: Coop vs ai
Definitely just going to do this from now on! Does that give all the tokens? I thought bot games didn't give anything, that's really good if they do Tyvm
CD8 (NA)
: You're saying you dont have time for a few games of league, but you're level 222?
I work long hours but not many days, so I have a lot of days off, and I spend my limited free leisure time very wisely, as you can see... *2,700+ normal games*, *two other ranked accounts* OooooOOOOF I just wanted to keep up the missions in between my days at work and it's kind of impossible to fit 3 losses in, especially when it's hard locked to 24hrs, so you have to win later and later in the day (another thing that sucks about the mission)
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: I want a normal ADC once in my life!
Play Lux, I mean full dmg lux support. Ignore ADC and hard carry yourself out of that mmr
: I can't get out of bronze
https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Washed%20up%20at%2020 I climbed from Iron 1 0lp to Silver 4 32lp in 32 games with a 50% winrate. AMA.
Looknook (NA)
: Unfortunate Fortune with Skins from Boxes
I'd reroll Renekton, Irelia and J4 skins, personally. They're all pretty garbage and won't give a lot of orange essence
: what are some fun off meta top laners
{{champion:2}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:2}} It's so fun, really don't underestimate it. Pressing R and running into the enemy team "COME ERE ADC HUGH CLANK CLANK CLANK" What a fkin champion https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4036397592/232477701?tab=overview Look at what I did to that Renekton dude :/
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Barkley (NA)
: I don't know what's wrong with lux. I have no science.
Her W is really too good. W max Lux's winrate is stupidly high, way above 65%, and the winrate of that drags her general winrate up I'm really surprised that the resolve Keystones Guardian and Aftershock are so good on her. After the Athene's and Shurelya's changes, I posted to the Lux mains subreddit saying "Hey this might be good, Athene's+Transcendence+Revitalise+Mana regen support items that give CDR" I did a real number crunch and now I feel slightly proud that perhaps I theory crafted something meta before the patch with the changes went live Aftershock, while strong, is a weak option for a keystone. Revitalise has a 55% winrate as a primary tree rune, Aftershock has a 54.7% winrate. Guardian has a 56.9% winrate. Guardian increases the winrate of Revitalise, Aftershock reduces it. Between Guardian and Aery, on Lux I'd assume Aery would be better. I honestly think it is, but Aery's winrate (53.3%) is dragged down my those not W maxing or building full AP. I think as enchanter Lux gets refined by natural selection in soloq Riot'll hit her with more nerfs But yeah she's strong because she can farm frostfang gold from a safe distance in lane with E, so she scales quite freely, then she can press W for a big shield at any point in the game for free Her weakness is that she's immobile and her Q is a slow projectile so you can jump on her and kill her fairly easily
: Is every ADC player this big of a douche? I'm glad I main assassins.
Dude, play {{champion:412}} with {{item:3302}}, if you miss one cannon minion the AD loses their shit, no more support item gold for you LOL
: Let Tianna be playable by a Ultimate Garen Skin
Tianna will probably be killed at some point, I hope she duels Fiora in a comic or something To be honest, I just hope she dies at some point lol
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: [Question] Why does Triumph give Gold?
Idk but it's really good on tanks or whatever you call big blobs of hp. That's %missing hp heal (which is better the more hp and resists you have) and +20g on assists I like it, you forgo more damage or utility from other runes to just throw down the gauntlet with triumph and say "I'll kill you without that stuff" and triumph gives you a bonus if you succeed
: > [{quoted}](name=BigBrainSuppMain,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E8dJ2yh7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-08T21:55:08.177+0000) > > Lucian is more of an AD caster, he deals damage with his abilities and passive > > Kai'Sa is a hypercarry, deals damage with basic attacks Can you please explain this more? I am a support main and I do not pick my support based on my ADC (so I don't know the types). > > In Iron-Gold it won't matter what you play if you can play it well enough, and you will climb. > > I'd say if you have a good frontline, Kai'Sa is better and can deal more dps in extended fights (Late game-Team fight comp) Why is Kai'sa better with a frontline? I would have though that Lucian is better with a frontline because of his lack of range > > In more skirmish comps Lucian is better because he's slightly tankier and you build hp {{item:3071}} and lifesteal {{item:3153}} on him (Mid game-Skirmish comp) > How do I know if our team Comp is Skirmish or Late game/teamfight? > Kai'Sa is balanced for Pro Play, so I really wouldn't go near her as a new player I am not really worried about skill floor/ceiling, so this isn't a problem! Thanks for the help!
