: how is bork on jax
Depends on a lot of things. Depends if the ennemy team is "balanced", heavy AD, heavy AP, tanky or squishy. Against squishies and/or heavy AP, Gunblade is by far better because it gives a bit of AP (boosting your R active bonus MR) and better burst to kill them quickly. Against mobile ennemies and / or tanky ennemies, BORK is better because it gives you extra MS on top of slowing your ennemies through the active and it gives better DPS to bring down the tanky ennemies. BORK is also better for splitpushing thanks to the extra AS. Both of them are very good on Jax but I found that they don't have the same role, depending on the game.
: riven gets buffed but not Garen?????
Garen has been partially reworked last year and Riot commented recently that yes, he needs help, especially because Rylai is now such a common item. If you want a truly forgotten champion that got 2 miserables QoL buffs after ONE heavy nerf that pretty much removed him from the game, take a look at Aatrox.
Beuhlakor (EUW)
: Delete Keystone masteries
Downvoted but only one response. Nice. Anyway, I find amazing that nowadays you can simply build a Trinity and take Fervor of Battle and still have relevant damages even in lategame. Back in S5, if you had taken Ekko or Yasuo and if you had built them with only Trinity for damages, they would have awful damages. Squishies and most bruisers didn't need extra damages at all through TLD or Fervor of Battle or even more sustain. They were already in a good spot as a whole. Remember right before the S5 Worlds, after Fiora and the Juggernauts were nerfed : a lot of different picks were viable and it did translate on the competitive scene. On the paper, Keystone masteries sounded awesome and I was pretty excited when Riot announced the system. In practice, we didn't need them. And we didn't need more damages at all. They only gave more kill pressure to champions that were near insufferable in lane (helloooooooooo Zed a couple of patchs ago) or allowed builds that should be ******* on some very specific champions.
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: Can you help me understand this? Tryndamere can go invulnerable and wack people in team-fights, he can also slow fleeing enemies or reduce AD, how is he not a decent team fighter?
> [{quoted}](name=Giggle Physics,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ghRItvE4,comment-id=0007000200000001,timestamp=2016-07-12T17:22:58.482+0000) > > Can you help me understand this? Tryndamere can go invulnerable and wack people in team-fights, he can also slow fleeing enemies or reduce AD, how is he not a decent team fighter? Because despite having excellent base stats, he is so damn squishy that he dies extremely fast or has to flee his tail between his legs after poping his ultimate. Also, because he is melee, any slow / hard CC will destroy him (destroy = having to use his ultimate before doing any meaningful damage). Yes, he CAN be efficient in TF under the right circumstances. But he will have to adopt an assassin-pattern approach, aka flank the ennemy team after they used most of his CC. If he doesn't flank or if the ennemy team didn't use most of their CC, he will be extremely useless. Unless he is overfed of course.
: What do you max first one Illaoi
I max E most of the time. 1) E is your main harass tool. It starts off with an incredibly long CD (20 sec) but the CD is lowered by 2 seconds for every level. 2) It costs 5 mana less than maxing Q. 3) Your tentacles naturally scale with your level and they already have a huge total AD ratio. In lane, where your ennemy is the most squishy, I never found that I needed more damages on them to kill my opponent UNLESS THEY ARE TANKS. 4) The ennemy's spirit counts as a Champion for your ultimate. With less downtime on your E, you can more easily set-up a good ultimate to spawn 2 tentacles (instead of one) and as a result, smash your opponent into the ground. 5) It increases the percentage of the damages dealt to your ennemy. By grabing your opponent's spirit near a tentacle and by positioning yourself well, you can hit your opponent with a tentacle AND the spirit resulting in some incredible damages. Also, the damages will be massive during a ultimate if all your tentacles hit the spirit and your opponent. Why you should NEVER max W first or even second : 1) Scaling is non existent. Every level increases its damages on it by a ridiculous 0.5%. 2) It has always a CD of 4 seconds, regardless of levels. Why I don't like maxing Q most of the time : 1) Costs 5 more mana than E. 2) No scaling on healing (it is always 5%, whatever the level of your Q). Why I still max Q sometimes : 1) Against tank champions. Tank champions like {{champion:54}} or {{champion:106}} or {{champion:57}} will quickly rush armor against you and you won't be able to harass them effectively by maxing E. Instead, I prefer to have super-violent all-in with my ultimate by maxing Q in order to smash them into the ground. TL;DR : 1) Never max W. Scaling with level is non existent. 2) Max E against ranged opponent and against an ennemy that will not purely build tank items (most bruisers and squishies). 3) Always max Q against tanks. 4) Max W last. Always.
