: His first kill(s), studying under Dmitri and relationships with Swain, LeBlanc, Elise and Vayne. If they could expand on the concept of hemomancy in his backstory, that'd be interesting.
Looking at the Noxian timeline Dmitri prolly didn't survive the retcon...
: > [{quoted}](name=Blood Magicks,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=wKWgYZgJ,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2018-09-20T20:01:12.542+0000) > > holy shitpost i just came here to have a good time and i feel so attacked right now
Senpai no I am merely in awe and aspiring to one day master the art so perfectly! Also this sounds like a perfect Jhin or Ivern skin to be honest.
: Sure. - They're a military veteran formerly stationed at a research base in the Freljord. - They left their life of war behind to focus on the "magic" of painting. - They amass a small fortune creating art and eventually start their own successful local access cable show. - They grow an easily identifiable afro and speak in a gentle tone of voice. - The champion's name is Robert (Bob for short).
: Blood for the Blood God
Cetri (NA)
: So this is something I've thought a lot about... I actually wrote an updated bio for him a while back and posted it on the Concepts & Creations board, though it didn't get too much attention. [In case anyone wants to take a look, here it is.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/EMqVjI6m-i-wrote-a-long-bio-for-vlad) The TL;DR is that I envision Vlad to have been born just after Mordekaiser was overthrown For Realsies. Having grown up hearing stories about him, but not having been subject to his rule himself, he came to admire Morde instead of revile him. This is what drives him to want to learn about dark magic. I feel like his admiration of Mordekaiser would lend itself to some interesting interactions with other characters, particularly LB, Swain, and Numero Uno himself. Who would Vlad side with, if and when Mordekaiser comes back to reclaim his throne? The other most major relationship I thought about is probably also one that would be a bit controversial. We know from the Varus comic that the Darkin were the original practitioners of blood magic. Keeping with that, who is a Darkin that a Noxian like Vladimir might stumble across? Naturally, Rhaast would only want him for his body, but I could see Vlad being careful and crafty enough to learn from Rhaast (under the guise of "preparation") and ultimately outwit the scythe. This, naturally, would lend itself to some interesting things being in play in the "present," particularly with Kayn's three different forms. I imagine Vlad would react quite differently to all three, and at least in-story if not in VO, there'd likely be a great deal of animosity on Rhaast's part.
Oh I've read that! Nice ideas, and I'm so happy that even in his current state of no lore Vlad inspired people!
: Halloween lore releases idea
: Kayn x Rhaast
: What about my boy, Vladimir?
I've been asking the same question for three years now. Maybe if we get only a little bit more annoying something will happen? I have a gut feeling.
  Rioter Comments
: Not necessarily. There are champs that are strong that people aren't into the lore for, and other champs that are weak that people are interested in. Then, more weirdly, we find some champs are well understood, but the desire for more lore is very low - and other champs that are poorly understood and for some the desire for lore is very high, and others its low. Of course, there are some champs that are strong, have great theme, up to date kit and art, and are super popular - these things aren't completely disconnected. That's just natural. But the data isn't quite as cut and dried as it might initially seem.
I want to preface this by saying that this is definitely an area where Riot has improved, and I really appreciate it. I agree the correlation between ingame popularity and lore poll results isn't always there, but it's been there enough times to cause massive letdowns in lore nerd communities, including the boards, which lead to the loss of dedicated fans who would otherwise create content and manage communities and in general be an asset to Riot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chromatic Eagle,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2FHdjGUr,comment-id=0005000800010001,timestamp=2018-09-11T21:02:54.323+0000) > > How can you tell which champion is popular by lore? We do a LOT of surveys, worldwide, of all kinds of players. We specifically ask whether players know about the lore of a champ, if they like the lore of the champ, if they'd like to learn more about the lore of a champ - all those kind of things. Its a frankly terrifying amount of data, and we have folks who very masterfully wrangle it into useful tables and charts to consume, but it's not the whole picture and we need to take into account other things too - but it's definitely one way to check if a champion is 'popular by lore'. :)
Yes, but in those surveys some 80-90% of people vote almost exclusively for their mains, no? So naturally stronger champions and ones with good/new visuals will come out on top. I can't help but think Riot's caught in a bit of a feedback loop when it comes to champion popularity, and despite numerous people going out of their way to request lore on the boards, some hidden gems might never get a chance...
: Odyssey universe page
Wait Dan Abnett writes League now? Just... well there goes my sleep.
: Odyssey Kayn Special Interactions
>RHAASTY BOY Carnival, what have you done??? This is suddenly the best VO I've heard in a very long time. Kudos to the VAs too, they're absolutely killing it. Even harder than on base. So much emotion and passion for the project.
: This might be my favorite sci-fi film ever made outside of Chronicles of Riddick. The genre is so geared towards series and sequels that when you see a great sci-fi movie that really _feels_ giant, but the director tells a concise story within that space... dang... it's just the best.
