: I applaud your effort OP but sadly you are only tilting at windmills. I went down the same rabbit hole with Frostblade Irelia, that path only leads to pain. They aren't listening, they don't care, they won't change. They will do it their way and that way is always the cheapest path to profit. The only way to win is to not fight, best of luck to you though I wish I still had it in me.
Thank you for your comment. However, this post is not here to change anything on Aether Wing Kayle: I know it won't happen. The reason I wrote this post was to bring objective evidence of their under-treatment when reworking Legendary skins on the table, but they still are in their own right to do this. So there's no point arguing. That's why I only wrote this small post instead of a bigger one: I lost the fray from the beginning.
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: I disagree. For example, the easiest role to grant any character play in is Jungle. EVEN IF they have oppressive ganking patterns, giving a character what they need to jungle is as simple as granting one of their abilities a reduced cooldown or increased damage against jungle monsters (Something they have done in the past, and still do to this day; See Evelynn). If they are too good at ganking, then the clears should be adjusted to leave them too low to gank. However, the team in charge of this sort of thing at Riot refuses to give the roster a look-over to add these sorts of tweaks, and thus many potential junglers are lost. It's not rocket science. While I agree that having a role 'aimed' at is better just to make it easier on themselves _IN THEORY_, it's breeding grounds for shit like Kalista's binding and Mordekaiser's partner-W effects that are really only there to restrict diversity. They should have a prioritized position, sure, but they should never tunnel-vision like they've done in the past.
And ... it's happening: they are trying once again to give champs multiples possibilities (zyra jungle, morg jungle, ekko jungle), even though they avoided this path for quite some times over the past few years. But, when they rework a champ, they have to take a direction for the gameplay: they don't build a kit and wait to see where he ends up. Galio looked like a champ that could go everywhere when they reworked him, but he ended up where they built him to be: mid and top.
: Why I am quitting Mordekaiser
... Did I do something wrong?
: As a Mordekaiser main it makes me sad that my favourite parts of his kit have to go (Passive and Ultimate) because those are the abilities that make Mordekaiser imo.
I can see a world where his passive stay: it doesn't look too unhealthy for the game that a melee immobile champ have a passive shield. However, the ultimate has to go, too bugged.
: >-He's a top laner >-He's a jungler >-He's a mid laner >-He's a bot laner These should not be issues if Riot is competent enough.
That's not about being competent; balancing a champion through multiple roles is always a challenge because you have to give him a super general kit (Kayle, Kennen), which usually end up making him underwhelming everywhere or/and really strong somewhere. Aiming at giving him a lane helps address the issues he will encounter there. The fact he's played everywhere at the moment is just symptomatic of his identity crisis, Riot giving back some power to his solo laning even though his numbers where balanced for botlane.
: I personaly feel like Mord should transition into a true juggernaut as currently he barely plays like one. I always saw Mord as someone whou would thrive in the middle of the enemy team, crushing heads and saping life from everything around him. He should feel like a brutal warrior crushing his enemies by pure savage strengh enhanced by dark magic before burning what remains with unholy witchfire. A booming and hauting voice yet you feel the iron strenght of a mighty general within clad in terrifaying black armour. Im sad Mord will prob lose the soul enslavement from his kit but im sure Riot could put in a massive and devastating ult in its place.THE BLACK KING MARCHES!!!{{champion:82}}
His new ultimate can only be incredible, whatever they do with him.
: Honestly, there's not a single mechanic that should be kept about current Mordekaiser. And yes, I know how weird this sounds coming from **me**. But it's true that Mordekaiser's main problem is a lack of proper, coherent gameplay and lore fantasy. He's an unholy agglomeration of different themes: -He's a metalmancer -He's a necromancer -He's a Burst Mage -He's a sustained damage dealer -He's a top laner -He's a jungler -He's a mid laner -He's a bot laner -He's about single target burst -He's about extended fights -He's durable -And yet he doesn't want to fight in the frontline -He's neither truly Shadow Isles but still not Noxian He's a mess of themes and needs the "Swain Approach" where Riot decided to deliver on what they **think** is Mordekaiser, disregarding most, if not all, the sentiments of current mains of the champion. And honstly, that's the best approach to this seeing that what draws me, and many Mordekaiser mains, to the champion is the **Idea** of Mordekaiser and not his actual in-game version. While I do love playing him, it's the theme/identity he promises that keeps me playing him. So yes, Morde might get reworked soon, but it will definitely not be how a lot of people expect it to turn out.
