Chermorg (NA)
: Riot has removed suspensions where things were said in team chat in 5 man premades and each person of the premade affirms (either here or in a support ticket) that they were okay with the behavior and that they rescind any "troll" reports they sent. If you were in a premade with 4 friends, and you can get them to all come here stating that they rescind their report (if they reported you) and that they were okay with the behavior in the game, you may have a chance. Note this isn't a *guarantee*, just a *possibility* based on what I've seen happen in the past.
I highly doubt Riot cares I made a support ticket the guy never read it and basically disregarded it given me a standard response and not looking into the situation But I'll give it a shot
Selegun (NA)
: You use chat instead of a voice com for 5 man? What Dial- up do you use?
I have people sleeping in my house can't talk on voice late in night so use in game chat as a way to communicate our bm to each other
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