I would sell my soul to see Chronicles of Riddick aesthetics in League. Please. Please. PLEASE I BEG YOU DO IT!!!! https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/digital/video/hero/Movies/2004/B001BR7CYS_TheChroniclesofRiddick_UXNB1._V142637759_RI_SX940_.jpg
: Rhaast looks fucking fantastic, but Kayn is really something, isn't he? What a beautiful specimen~
: In game preview of the Odyssey skins
: Which Region Is Your Favorite?
Noxus satisfies both my craving for dark fantasy and my passion for the problems of postmodernism. I think the storytelling opportunities it offers are infinite, unfortunately not that well explored yet. Second place and first place for a very long time was Icathia.
Reav3 (NA)
: Ed from Coboy Bebop was actually one of the references (Of many) that we used for Zoe :)
My boyfriend also said she looked a lot like Peter Pan. Is that another one?
: I think this genuinely WAS because someone on here asked "Why are Syndra and Zed connected on Universe?" and I thought, yeah, why are they? So, now they're not. See? We listen :-)
Do you have/have you ever had an OTP?
: mind giving a link of his fantasy narrator voice?
I once listened to him narrate Swain's lore. It was awesome but I don't think a recording exists...
: Voice Over Lore
Honestly Scathlocke should do some of it. He has the fantasy narrator voice. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Are we still getting a lore update for the remaining Noxian champions?
Any Rioter willing to show up and drop a tiny, teeny bit of Vlad lore to help his fans engage with the universe? It would mean the world to us.
Reav3 (NA)
: Anything is possible, though I think that would betray her core theme a bit. Quinn core theme is basically a ranger/hawk master not a knight. I would rather try to make the best version of a ranger with a bad ass pet hawk, because that would feel way more true to Quinn
Are you really going to update a season 3 champion before even considering a champion who looks/sounds so bad the lore team won't write a single sentence about him, even when canon requires it? For the record I don't blame the lore team, Vlad does look trash.
: If Ezreal's VGU goes well: Jax, Blitz and Kennen are next in line!
Somehow {{champion:8}} isn't popular enough or doesn't need it?
: What accents do you wanna hear in LOL and what VGU champs do you wanna see have an accent?
I wish {{champion:8}} would sound less... American. Most European accents would be good.
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Worst: {{champion:8}} Very outdated and kind of ridiculous. Completely out of character. Best: {{champion:50}} {{champion:84}} I guess
: It is forced because she is the only Demacian female to go through it. Quinn, Vayne, Shyvanna, and Lux don’t even have it as a minor conflict. Let’s not forget that Riot has concept art of female Demacian warriors but Fiora’s lore contradicts that.
There's some in Lux's lore (she and Garen raised differently) and the rather creepy moment when she got attacked in the Galio story. Vayne doesn't interact with Demacians enough (although some bits of it can be interpreted to mean sexism).
: The lore of all Demacian champions = awfu because of shoddy editing.
I don't think the sexism is forced. See this [thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/UEmdhvyO-a-somewhat-controversial-thread-about-demacian-culture-and-petricide) I made a while ago.
: Your list is great, pretty much matches my own. I'll swing by Reav3's desk and poke him as well. Re: Ez, it does sound very similar. I think there's just going to be more polish, applying everything we can do in 2018 (it's starting to get pretty crazy, especially when it comes to animations). On the narrative front, there's a lot of cool stuff from FauxSchizzle on the way. ["You belong in a museum" confirmed.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/LMuEqlVI-if-you-are-gonna-change-ezreal?comment=0000) But Reav3 is the expert on these goals, I should probably leave room for his more informed, more correct answer.
Ask him if he's enjoying the reddit gold membership :)
: Noxus as a whole probably doesn't know, or thinks it's just fanciful myth from a people who should know when they've been conquered. Swain? He's probably a little apprehensive, although I bet he's got a plan in place. The Black Rose? Now, there's a far more interesting/scary situation...
https://youtu.be/iZKLQMMj2yQ EDIT: DO NOT open [this image](https://i.imgur.com/zAtqP4M.jpg).
: you're welcome, fam
Does Riot have a Meme team? You deserve to head it. On a side note, how do I apply?
: tldr, don't give up hope!!
Even folks like me? {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Yes, the sink hole effect. This reinforces the theft of magic--by utilizing her power, she stops magic from going anywhere around her. Thus, she manipulates outside sources for power, rather than being internally driven by her own specific magic. This isn't inherently tragic; you can see things like this with Vladimir and he's no more tragic for it. Why in the world does she need to be a sinkhole? Why can she not, instead, be someone who acts like a fountain of magical power, a mortal walking the power to transcendence? Re-arranging the power of others is almost entirely what Xerath does with his theft of Ascension energy. It makes sense for him to work that way, it's part of his modus operandi. Syndra was always her own power source, now she is not.
Just stopping by to tell you Vladimir's current lore isn't canon anymore buddy.
: Predictions for the upcoming roadmap
Sweet summer children... Fairly soon my dears.
