: @Riot tell me if I am no longer a target audience for this game.
Riot tries to appeal to everyone but knows they're dead without a fresh influx of players.
: I was thinking that maybe it was Valdimir that sent Evelynn. Vayne has Vlad listed as a rival so perhaps they will explore that connection? Moreover, in the old lore it was implied to be a witch from the Black Rose that made Vayne into an orphan so maybe they are also keeping Vayne's connection to the black rose. A counterpoint to this would be that Riot doesn't want to go the route of every demacian had their life ruined by a noxian rout. Although technically black rose is an ancient independent secret society and not a noxian one many people associate black rose with noxus
Vlad is the same age as Vayne and thus was likely too young to have done it (and he was probably busy doing med school/blood magic in the middle of nowhere at that age). Source: someone posted a list of speculated character ages and a rioter agreed with it Evelynn was also implied to be the focus of a cult in the outskirts of Demacia, so a bit too far from Noxian influence
Bultz (NA)
: Anyone else Curious
She is naked and rather voluptuous.
: source were he hinted it? and ionia is overrated. not because it is a massive continent but we just receive 3 players from that faction and giving another ionian a go is BS. If they can do that to zaun, why not ionia too...
I'm on mobile, check his posting history, the post says "Thinking face"
: Ok, i respect your opinion but i think vlad can't be the next one because swain is from noxus and riot states that there should be no back to back champ with the same role/lane/position/faction. But yes, vlad is indeed needs a rework and hopefully will see him the future :) and i think we should stop from ionia for a while, Irelia needs a VGU but not know cause i enjoy her play style till now and many people play irelia more than nunu tbh plus irelia is popular than nunu.
Sadly the Ionia fan train goes way too fast for any of us to stop it and also Reav3 himself hinted it might be her. So, uh, toplane will be a no-go zone in a few patches.
: which champ do you expect to get a VGU in the next road map? (VGU after swain ofc!)
I hope its Vlad for one very simple reason: He's conceptually gorgeous. Regardless of promo/release materials quality, a beautiful champion will always get more love than an ugly one. Just look at latest releases: * Yorick? Hyped but soon forgotten. * Urgot? Same. * Ornn? Barely got noticed. * Kayn? Cute relatable kid quickly won the hearts of everyone and playrates are have been high for ages. There is no doubt in my mind that Evelynn will be in every game post-release. In that train of thought, I believe Irelia is next for VGU and probably a great choice because popularity - wise the inequality goes **Hot/cute girl > hot/cute guy > plain/ugly guy > plain/ugly girl** And yes, no matter how you guys here feel, Urgot is ugly. EDIT: holy shit I forgot, there's a chance we see Morgana's chest in high poly, yes please
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: Here's something I did on my phone in 2 minutes https://imgur.com/gallery/gDKSc
Okay but you need to sign it.
: When is Vlad due for a model update?
It's my birthday today and if I could wish for a gift, it's a Vlad VGU with a new passive. It's a bit too much to ask for though so if a Riot artist lurks this thread may I just ask for the most murderously, gruesomely, savagely adorable Bloodlord chibi they can draw, possibly signed. Riot pls, I drank to your health. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Blood Magicks,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ugNvJAZ7,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-09-19T16:26:53.232+0000) > > You can probably delete or replace the sound files and textures. I'm on mobile right now but if you look up a few guides you'll find a way. i feel like this could be bannable as it would be skin modification... but it would be something i would life to be able to do if it was allowed
People use custom skins all the time and no one bans them. After all only you can see the new textures. So just do it and don't worry. If riot gives tries to stop you, let them know. You're not hurting anyone and just trying to enjoy the game more.
: Can we have some way to disable bee-keeper singed...
You can probably delete or replace the sound files and textures. I'm on mobile right now but if you look up a few guides you'll find a way.
