: I'd say 100% minimum for 5. So 2:25 3:50 4:75 5:100 OR have it ramp up with each consecutive game: 2:+5% per game 3:+10% per game 4:+15% per game 5:+20% per game max 100%. Bonus is permanent but resets each day and is only active in parties of 2+. But let's go deeper. What if playing 5 games with 5 players got you a party chest. It dishes out 5 random loot drops (key fragments, chests, champ/skin shards) and all 5 players get to cast a vote on what they want and then the system dishes them out evenly (using old RPG rolls). This would be a weekly reward for each individual player. So for instance if 4 people already have it and the fifth unlocks theirs, they can open it to obtain a single drop (no choices here since only 1 person). Then so you don't run into that situation, each player can have the option to skip opening the party chest so you can save it for when all 5 players have it ready so then you have a better chance of everyone getting what they want. Putting both systems together gives players an incentive to play multiple games with a 5 man party to both get the max XP gain and the party chest!
That's a good idea! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: While I do agree but I think those numbers are way too generous as it directly affects the income of stuff that's worth money for Riot. Thinking more in the lines of: 2 players = 15% 3 players = 30% 4 players = 45% 5 players = 60%
I think that for most, the rewards you get for leveling up doesn't really matter. Not appealing enough. {{champion:32}}
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