A hypercarry is heavily reliant on gold because they scale less on levels and more on items, because they deal damage with basic attacks An AD caster deals damage with abilities, so they scale on levels and items that buff their abilities --- Kai'Sa is good with a frontline because champions with CC can buy her time to build up her passive (as well as give her some passive stacks on them for free). If there's no one to tank or stop you from getting jumped on it gets really hard to find an opening where you can go in and not be blown up Lucian's range isn't an issue because he has high base resist stats and his dash to avoid cc or damage. He can also use his dash and W to kite back, PTA's proc and your armour reduction from black cleaver is really good for your allies too --- A late game comp will often have a tank toplaner, a midlaner with a big aoe ult and a hypercarry ADC, with a support that can facilitate that ADC to deal more damage (could be a tank supp with peel/cc, could be a healer/shielder with ardent) Champions that are weak in lane will often offer a lot outside of lane when they have items, that's a late game champion A skirmish comp is damage+mobility heavy, so think Jax, Xin Zhao, LeBlanc, Braum, Lucian etc. Stuff that's got damage and a way to get that damage on your health bar --- I'd watch challenger replays, there are loads on youtube where you can learn a lot. I'd also recommend learning to attack move if you haven't
: When Do I pick Lucian vs Kai'sa?
Lucian is more of an AD caster, he deals damage with his abilities and passive Kai'Sa is a hypercarry, deals damage with basic attacks In Iron-Gold it won't matter what you play if you can play it well enough, and you will climb. I'd say if you have a good frontline, Kai'Sa is better and can deal more dps in extended fights (Late game-Team fight comp) In more skirmish comps Lucian is better because he's slightly tankier and you build hp {{item:3071}} and lifesteal {{item:3153}} on him (Mid game-Skirmish comp) Kai'Sa is balanced for Pro Play, so I really wouldn't go near her as a new player
: When you play support.....
Yeah it's because the default item set will recommend dorans ring even if you're in the support role on some champs, and if you just autopilot "I'll just take recommended and go" you have this situation They don't do it to grief it's just Riot's spaget recommended builds
Barkley (NA)
: You -kinda- did something cool, Riot... but missed the mark.
When you buy a 600g stopwatch and use it in fountain trying to move it to the slot you want it on reeeeeEEEEEEEREE
spasaddy (NA)
: remove bans and the ability to not have dup champs in games...
Blind pick will fulfill all of your needs dude, I think it has some mmr system in the back so games are fairly even
: Late game jax
Maybe you're not pressing R, cs'ing well or building the right items? This will help with build https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Jax/Top/ Jax is much better as part of a champion pool that you pick from in different situations, rather than a one trick you spam into every matchup/team comp
: If someone asks you for a role swap and you dont play that role, SAY NO.
If someone, say jgl, is like "hey can I go supp we're duo", I say "Only if you want a big BIG feeder in the jgl" that way they can ask themselves 'can our duo carry a feeding jgl?' "YEAH" then they lose 15lp what can ya do
: I mean. It’s not that hard to predict.
Then if they get an indicator, why do they get one?
