: Next basic attack of Dark Harvest.
> [{quoted}](name=Nagashi Karato,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Hnj0FLpp,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-07T09:34:42.954+0000) > > against an enemy champion or structure It's all there. Champions ({{champion:266}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:36}} ....) and structures (Towers,Inibhitors,Nexus). No minions, no Monsters.
Arammus (EUW)
: darius w and trundle q lack important information
For trundle,i think it is 99% slow for 0.25s. I remember reading it somewhere years ago
Bârd (NA)
: Speculation on Akali's new matchups
Wait a minute.... *Goes scrolling down after seeing Amumu on the list* Did you do this for EVERY champ? Jeez i compliment your patience. Back to reading.
: Revert new aatrox
Rework are not made only because champs cannot win. I was winning almost every game with oldgot and still i know he needed a rework. Same should be applied for you. Was old aatrox fun for both teams,or only for the player using him? Also,no his late isn't shit. It obviously is not as strong as an aa-based champ would have, but he can still deal great amount of damages without being exploded in one hit. An aatrox literally stopped my team from finishing pre-20 because he knew what was his job in that specific game: diving me (playing the carry) and create a distraction to let his own team get an advantage in the fight.
Veraska (NA)
: Aatrox been pick or ban since the rework
Isn't that the case for every new champ/rework?
: Why is it that in mid lane
Isn't Kassadin an assassin,just a late game one?
: > [{quoted}](name=remakoro,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6qIyLRA9,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-06-21T11:28:28.458+0000) > > No it isnt. > Every AD keystone made comeback in new system. So if you have something in old system you still have it in the new one. They have shitload of things to choose from. And conqueror should not even exist. It makes tanks useless and steals job from ADCs. > > > If you gonna talk about - "got nothing going for them in the new system" then you actually should look at AP champions. > And they really struggle versus tanky targets. But who the fuck cares. Well take someone like {{champion:92}} for example. She can't use Press the Attack since she doesn't build AS and the only time she's actually AAing is between Q casts, meaning the 8-12% damage increased will only be applied after she's already dealt most of her damage with her Q. She can't use Lethal Tempo because the attack speed isn't useful. She can use Fleet Footwork but it doesn't feel very good. You see what I mean? And yes, I agree. AP champs need better customization. Sorcery went from "Mage" tree to "Go fast" tree.
All the Rivens i fight have Electrocute. Guess they didn't get the memo that Thunderlord is not best now.
: People Who play adc and mage top must be crucified
Agreed,let's purge those ranged weaklings {{champion:6}}
Yokujin (EUW)
: Cho'Gath and his execution "marker"
Before the visual remake of his abilities,the indicator was made with a lot of white spikes around a glowing red aura at the feet of the champ,that was quite easy to see if you knew to look for it. I still don't understand why they changed it into something impossible to see. It may not be essential,but it does help in the early stages of the game when you're not sure if you can kill someone.
ahama1 (EUW)
: why clash start on 7 pm on my country at WEEKEND
Same here, to me says 7:37 PM match start and i already checked and all of my group can't play at that time,either because of work or dinner. I would really love for it to be during the afternoon,like 3/4 PM
koshkyra (NA)
: Singed is such a horrible champion.
Didn't know Karth's W dealt damage. Is it like Anivia's W? I know you mean his circle (E),dw,it can happen to forget (or not know) a champ's kit. Anyway, every kind of poison stays for a while after it touched you: Teemo's E and R and Cassio's Q do the same. Once you have posion in your organism,it doesn't just leave once you get away from where you got it. It makes sense because Singed makes himself in a risky spot by posioning you: he HAS TO be in your attack range,whatever champ you are,and so you can fight back. Soraka's is an area that she can position from a safe range. I have a hate/love thing with singed,since i hate how he can pressure without doing nothing,but i love how he can run at people without a care in the world. So i agree with you: he's annoying and hard to deal with (sometimes),but his kit and item interaction is still better than other champs.
meowwow7 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Birbonius,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YzkN9JYU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-06T08:24:54.985+0000) > > Isn't blitz an ap based nuke assassin CC mage? he can do that or build ad since his e has 100% ad scaling
> [{quoted}](name=meowwow7,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YzkN9JYU,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-06T08:26:03.259+0000) > > he can do that or build ad since his e has 100% ad scaling That means hybrid assassin {{champion:53}} ={{champion:84}}
: Blitz is not a tank !
