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when I did look at the stats interestingly the more games someone has on Yasuo more they lose but the people with about 1-10 games having the best winrate on yasuo so maybe there is an argument to be made that the only good Yasuo is a smurf
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Lakrosin (NA)
: Put {{item:3110}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3025}} on Sejuani. That is only 1306 armor. Only 93% reduced Physical Damage. Also it lasts for only 3 seconds. Only... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yeah you can build her pretty nice but you dont really want to be soaking up gold as the teams tank. Games are really decided in the first 20minutes or less and its those early tfs that win games, if your not tanky and the whole kits about being in the fight for ages your doing nothing. Plus it was nice to have a tank champ that didnt just get rekted by lee sin ect invades.
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