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: Diana is an assassin
She's a melee champ that's supposed to attack more than once, get in melee with her shield, pull you back when you run away, dash to you and kill you, a fighter Nowadays you just get her empowered auto up and then go and kill someone with one combo when you have the items It's a bit like Wukong, he's labelled a fighter, but anyone with a brain plays him full damage as an assassin, because he's far too squishy to be a fighter and he has a large %armour reduction in his kit
: Real Talk: Lux Changes
Riot are showing they don't know how to balance the game again? The way you balance her W is that you lower the base amount and raise the AP scaling, and raise the mana cost, like anything you want to nerf in the support role. Riot have now made it so that Lux doesn't have her Prismatic Boomerang, which was unique to Lux and actually an interesting ability, and they made it into something far more dull Her E: lower base damage, higher scaling, higher mana cost. Ezpz Another problem is that her Q hitbox is wider than a lot of her skins suggest, and a lot wider than it needs to be. I think her Q hitbox should be thinner, as thin as her Star guardian skin suggests is good for me That said, I would also like her R base damage to be lower in favour of higher scaling Then aftershock needs to have lower base numbers and higher scaling on defence stats They've taken this route for no reason, it sucks a lot honestly, I'd much rather these changes not go through
: Rework Malphite
I have 100k mastery on Malphite, he's my 3rd most played champion If Malphite cs's well and buys armour, he's rewarded for that in what is effectively bonus melee damage. The alternative is that he gets the bonus damage for free in base scaling Malphite is meant to be an Armour tank, his ultimate gives him hard engage, he's rewarded with more damage if he gets into melee range and his Q allows him to stay in melee range He can take attrition damage in lane with his passive and use it to win trades. He works well as a champion Everything in his kit has a purpose, I know that they're modernising him right now with the changes they have planned on PBE, maybe that will have an answer
: What is the best level 1 champion in the game discluding runes
{{champion:75}} One point in Q and 100,002 stacks I think the strongest lvl 1 supp is {{champion:111}}, hook and root+many dmg Strongest otherwise is {{champion:122}} I think
: Rate my yuumi build and skill max order
Mejai will always have a very high % winrate. This is because players buy it when they're ahead, so they already have a very strong chance of winning the game when they buy the item It's not an item you should get every game, often going frostfang->Athenes is much stronger. I'd personally have an item pool of supp item+ {{item:3174}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3041}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2139}} Probably with a generic build of: {{item:3174}} {{item:3504}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3222}} Yuumi is good when the enemy team has no hard engage (not only counter's Yuumi's ability to help her ADC kite, but also messes up her build path if she has to get Mikaels early) and so she's much better as part of a champion pool than a onetrick
: Manamune
No, especially since you can't build 2 tear items now. Anivia has no AD scalings, and the shield from Archangels is much better than the on hit dmg from manamune's basic attacks
: what if vaynes silver bolts had a alignment system
She hunts what she thinks is evil from her perspective, even if it isn't evil. According to her lore she killed innocent shape shifters because she thought they were evil Also having Vayne randomly buffed vs some champs is just a bad design
skibidi100 (EUNE)
: Dark cosmic Jhin or Project Jhin?
Project Jhin is a no brainer, especially if you got the border for it in the Project event (I got all 3 borders when I got Vayne, then I got Vi way later) The Dark Cosmic skin is just too large for me, makes Jhin look like a mammoth, and his mask is really meh, just imo Project Jhin has the jacket and all the vfx and sfx, a much better skin imo Remember the OP Jhin combo: {{summoner:4}} 4th shot
: Why do we have "compulsory" drake fights every few minutes?
Why not just commit to the call and play the fight? Sounds like you just watch it happen and then complain in chat "im not fighting for a cloud drake rerere"
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: How to get out of gold
Stop trying to play Rengar? You inted 4 games in a row, pls don't ask how to get out of gold, just play your MF adc every game and you'll get out of gold dude
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: Sylas ulting Elise
Yeah this happens with Jayce too, he turns into a ranged champ for a while lol Also nidalee, he gets all of her cougar abilities
Err0rBrake (EUNE)
: Adaptive Build
So Lolalytics gives a load of viable build paths, I think all that's left is to do is think through intuitively which is best for your specific matchup/game Here's the link for renekton https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Renekton/Top/ make sure to view the desktop site for the build paths You're taking Conq on Renekton and rushing Ravenous Hydra, that's not what's strong right now You want Press The Attack, Ignite etc. You take ignite so you have lane priority, you can generate fury for free bc the enemy laner can't walk up, and if they do you drop a short combo and they get chunked for free. So you decide where the wave is in the lane and can get good backs off without tp
: Mastery points and unlimited level cap has made my life hell.