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: MB soz. I think garen got plenty of attention in the story. The main reason i can think of why you'd feel that way is because she actually "solves" the issue. Garen however would have never figured it out and is much more proficient in defending the town of the creatures. so it makes sense. Lux being the one who beats the enemy does not take away garen defending the town. This does put lux in a more prominent main character role but if we'd have been focusing on garen more we'd just be reading about him fighting for so long until lux happens to solve it "offscreen". Other than that she appeared in galio's story and garen's. Garen's story is impossible without lux, and so is lux's without garen. Why she's in galio's would most likely be because galio is a magical being and lux struggles with magic in demacia. The others afaik don't mention her.
Needless to say, seeing Lix in stories that shouldn't have anything to do with her will be bad storytelling. Making her essential to stories and wrapping main narrative points around her isn't bad storytelling per se, but it gets boring and shows favouritism we can easily do without.
: Sorry i must have missed the announcement in which riot stated Demacia to be the main story. She's an important figure in Demacia but just saying she's in the spotlight because of that 1 animation is a bit much. These animations were very short and were for Darius, Zed, Lux and MF. They were a side project on which some rioters worked and were made with no regards for lore aside of character personality. darius was in both the animation and got a comic. But noxus atm is a difficult place when it comes to lore because it's not updated yet. Warwick is the only Zaun champion with an animation. so is he suddenly the main character of zaun? ######yes jinx has an animation but that's a music video.
>Sorry i must have missed the announcement in which riot stated Demacia to be the main story. I didn't mean that Demacia is the main story, I meant that the short story titled "For Demacia" is the main story we got when the Demacia faction update happened. (Like Bloodlines was for Shurima and so on). Lux is quite obviously the main character there. I'm not saying you can judge who the main character is by a single piece of content, but when this character consistently appears in materials associated with a faction and it gets hard to not see them, it's a pretty safe bet they are marketed as special.
: Why not? Central characters tie the story together. Some characters do more, lore-wise, than other characters, and so having a greater emphasis on them seems natural.
By that logic only the most important person per faction should be in the spotlight. For Demacia, this translates to the prince himself.
: Even then. Lux only takes the lead in her own stories. The one with her brother focused on garen and lux, i didn't read the galio one cuz i honestly don't care about current ~~machoman~~ galio, and in her own stories ofc she's taking the lead. The fact that she's present in garen's story as a mentioned character is because of garen's whole "Honor" thing but his sister being a mage (and if it's still canon katarina). None of the zaun stories put anyone in the spotlight except the character they're talking about. The only reason i can think of for lux feeling like "The league main character" is because of the latest starguardian lore, of which she IS the main character.
For Demacia, which is supposed to be the main story, has Lux in the spotlight. The only Demacia animation we got has Lux in the spotlight. I love her and she is one of my mains, but the preferential treatment is obvious.
: except she only appears in demacian lore.
Well, each region has a main character and this is also something I don't exactly approve of.
mkyner (NA)
: As cool as that would be, we already have one Demacian putting their values on the line for love (Garen x Kat). While Vayne certainly isn't as honorable as Garen (in my eyes, at least), such an engagement would still entail her going against things she feels strongly about.
Garen x Kat is Romeo and Juliet and may actually work out one day. Vlad and Vayne will never get out of the flirting/rivalry with heavy sexual tension phase and if they do, it won't be pretty.
: Vayne finds out lux has magic Garen is tasked by jarvin IV directly to destroy a mysterious light using spellcaster in the area garen decide between his sister and his honor
This is all nice and interesting but League should NOT have a main character (in my humble opinion) and Lux is awfully close to being one.
: Well, I think a heroic, good-natured magical Colossus is more relatable than a bloodthirsty crazed huntress. But that's just me.
Hey, edgy is the new sexy and Vayne is like a pile of shurikens in that sense.
: I'd rather see this guy in the comic: {{sticker:galio-happy}}
He got a ton of content recently and doesn't make for a relatable character. Unless you are a giant tincan of course.
: I'd rather read about Vayne's romantic exploits.
