: We've all been reported for no real reason before. Don't worry, fake reports hardly amount to anything {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Dude, why do you care lol. False reports do nothing.
That's why I made this thread... I wanted to know if this was worth worrying about or not. Obviously it's not and I'm glad that I've found that out. I haven't come across this before which is why I've asked you guys :)
: Don't worry about it, as long as you did nothing the system won't punish you.
: I honestly don't understand why players would make such lies. Like, what are they trying to do/prove? I'm also a honor 5 player, and I mostly encourage my teammates to play better (in a nice kind of way) When I have bad games, I usually never get tilted since I played league since beta (I have finally endured toxicity) I hope these players with these "attitudes" get a harshly punishment.
I think it's because some players think a "hate speech" report is worse than a "harassment" one So if they blame the whole game on you, they want to get the harshest report they can. I don't get tilted or toxic either... it just makes me feel like shit
Xidphel (NA)
: ~~Baron kills everyone, including black people. You failed to stop Baron. Ergo you're letting them die.~~ As long as you didn't retaliate, you should be fine. Muting them also helps.
: Need Tips To Get Better
I was placed Bronze 3 last season and made my way up to Silver 4 by the end (major achievement for me xD) To start with: There is no such thing as ELO Hell. It is just unlucky that you may get placed with trolls or AFK feeders and yes, it's more common in the lower ELO but there are such times when a good team comes together... As for tips: - Vision is the most important thing. Buy lots of control wards and if you're worried about getting ganked when wards run out... simply use the "zombie ward" rune - I know this isn't a S7 thing but it has helped me control ganks a lot since preseason. - Communication - simply using "enemy missing" isn't always enough for some people - usually this is where chat is good bcs "ss mid" is more noticeable. Looking at the mini map at other lanes is also helpful - Be the point of communication for your team - If top is missing - warn your mid laner. They might not have noticed themselves. - Target objectives - Kills and Kda ratio aren't what matter in Ranked - What matters is whether you win or lose - If you're going 0-3 but you have two turrets down in your lane and still have your outer turret up then you have map control - Target Baron and drake and always check them first if bot or top lane go missing - These are basically what decide some games Try not to go kill hunting - stay on your turret and opening up the map is more important than a potential kill in top lane. Junglers do their job and laners do their job - but you can help each other out ;) This is what mainly helped me climb and I did encounter some games where my teammates (and myself) were not playing very well at all - not all games can go your way - Focus on what will help you to win and not on whether your adc is playing as a troll - Pick a role - play that role to your best ability and become a shotcaller :) Hope this helps
: It really boils down if your story is true and you didn't engage them in toxic chat "to defend yourself". If you didn't? then all good, false reports get thrown away.
I mainly replied with stuff like "stop flaming me" or "i'm playing the game as i should" I'm usually not polite but never toxic I don't remember saying anything racist. I have nothing against people joining together with a Darkin and what they get up too XD
Kei143 (NA)
: It's the worst league experience cos you don't know how the system works. Allow me to shed some light to calm your worries: * False reports get thrown out by the system * Multiple reports act the same way as 1 report * Them asking for reports in this context counts as harassment and you can report them for harassment Normally when I see people doing stuff like that dude in your game, I smile as I know I didn't do anything wrong to validate their reports, and they are harassing me, which makes my report valid against them. In the chance I get a punishment feedback, that is the best feeling ever.
Hahaha - that does make me feel better True - I don't fully understand the system (despite playing for over a year) - I think the worry of a 9 report in one game got to me a bit - And yes, it does feel good knowing you haven't done wrong. Out of interest, how does the system differ between false reports and honest ones? - Its kinda hard to imagine 1000's of riot employees watching chat every game xD
Jo0o (NA)
: I get it. Folks get under my skin for the dumbest reasons, too. Had a duo the other day constantly pinging and shaming my keystone (I went Glacial Augment on Bard), and when I explained that I was testing it in norms, they got all offended and said I should have tested it in customs or bots instead. As if customs or bots is any indicator of the relative strength of keystones, right?
Yeah... some people seem to use games to vent all their aggression out on other people They don't seem to understand how it impacts other players. Just wish we could all get along you know ;)
Jo0o (NA)
: Jackasses will be jackasses. False reports have no weight, so there's nothing for you to worry about. I personally wouldn't /muteall and would instead simply mute as needed, but that's your call to make.
Okay thank you Just annoys me that's all cause I consider myself an honor 5 player and it's saddening when people try to put you down for just playing a game (which is supposed to be fun) xD
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: we are a full team and been stuck 30min now in queue
Oof - Sorry bud - didn't know that the full premades also had some problems... It is beta but I'm not sure this counts as "a realistic tournament experience" XD
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cozy moth (EUNE)
: Being held hostage by Rito :(.
They call it beta testing... but its actually a fraud scheme They won't let us out until we buy 5 hextech chests or something...
: HELP ME i can't leave the turrnement team nor start a game , RITO PRIZ HELP ME
S7ra1k3r (EUNE)
: I can't leave my tournament team
I'm Stuck.... a few of my team members left and now I can't leave the tournament to play my own game Dammit Rito - beta testing doesn't mean trap your players in a timeless loop (i do understand that it's beta though ;) ) Please fix soon - :(
: Skaarl The Cowardly Lizard
"You Should Run!! Skaarl Likes His Food Lively!!!" Upvoted for all those Skaarl Mains!
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Druushk (NA)
: Zoe seems pretty....weak
I find that when I play zoe... her early game is quite weak and by this I mean her base stats - if she gets ganked she often dies cause of her naturally pushed lane. And she only gains any real power into the late game as her Q doesn't quite do enough early on. I am quite a noob, so i'm probably the only one who's experiencing this. Its quite ironic because after dying a few times I hit a point where I just one shot people... but there is a huge gap between this power and her early game power...
: Were you in a premade party with the teammate? If a teammate gets an S grade, you need to be in a premade party with them in order to earn a chest.
Ahhhhh - no i wasn't in a premade party. Ill see if i get a chest that way then. Thanks guys xD
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