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: I'm with you that Aatrox has some issues, and that means he sometimes doesn't feel very satisfying to play, I don't personally feel it's because he's weak though. Statistically he does ok, nothing special, but pretty middle of the pack. I actually feel you hit the nail on the head with one of your other comments "need to look at him and make him stand out from the ordinary". That's Aatrox's big gameplay issue - he doesn't have a distinct enough gameplay identity, so the only major gameplay reason to pick him is if he's the strongest option in his class (diving fighters). Other divers have more unique things they bring to a team, so there's reason to pick them even if they're not numerically the strongest (Jarvan has strong synergies with Gnar and Vayne, Nocturne can join a fight from long range, Vi offers almost guaranteed access to and CC on a priority target etc). Since Aatrox doesn't have something that distinct however he instead has to compete purely on more general grounds (damage, tankiness/sustain primarily). To feel good he'd therefore need to be noticeably overpowered. The solution, following that logic, then is to find something special Aatrox can offer and put a significant part of his power budget there. We don't have work on Aatrox currently prioritized, but have kicked around some ideas for ways to do that whenever opportunity to work on him permits. There's one direction in particular I personally feel's got a lot of potential (and some noticeable risks), before I get into details about that though I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on what we could do to Aatrox to give him a unique space in the game.
Based on lore and voiceovers and maybe the designintent, Aatrox should be someone that thrives in extended battles, the more enemies the better. He is an aspect of war after all. Right now he doesn't do that and only his Q and R reflect that to some extend. In fact only the Q truly does it. Passive: Aatrox falls to his knees, not fighting anymore, and regenerates consuming all the battle fury he just built up. That's like the complete opposite of what I'd expect. Q: Flawless W: I guess rushing recklessly into battle to the point of hurting yourself to hurt as the enemy as much as possible is okay but frankly that ability stinks out loud in terms of being interesting. Let's not kid ourselves, you don't juggle the two parts of it in a teamfight. (You do in a duel though) E: I guess slowing your enemy allows you to fight more? Dunno, boring, nightmare to balance forcing it to be a poor in almost every possible aspect R: Cool effect. I still think that leeching effect implies some sort of shield and I still get confused when I dont get one uppon ulting 5 people but all in all it's fine. How to make him unique: Tahm Kench is your solution. Give Aatrox Grey Health. How would grey health work on Aatrox and how does it make him fight more? Instead of that boring revive passive, drop that. As long as Aatrox has grey health left, he can fight. As in. He doesn't die. At all. As long as he is attacking he can keep going, even with his hp at 0. How to work this out? Upon taking dmg, he gets the grey health. Same functionality as Tahm. The difference is that he doesn't consume it to heal himself after a while. After not attacking for a while it just decays and is gone. If he attacks however he prevents it from decaying. If his grey health hits 0 he dies. His abilities would be something like: > Passive: > Aatrox converts 100% of the dmg he takes into grey health. The grey health decays at 10%of it's maximum/second > As long as Aatrox has grey health he won't die. So if you had 1000 grey health max, it would decay at 100/s, even if you only took 200 dmg. This would also fix this really counterintuitive consuming of your Ragebar, effectlively making you even weaker upon reviving. > Q: Unchanged > W: basically unchanged skirmishing Lifesteal, all-in Blood Price. If you already sit at 0 HP, might as well use bloodprice for that full on berserker mode > E: can only be cast if Aatrox has 50% or more Fury Aatrox deals magic damage to nearby enemy champions and fills Blood Well by 20% of its maximum value for each enemy hit. Additionally he gains attack range and a short burst of movement speed If Aatrox's hp falls to 0 this ability becomes permantently activate as long as he stays in combat Basically Aatrox's Ult. The difference would be that he doesn't get atk-speed but instead gains a small burst of movementspeed and ofc lower numbers except on the range. I think he needs a sticking tool in fights and a good one. This is part one with a ms boost. His current E, as fun as it looks is pretty bad, unreliable and simply cant be good because a free longranged aoe skillshot that isn't blocked by units can't be healthy when good. >R: Create a warzone Creates a big static area on the ground. While in that area Aatrox and his allies are inspired to fight while demoralizing his enemies. Aatrox gains increased attackspeed and movementspeed and his allies gain a reduced effect. Enemies in the zone are slowed by 10%. Ally effect debatable, but felt like it would fit into his lore, inspiring his "allies" to fight ferociously, overcoming stronger armies. The basic idea is to put his lore into the way he plays and I think this kit catches it quite well? Might be wrong though but I would play it. Sounds fun to me tl:dr: Replace Revive passive with fast decaying grey health. As long as Aatrox fights, he stays alive. PS: Just my two cents. If that's too much, give Aatrox the kit of Darius and remove Darius. He has the perfect kit for Aatrox. PPS: I always thought he should be a fury based support, leading his allies into battle but that's just me.