Isn't blitz an ap based nuke assassin CC mage?
rag (NA)
: Massive Irelia E bug 100% reproducible, might be a small reason Irelia felt so strong pre hotfix
just using it? without target or anything? mindless spam? It's broken anyway,but i'm curious
: You Know, Sometimes I Forget That No One Plays League of Legends RGM's For Fun Shenanigans
Since when a perma-CC team like Rakan is considered a loss? You just build a spooky ghost ( {{item:3905}} ) and you're guaranteed to block every movement from the enemies. It was so much fun when i got fed just by spamming Q in that OFA Rakan vs Jinx match and then engaging with W when she was at half health. Full AP Rakan can be so stupidly fun (and easy,i don't even own the champ) but people prefer to go "hey let's pick Zed for the 50th time in a row" and then we lose to a team of Iverns. Also,you should've tried Ivern. If you don't get a flaming team,it's fun even when you get stomped because everyone tries to talk like he does.
: What Do I Need to Change? (Mage v Tank)
Because she is not a tank. She is a Juggernaut. Like almost all other juggernauts,she resists more based on her sustain (which means damage) than her actual tankyness. A fed Illaoi can become as tanky as a real tank though,that is true,but she only had MR items. From now on i'll speak in hypotesis,thinking as it was a 5v5. If it was a 1v1 match,than you just had to get {{item:3135}} and poke her while kiting. Xerath's kit allows it quite easily,and Illaoi only has her W (+100 or so range) and her flash as gap closers. If your team could get her away from your ADC,she would not be a problem,since she had no armor item,not even Tabis. Some CCs and a not-braindead ADC and she would've been out of the fights in maximum 4 crits. But this depends on the rest of the team too,both yours and enemy's. Were there other threaths other than Illaoi? Was the support doing good job at protecting his carries? (You and the ADC and maybe an assassin jungler,idk) Was Illaoi the only tanky enemy? Did you have enough damage to win against the rest of the team,if Illaoi wasn't there or wasn't able to participate like she wanted to? With just you 2 and your build,there is not really much to say other than what i already said for the 1v1 match. Your playstyle,where and to who launch your skills all depends on the 5v5 situation.
: We going against Swain. I guarantee I won't play this a second time.
Meh,i was Illaoi vs Swain (still OneForAll) and we didn't have too much trouble winnig
: Strongest champions with Conqueror rune??
Either all-in/bursty champs that can charge it on minions and then unleash their full combo without risking much ({{champion:58}} ;{{champion:240}} and such) or people who can benefit from estended trades like the ones you mentioned. I would say even people like {{champion:75}} and {{champion:86}} could take it,if they think the extra AD and pure damage is worth the risk, so yeah people who used old fervor and that can work with / still use grasp
meowwow7 (NA)
: yas wall doesn't eat it that's what i love about naut ult
Then it must've been bugged in one of my games,cause i remember it being cancelled by a yas wall one time,it was early too (we were both level 7 laning against each other) so there was nothing else.
yonggon (NA)
: Nautilus's Ultimate randomly cancels and no CD
Did it happen against enemies that didn't have any way of cancelling it? (Yasuo's wall,Yi's Q and such)
: __________ is unhealthy
are these suggestions for clickbait titles?
Yamrgato (NA)
: Wtf do i do against temmo shrooms
Remember that Teemo is still a player,therefore a human being,therefore he may put shrooms always in the same places (at least in lane). Usually shrooms are set up so that they cover most of the zone you can walk in without them being stepped on by minions,so if you're going through a lane just stay a lil' behind your minions so that they check their line. Unless you're sure there are no shrooms around you,you shouldn't just walk around. All of this obviously gets more important once teemo gets to spam them,at the earlier levels (6-10) there won't be too much around. In jungle,you either use sweeping or you try to understand Teemo's logic on placing them: it's either around objectives or in narrow places,so always take the safest routes if you don't want to be ambushed or to step on multiple shrooms. There,you always have a weapon to counter shrooms: your brain.
: How to buff Nautilus to make him viable again without breaking him
> [{quoted}](name=Colton147,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qJvklobq,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-17T21:08:30.260+0000) > > {{champion:111}}, compared to other tank supports, is greatly struggling and could use some buffs to help him become more viable. With the buffs you listed you would mostly help top Nautilus,not Supp Nautilus. If we wanna help both,i'd say reducing his mana costs would be already a lot,without damage changes or anything else.
