I've used similar ones before, though not as drastic - appealing to the toxic player, telling him it'll be okay, he's fine. > > **It's fucked up.** Now that I think about it outside of my competitive haze to win, the mere idea makes me unbelievably fucking angry, enough to waste ten minutes writing up a shitty pointless post on the internet. I was doing this. I was sucking up to these wastes of humanity. **Why the fuck should regular players who are perfectly fine have to accommodate toxic players, to coddle them so that they don't ruin our games? How fucked up is that shit?** Putting up with their shit is one thing, but fucking REWARDING them for being fucking pieces of shit on the internet? I can deal with toxic players that go unpunished despite their reports. I can't fucking deal with having to kiss their fucking shoes just so they would fucking play the game and not ruin it for everyone else! > > Jesus fucking christ, I'm going to get wasted now. The problem is, you only have to expect these things to happen, and you always have the choice to leave, but you shouldn't be pushed out because of some toxic players. The only solution i can think of is improving the punishment for toxic behaviour.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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