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: The scales needed to be balanced eventually.
> Mordekaiser will pay the price. When his visual overhaul is announced, no longer will he be clad in metal. Instead he will be strutting into the rift in nothing but a fur speedo. THICK WAR SPEEDO
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: Skin Universe Rework: Rulebreakers ( Vandal, Road Warrior )
They're already combined {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rodsquad (EUW)
: Voidborn stories and updates.
Give lore to my baby Riot {{champion:96}}
: We want Darkin Stuff to buy in Store!
Still sad we didn't get what was easily the best entry in the emote contest he aangery
: I think fishbones is a repentent darkin, and jinx is still crazy tho
Well that's one way to make Jinx more tolerable to her haters, also a fairly fresh idea.
: I know that many want to point out stories for characters that are presumably "color stories", but we are pretty sure they are not. Look at the URL for _*~~First Steps~~*_ and _*~~Art is Life~~*_: Now some actual color stories: It's clear that _*~~Art is Life~~*_ does not follow the same naming convention. Nami and Rengar are open for discussion though, they have the champion name in the URL but not the "color-story". Riot has other stories that do not exactly follow the same naming pattern, such as _*~~A Fair Trade~~*_ ( which we categorized as Ahri's Color Story or _*~~Fast and Dumb~~*_ for Wukong ( In the end, only Riot knows the actual definition of a "color" story, however I am pretty sure that it should not move the lore forward - and Nami's does exactly that. We don't know. Maybe a writer could help here?
Scathlocke confirmed short stories aren't colour stories on twitter.
: We gonna get new lore every two weeks from now on
I didn't think it was possible for Narrative (especially Scathlocke) to sleep less but I'm wrong it seems...
: Annie, Katarina and Master Yi short stories and Udyr, j4 and Sejuani bio updates
: > [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MhMAPWF4,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-02-05T06:48:04.007+0000) > > Aw shucks, thanks! > > I do love Aatrox ( I’m unfortunately terrible with him even before he got nerf’d ). He was sadly misunderstood because of the way youtubers rip the VO. > (He ussualy only auto-taunts (via First Encounter) one or two people > , once per game. But the vids made it seem like that’s all he says. > > > And yeah, while Aatrox is definately a villian with a capital “v,” there’s glimmer of the hero he once was hidden in him; ultimately in his refusal to be beaten by his prison, which makes me hope that in the extended universe we can someday look at him more closely. And give him a chance for redemption. > > Thanks again for you kind words. Made the end of a long, hard day — nicer. > > Oodin. The real villain is you, for typing "villain" as "villian", which is not a word and a grammatical abomination. Have a good day!
: Sorry, long rant ahead. In terms of Malzahar's lore, I love the Lovecraftian influence it has as much as the next Joe. Yet I have a really big problem with his character, despite being updated already, it has left an impression of unfulfilled potential. Obviously, that is because the only lore Malz has is his biography, giving us very brief (dear I say shallow) comprehensions of what were his motives; why and where do they come from? Among other elements that bio's simply can't delve into. I love your fluff about cosmic horror but from my perspective, it's just that- fluff being projected onto the character. Yet very little of these elements you've discussed have been sufficiently incorporated/represented in Malzahar's lore. Take Brand for example, a character that the writers actually fleshed out his origins with extensive detail and they presented us with why such a (fairly common archetype) villain became what he is. Kegan had a pretty rough upbringing, his motives to obtain magical artifacts is a desire to become powerful and do what he could not when a child; to no longer be vulnerable. He hated being seen as inferior and certainly didn't want to be insignificant. This was all presented through stories outside the brief information his biography gave us, which had fleshed him out enough at least, to make for a sensible villainous being.
Yeah, my fluff is about what the character is hinted to be rather than what he currently is shown to be.
Shiwah (EUW)
: LF lore discord invite
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d00mface (EUW)
: Aatrox, my favorite boy
Can we take a moment to appreciate how sexy WAAARGHbobo's characters are? Obviously he made the king supreme of fangirl (or any fan, really) bait {{champion:202}} but (almost) all of them seem to have adoring, loving, dedicated admirers wherever I look. They just really stick with people. Aatrox and Rakan go without saying, but I've seen lovers for all of them. Even Kled. Even Tahm. How does he do it?
Rodsquad (EUW)
: Kha'zix, aka bestest boy.
I think Kha is pretty cool bug. Eh jumps about and doesn't afraid of anything.
: Any Discord for Story & Lore fans?