: PSA: You have a free warding trinket. Use it.
Funny thing is,i'm one of the few ADCs (probably because not my main role) who always uses his trinket when is ready,and most times it results in me getting CC'd by an enemy waiting in the bush i wanted to ward.
Krytoric (NA)
: It hurts seeing people talk about ADCs on the boards
You're right about everything,good job on the post. The only thing is: Urgot is a Juggernaut,both for playstyle and for official definition by Riot. He also a decent early game,so he really shouldn't be with those guys. Also,you didn't talk about full-tank champs,but they can be summed up almost with the same words of the playmaking supps: If they make a CC on the right person and the team follows,they carry/ADC dead. P.S: If i were a "board guy" i too would complain about ADCs,i really hate them,even when i'm playing them
: It is bad currently, I'm proposing a way to make it viable; a champion shouldn't be forced to one build path simply because his primary form of dps (which disables his ability to auto attack while active) has a fixed speed. It makes sense why it's not allowed to crit, but all other modifiers related to AD should affect it positively in some way.
The main damage of urgot comes from the legs, W is just the spell that lets you activate them instantaneously. And with 2.5s CD later on for each leg,i'd say that having a low damage 3.00 AS is still pretty good.
: Urgots W should gain bonus damage off of any Attack Speed built
> [{quoted}](name=CapnMorganFr3man,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7OqiWAFE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-12T15:28:56.511+0000) > > with the nerf to the bonus attack speed gained from putting points into Percision, there’s been a pretty noticeable decline in his winrate, I'm pretty sure that's not the reason his winrate may have declined. Simply at the time there was still sperimenting in the community,and PTA seemed like the go-to choice,until someone started to improvise seeing how little damage it was actually dealing overall. Right now the go-to rune is either comet or aftershock (match-up dependant) and,even if there are still people that go PTA (and it seems a bit better than before,both for me and for other) everyone agrees that the attack speed stat for that tree was and still is wasted. It may help you farm a little better,but it doesn't help you at all at being Urgot and doing what Urgot does. Said that,it is true that some balancing made to affect ADC's abuse hurt Urgot too (not everything though. Most noteably Sterak's,Grasp and the eventual new rune that is coming out) and that a solution could be found to give him some indirect buffs,but i have to say that he is seriously not in need of direct changes. So,giving extra damage on his W based on his Attack Speed would be just a "useless" (more damage is never useless) memery that would only confuse even more people while building and learning him. Either that or we would see the rise of a cheesy on-hit Urgot,which would eventually bring the nerfs and leave all of those who played urgot before in a bad place along the others who would join with the change. No thanks,i prefer keeping my melting legs,even though i would have fun doing a viable on-hit urgot.
: Second Wind v. Overgrowth
I play more bruisers than tanks,and still i find myself preferring second wind in most matches,that's because matchups that can win by poking or fatigue you are not that rare,and i prefer being safe with that extra regen (especially if it's a teemo,that+{{item:1054}} +{{item:3211}} is some regen you wouldn't imagine) instead of hoping to stay near enough minions to be tanky enough for teamfights where my enemies will be most likely fed because they dove me too many times. So,i recommend Overgrowth over Second wind only if you're sure that your lane will be passive AF
: are you accidentally aaing the enemy champ? that creates minion aggro duck into a bush to lose it..if they still chase, then you know it's warded
Fiora's Q is counted as a aa,iirc
: What if Garen received 3 dmg per 10% bonus Attack speed on Judgement (E)?
Why would you give Garen the option to build AS items though? Only to make critgaren more gimmicky? No thanks,i'm okay with dealing with drakhgaren fanboys already. I know the damage isn't too much,since it will be reduced by resistances,but still,there is no actual reason to do so. It's not what he is meant to do or build.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: This forum hates Pantheon and beg for nerfs so expect - 5 atleast. But they apparenyly have no problem with {{champion:92}} {{champion:58}}
Riven can be dealt with,and if she stomps you it's either the stomped who did something wrong or the riven who is actually really good. Renekton is a problem in some cases,but if he goes full ham pre-6 he still can die if traded well (same goes for panth) Panth has safer and more reliable ways to deal damage,a defensive passive and increased damage when you're low health after level 3 (can be level 2,depends on the player). Riven and Renek are hated (not by me,i only hate bad vayne players that get carried by supports and people who don't know how to deal with champs and then complain about it saying that is impossible to deal with them,while if you try to explain it to them they just say "stfu me report u hue hue hue"),is just that the current most popular hate is ADCs and Ardent Censer,so the old toplaners who were hated got left a bit behind Also,in my opinion,boards hate fiora way more than panth.