That's mostly how I feel too. The only part of his kit I really like is his Q, but even if they took that away, it would be fine. But, as I said, if they want to do a new kit, they have to choose his role, something they didn't have to do much with the previous solo reworks (Taric still is a support, Warwick and Evelynn still are junglers, Yorick still is a toplaner), and when they did "force" a role, it was the most played before the rework (Urgot and Sion), so I'm worried about Mordekaiser. They never do that, but for Mordekaiser, I'd like Riot to announce earlier in the development what role they at least aim to give him, so the current players know what awaits them. Doing what they think Mordekaiser is looks like the good approach, but once again ... what do they think Mordekaiser is?
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 20
Hey Meddler, Happy Holidays for you and the one you love. I, too, appreciated to read your Quick Gameplay Thoughts, as I often lurk to find any news about the game. It's a good example of clarity and talk with the community (maybe even too much!). I post this message because I'd appreciate if you could give me your thoughts on my rune concept I posted some days ago; when I wrote it, I expected only one thing: to have a reply from a Rioter, just to see what someone up there thoughs about it. But I don't have a Reddit or Twitter account (and don't wish to have one) so I can't ask anyone else (like someone who worked on the new rune system). It's a bit long, so if you don't have time, or don't want to, it's ok, but I have to try. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/uERwZj1a-new-inspiration-rune-concept-moon-of-durand Thank you, keep doing what do, and what you like.
: What would happen if say Lee sin e'ed to it? Would he just be constantly flying around the map unable to connect to the moon thus unable to stop?
That's literally the first comment on Reddit ^^ Lee would just stop at the location where the Moon was when he casted his spell.
: As a follow maker of rune concepts I feel like this one is suffering one problem. This would be a mandatory rune for every champion tbh and thats what ive been trying to avoid with the rune concepts ive been making. If its too strong or too game changing then it will become mandatory on every champion and overshadow all the other keystones.
I think I created enough levers for it, so it's not mandatory on every champs, but with both these comments and Reddit ones, I can see why people think it's too strong or too weak: someone was concerned about its strengh in teamfights, for example. You don't give me the tools to understand howe it could be mandatory (except if you take all the extreme ideas).
: I really like this idea. The challenging part of this new rune is the mechanic of managing the position between you, the moon, and the enemy player. I think that to make up for the loss of aggressive bonuses (dmg or attack speed) and the lack of guaranteed defense, there should be a perk or a bonus for having your moon pop. Like increased healing, but since it is the Inspiration tree maybe when it pops the CD of all your abilities (maybe even Summoner Spells) gets lowered by a certain percentage. For example, let's say you're Sona and you flash ult someone. The only things on CD are your ult and flash and the time of doing the previous action, EZ Q's you but your moon takes the hit and pops. At that time, Flash (300 sec cd) and your level 1 ult (140 sec cd) get their cd reduced by 10%. To me the CD percentage should scale based on level and it should only work as a less guaranteed spell shield. So no hp and no displacement or even interaction with the environment. I would say that champions like supports who are fairly squishy should take it, a blocked spell could really help in survival since bot is a clown fiesta with the new runes (highest average number of first bloods currently), and mages in mid lane since mages have to play heavily around their CDs and it would block a free spell. I think this approach would reduce the amount of "Cancer" this Rune can potentially have. Let me know your thoughts.
That's one of the things I forgot to add, but I already though about it: a passive buff with the rune if it's too weak. Giving it when the Moon is down is an interesting idea, because you won't pick the rune for the upfront benefit of having +10 armor and mr, for example. All the other ideas are, as I said, levers, and this post, being only theoric, lets you choose what "Moon" you imagine fit better for the game. Your "Moon" here makes sense, and maybe better fit sorcery, being a more selective and harder to use spellshield with added benefits when popped at the right time.
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: Can you please release his rework early, and stop our suffering {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Can you please not rework him ? I'm maybe, like, the only one who loves his current kit (except E, this spell is terrible, but it stacks passive at least) so I really don't want him to change. But I'm a just a *insert rank* noob, and you'll rework him anyway.


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