: Is Tryndamere a candidate for a rework?
Jax sucks HARD against Tryndamere in early game. And Tryndamere is one of the biggest counter to Kayle.
: What should i buy vs % champs like vayne and kog?
Same as always. Tank items (if you are playing a champion that can build them). Vayne has % true damages but most of her damages are still physical therefore getting armor is a good thing (especially since how brutal Tumble is once she gets a couple of items). Getting {{item:3110}} and/or {{item:3143}} is very good against her. Kog'maw is a machine gun but he has no true damages (except on his passive and who cares about that). He also deals a fair amount of magic damages, therefore, getting a mix of armor and magic resist is a good idea. Also, because he relies so much on AS, consider buying {{item:3143}} / {{item:3110}} / {{item:3065}} against him. In any case, don't forget that both champions will still have brutal damages. These items will, in most cases, help you to buy time for your team to deal with Vayne / Kog'maw but only a few selected champions that build tanky will be able to kill Kog'maw and Vayne on there own, especially in lategame.
: > [{quoted}](name=NMF Jbels,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qsmGJUkM,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-07-02T13:40:42.603+0000) > > If they remove his ability to infinitely sustain in lane, I'll be fine with any rework they go with. So in other words his entire niche?
> [{quoted}](name=DracoMTA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qsmGJUkM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-07-02T15:34:37.781+0000) > > So in other words his entire niche? Let's be honest : most of his problems come from that. He is paying a huge price in base stats and power on his skills because of his sustain and it also makes him incredibly hard to balance. He is the exact same problem as Old Vlad used to be (don't get me wrong : current Vlad is not balanced, but it is more a problem in his numbers being busted rather than his gameplay).
JMoormann (EUW)
: @Meddler Has Aatrox officially been Yoricked?
At this point, I think that it is quite obvious that Aatrox has ben Yoricked. It annoys me because he is the champion that I like the most (mostly because of his graphic design) and I used to main him, but I understand why he is ignored because his gameplay makes him incredibly hard to balance and potentially extremely toxic to play against. Riot is going to take care of the assassins but when they will rework the Diving Fighter class, I'm pretty sure that Aatrox will be one of the main "rework" (probably Cassio-level rework).
spombjop (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Slack Attack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n10N3fjE,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-07-01T05:56:19.775+0000) > > Almost no one outscales nasus, Late game nasus > Late game darius fiora, yi, darius, they all outscale nasus btw and vlad outscales him because of insane heal
> [{quoted}](name=spombjop,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n10N3fjE,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-01T06:04:12.803+0000) > > fiora, yi, darius, they all outscale nasus > btw and vlad outscales him because of insane heal Fiora is shit against Nasus until she reaches the very lategame.
spombjop (EUNE)
: Even Bronze against Diamond would win these matchups
Nasus rapes Darius super hard in lategame. You want an excellent counter who is also a no-brainer to Nasus ? Pick Trundle and rush an Iceborn Gauntlet. Nasus can't even farm against that shit.
Zerenza (NA)
: Tips on fighting Illaoi for the ones that find it a bit difficult.