: Volibear cinderhulk bug?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oisZgRbQCw It's a Vandiril video,you can trust him,no viruses.
: Pantheon can use a buff?
I play as a Panth abuser for ranks,and NO GOD PLEASE NO. "too easily countered by armor and health" you have to not let people get those things,just like the bully panth is. "stun too short" iirc is 1 second or so,and is still enough to destroy anyone in lane or not prepared to face you,especially if you're not alone. If they are prepared,you still have high as fuck damage aand can win the trade unless it's a really really really fed adc,or a good adc with a janna. "teamfight isn't op" you either go diving,trying to assassinate a carry and taking the attention of the enemies while your team slaughters (and thinks you're crazy if done in low elo),or you stay alert to help whoever is the main target of the enemies,stunning the threats and chunking them down before they can land anything on your allies. Or you do the "tank". "falls of mid-late game pretty hard" Yeah,this is true,he's a bruiser bully with high base damaage and decent scalings,so his main strength is shutting down everyone he can as early as possible (if you haven't helped your jungler and/or one other lane to get at least a slight advantage,then you failed. If in the meantime you lost lane too,you fucked up,unless is someone who can outsustain and take the damage while farming like vlad or maokai). That's why you don't go full damage (i don't know how you build it,i haven't looked) but go off-tank,like a lee sin would. "his mana management" it's the only thing keeping him from destroying everyone just by vomiting spears as soon as he can,and with corrupting if you are not against a sustainer (vlad ecc...) you can still don't care much about mana. Also,the problem is only in lane,after level 9 you don't feel it much unless you stay for 3 minutes straight fighting without a disengage or such. I may be only silver,but i know enough to not ask to buff someone there is a reason to hate.
Glîtchy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Birbonius,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BGjPzG0y,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-17T16:49:41.081+0000) > > i think he's talking about the new rune which lets tank deal a good damage on turrets after a few seconds That and ALL AA modifiers (Yi wuju style, Cait headshot, Irelia true damage, Yorick Q, Fiora crit, etc) all now deal true damage/crit to turrets
WAIT WAIT WAIT Yorick Q normally doesn't do neither of them,does he have that true damage shit too or is it just on attacks that normally have it? (also,what about normal aa crits? and where did you find all of this?)
: What nerf?
i think he's talking about the new rune which lets tank deal a good damage on turrets after a few seconds
: The issue with Jinx with Warlords is that the damage is lower. Sure, you are safer yourself, but it comes at a major cost to kill times, and every second matters when it comes to this mode, you can't waste a moment.
I still never tried using fervor on the mode because i still need to unlock the 5-man S mission,even though i already did get S using warlords jinx with random people. Later this week i'll give it a try if i can and see if it really ups the damage that much (since the levels start from 8,i don't have reason to think it doesn't,but unless i see it with my own eyes i won't be sure). Originally,i preferred to take Warlords because i can never know when a lagspike comes,or if randoms are good or not,so the extra healing + the movement speed would've been a good save if it were needed. If my connection wasn't as shit as it is,i'd probably not even try it
: Lets be honest here. An average player cant even beat this mode. Ive been playing this and the only time ive beaten this are with plat or higher. (Im plat) how do you expect the majority of your player base to win it.ps im talking about getting an s or higher
I am a silver/bronze scrub,and a lot of people i play with are even worse than me,in SR we are able to throw a lot when we aren't concentrated as much,but this mode isn't that hard,you just need to practice it for a bit,"my" whole group of people understood it in just 2 tries,only one of us needed a 3rd try to get it all. It may be because we all come from MMORPGs,so we are already used to raids and extreme coordination,target picking and such,and S is easy to get even with random people if you find the ones who actually play it with some reasoning.
