: Why draven doesn't need buffs
Go ahead and ask some of the master/challenger guys why no one plays him. Spoiler: He's shit
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Àhrí (NA)
: Kindred was hit really hard by the preseason changes.
> Kindred was hit really hard by the preseason changes. That's good to hear
: Can we give Jax some changes?
Revert this: V4.11 Stats Health reduced to 450 from 463 Health growth reduced to 85 from 98 Armor growth reduced to 3 from 3.5
Vesemir (EUW)
: Everyone loses against Vayne. She is the assassin, duelist, adc, invisible no counterplay champ. Jax counters the old fiora not the new one. And there is no way Yasuo can 1v1 Jax. He has to dash away from his stun but a good Jax wouldnt fight Yasuo near minions.
Yasuo fucks Jax up so hard in lane it's not even funny. Also Fiora is the cancer of this game and should've been deleted instead of reworked.
Nepa (NA)
: A question to all you Smurfs out there
: It's the FINAL COUNT DOWN!!!
I will go for D3, let's see if I can make it
: illoai needs some real melee counterplay
Wouldn't be mad if Illaoi didn't exist
Padre21 (EUNE)
: Draven's Ultimate
: A reasonable Thornmail Buff.
Nah, let's not do that
: That's just not anywhere near realistic. Whenever a shitty rework goes through it takes months for a rebalancing.
Then that's just the way it is. Complaining on the boards probably won't help. No one here can tell Riot what to do. I also think they are doing their job pretty well recently, according to the rise in player numbers
: What champion(s) do you hate the most playing against?
: How do I NOT DIE?! Jax Vs Kennen
It's possible, I've done it before. I even solo killed them sometimes, but those kennens obviously misplayed. You just need to play like a bitch, you'll lose a shitton of farm but atleast you won't die to an all-in if you rush hexdrinker
: I got into a PBE game and the first thing two of my teammates said to me was
Let's just wait until everything hits the live servers, Riot can buff accordingly. The Boards are always overly dramatic, no ones real life depends on a buff or nerf
: Will Jax need some sort of buff after fervor get nerfed/changed?
I'll take a guess and say that his winrate is probably gonna drop a lot. Even if he ends up being absolute shit in toplane Riot could still buff him afterwards. But yeah, we'll see. Edit: Still looking forward to the fervor changes because {{champion:119}}
S0kaX (EUNE)
: You know what else doesn't make sense? ~~Your face~~ The question mark you used on your last sentence
Ok, just leave and stay salty in silver, no need to bring it to the boards.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Also your comments are made by a person around 10 years old, that much for your adult comments.
What adult comments? That doesn't even make any sense here?
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Just because you think elo is everything it doesn't mean it is, MMR also has something to say.
Your teammates and enemies in normal games are around silver, that much for you challenger mmr lul
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Well I destroyed a Poppy with {{champion:14}} , so I will say pick Sion .
Unranked normal games aren't really a reference
333 (EUNE)
: LeBlanc PBE, since no one is on PBE forums I'll just post this here.
: Can we talk about Poppy?
The poppy circlejerk people from Gameplay and Bronze will downvote you into oblivion. But yeah, fuck that champion.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: > Gangplank is good enough with his current items, no need to make him broken again. The change to Trinity force was a buff in his overall power actually, the extra 10% cdr really helped him out. But it's definetly not healthier.
That makes no sense at all. Also, Gangplank is never healthy just poking from behind his barrels and even getting gold to do so
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: @Meddler, I really think we should get a new ''SpellBlade Item'' with Crit Chance on it.
Nah, let's rather not do that. Gangplank is good enough with his current items, no need to make him broken again.
: Yorick's sustain on his Q feels like ass
GemCrash (NA)
: Will Gnar's nerf be reverted?
: Why should I pick Darius over Gnar?
Darius is cool, Gnar is for weebs
Mishli (NA)
: Does Fiora's kit have too much?
Of course she has to much, people hate her for a reason
: If it's not Kennen, it's Jayce
Top lane is dead Only cancer is left
: Can we give kled's passive a invulnerability frames?
: Is Yasuo the new Riven?
He has joined the cancer league {{champion:157}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:92}}
: I played with a jungler who refused to gank, against an illaoi.
: Shen's current state..
: That in and of itself is not toxic. It has its place, and as long as the champion is properly balanced around that, it's perfectly fine. It's indicative of your skill that that is your reason you say she's a bad design
There is an easier way to say: "I think you're bad because of your opinion" It is bullshit that you can never go in on her, because of riposte. Your answer to that would probably be: "Bait her riposte". How woud you even do that? Imagine Jax vs Fiora, there is no such thing as being able to bait it, if you didn't use counterstrike she wont riposte.
: Is Riot even aware of Master Yi existence in this game?
The only thing this champ shoud get is a character deletion
Zydron (NA)
: Watching worlds makes me feel bad for supports...
Well, supports shouldn't be strong solo if the game goes longer. There is a reason why they are so strong early. Also there is no reason to complain, supports now are broken in comparison with s2/s3 supports
iLasVegas (OCE)
: Listing Top 25 Underpowered champs
What? {{champion:50}} is still strong as fk
: Old Fiora was a toxic design that needed to be removed from the game. That fact that you relied on a single champion to be able to do well shows you were relying on that champion's strengths to do well, and not your own skill
The new fiora is toxic as well %hp true dmg
: "too many duo games, mmr might be inaccurate!" *Hasn't played a ranked game in 25 days* Do you smell that smelly smell? That smells like boosted?
I haven't played a single duo game for 100 games for sure I have the solo que badge Edit: OP GGs mmr thing is broken since they introduced DQ
: Jinx doesn't need nerfs. Her counters need buffs.
Agreed, buff Draven Edit: should still nerf Jinx
nep2une (NA)
: And if you knew how to play against her, you wouldn't make such a hilarious QQ thread that reveals how bad you are.
How bad I am? 90% of the Playerbase are better than you and would probably easiliy fuck you up even when you are on Illaoi
nep2une (NA)
: I can't tell who's more foolish. Me for falling to obvious troll QQ bait, or you for crying in the first place about Illaoi. Meh.
What are you even doing here? If you would grasp the most basic concepts of this fucking game you would not be feeding your ass off in bronze
nep2une (NA)
: Sigh... not this dumb shit again.
: im starting a petition to delete anime
: "Bro you just dont know how to play against her" "just dodge her tentacles xD" -the Bronze Illaoi mains on these boards lmfao.
I'm just waiting for that Bronze 4 guy to show up and tell me how wrong I am
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: there was a floofy cat in my backyard this morning
But cats arent that expensive ? Where I live I pay about 20 cents for 150 g of catfood
Rock MD (NA)
: Can we stop nerfing the one thing that Graves doesn't do egregiously?
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