[Yep, here.](
: awww what? is there any reason you would guess why theres mana? you know lifeforce or something
Some Odin 'WAAARGHbobo' Shafer posts might shed light on the issue. Look [here](, and perhaps through his posting history.
: Concept art for Awaken
*melts* No other game delivers so much beauty and variety, you're surpassed MtG at this point, thank you so much, Rito.
: That's wrong. On Reddit during the Aatrox AMA it was stated the Ascended are more powerful because the ritual they use takes more celestial power direct from the source than an Aspect allows his host to have That means ({{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:101}} ) are stronger than ({{champion:89}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:44}} ) We aren't sure about Pantheon or Zoe because the former works differently than the other aspects taking control of the host entirely and Zoe has some reality bending powers that may make her more powerful than the Ascended
I stand corrected then, though in my defense I was thinking of Zoe when answering.
: What can you tell me about all the aspects of Targon? Are there more out there we dont know of? Are they stronger than ascended or darkin?
It is likely that there are more than the ones we know of and yes, they are more powerful than the Ascended/Darkin.
: Wait so Kassadin has been touched by the void but isnt bad? Hes against the void?
Of course he's against the Void. Read his bio/short story. > In that moment, Kassadin swore that he would avenge his wife and daughter, by destroying this insidious Prophet, and the source of his abyssal power. He was a man who had made his living by finding safe paths through the most dangerous places, and resolved to arm himself with the most arcane and esoteric weapons ever known in Valoran, fused with Zaunite ingenuity, and blessed by Ionian spirit-healers. He called in every favor he could, from scholars of antiquities to common smugglers, for their help in… acquiring what he sought. Many called him a madman, believing this the last time they would ever see their old friend alive—Kassadin merely thanked them for their concern, and bid them farewell. He would face the Void alone. The Prophet refers to Malzahar.
: Do Malzahar and Kassadin know each other?
IIRC in the old lore they were enemies and Malzahar was even responsible for the disappearance of Kassadin's daughter. In the new lore... I don't know. Kassadin has heard of a weirdo leading people into Icathia and speaking of the Void as if it is salvation, and he is very much opposed to the agenda of this mad Shuriman... but the rest is yet to be confirmed.
: Eventually, yes ;-)
Have you seen Annihilation? It gave me such heavy Malzahar vibes, I want to imagine him venturing into Icathia, a journey both outwards and inwards, and feeling his consciousness dissolve into something greater, or nothingness? A colour story describing one of his repeated pilgrimages to the lost city would be like a wonderful drug trip to read. Of course, he's League's Abdul Alhazred, Lovecraft's own childhood self-insert into his fantasy, and thus he deserves all the love IMO.
: So! We're getting more music themed skins this year, right? Well, who are some good contenders?
Cmon now Malicious, we've been over this. One man band. Ultimate skin. ##Genre: Progressive post blackened death jazzfusion avant-garde metal. ##He plays all the instruments, but not at the same time. The bloodball morphs into various instruments (electric guitar, bass, keyboards, saxophone, violin, etc). May even change outfits depending on what he's playing right now, since there are many ways to do progressive post blackened death jazzfusion avant-garde metal. * R deafens opponents, making their ears ring and heads hurt from the sheer pretentiousness, complexity and technical wankery of the music * E is one massive sonic wave. * W is where he turns into pure sound. Not sure about Q. Basically Ihsahn, yeah, maybe with a little bit of early Opeth and NeOb and Igorrr( I love it when he puts saxophone with blast beats) in there too. EDIT: May occasionally burn temples to Kindred for fun, because fuck death.
: In short, I really hope we can dig into the lore for the Void and Voidborn more this year, as you're not the only one with questions. I think the one important thing to remember is that the creatures in the comic are, like, "newborn". That is not their final form or anything like that. The Void is not an upgrade, and will corrupt and change over time. The Watchers... well, that's a different matter altogether... (literally!) ;-)
Personal preferences aside, I think the Void is the coolest and most thematically coherent faction right now (if it can be called a faction?). This is probably due to extremely good writing by various Lovecraft fanboys, but still, we need more. Is there a Malz colour story on the way? I'm giga hyped if yes.
