: I wouldn't bash anyone. But that's just me. However, I have personally been verbally assaulted for trying to offer legitimately friendly advice to someone I saw making the same repeated mistakes. I'm by no means a beast myself. Hell I'm only Silver 4 right now. But it goes both ways on this one. Context becomes really important because of that. I actually want Higher Elo players to help me in this manner, but I'm stuck in Silver. xD
To be honest, you can't be stuck if you keep focusing on the mistakes you make. The only thing YOU can change are your OWN mistakes. I am currently in silver aswell, almost second time in my promos for Silver 3 this season and I came all the way from Bronze 5 from one or two seasons ago. Am still trying to get that golden border but all it takes is practice (from what I read and also am experiencing this myself aswell, else I wouldn't be typing this). Although I have to admit there are plenty of trolls that can make your life much harder as a ranker in LoL, but never give up.
: Hey Barrosy Just my 2 cents, sounds like a video card issue or even a power supply issue. Have you tried updated your graphics card drivers recently?
Yes I did install the Geforce software for my Nvidia card and regarding driver software. Kind of strange since I had a power supply problem a long while ago aswell and replaced it with another one, which seemed to had fixed all problems until now.
Broporo (NA)
: It sounds like you weren't in that match for a good amount of time if you noticed you were level 5 by the time you reconnected. Once the system notices that you're inactive for a certain amount of time, it will flag you with an AFK since that time without you could have made the difference between winning and losing that game. You can always check out the [**Leaverbuster FAQ**](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752714) for any questions about these penalties.
No offence meant, but it sounds like the system is kind of horrible in such situation. Sure it's not okay to leave a game and sure people who disconnect from the game (and won't reconnect) should get punished for such reasons, but if a player who comes back to the game and shows some sort of apoligy and intent to actually play the game "it's supposed to be played", then I'd personally think (and problaby others are with me on this one aswell) this should be looked into. I'm not trying to start a discussion here though, I'm just letting my thoughts go out here about this matter.
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Sciela (NA)
: [Client] Close button on client doesn't work
Same issue happening here aswell, not matter how many times I press the "x" button, nothing happens and the client stays open. As if Riot wants me to keep playing.
: Champion Select Music Still Plays in Background after minimizing.
: EU LCS Finals: Where to go and what to see in Rotterdam
Great step forward Riot, visiting my home country. I enjoy your game and I would love to check out the Finals!


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