SanTaiga (NA)
: I think your missing a point also, 0 + 1 = 0 not 1.5...... also, you are arguing by raw numbers instead of thinking about the fact that procc for stoneborn pact is more beneficial across the entire team in a pve map unlike SR. You are also forgetting that not every champion you use windspeakers instead of stoneborn pact on is giving extra lifesteal to your AD carries, instead of extra healing and shielding per skill used on those champions. Lulu is going to be utilizing the shielding component of that keystone, but will miss out on giving out healing the rest of the team who attacks the debuffed target with stoneborn pact. Janna can utilize both. All allied champions heal the percentage on your team who attack the target you are attacking as the support. Also, you should consider that life steal is weaker on this map specifically, and extra healing from stoneborn pact provides a different look at it. You should also consider the point of taking stoneborn depending on the composition that you are trying to win the mode in. Obviously, stoneborn pact IS going to be the absolute optimal to be used on Poppy, especially if your buying warmogs + health items, etc. However, there are going to be those team comp cases where you can't take poppy if you want to pass the quest. Better healing overall to your entire team in those instances? or better shielding? Isn't it why they say things are "situational" based on scenario? It can also just come down to preference. You prefer the healing rather then the shielding. Your supposed inferior combination shines in a different scenario, rather then your supposed one. The question is, is what your going for going to need the healing? Do you prefer to use that keystone over this one? Consider the fact that lifesteal is mitigated on this map, people still prefer to build bork even though it isn't optimal due to lifesteal mitigation the more members fall, doesn't that point alone counteract your point as well? You are arguing the fact that in the end, coordination is still key, as well as understanding why each keystone would work given the situation and builds, not that one is better then the other simply by your numbers.
0+1 is 1 0 TIMES 1 is 0 About the whole keystone argument,i agree that is situational,if no one can pick poppy,it's the best choice to give the tanky keystone to one on the team who can use it at its best,but unless you're trying a "protect the carry" kind of team for the mission,i don't think more than one is necessary.
abdul569 (EUW)
: I love the new texts in loading screen but we can go even further especially with the new system
: Complete Guide to Invasion : Onslaught, to all extents (S+ On all 5 core missions obtained)
Really Good Job on the guide. I'm still working on doing team missions with some friends,and with both 0 sup and 0 adc we arrived with boss almost dead,lost because a of unlucky rek'sai spawns that had CC us too frequently,not letting us evade the ball AoE from the boss. I've had tried some of the build you said,but i've found myself way more comfortable with these: {{champion:78}} Grasp of the Undying {{item:3194}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3190}} ({{item:3065}} instead of solari if you have soraka). With Grasp you up your kill potential in case your teammates don't follow you on Velkoz or Kog,making you save a bit of time too and sustain in desperate cases (follow the circle,for example,i've had times where a grasp proc saved me enough to W into the finishing point and win the round). Helm i'd say it's essential,since you can eat a lot of Velkoz Q and a lot of lasers too if needed without going below 50% health. It may be worse than your build,but it's the one i've had most success with. I've tried switching IBG with Gargoyle's but it was meh for me,even with the mega health that boosts the graps procs. I prefer IBG slows to help my team survive PermaCCs. I also did {{champion:81}} with the same exact build,runes and masteries and died only once because of 2 big velkoz moving lasers crossed onto me right after they spawned,and had only 300 hp less than Poppy in the end. {{champion:222}} Warlords {{item:3153}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} Even with only 50% crit chance,Jinx's passive makes it so that you have always 2.50 AS,and so both crits and warlords can proc way too fast to actually let you get damage. I actually had a game (with randoms) in which i HAD TO kite-tank "the big one" with jinx,and with this build,unless when i was CC'd,i was always above 80% health. {{champion:21}} Some friends of mine tried her with DFT and full lethality and said they found her doing good damage,i personally never tried. {{champion:81}} both Fervor and warlords 1st buy {{item:3144}} {{item:3057}} ,then complete {{item:3153}} ,after that {{item:3078}} and then last item of your choice,i usually do {{item:3034}} and i've had a lot of single-target damage,near to Crit Jinx's one actually if you hit all your Qs. {{champion:99}} Thunderlord {{item:3174}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3151}} It was on a random run,i wanted to be sure to heal everybody 'cause i don't always trust people and found out it actually works,i saved many times our soraka and MF dying with that 200 heal from Athenes. If needed to built supp,i'd say to slap {{item:3174}} togheter with {{item:3504}} and {{item:3107}} so you can become a mini-janna. Hopefully these variants can help people who can't seem to win with your builds,and hopefully i'll get your opinion on them. Question: Is it worth to sell Sorc Boots on Syndra to get the Rabadon? I never tried the build,but it seems to me it costs too much,i may be wrong though.