: What are your opinions on the visual design of Sylas
My honest opinion? He's solid eye candy. I'm really happy Riot for once decided to sacrifice realism for attractiveness on a male champ, but in this case it might have backfired in minor ways. This is a bit nitpicky, but... There is great beauty in tragedy and suffering, and I think Sylas would have been made much more attractive (and interesting) by some visible signs of his unfortunate fate. Think Sirius Black, who is widely regarded as one of the most beloved expressions of the same archetype (or the Count of Monte Cristo, or even that horned cringelord Blizzard takes great pride in having created). Think something along the lines of scars and tattoos, some minor expressions of vulnerability, rather than just socialist superman in chains. Question to Rioters: Seeing the name similarity, did Sirius Black come up during Sylas development?
Vlad (NA)
: Where is my VGU
At least Riot gave you a cute painter gf
: I Don't Think Sylas Thought Through His Revolution
Thinking things through really doesn't look like his thing.
Reav3 (NA)
: I loooooove Wintersun
: TheBravoRay had to attend to other infernal tasks, but entrusted me to complete the resurrection of our one true lord \m/
*resists urge to post Black Rose Immortal* Uhh I guess we're kind of talking LeBlanc sooo
Reav3 (NA)
: LoL, I love the hot vampire aesthetic. Ishan is a great reference. Anthems to The Welkin at Dusk is still one of my favorite metal albums. Wasn't into much Black metal besides Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, since I really like the more Melodic stuff. Emperor was so good though. Was always a fan of Lestat from Anne Rice's books as well. Lots of great references for a Vlad VGU in the future
>like the more Melodic stuff You should try NeOb then, it's a thing of beauty. And thank you... always good to know production Rioters feel your feels. I guess that gives me more time to think about how I can be of help... cheers and have a good weekend. PS I'm serious about the bribe, give me a sum and a bank account and I'll fund a small model polish and donate blood if I have to
Reav3 (NA)
: This was a list of major VGUs. I would rather wait to do a bigger VGU on Vlad in the future when he needs it more. Vlad has a special place in my heart, as one of my personal favorite Champions in LoL, I would love to make him the true hot Gothic rock star he is meant to be with a kit that supports it. He doesn't really need it as much as other Champions right now, but a boy can dream.
> Vlad has a special place in my heart, as one of my personal favorite Champions in LoL, I would love to make him the true hot Gothic rock star he is meant to be with a kit that supports it. wow never has a single sentence made me sweat so much ~~Can't you use the excuse it's for the ladies?~~ Thank you... in the meantime, I am willing to bribe hundreds to whichever artist makes him not great, but only bearable to look at? PS I've always seen him as more of a one man black metal band... think Ihsahn if he looked like Carach Angren and sounded a little bit more like Ne Obliviscaris?
Vartius (EUNE)
: In all honesty - there won't be any more bugs than with most new champions' playtesting. With a VGU they are completely scrapping a champion's code, building it from grounds up, so in terms of code (and as such the bugs) Mordekaiser will be a completely new champion. Whether he will be initially more or less buggy than champs like Sylas, will depend on the type of abilities he will have and the difficulty to code them - so I'm guessing less bugs than Sylas, who must've been a pain.
>building it from grounds up, so in terms of code (and as such the bugs) Mordekaiser will be a completely new champion. Yes I agree, BUT... What I'm about to say is pure speculation BUT: I think Mord is getting updated after Sylas and Zoe release because Riot wants to experiment and learn about stealing abilities. Since this is a full VGU, I think we might see things even more extreme and wacky than Mord's current kit, so this may include the enslaved souls retaining more than just their autos and some AP/AD. I speculate we might see some unholy amalgamation of pet AI, ability steal, stat steal, and champion interactions and the confusion this can bring will be utterly glorious.
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: So my boy Sylas isn't getting a Login Theme
His login music is pretty nice.
: What no tinfoil hats? How rude. Anyhow, interesting discussion. I just have a quick question though. People often refer to {{champion:8}} as League's Hemomancer. Does this mean that he has the ability to foresee the future? Or is Vlad just a Blood Mage? Edit: I legit just noticed your name lol, and here we are talking about blood magic.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=A4aXWeAs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-23T07:30:34.521+0000) > > It's a possibility, though I'd imagine it's something only Blood Mages, or even only members of Vladimir's Crimson Circle, are capable of doing so. > > They could use it to divinate new targets for invasion by Noxus, predict how many troops they should deploy when and at what time, future devious schemes to secure power in Noxus itself, etc. etc. > > I'm inclined to say yes, though I don't want to say for certain. > > Considering Blood Magic itself didn't come from the Darkin originally, and haruspicy is, from what I can understand, a form of Blood Magic, it was probably not the Darkin that invented it. > > It would make the most sense to me. No. Not the Noxians. Vladimir. He was the one who was hekd as a Darkin's hostage, got close to a Darkin, learned the techniques, killed the Darkin and harvested it's powers. NO ONE is capable of doing it exceot Vladimkr himself.