>Stats snitching website on the internet I feel that bro :'( In Eve Online (space game, you fly around in a ship and fight other nerds in ships) there's a site called zKill and it has your entire kill history, and when I was new to the game I lost a very expensive ship called a Paladin (If you play eve you'll know that took a lot of skill injecting...), it was fitted really stupidly with really expensive gear and I died in a really dumb way Everyone that looks at my fkin zKill grills me about it without fail, just joking around and then someone in call goes wait WTF IS THIS UR FIRST LOSS WAS A PALADIN IN PERIMETER LOOOL... Jokes on them bc now I play albion online ^.>
: shouldn't all champs have negative winrates?
No, lol, for a champion to have a negative winrate it has to be RELATIVELY weak, that means that there will be champions that are stronger and have higher winrates. There are champions with really low winrates when you have less than 50 games played, but have really high winrates at more than 100 games played. There are champs that have pretty static winrates across games played. champion's winrates vary quite a lot depending on the summoner spells they take, the items they buy etc, you could say "if x champion was played with S setup they're much stronger than x champion's winrate suggests" Which is true, for instance Renekton has a <50% winrate with {{summoner:12}} but >50% winrate with {{summoner:14}}, and that makes intuitive sense because it gives him priority vs melee opponents, so he can generate fury for free and pretty much choose where he wants the minion wave to be, so he can still get good recalls off without needing teleport
: There's a better way to deal with shield champions than simply buffing Renekton
It's tough to say what this will mean, Renekton has a 46.88% w/r into Janna and he does struggle vs shield enchanters because he has a lot of burst damage and putting a big "nope" shield on his target pretty much means he gets blown up immediately after Renekton is pretty busted already though imo. He takes ignite and just stays in the wave daring you to come and try to cs. He procs press the attack with just his empowered W. Q heal is p nutty, really good mobility for short trades too.
Xavanic (NA)
: What's a Qiyana?
You mean Circle Thrower Jones? A very memorable character iirc
: TFT is 90% luck, 10% skill
Something I will say is that it is in Alpha, so there will be balance changes and it will get better Most of the skill involved in the game is buying units that are likely to give you good outcomes. Going into a game thinking "I'm just going to go for Blademaster+Ninja" or something specific is going to lead to very hit or miss games Often the person that wins will have twice as much gold spent as they have spent on their lineup (this is my experience on the original autochess) so that means they spend a lot on xp and rerolls that they get from: Interest, Loss streak and Win streak. You really don't want to lose->win->lose->win early because you lose value that you could otherwise get A lot of the income spent is late game on rerolls and xp, when people spend most of their savings (it's pretty much a virtual bank run, everyone cashes in, don't be the guy to lose with 50 gold) getting a lvl 3 Lulu or Lvl 2 Aurelion Sol (also buying someone elses 5 cost unit so they're less likely to be able to upgrade it) or an extra slot to put a unit in Unless someone rolls 3 one costs within 4 turns and just snowballs the game, but then they suffer from later interest, no priority for selecting units and no loss streak money, and it's really rare that someone does that so they probably won't know how to build from that point But ye typing Hope this helps!
Kanzler (NA)
: Or they could not implement shit like the $100 prestige aatrox skin and all these other hyper expensive golden chromas. That is a straight up money grab and people still buy them. It's like the $2k sneakers Nike is currently selling.