I don't think she can easily get onto a relationship, but if you insist... {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: Thoughts on Illaoi Skin Ideas
Give us Pool Party Illaoi where the tentacles are pool noodles and she's the tough but supportive swimming instructor. The idol is a swimming board and she beats you with it when you don't want to put in the effort. I also like Valkyrie Illaoi where she slaps you with rainbows and her idol is a drinking horn. Obviously make her a mighty blond Northern lass that can snap a man in half.
: Is it possible to get another small Swain rework hint from the devs?
Please, Riot. Fan the hype flame. Water the hype plants.
: meh whatever that's plat elo anyway, I feel the main point of my statement still stands
You are free to feel however you want, but needless to say a VGU has more content than the number of skins that got redone.
: source is Champ gg not sure where you're looking
You're only looking at toplane Vlad's pickrate, the midlane pickrate is about twice as high {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Vlad is currently played in 2.22% of Games, Yorick is played in 0.78%, a large difference to be sure, but Vlad has waited all of 2 years for a skin, talk to us at 2,273 days only to find a generic epic tier skin for your wait. The only light years here are the ones between our levels of despair, of which Vlad mains know nothing.
> 2.22% Source? I'm looking at champion.gg and lolalytics.com and the numbers are larger. And you guys got a high-quality VGU, this counts as two skins at least.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Ok, talk to you in 2052 then. :)
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Fanbase and playerbase, ok, I can agree. But when it comes to lore and thematic, Yorick is way better in my opinion.
Post update of course his concept got fleshed out better. Call me again after Vlad gets an update of the same caliber.
: Don't let yourself be fooled. I waited six years for an epic Yorick skin, something that would be worth all the waiting and aggravation from the company and the community. All I got was an average effort, one they're trying to behind next to a bunch of other skins, including Yi's 50th skin.
Are you comparing Yorick's fanbase, playerbase and concept to Vlad's? Because the difference is in light years.
: Nah fam. Vlad can keep his onion hair for all eternity.
And the trashbag cape with blades everywhere and the oversized hands? ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Come on, buddy, we all want Count Vlad to be more than just a recolor and to look like this https://image.ibb.co/c8zVpF/Screen_Shot_2017_07_07_at_10_28_42_AM_0.jpg rather than like my butch goth cousin https://image.ibb.co/mjCi9F/630da52eca9563bed2fd8ce8f1ec1a2b.jpg cheers pizza feet man {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: {{champion:103}} Something kinda cute, a little skanky you know? {{champion:81}} Spacey or future themed, {{champion:99}} has basically no skins all three champions in league of legends need more skins
http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/584/559/018.jpg Seriously, don't fall for this cheap bait. EDIT: Seeing as this is my top comment, I'm hijacking it to ask for a Bloodlord {{champion:8}} re-release (or even better, a full VU and VOU of the champ)
: What Skins for Champs That Haven't Gotten One in A While Would U Want to See?
Vlad has had more than 2 years without a skin and while I think Pool Party / Black Rose / Master Arcanist would be cool, most of all I want to see **Bloodlord remade into a proper legendary skin with a new splash, extended VO and more animations** (and maybe some chromas) (you know which one) http://noisecreep.com/files/2009/11/gorgoroth-200-031809.jpg
: > [{quoted}](name=Blood Magicks,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hnUupeya,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-10T20:40:39.028+0000) > > Not GP, he killed her mom for goodness sake. I think that's a bit much to deal with. > > She's a leader and bit too independent for most men so I think chances are she will go for a guy who obeys her and worships the ground she walks on, and most champions in her vicinity aren't really like that. > > EDIT: Alternatively, she can go for another woman (if she's into that). I thought people often said graves? as well?
Could be, even tho Graves X TF is the popular Graves ship
: Champ Story Stuff
Not GP, he killed her mom for goodness sake. I think that's a bit much to deal with. She's a leader and bit too independent for most men so I think chances are she will go for a guy who obeys her and worships the ground she walks on, and most champions in her vicinity aren't really like that. EDIT: Alternatively, she can go for another woman (if she's into that).