: that's weird, this cursed monkey paw i made my wish on had no curled fingers just a second ago
I hope that doesn't mean anyone is about to die? Speaking of horror, which short (or longer) stories have made you feel the most disturbed/uncomfortable? Have you written anything in that vein? I got my hands on a contemporary horror anthology a few months ago in search of that thrill but most of it did not deliver.
: man, i sure do love that there _skin lore_ hoo boy i could make posts asking about it on boards all day, me, a normal player who does not work here i bet the one guy who writes for skins would love to talk about it more on boards, where i, a player who is not the skins writer, eagerly anticipate the next big skOH GOD PLEASE SOMEBODY ASK ABOUT THE SKIN LORE
are the two soulstealers a couple???? edit: ????????
: > The only thing Blizzard has on Riot in my book atm is that their blood mage looks way cooler and their blood magic is more developed. Who are you talking about, exactly? Adria, Kael'thas, Lana'thel...?
This lad, released in late 2017: https://media.giphy.com/media/xUyla0hsAPN6KbwIxZ/giphy.gif https://i.imgur.com/yUdq9Qt.jpg
: If it doesn't have immortal serial killers and alien terrors from the beyond, it's not worth reading.
Vlad does attract the Patrick Bateman crowd a bit, doesn't he? I understand that is important to a lot of fans. How core do you think sadistic murder should be to his character?
: This is actually a great point, and something we always try to bear in mind. Light is lighter when you also have dark for comparison, but each becomes meaningless if that's all you get. It may just be that we've concentrated on the grim-dark champions and regions more recently... but we will do more light-hearted stuff as well. :-)
> but we will do more light-hearted stuff as well abhorrent
WarWork (NA)
: I think Riot is slowly but surpassing Blizzard as a lore powerhouse
Blizzard releases a good novel every once in a while (among a sea of mediocrity) and their ingame scriptwriting is fun but unoriginal and repetitive, directed at a very young audience. IMO Riot surpassed them in the story/fiction department this year, and smashed their character and dialogue writing long ago, during the daring, mature and highly original season 6. The only thing Blizzard has on Riot in my book atm is that their blood mage looks way cooler and their blood magic is more developed. But I'm sure Rito will come to their senses and fix that at some point... {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Blood Magicks,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=8J3e6t85,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-02T18:17:49.030+0000) > > Someone really needs to explain the lore behind Shadow Kayn. I vaguely remember a Rioter saying that Shadow Kayn is less "Kayn straight up kills a Darkin" and more "Kayn *thinks* he's killed a Darkin but actually just made Rhaast go to sleep and it'll wear off when Kayn dies."
I can believe that. Still, it means Kayn's body and mind are not in immediate danger of disintegration and Rhaast is greatly weakened and inactive. So how long can the two coexist without any of that (or the opposite) happening? PS Another Rioter has said boards/reddit/twitter posts aren't 100% canon.
Ahpe (NA)
: Do you really think a human like Kayn can destroy Rhaast though? How weak did Myisha make The Darkin? How strong are the shadow arts?
Someone really needs to explain the lore behind Shadow Kayn.
: ...like AD-B's?
"From the Ashes" was indeed phenomenal and among the darkest (if not the darkest) tales on "Universe". I look forward to him writing more League stories!
: I love Kayn's, yeah yeah I know he's straight edge. But it's a super compelling story to me at a high level with two opposing forces forced together in a race against time, like 2 enemies on a road trip with only one person who knows how to drive and the other with the map in his head, with everything on the line yet the payoff is oh so glorious
Have you ever wondered about this or asked a Rioter: How long can Kayn and Rhaast feasibly coexist without one destroying the other? EDIT: Okay, let's say defeating rather than destroying.
: Add Dembski-Bowden to the list.
Oh, I'm not trying to list all the League writers who've ever impressed me because that would take quite some time, merely remarking on the sheer volume and consistent quality of GM's work ~~and I'm heavily biased in favor of dark fantasy~~
Ahpe (NA)
: What aspects of the lore do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy it when Graham touches a keyboard
: Top 10 most powerfull mages in-lore
Just you wait for Vlad... {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Countdown to new champion Roadmap begins today!
: he's a man who drank his teacher in an old castle on the top of a mountain i think vlad could use a pug-over
If we could ask for a birthday gift.. can you ship Soulstealer Vlad and Vayne (in the souls-verse only)? They are the only two Soul-stealers after all. There's fanart and everything... https://78.media.tumblr.com/aebcd16a14405b86ed0e65af1d9cfb4d/tumblr_og85m1NBgn1r6o1dao2_1280.png
: We do know Noxus using Jarvan IV’s blood is still canon because new Swain has an interaction for Jarvan towards this fact. But we don’t know if Vlad still played a part in it.
Actually the Vlad part was in the "Surviving in Noxus" video so it's safe-ish too, we just don't know the aims/politics/goals behind it, we don't even know what he was doing.
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