Imma say no. I don't think Riot should allow that. Overpowered characters aren't very fun. If haruspicy makes it into the game, it should have massive costs and limitations. Id rather it's outside of Vlad's reach altogether.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Since some of the Darkin were obviously skilled in divination, I'd say the link between blood magic and prophesizing is quite tangible. However, I'm fairly certain "haemomancy" is simply derived from more popular [insert]-mancies, necromancy (conjuration of spirits for the purpose of future-telling, learning, or gathering of other information) being the most famous example. The _manteia_ part of [insert]-mancy is simply taken to mean "magic" in most modern fiction; this is best seen when they pair a Latin word with the Greek.
> However, I'm fairly certain "haemomancy" is simply derived from more popular [insert]-mancies, necromancy (conjuration of spirits for the purpose of future-telling, learning or gathering of other information) being the most famous example. Yeah, I suppose it all originated in a mistranslation. Originally necromancy was about consulting dead and buried things for insights into the future and various sciences, but then I suppose fantasy necromancers started conjuring and controlling the dead, and it got confusing... > Obviously some of the Darkin were skilled in divination, and the link between blood magic and the ability to prophesize is tangible. I'd rather it becomes less tangible than it seems right now, not sure it would be fun if blood magic is so broad it's meaningless...
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: Roadmap hype?
hopefully today, thursday at the latest* *just my speculation
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Most likely, but the outfit looks to me like it's red with white details. It's easier to see in the video.
Looking at it in 0.25 speed I see four identical-ish white-faced mannequins waving their arms about. I'm not sure the central one is dressed in red as its sleeves appear black? I don't think there's any detail on the faces of any of them. Honestly, apart from the gauntlet, imma say nothing to see here. Maybe one day...
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Figure with white hair in red at [2:33]( looks suspicious.
Under the raven sign it could easily be Swain.
: I would say more of a basic blood mage glove rather then Vladimirs, the blood mage.
Headcanon: Vladimir's claws are more subtle than in the splash, and are an absolute work of art. Remember when Cradle of Filth was a thing ~~I was young once~~ and all the goths wore nail rings like the vocalist guy? Sort of like that, but even more outstanding craftsmanship.
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: Awaken cinematic.
{{champion:14}}{{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}}
: Other than Aatrox and Tryndamere I haven't done much work on either. (maybe a dozen paragraphs) Generally I think blood-magic leeching or connecting to another's spiritual energy through blood. (Blood acting as the medium of transfer or magical focus/price if you prefer.) A recurring sub-theme for me within our IP is the "Price of magic" under the larger theme of "the price of being exceptional." (This is why using True Ice hurts, and when Ionia uses lots of magic to defend itself, or give its people nice, comfy lives it is ultimately bad for the Vastaya.) Also worth nothing I segregate Dark Ice magic from "Dark Magic" mentally. It looks similar (Black and purplish) but Dark Ice magic is corrupted Ice magic-- in some ways it is stronger than ice magic- in other's it is weaker.
> Also worth nothing I segregate Dark Ice magic from "Dark Magic" mentally. It looks similar (Black and purplish) but Dark Ice magic is corrupted Ice magic-- in some ways it is stronger than ice magic- in other's it is weaker. This is interesting - is there an official IP-wide definition of "Dark Magic" and "corruption", and if not, how do you define these terms? Thank you so much for replying!
: Sorry But yeah, i don’t know that story, or even if it was an internal writer who wrote it. Like many older champs, Zyra is problematic overall imho. I would argue what they are describing sounds like spirit magic to me... but their is alot elemental magic used in the south... so this could relate to that.
I will more than understand if you choose to not reply to this but... what are your views, on blood magic and black magic in general? Any interesting reads/leads? My main one is Mary Douglas. I found her "Purity and Danger" coupled with Frazer's studies really valuable for invoking that "You shouldn't be doing this" feeling when it comes to magic.
: The goal is to eventually have all the skins (or almost all the skins) get bios. It's a bit of a ways off, but that's what we're hoping!
This is awesome, thank you! By the way, I recently asked a friend to draw my Sion skin idea, would you consider pitching it to the skins team if it is any good? ~~reddit loved it~~
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