: Hey Finikksu! There's good news and bad news here... The good news is, THIS ALREADY HAPPENS!!!! For the Warwick and Urgot VGUs (aka reworks), we added lines to a few of the skins where we felt they'd make the biggest impact. (Hyena Warwick and Battlecast Urgot to be specific.) It wouldn't be too hard to do this during VO updates either, I think there were a few Meowkai lines that were recorded, actually. I don't quite remember why they didn't make it into the game. But if things had worked out, they could have! Anyway, the bad news is that even when we do things like this many players don't notice. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} So doing a few lines for every skin might be overkill. I love your idea of the Tango Evelynn taunt though, that's a perfect example of a skin where there's a real opportunity to do something awesome. Any suggestions for Swain?
I feel like Bilgewater Swain should have special interactions with Gankplank because of the entire stolen ship story and the pirate theme. Maybe Bilgewater Katarina too? I guess Northern Front could hint at an upcoming Frejlord invasion?(probably a bad idea but still) Tyrant is the skin I am most enthusiastic about but unfortunately I have no idea how it will be different from the base skin in the new lore. You could always drop a hint :3
: Dear writers at Riot
Lux is one of Jaredan (lore lead)'s favorite characters and I'm sure he will be happy to discuss her development with you.
: I'm aware that pentakill skins are not legendary or ultimate but...
That's pretty cool, which song would you go for? {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Shorty after Eve's release
And not after Ornn?
Reav3 (NA)
: Obviously there is a huge team that all contribute to New Champs and VGUs. That being said the main designer of the next new champ is CertainlyT SolCrushed is currently the main designer on the team that will work on the VGU after Swain.
Also, when is the next Champion Roadmap scheduled to come out?
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Titan4H (NA)
: Soul Stealer Vayne
I always felt like her splash could be better, and not just because it needs more Vlad :3
: @Riot - Eternum "Cassiopeia's" face isn't Cassiopeia's face...
She looks like a female Voldemort imo. Anyway, I too am disappointed she isn't cuter.
: Taliyah I think is fair, but as much as I enjoy Sion, from what we got I'm not sure I can call that mature. I love Sol, but his story is told from the view of an egotistical being.
The amazing Black Rose dialogue and the epic amount of Noxian history hinted makes him one of my favourites. Also, he is very clearly inspired by a certain game of thrones character who comes back to life in a sinister way :)
: I'll have to ask what stories so far you consider mature then.
I'd say Taliyah, Aurelion and Sion are conceptually pretty deep and beautiful.
: What do you all define as mature?
Stories that get better the more you think about them. Psychological depth, convincing motivations, natural yet intelligent dialogue, narrative breaking free from established norms. I have seen a recent decrease in maturity, however I don't think things are going to stay that way.
: I feel listened to!! :D Well, first off, I am not asking to suddenly stop releasing stuff like the Star Guardians or such. Yes, I do not like them at all, but there is nothing wrong if other people want those. The point is that, in the past, I felt League was a game which catered to kids and adults alike. In these recent updates, however, I have a feeling the game started to steer more on focusing over teens and preteens only. The years 2015 and 2016 were the golden time of League for my tastes. All the new Champions released over that two years span had creative visual designs which felt, how can I put it.... more mature. Instead, 2017 saw one awful champion release after the other. Each of the Champions released in 2017 felt more juvenile in design and far less creative. The gameplay is always good; but the visuals regressed to a somewhat generic anime stuff. Kayn does not look like he belongs in the same game as Tahm Kench. I understand that the whole point is appealing to a wide range of different tastes. So Kayn in itself is not an issue at all. But why did 2015-2016 bring all characters I liked, and 2017 brought no character I liked? It felt as if something has changed.
I agree about the drop in maturity. I have high hopes for Swain though, I think he will be full of subtlety and depth.
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