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: > [{quoted}](name=ToxycBanana,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LE98mOmf,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2015-03-17T00:54:50.330+0000) > > Now THAT is a lie. > Yi has no cc whatsoever, no slows unless he has red buff, no hard cc > But at least Bard can stun people on walls and has an AoE Zhonya's Master Yi's CC is death. Something that Bard doesn't bring to the table. Seriously though... Bard is one of the few supports that I truly believe CANNOT carry the game under almost any circumstance, he requires his team to play good and smart. This is not true for most supports, Thresh, Leona, Nami, Janna and almost EVERY support has the playmaking ability to win a game for their team. Bard? Well.... he's just kinda there. His ult is his only real good tool, but.... it's highly situational. Only working to either secure another players ult/wombo or catch unsuspecting players off guard. However.... you give them 2.5 seconds to think about how they can escape the impending doom of a disadvantaged fight, their team can react and get ready to react as well. It's just.... a delayed catch. It's like if thresh threw his hook and when it landed it took 2.5 seconds for it to do anything.... His only bonus is objective control/tower diving/tower saving.
This is how I often felt as well. Just helpless. In team fights he has some presence with Q and E, both are kind of subtle and of course his ult is huge but then I look at champs like Nami or Janna. Everyone knows what you did and everything has huge impact. This is in part because Bard's W doesn't have any particle effect when he uses it on someone directly. You hear the sound and his animation but the target itself only notices the ms, if at all. All in all his team fight presence is lackluster. At least it feels like it. Something a dedicated support can't afford to feel like.
: I agree with this post very much ! I don't like that his kit despite being unique and fun, doesn't provide the strength a team needs in something like solo Q. i dont think I would ever take someone like him in solo queue. he is VERYYYYY communication based. I find myself chatting what im about to do, or ping things 5 times so the team knows sorta what my plan is to make plays happen. or else the team has NO coordination if yo're not skyping everyone. lol
I find myself pinging a million times to keep my team chasing after some really out of position guy because my ult is about to come up. :D (and that guy flashes my ult T_T) But yeah even with heavy communication, in teamfights he is…meh.
: his heal and gate.... he can go from his side of the map to yours
Dunno when I tried him out it was not possible to go from one base to another. At best you could get to your front turret. Maybe they changed it though.
: I agree, Bard is probably not a great SoloQ champion, even taking into account the learning period of first being released. My question is... why is this a problem? RIOT has no problem with champs that are more situationally effective. Galio is more effective against a magic based team comp. Yasuo works better on a team that has knockups. Regardless of how well champions are balanced for their niches, niches EXIST. Having champions that require more team based coordination is not a bad thing. So what if he only ever gets picked in premade games? I remember when Leona came out, and people clamoured to give her the ability to proc her own passive, to make her less dependant on her team. RIOT never budged, and never will budge, on keeping it the way it is. When it comes down to it, League is and always has been a team game. Having a champion that works better while coordinated with a team is not a problem.
The thing is my points sort of stand true even in coordinated team. I mean I think every champion should be playable even if you don't have 4 people to play with but in terms of balance he is definetely on the weaker side.
: You aren't good at skillshots then. Because minions constantly get in the way of that thing
Yeah if minions are constantly getting in your way maybe YOU are bad at skillshots?
: My #2 Favorite Support
The skillshot is hard enough to land as it is now. Making it thinner wont really help that. :(
: {{champion:432}} is fucking satan on aram
I never played him in aram but honestly I don't see how he would be amazing at it.
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: Kalista's passive's the dash most affected by slows certainly. Some other dashes do get their speed modified based off the users movement speed at time of cast as well though (in contrast to Kalista, who will dash slower if slowed, but won't dash faster if hasted). Examples of that include Shen's E and Corki's W.
I think those special cases need to be communicated better. For example I wasn't aware of the Corki and Shen case because I don't play them too often myself. Maybe that way people would think of better counterpicks to Kalista. Personally I fear the day when I have to go up against a support Nunu as Kalista.
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: Kalista's dash speed is affected by slows
Usually dashes dont get slower when you are slowed. Kalista's is the only one that I know of. Also people keep saying slows dont affect her. That's wrong.
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: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
So this may clash with gameplay but: How does it work out that a great emperor, who doesn't even bother attacking himself, dashes to one of his lowly soldiers? I feel like a dash was decided to be mandatory on his kit to make him safer but it doesn't quite fit into his fantasy, imo.
: Azir Q&A: Art & Sound - COMPLETED
Why didn't you make a Necromancer or Dark Lord skin for his initial launch? :( Like having ghosts/corpses of his fallen enemies chained to him ready to create an empire of the dead?


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