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: You holding out on us {{sticker:darius-angry}}
: probably a frustrated high school kid that get's bullied taking his frustration for a spin.
Or a high school bully who didn't get the proper punch in the face.
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: What is an unpopular opinion that you dont want to post on the boards?
Zoe has to be disabled and taken back to the drawing board. People mostly play her because she is broken in so many ways.
: "I'm high/Drunk" in ranked needs to be a bannable offense
Don't know about that. I've had drunk players playing exceptionally well.
Isoliix (NA)
: it is IMMENSELY easier to get honor 2-5 than 0-1 or 1-2. and if you don't play that much, then you honestly shouldn't be honor 5, but maybe 4 at max for a somewhat inactive player.
Because you say so? Learn some common sense and treat others as you would like to be treated and there wouldn't be such mistery on how to progress. You're the only reason for your failure. I didn't even have to think about leveling up honor, I just played the game.
: No Honor Reset Feels Awful
No it doesn't. Im at honor level 5 and I don't even play that much. This is a first indication that you are very toxic and don't deserve the progress. Change your ways and honor level up will come.
Gizmohh (EUW)
: Why is this community so fucking trash
Stop feeding then. Nobody takes the game seriously, the toxicity stems up from people like you that don't bother trying. Everyone wants team mates that contribute to their efforts, not giving the enemy an enormous advantage.
: Muting someone in game should transfer to Post-match lobby.
: For those of you wondering why riot hasn't nerfed vayne
I am lucky, got that skin in a chest. They can nerf her, but the skin is dope.
: Unfair Termination (Somewhat innocent)
I'd say suck it up and stop coming with silly excuses. Congrats on your ban. Deserved.
: Am I the only one who thinks grapefruit is the most terrible most bitter thing in the world?
Peel the pulp too, the white thin membrane. That's what is actually bitter. The pulp is quite sweet and tasty. Adding processed sugars to it defeats the whole purpose of eating healthy snacks.
: I think that in order for support items to be strong enough to match solo laner gold
Programatically it would be easy to restrict the support items to the player that was assigned the support role.
: Vote To Dodge- Suggestion
I think it's a good idea. It should be followed up by LP loss and Queue Times increases the more you dodge to prevent abuse with the counter resetting to 0 everytime you enter a game successfully. Something like: first dodge = - 3LP 0min added queue time 2nd dodge = - 6LP 3min added queue time 3rd dodge = - 9LP 6 min added queue time and so on...
ƒeínt (NA)
: Banned? Really?
: 14 day suspension
I voted yes without even reading the OP {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Congratulations... :(
Seek a therapist asap. We are not qualified to answer these posts.
: got banned lol
: Need 8 RP for a hextech mystery chest. I drew anivia.
: I have no agency over this game anymore
In my opinion is better that the outcome is more reliant on team play rather than solo carrying, the latter would defeat the whole purpose of a team-based game. However, matchmaking needs to improve a lot.
: [IDEA] Profile personalization, and other few tweaks to the profile page
I only logged in to upvote. I would really love to see your take on the game loading screens (the page that displays the teams before the match begins). That needs a drastic overhaul.
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Doaenel (NA)
: you can edit them in champ select tho
Yes, I thought about that, but the interface isn't exactly friendly for now. After I manage to learn everything without needing to find my way through them, it will probably get better for me.
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Cactopus (NA)
: You're definitely not the only person who feels this way, so we hear you, and it's something we're talking about internally. We always knew shit was gonna be crazy during preseason, so right now we’re just reading all the feedback and taking note of the problems like this that folks are pointing out. If complaints about it are still popping up after people have had time to play with the nuances of the system, we’ve got a few changes in mind we could make to make things feel better.
I don't really understand why you needed tho make champion purchasing even harder to grind than before - other than company profit. It wasn't easy in the first place. I play this game for quite a few years now (~ 2012 if my memory isn't that foggy), and I still have 18 champs (9 x 6300, 9 x 4800) left to buy. Even for playing casual this is a LOT of time. Why would you need half a decade to unlock the champion pool? It's a bit exagerrated. Now its basically impossible without paying money. Please consider that I am not a cheap bitch and I invested money in quite a few skins. Even bought a couple of champs with RP.
: Here's the problem: we still need 10 levels to have a chance to get the same amount of IP/BE in the same amount of time. I don't care if we get 100 less BE now, what I'm upset about is the way we get BE, which means by grinding levels.
Palhum (EUW)
: while it's true that i die a lot, and i like to play aggressive and try to fight, i don't see this as a banneable offense, even more compared to toxic players who do naught but flame and complain
The issue is that this playstyle just adds more to the problem. If you need to practice, I'd rather choose normals. My advice is for future reference to avoid perma bans which usually come after 14-day ban if you repeat the offence. Try to play something else right after the ban ends (aram, normals, bots) to recover your account reputation and clear your account status with a Riot representative ASAP.
Palhum (EUW)
: Banned for "Intentional" Feeding, but wasn't intentional.
The problem is that you do die a lot on average. Try to lower the number of deaths per game. Be more defensive and farm more if you or your team mates fed in the early game. Most probably the Darius game hit the nail on the head and triggered the suspension.

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