And then people wanting more rare limited edition content (like black alistar etc.) Would miss out
Kanzler (NA)
: I refuse to support their greed
I mean it's not greed, it's "if you want these things you can buy them" That's more consumer choice, which is an increase in welfare. If you don't want to buy the pass for the content it offers, you don't have to. Those that do like the content benefit from it being available The alternative is this content not being available at all, which would suck
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: The most annoying ADC
I ban Ezreal quite often because he's so hard to jump on and kill in lane. I often want to snowball the lane and Ezreal is pretty hard to snowball on. After he gets his Q to a low cd, he doesn't even need to interact with the lane Caitlyn isn't as bad because yeah she CAN tether her 650 range and be a huge bully, but low elo Caitlyn players tend to just spam mana and fast push for no reason/miss farm/not bully/go to 500 range of you for no reason/not use traps well at all etc.
: Hey, so I just looked up [LT win rate](https://u.gg/lol/champions/caitlyn/runes). It honstly doesn't have a bad win rate. It is sitting on a healthy 49.22% winrate being picked 8.70% of the times compared to 50.60% winrate being picked 79.31% of the times. It honestly is not as bad as you might think. It is just a different play style. PTA on the other hand is sitting at a 49.02% winrate and being picked 10.69% of the times. I'd pick PTA on Caitlyn if the enemy team has a lot of tanks along side Cut Down if I feel that I need to. What is funny about runes is that they were made to be adaptive to different play styles but somehow meta has dedicated how we should play with runes. I don't like that. The only reason I see fit to pick up Fleet is if you want to survive the laning phase against a poke lane. It really doesn't make sense to me picking Fleet against let's say Vayne & Blitz. Their comb is all or nothing and there isn't much poke laning versus Blitz and Vayne. It is the same thing when it comes to biscuits rune. I don't know why you'd always go this rune if you don't need it.
So if you were facing blitz + vayne, you want to be really aggressive on the Vayne early This is because you outrange her and blitz can't do much as a melee support if you're in your minion wave Ultimately that means the Vayne might auto you back once or twice and you'll definitely take damage from minions, so you use fleet (and biscuits) to heal back that bit of damage Caitlyn should be able to suffocate Vayne in lane, and fleet really enforces your ability to do that and pressure the lane as Caitlyn which is why it's so good on her Late game it allows you to get your {{item:3094}} auto off and then chase for more autos or kite as they try to turn on you, it's definitely a solid rune throughout the game
: 5 Simple Mistakes Low Elo Supports Make
Most of it is just rune/item set up, even summoner spells in low elo In Silver you often see the Dorans Ring support, the 2*heal bot lane... the lethal tempo caitlyn {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I recently ran through bronze on another account and saw so much dumb shit, and it's much the same in low silver
Moody P (NA)
: Since this is a big midseason patch i wanted to suggest Garen changes/minirework
Something that makes him better in lower elos is that his R doesn't scale on anything. If you cs well and win lane, you get no added impact with your R. So people in low elo that just soak the lane xp and miss CS are as strong as players that win the lane in higher elo I think his R should have a bonus hp ratio and less base damage, like "garen you cs well, you played lane well, you won, here's something to help you snowball" because every other toplaner's damage ult has some kind of scaling that means better players are rewarded I was thinking also "upon killing an opponent with R, your summoner cooldowns are reduced by 30%/40%/50%" so you flash in to kill a champ, you succeed, you get rewarded
: How to play Kayle the Righteous + rant
*BrickyOrchid flashbacks* I don't think having a late game hypercarry top is a bad thing, you can just as easily play Tryndamere if you wanted, he has a stronger laning phase into a lot of champions and he has a dash It's be a shame if they made her a lukewarm pick
Jacksedab21 (EUNE)
: What should i buy
I think both of them are pretty disappointing Omega Squad Teemo tho? now that's a skin. Super Galaxy Fizz too I tried to like Beemo but his omega squad skin is just king from my pov Of those 2? Probably beemo is best
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