Just pick Tryndamere or Renekton and massacre her.
spombjop (EUNE)
: Even Bronze against Diamond would win these matchups
After a couple of levels (the first ones are very painful I admit) Darius is an easy MU for Nasus.
yukumari (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JJI744,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A9H8yYeh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-20T10:18:54.278+0000) > > As someone who has played Irelia a lot, (Not this patch, obviously) the planned nerf was something that would have made sense before the Trinity changes. Her ult CD was fine once upoin a time, but a lot of the other duelists (Rivem, Jax, Trundle) had had their ult CDs increased. This lead to Irelia often being able to win the matchup by abusing the shorter ult CD. Trinity changes made this particularily obvious with the 20% CDR (up from 0% not too long ago, and 10% more recently). > > Frankly, Irelia has been pretty strong before this patch, but was being heavily countered by the abundance of tanks top, particularily the Sunfire+Gauntlet tank builds. I see what you mean there, but Irelia's ult, when compared to those other champions has very minimal impact. It does damage, and it heals her sure, but just about every other bruiser top lane has a more influential ult in both team fights and late game. I do agree that Irelia is stupid strong rn, and I have to admit I would have been more upset if they changed something like the healing on her W or the numbers on her W/E again, but I feel like this nerf is pretty heavy handed, considering they just buffed her recently.
In lane her ultimate gives her a good amount of damages and healing. Don't forget that each time she presses R, she procs {{item:3057}} too.
: Did You Guys Really Nerf Irelias Ultimate Out Of Everything ?
The nerf is quite good in fact. On live, her ultimate has a CD low enough for Irelia to use it to push the lane (to prevent a dive for example when a big minion wave is coming her way). It deals also a good amount of damages and heals her for a portion of the damages done. Also, each time she presses R, it counts as a spell and it procs {{item:3057}} giving her a huge amount of damages. And since {{item:3057}} and {{item:3078}} now give CDR, she can use it a lot during laning phase, making her all-in even more devastating thanks to the extra damages she gets from the proc.
Zuil (NA)
: What made Vlad such a popular ban
Because he is a beast midlane. They buffed his burst-base damages thanks to empowered Q and his E having a max health ratio. Also, Riot buffed the amount of AP he gained for building health. As a result, as Vlad, you can now build very quickly {{item:3065}} against AP while retaining high burst damages (thanks to empowered Q and E max health ratio) against squishy target while healing yourself like a madman. Playing as Vlad against an AP midlaner, you just need to build {{item:3065}} to be unkillable while having enough damages to kill your opponent.
dEAdbUs (EUW)
: Can I delete game already?
: He just hit a 51.83% win rate. How is he doing poorly?
> [{quoted}](name=Irelia Bot,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yPnybEFK,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-06-07T03:15:21.839+0000) > > He just hit a 51.83% win rate. > > How is he doing poorly? What ???????????? According to OP.GG and Champion.GG Aatrox sits at 48% winrate and has a pickrate of 0.7% in patch 6.11.
: Who counters irelia?
Great counters : {{champion:122}} {{champion:58}} Skilled match up : {{champion:57}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:2}} (sure Irelia can't stun Olaf post-6, but her all-in are still as devastating as Olaf's are) Stupid ideas : {{champion:157}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:8}}
Muzah (NA)
: how do you beat darius?
{{champion:58}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:114}} (skilled match up) {{champion:133}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:127}}
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: I am the only one who feels like fizz needs to get aatrox'd ?
I want to cry when I see that people are saying "getting Aatrox'd" instead of "Olaf'd". It tells a lot about Aatrox power.
MilamberZ (EUW)
: If only it's the divers rework who come, assassin was mostly their prefered one, so i ask :/, they were hesitating between assassin or diver
Fuck the assassins. Nobody likes to play against them.
Skypual (EUNE)
: Somebody compared Zed's base stats to Shen's base stats, Let's compare Zed to other tanky champions
The real surprise is how bad Illaoi base stats are. Sure, it's not Aatrox level of crapiness, but holy ------ her base stats are terrible for how litte utility, mobility and CC she has.
: I believe it has something to do with the fact he's a health based champ honestly. Health based champs seem to be really hard to balance since they can either heal extremely well and become all but unkillable, or can't heal enough and become glass cannons that throws rocks at themselves (for lack of a better analogy). I remember one important aspect of his kit when he was really good was his attack speed and lifesteal, cause if he could attack fast enough, he could practically out sustain anyone. But one of the biggest problems is one he's always had, the other side of his toggle ability that takes health/ gives bonus damage instead of healing him. To this day I can't think of one moment when it would have been better to toggle off the healing.
