Kelg (NA)
: Jungle has too much sway on the game
People have been saying this all season, relax and wait for changes. We know, trust me. That's why I autofill jungle every chance I get even though I cant jungle for shit.
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I disagree. Playing to win doesn't necessarily always mean that, but to me it means playing to win lane, even in unfavorable matchups, playing to make big plays in team fights. For example, I will always prefer my bot lane Kaisa to R into the enemy team and unintentionally feed, as opposed to sitting far back and dealing no damage in team fights. The former mindset at least gives us a fighting chance because who knows, maybe she wipes out the backline, maybe she at least takes out the enemy ADC or wshit, at the very least maybe the enemy team throw all of their ultimates and summoner spells trying to kill her letting us clean up, the latter gives us a 4v5 team fight which always results in a guaranteed loss. And i've carried that mindset into my games. Sure you'll throw games, but at least you'll learn from those throws as opposed to learning from nothing because there's nothing to learn from passivity other than playing more aggressive, which is what I already do,. Climbing through Silver/Gold was an eye opener. So many people with good csing and good mechanics, thrown away due to them playing overly passive in lane (letting me outtrade them every time) as well as teamfighting which leads to them having less damage dealt than their supports or having a weak mentality which leads back to the original topic at hand, getting carried. The one thing that I can point to clearly that's a huge difference from platinum and gold for example, is how aggressive people play in lane even in unfavorable matchups. Even Kassadin into Lucian mid will have the Kassadin try to trade with me whenever he knows i'm going to AA him. Playing to "not" lose, is a loser mindset, in my opinion and I don't ,mean loser in a "flame" sort of way ("lol, what a loser" e.g.), I mean literally loser as in, not winning. But hey, agree to disagree I guess.
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Playing to not lose or not lose horribly, seems like a pretty shitty mindset to have in regards to climbing.
Antenora (EUW)
: Lucian is mid tier difficulty. Vayne, Draven, Kalista, Xayah, Caitlyn are harder to play than Lucian.
Vayne/Draven/Kalista, yes. Xayah and Caitlyn? LOL no
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Dr Dog (NA)
: 100% yes but only in norms, if 4 people dont wanna be there anymore they shouldnt have to be winnable or not if they arent having fun, in ranked tho idc i dont ff in ranked
Seems like a fair compromise. It 100% should be applicable in normals, to be honest, all summoners should be unlocked from level 1 while we're at it. Giving you Ghost+Heal vs an entire team of flashes/Smite is just a joke on new accounts with no logical explanation to it
: Had plenty of matches where team thought it was gg ff @20 or 15 and I said no. Teammates combined kda 1/19/2. Fed enemy swain - when he was op after rework for awhile - fed enemy draven, etc. And solo carried them back to relevance. Got them in right decision-making mindset, and we just steamrolled over them the last few fights to end the game with a win. Oh... and my teammates loved every minute of it. But sure... let's reward more players who want to gg ff just because omg I lost lane, game is over, might as well turn my brain off and throw so my team has no chance of carrying me back to relevance and we can win.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yea yea, good for you and that 1 cute irrelevant anecdote where that happened. That's not the point that I argued nor do I care to argue it. It's pretty clear, if 4 people want out of a game, they should be allowed to get out. They don't get rewarded for it, how the fuck is losing LP a reward? The only thing they get is a little bit more control over their tilt for their next game instead of being held hostage by some shitter abusing Riot's dogshit surrender system. >But sure... let's reward more players who want to gg ff just because omg I lost lane, game is over, might as well turn my brain off and throw so my team has no chance of carrying me back to relevance and we can That's not what I said or argued, if 4 players want to /ff, chances are more than 1 lane is losing or who knows, maybe they're just tilted (bad team mate being toxic, inting, AFK who the fuck knows and who cares). The point is, if 4 players want out, they shouldn't be told "No" by 1 player. The game being "winnable" is irrelevant. 4 players >>>> 1 player, it really is that simple.
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: People play simple ADCs because the role itself is already the hardest role in the game, by alot. Being a successful Caitlyn is harder than playing something mechanical like Zed or LB. Simply because the ADC role is so much harder than the assassin role, it doesn't even matter that Caits kit is simple, she's still harder to play than any assassin regardless, just from the role difficulty.
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Lhuhz (EUW)
: But the ones that want Lucian to be nerfed with a daily thread asking for him to be nerfed instead of other marksmans to be buffed are not all adc mains. >Then fucking ask Riot to make champions like Lucian/Draven meta who at least give you a CHANCE at 1v2'ing the lane as opposed to garbage like Kog'Maw who needs his hand held for 20 minutes. That's the thing, that no adc should be able to 1vs2 a lane as they do right now because their competition is too weak.
If lane bully champions are meta, then it will be impossible to 1v2 the lane regardless. The rest of my point still stands. Also, don't act like people won't start crying about how toxic Tristana/Kog'Maw are when they get buffed. Shit, those fucking champions are the reason bot lane got gutted in the first place. Bruisers/Mages crying over how oppressive ADCs get in the late game. So why not make champions who in turn, fall off more in the late game (Kalista/Ezreal/Lucian/Draven) meta as opposed to something like Kog'Maw + Lulu coming back where they literally 2v8 the game once it hits 35 minutes? It's shit to watch in LCS because there's no lane interaction with champions like Tristana/Kog'Maw and it's shit to play again for the same reasons on top of those champions being WAY more toxic to the balance of the game when they're meta over something like a Lucian because they simply have WAY more impact when they're meta due to how hard they scale into the late game. I repeat, give me a Lucian + Leona bot lane meta over braindead garbage like Tristana + Soraka any fucking day of the week.
: "marksmen items are expensive"
Difference is, a Jax with just a tiamat can 1v1 a Storm Razor ADC with ease.
Mc Raton (NA)
: When are we going to nerf Lucian?
I'll take a Lucian meta any day of the week over Resident Sleep Tristana/Kog'Maw meta.
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