DaisyR (EUW)
: Have a problem in my Leauge client? Text keeps getting blurry.
This happened to me not too long after the new client came out, so quite some time ago now. I reported it once, and if I remember correctly I did try to fix it from the options and/or reinstall the game. I don't remember it that fixed it for me or if I just lived with it for a patch or two until it magically got fixed. I've had so much trouble with the new client in the past, so I forget what solutions fixed what problems. Still, I do like the new client. I just don't remember having ANY problems with the old one. Feel like I'm still beta testing it. I mean, there has to be ONE reason professional players use the old client in the LCS - probably more stable.
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: Fighting game when?
I feel like fighting games has reaches it's peek somehow. I play or have played almost all fighting game series at some point, and the only thing I still enjoy is Street Fighter 4 with a closed group of friends. SFV lost me, and I only play SSB Ultimate and LoL to kill time with friends at this point.
: Honestly I'm tired of every single game having to be online or connected where communication with other people is mandatory or severely limits the game if you are not online. I'd much prefer a dragon age style rpg. Assuming bioware doesn't screw that franchise up in the future.
DA4 will be BioWare's Breath of the Wild. Mark my words!
: I've tried to outplay rengars by being in the bush next to them so they can't leap at me. They walk out of the bush and leap back in :/
What do you mean by this? Being in the same bush don't prevent Rengar from jumping at you.
: change skins
If you are not aware of the Hextech Crafting system, you might want to read up on that. The FAQs is a good start. If you still have refund tokens left, you may refund former skins you've purchased. But to give your question a straight-up answer, "No, they will not perform such services". Within the client, you have Hextech Crafting and the Collection tab for management of loot for that given account.
TDmorty (NA)
: Zoomed profile backgrounds (Worst yet being Prestige Kai'sa)
I can definitely see the appeal of having an additional button for choosing zoomed/entire splash art. Were you thinking of having that option in the options tab, or maybe in the UI when you select your own background?
: If I don't have a chroma in champion select, the color wheel should be grayed out
The button is obviously there for the option to shop for chromas. I don't see much sense in making it monochrome or grayed out to make your champ select experience easier. Maybe you were thinking of reducing the button size or repositioning it?
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: Jorn Lande > Not Jorn Lande
I really liked ZP Theart's voice though. I hope they do more melodic stuff with Karthus' voice in the future.

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