This is one of the core problem of Aatrox. If you are fed, unless it's a 1v1, there is no reason to use Blood Price instead of Blood Thirst. When you are fed as Aatrox, you tend to build so much AD and/or AS that you simply murder your ennemies with your AA and base damages while being at the same time unkillable thanks to Blood Thirst.
: This tank meta is really going to tilt me
Damages is right now off the charts and that's why tanks are better than 99% bruisers. Every AP mid have more than decent damages / burst even utility-oriented champions like Lissandra thanks to Thunderlord and DFT. Every ADC has either better sustain / better DPS thanks to Warlord / Fervor / DFT (for Jhin). CDR is cheap and easily accessible for everyone : sure, Frozen Gauntlet "only" deals 100% base AD, but it also comes with 20% CDR => more skill spam, more Sheen procs and suddenly, the 100% base AD sheen proc becomes very powerful. Since the mages rework update, AP also have easy access to CDR. Grasp of the Undying added free magic damages and a bit of sustain which is excellent for many tanks because most of them don't have innate sustain. Yeah I know, the sustain isn't big. But the next time you get killed by Ekko Tank or Maokai at lvl 6 and the ennemy survives with 50 HP, think again about Grasp of the Undying. On the other hand, you have the bruisers : while having decent base damages, they need 1-2-3 (depends on the champion) offensive items in order to deal meaningful damages and then they have to build tanky. Because many can't afford to build a first defensive item, they WILL be a lot more squishy than tanks in midgame, in a game where the damages are off the charts since pre-season and the keystone masteries. They will also take the risk of being a hinderance to their team if they fall behind in lane while a tank can reasonably fall behind in lane while still being useful thanks to his CC and tankyness. This is mostly due to the fact many offensive items had their price nerfed. And Trinity became an ADC items and is now shit on many bruisers. Yes, it is also tilting me. But I hope it will change soon.
: One of the most toxic things in League...
I think that many players have a too big ego. They queue up with the following mindset "I want to carry because I'm better than the noobs that are matched with me, I deserve to be in a better division / league / whatever". As a result, when they start to lose, they will "tilt" : they gave up on the game because for them, they only want to win when they are having a good game. They don't even realize that many "unwinnable" games are actually "winnable". Knowing how to carry a team is good, but knowing how to be carried is also super important. When I start to lose, I don't give up. I try to compensate by roaming, supporting (wards, peel for the fed player in my team etc) and thanks to this, despite having some times very very bad KDA, I was able to win the game. Why ? Because LoL, despite everything we can say, is a team-based game. Been playing since season 2. Never had any chat restriction or was warned by the Tribunal. Heh. But frankly, I think it depends on the personality of each one of us. Many people are assholes in one way or another and it just translates into the game. And yes, it sucks.
: Something is definitely wrong (Swain)
Swain is broken right now. The thing is, building him pure AP is now wrong. He got decent waveclear at little mana cost (reminder : old swain had beyond-reason shitty waveclear), better skills maxing order and now his heal on his ultimate is a FLAT value instead of a % of damages done. Now you build Swain Tanky AP : ROA, Frozen Heart, Abyssal, SV, Rylai and boots for example. Because you don't need a lot of AP or magic pen anymore. Of course, other items like Zhonya are also possible depending on the team comp / game etc. 3000+ HP, insanely tanky, excellent CC on low CD (because you have 40% CDR) and enough base damages to murder anyone in 1v1 except a selected few duelists in lategame. And you zone the ennemies carries like no one else (not even dumb Ekko Tank). EDIT : truth is, Swain is getting nerfs on the PBE.
: Only reason toxic player exist : trash players
Funny. Most of the toxic players I have met were "trash" players. Going 0/3 in lane without getting ganked, crying "open mid pls" or "im so done with this game" or 'ff at 20 pls" then proceeding to hard flame their teammates for one single mistake or remark (not even an offensive one) like "stfu you got babysitted by your jungler".