HBKiller96 (EUNE)
: [GAMEPLAY] Tristana and Ezreal can jump even if they are in Thresh's or Blitz's hook.
If they cast their W/E (Trist/Ezreal) and get hooked during a short time it is activating,they actually "evade" the CC. Same can go for stuns,other hooks (Blitz is the easiest one to avoid,since it's almost instant) or Roots like Morgana's Q. If it is a displacement,they will just get stunned (not being able to flash/heal/drop a bomb during the jump|dash) for the remanaince of the time,with thresh hooks fro example you can escape but still not be able to move for a while. Also,Newgot's E can act the same way,but it's not "every CC". Urgot can evade Poppy's ult,but doesn't seem to be able to avoid a gnar ult,or at least i'm not able to with him.
Glîtchy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Birbonius,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MAuJAOTu,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-09T06:58:52.837+0000) > > Fix'd. I've had too many times people saying that veigar was unfair becaause they didn't kill him quick enough to not let him cast his ultimate and do the trade-off,and i don't see any tank veigar in a lot of time. His ult is probably one of the easiest ults to counter when it comes to mid lane.
I agree but you know,bronze and stuff.
: Considering the fact that an AD bard just soloed vilemaw
> Unless you're AP Unless you're AP who doesn't use mana, you have {{item:3165}} . I know it has an health limit,but it is a GW ap item. Or you can ult as kata,i guess? Anyway,Lifesteal it's problem combined with other high damage builds,a full build/fed draven was a prime example some weeks ago,idk why i don't fand any dravens anymore in my games,even when not banned.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Bet Syndra mains are downvoting, but seriously, there is no outplay, people say Veigar ult doesn't have any, but it does, it stops if you kill him when it's in mid flight, most ults are stopped upon the caster dying, Syndra's doesn't stop even after death, I've gotten a penta because i just ult and when they die after me, it says "Pentakill", cause you know.....skills.
> It stops if you kill him mid **cast** Fix'd. I've had too many times people saying that veigar was unfair becaause they didn't kill him quick enough to not let him cast his ultimate and do the trade-off,and i don't see any tank veigar in a lot of time.
: Skin in loading screen
It's a Chroma As for mumu,idk
: Can people who got all five honor icons get another icon?
The fact is,the fifth icon,the one who has the other four in it,is the one given if you had earned all the others. As for about the images,we players can't really say anything,i guess,we don't decide them
Malza (NA)
: Urgot outplays entire enemy team by pressing W
Lulu outplays entire enemy team only pressing (shield button i don't remember which)*
: "Oh am adc is low"
Wait a second,let me think this a moment: 1)The fight is at the lower side of the inihb,and yourr adc,being damage,is logically going away to stay safe,ok,as i can see the battle should've started a bit higher,as the rumble ult is already used where the fight is not at the moment. I just now see it's TSM vs IMT,i don't really remember what happened in their games,anyway: 2) the adc (if i remember correctly tristana?) is not inside Rumble's ultimate,but still in need of a shield because she's the only damager,so she tries to get back near to get back to attacking while Alistar (? still i don't remember much,i was sleepy) gives her a locket 3)"that shield was enough to eat an entire rumble ulti" said like that it mean that the shield is used to protect from the rumble ulti,and it is not like that. A better way to say it could be "Rumble ulti's has dealt less damage than that shield (comparing how usually an adc lategame has around 1.9-2k hp and that shield goes on to a 4k level) " Yes,i love just stating fact and detailing everything i can,i'm a jerk. Anyway i agree,some shields and interactions are too BS at the moment,hopefully they will tone down them eventually. If they don't want to lower the numbers,they could make it have less range,or something like that.
nekitamocar (EUNE)
: Probably but its still an interesting concept. It would be amazing if you could coat weapons with special coatings like bleed dmg on frozen mallet.
Yes,it would be cool,but probably it would become just a copy of Ornn's passive. on that already they said that they did only raw stats increase because of balance problems the better effects could bring,and if they evaded it on the champ that has that similar function,i'd think they won't do it in runes.
nekitamocar (EUNE)
: New runes?
Most probably just placeholders with funny descriptions,all of them have some reference to a "third line",and we don'tt have any "love damage",unless it's the 2018 jungle change
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