DoFr (NA)
: how about we buff Aatrox Base stats
I don't really agree with you, but thank you for trying to help Aatrox. Unfortunately, Aatrox went from "pretty high on our radar" (Meddler in december 2015) to "lol who ?" (today).
iConcy (NA)
: What has made Maokai so insanely mindless and strong in the last few patches?
Because he gained MR per level. Last season Maokai was broken too. Then Riot nerfed him on the MR side because he already had innate sustain and an ultimate that reduced incoming damages. Maokai was simply too good at everything so Riot decided to take away from him his MR so that, while still being quite tanky against magic damages thanks to his ultimate, he would have a weakness. And then, for no fucking reason, Riot decided to give him back his MR per level. Back to Maokai being broken.
: Tell me about your 'most wrong' assumptions you made before stuff got released
I thought that Illaoi would be utterly broken in TF. Then I played her.
: Because he IS really squishy
I'm just going to add this : Aatrox has 1983 HP at lvl 18. Graves has 1979 HP at lvl 18. But Graves has tons of armor and MR thanks to his E and he only needs raw AD to do damages (and thanks to that, he can build a good mix of raw AD items and tank items, making him, through builds, very tanky). Aatrox has to choose between being "tanky" (Blood Thirst) and dealing damages and he needs in order to feel "whole" AS + AD on top of tank items. Since it is impossible to get everything, he has to make choices and as a result he "feels" bad to play in later stages of a game. Great champion yeah.
: Any chance to fix Aatrox with new Rageblade?
I never understood why people are complaining about a VISUAL GLITCH. I have tested it countless times in custom and "real" games (old Sated and new Guinsoo). Even when the animation doesn't play, Aatrox will still proc his W every 2 AA instead of 3. Try in custom and you will see.
Zennoth (NA)
: Yeah it sucks. I keep feeling like he should be a melee carry or something, rather than a bruiser.
Thing is, his current kit doesn't allow him to be a melee carry. He doesn't have good sticking power and he doesn't have an ability that allows him to survive through all the abilites that are thrown at you in a teamfight (Tryndamere has his R, Yasuo has very high mobility + a shield that can be reset with his R and his windwall and Master Yi can if timed well, dodge anything with his Q and avoid some lethal damages through his W). And especially, he has nothing in his kit that hyper-scale. He just have a dumb 3-hit passive on his W but it is far from enough to provide good damages in lategame. Problem is : he is also a failure as a bruiser currently because he can only build shitty offensive items. Overall, Aatrox is an epic fail.
: Is it way too hard to get an S rank playing support, or is it just me?
I don't play support but I would suggest to stop trying to understand the mastery system. Played a game today (ranked) as top. Got the first blood, never die during the whole game, ended 7/0/5, top damages dealt, got 3 towers alone, won the game => A+. k
: @Meddler Aatrox?
At this point, I'm starting to think that Riot has the obligation of keeping Aatrox barely viable. Many diving fighters were hit pretty hard during the pre-season. And the last changes to {{item:3124}} put a nail in the coffin for Jax too. Now, Riot is trying to help the diving fighters with changes for {{item:3071}} and soon {{item:3078}} . But these items were never really good on Aatrox so he will not benefit as much from the changes. On the other hand, the nerf during pre-season to {{item:3153}} hit him very hard. I'm still gonna try the new Trinity on him next patch (because it will simply be the best item for him because the rest will be crap) but it will not solve any of his problem. On the other hand, Jax is getting some buffs on the PBE while Aatrox got nothing for a very long time (and no, QoL changes like being able to toggle his W while CC is not a "good" buff). Last winter Meddler said that Aatrox was high on Rito's radar. Guess it is no longer the case.
: @Meddler: How much is Irelia likely to change when her rework hits?
Last year in december you said that "Aatrox was pretty high on our radar". What about him ? Any changes soon ? Any thoughts about him ?
: Lucian was designed to be a mid laner
Rioter Comments
: Illaoi or Rek sai
Kindred / Maokai. Don't thank me.
: These are my 2 cents on the Aatrox
My main problems with Aatrox are : 1) His R => awesome effect (Justicar Aatrox looks friggin' awesome with his holy halo) but easily one of the most boring ultimate in the game. A necessity because current Aatrox relies too heavily on AS but god I hate this ultimate. 2) His E => Aatrox, the avatar/god of war of LoL, a true hero/monster (depending on which side of the battle you are) and an incredible fighter with a living, extensive sword ... using some bullshit "pew pew magic" with a shitty scaling and a time cast that fucks you up quite hard in the lategame because it takes the time of 2 AA ...
ZZwaard (NA)
: We covered LB, now can we cover Kayle?
I played a lot Kayle recently in toplane and midlane, here were my worst MU : 1) Tryndamere => he sustains all Kayle's harass easily, he outscales her in 1v1 and even in early game, he has enough mobility to force trades and he pretty much wins all of them because of his AD debuff and his sustain. 2) Fizz => Kayle murders Fizz pretty hard in very early game but as soon as he has his ultimate and enough points in his troll pole, he has enough delayed burst to force Kayle to back every time he uses ultimate + troll pole (against any good Fizz player, Kayle will have to choose between ulting his ultimate or his troll pole which sucks because both of them deal tremendeous damages AND his AA have very good damages thanks to his W). 3) Leblanc => she can easily forces Kayle to use her ultimate and then she has to play very defensive because she doesn't have enough range / defense to avoid Leblanc. 4) Yasuo => he has insane in-lane mobilty, he can use windwall to counter he point and click slow and therefore, retreat to safety before taking too much damages from her auto-attacks. And thanks to his mobility, he can abuse quite hard her E CD in lane, denying her a lot of minions. 5) Jungler. Now all the advices EndlessSorcerer gave you are good but I wouldn't recommend taking long range champions (except maybe Varus) against Kayle in midlane. Most of the time, it simply ended as a farm fest with me, as Kayle, pushing like a madman and roaming very efficiently thanks to her ultimate. Also, except for a couple of champions, she outscales almost everyone so having a "safe" lane but giving her free farm is not the best idea imo.
: his kit fits his thematic pretty well. it's just that people don't understand the thematic.
> [{quoted}](name=macromite,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZVE7zGe9,comment-id=00050002,timestamp=2016-05-17T13:57:08.108+0000) > > his kit fits his thematic pretty well. it's just that people don't understand the thematic. I really don't agree. His kit is boring. Yes, it might fit with his thematic, but Riot could have done a far better job. Multiple AS steroids is a necessity on current Aatrox but it is absolutely boring. I love the effect on his R, but seriously, for an ultimate called "Massacre" it feels underwhelming. And don't get me started on his E. Sure, it "works" in the sense that it makes the champion works : it gives him waveclear, some harass and a soft CC in the form a slow. But for an ability called BLADE OF TORMENT on a champion that is basically THE GOD OF WAR (ot at least some avatar of war) of LoL, having some "pew pew magic" when we know that he can grow the size of his sword is .... VERY underwhelming. And also this ability has shitty scaling.
: Jax, Irelia, and Xin can be considered slightly different based on what you want. Aatrox is just xin worse though.
> [{quoted}](name=DarkenedAuras,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aZfddbA4,comment-id=0004000100000000,timestamp=2016-05-14T16:50:42.524+0000) > > Jax, Irelia, and Xin can be considered slightly different based on what you want. > > Aatrox is just xin worse though. They all have the same role. They are all splitpushers with the capacity to "hard focus" on one enemy in teamfights. Now sure they are all sligthly different (for example Irelia is a true midgame champion with some decent splitpushing while Jax is lategame oriented with excellent splitpushing). Plus, they all have some good and bad MU but they sill are very similar when it comes down to their role. When Aatrox was released, I remember that Xin Zhao was forgotten because, on release, Aatrox was simply a better version of Xin Zhao and Jax and Irelia were simply not played at all (because Aatrox was a better pick in the meta). After season 3, for a very short time we got a Jax meta and Irelia, Xin and Aatrox were not played because this time Jax was a better pick in general. I'm not naive. I know that depending on meta and items, some champions will always be better than other champions despite having the same role. But the diving fighter class is a special case in my opinion because they are all quite close and are all supposed to be some kind of powerhouses. When you have X number of powerhouses with not enough distinctive features which have the same role, you simply always pick the best current one (unless you are like me a huge fanboy of one specific champion).
: Criteria for a good matchup for Aatrox: ENEMY HAS: -Low burst damage -less sustained damage than aatrox -less SUSTAIN than aatrox -less bully potential than aatrox That leaves us with... {{champion:92}} MAYBE if the Aatrox plays the early lane very well with his Sustain / harass advantage (played this matchup ONCE as aatrox in fall of 2014 so who knows if this is even still valid) Basically Aatrox wants to do the same things as Olaf (get in the middle of people and whack shit, sustaining through damage) but he just does it strictly WORSE than olaf. This is a class Diversification issue, much like how the descision between lucian and graves seasons late 4-early 5 was a simple matter of who had bigger numbers atm and who was banned / available.
> Basically Aatrox wants to do the same things as Olaf (get in the middle of people and whack shit, sustaining through damage) but he just does it strictly WORSE than olaf. This is a class Diversification issue, much like how the descision between lucian and graves seasons late 4-early 5 was a simple matter of who had bigger numbers atm and who was banned / available. GIVE THIS MAN A COOKIE. There is no reason to pick Aatrox / Jax / Irelia / Xin Zhao besides "Who is the stronger in the meta ?" because they are all so damn close to each other. Despite the terrible numbers we got so far with each "class rework" (Juggernauts, ADC and now mages) I really hope that Riot will rework the "Diving Fighters" class next because of how a huge mess it is.
: Yeah, and we should have more hybrid scaling champs too (no sarcasm). I mean how many Paladin or battle mages type characters exist in other mythos? The concept of a mage that can get in your face and duke it out or a fighter that actually use spells is a design that I would love to see in the game. Along with a few new items for diversity's sake. The potential is limitless.
You can have a battle mage type champion that relies on AD or AP depending on the kit. It's not because he wants to smash your face AND to cast spells that he has to build AD and AP. You can balance his whole kit around AD or AP. Nothing ever prevented spells to have AD ratios. Or melee abilities to have AP ratios.
: Would another hybrid item be too much?
Hybrid champions are just a complete mess and they should just delete hybrid items and slightly tweak the champions that used to build those items so that they are no longer hybrid. Before Guinsoo and with the release of BOTRK, Jax was almost purely AD if not for the AP sheen used to give. Kayle has been a pure AP champion since season 3. Akali is built with Gunblade only because of her passive (if she didn't have this passive, she would be purely built AP) and AP Irelia midlane is a cheese like old AP DFG Tristana. I don't understand why Riot still want to have some kind of hybrid champions / items in this game. The only result they got so far was extreme case of abuse because of hyper-utlra-mega-synergy with one item or another. Delete Guinsoo and Gunblade, tweak the champions so that they will benefit from AD or AP purely while keeping their power (ex : give a slight AD ratio on Jax's W so that he doesn't lose power because he will no longer have access to Gunblade and Guinsoo and so on with Kayle and Akali) and you are good to go. Question : But, Beuhlakor, what about optional / troll builds like old AP Tristana, AP Kangaroo Jax in URF and so on ? Answer : nobody gives a -------- about them and they are either played in non competitive mode (URF, One for All etc) or toxic as ------ and quickly nerfed to oblivion when they rise to popularity in normal / ranked games.
: Kayle always has been cancer, and will always be cancer until she is put down for the betterment of the game and all life in runeterra's universe.
> [{quoted}](name=DariusDemiurge,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=A0tT3kEP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-03T20:23:32.006+0000) > > Kayle always has been cancer, and will always be cancer until she is put down for the betterment of the game and all life in runeterra's universe. Heretic. You shall not talk like this about our Overlord. You will be burned at the stake !
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