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: New players start at a MMR of Silver 3, not G5. I stopped running into unranked players when I hit s2 because my MMR was bloated to g5 (-16 loss +25 wins) from streaking hard. I agree that the default unranked MMR should be lower, somewhere in the B2-S4 range, but there's no way you're running into unranked players in genuine G5 games. Sounds to me like your MMR is tanked, but its not low enough for a demotion. Edit: You're not even gold anymore (if you were) and you have a 23% winrate in the last 20 games. Your predicted solo MMR is S3, which is exactly on the money. Its to be expected that you see unranked players. I suggest winning more games if you want the quality of your games to go up. Low elo is a mess, but you dont get out unless you're able to prove you're not a garbage player. 23% winrate over 20 games is pretty fucking abysmal. You belong where you're at. Drop the narcisism, improve your play, and stop bitching about games you can't carry, when you clearly can't carry the games where you're given the opportunity. Yorick is one of the stronger champions right now, between the Q changes and the new masteries heavily favoring his kit, you're able to win games, but you aren't doing so.
The first part of your reply is great, you actually hear the basic point I was making. Guess it must of hurt, because the rest of your post is borderline toxic drivel.
: You're not playing in high silver games. You're playing silver 3 games, which is the default unranked mmr. If you were playing in high silver, you wouldnt see unranked players. Win more.
"My argument is that mid/higher silver is not appropriate, because average new players are not average players." Read more.
: Okay, so what do you suggest they do? Everyone has to start *somewhere* on the ladder, and in every ELO system ever designed, that's somewhere in the middle-to-low end. It takes 10 placement matches to get where you're supposed to be. Coincidentally, that's around mid-Silver, which is where you are by MMR.
In theory you can start at any place in the ladder, the ELO algorithm will eventually put you where your belong. My argument is that mid/higher silver is not appropriate, because average new players are not average players.
: While leveling to 30, when I started playing, I won plenty of games. However, I went 2/8 or 1/9 in my ranked provisional. Was placed in bronze 2. Started feeding until I reached bronze 5 and started climbing from there. The same experience for my brother. I am sure there are new players who either don't jump into ranked immediately or practice and study the game to get better, however, I have seen a pattern over and over again of new players getting placed higher than they should. Also consider this. Most new players have friends and family that play. If they are constantly duo with their gold or plat friend their mmr will be inflated even if they feed every game. IMO it's not good for the new player or for their team mates
Myself and every league player I know (silver to high plat) has had the same experience. In the beginning you fall to low bronze, then u climb as you learn.
: Zesty had the right idea, the only thing he didn't account for was YOUR MMR. You are barely gold 5 and the games you been playing in is mostly mid silver level players. This isn't riot screwing up, this is you being lucky you didn't get demoted yet. These divisions/lp doesn't determine who you play with it's the hidden MMR.
Does not change my point. New players screw up in ranked and start at an MMR way to high. This makes for bad games. I've noted it here in this post giving a specific example .... and I've seen it many many times in games I've played.
Zesty (EUW)
: You genius, you know you start off at playing at silver/bronze elo then if you win a couple of provisional games you play with golds and if you win even more you play vs plats. that guy probably won some provisional before he played with you.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Well you started same way. Why should others be treated differently? We all started same way. Some became pros, some are in pit of Bronze. But we all started from same point. It would be stupid to change that point now.
Sho1kan (NA)
: Agreed. Silver II ish mmr feels like fliping a coin, you can get the diamond smurf that a lot of times solo carries the game or the unranked fresh level 30 that doesn't know anything about the game... Can be frustrating at times. I know this helps getting rid of smurfs as they'll get out of silver and gold mmr really fast but there should be other methods...
Thanks for your feedback. The issue with smurfs is hard to deal with I guess, but once the system detects a player smurfing they gain large LP when winning a game, and can skip divisions. This puts them up to their real league position quickly, and so 'sweeps them out of the way'. Riot can't control the input of smurfs into the ladder, but it can control where 'new to ranked' players start.
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: Why is Xerath being nerfed before Miss Fortune?
Because press R to do stupid aoe damage has to be part of at least one champs design, otherwise LoL is not complete.
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: There needs to be another division.
A big problem is that 'new to ranked' players often get placed at a MMR way higher than they should be (i.e. in Silver).
: Last 4 games on this account are all 35+ minutes long. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Check the dates on those games. I'm not referring to those games.
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Aleccat (NA)
: Why for tanks? Wouldn't this be better suited to fighters or even ADCs?
Not ADCs, but for fighters it could be an idea, as a tanky item. I made the post thinking about all the times I played Renekton, and had difficulty fighting in the late game, vs teams with lux/morg/thresh etc. These champs kill Renektons dive, I was thinking of something that could help.
Arcathos (NA)
: can you also imagine 4 tanks and a fed adc running at your team with 4 of these actives running?
Not likely to happen, but it opens up the possibility for a strange new team comp.
Arcathos (NA)
: But then that would make Xin's ult boring
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: I don't get why everyone is complaining about EVE.
I agree, it's still essentially the same bullshit as before. I cant see her, she attacks me and I die. Would be nice if Riot removed her stealth in the rework, and made her something else. Enough about her 'core identity' BS, nobody would care after a few patches.
: ***
How about the circles only appear if you have Yasuo selected. This way you can chose to have circles or not.
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Ramen226 (NA)
: Playing as or against nasus isn't a gratifying a experience
That feeling after enemy Nasus has backed, got one CDR item and now just Qs through the wave ignoring his opponent who cant do shit.
: What is it that makes Yasuo able to withstand so much?
As a mele champ, when his shield is up you have to waste gap closers on him to take the shield down. You can't combo him when the shield is up, you have to wait for the shield to deplete. But in the mean time he's crit you 3 times got some lifesteal and dashed somewhere else. I would not be surprised if his shield is bugged to be honest. I recall playing Rumble vs a Yasuo one time, I ulted Yasuo (in the late game) he stood in my ult for a good 1-2 seconds and it only just took off his shield. He then dashed to me and basically 100-0'ed me with 3 autos. I'm just glad Yasuo is permabanned these days.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Seen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OVkm8z9r,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-18T22:34:56.049+0000) > You're adequate - Enemy is adequate at counter pick -> You lose lane Are...are you not supposed to lose the lane in which you're both even skill but their champion is a better counter to yours? Don't you come back and work with your team to fix this later in the game cause this game isn't about 1v1ing although it helps? Isn't this why "1v1 me bruh" is the dumbest shit you hear in bronze? Yeah picks matter. They're not game breaking IF you work with your team and play as safe as possible while you're vulnerable.
If playing safe vs a counter means you give up lots of cs, then your counters gets stronger vs you, and you will become weaker for your team. At some point this can become game changing. For example - you need to tank, but you are not tanky enough you need to do damage, but you don't do damage
: That's not how the system works. I just explained it, too... The actual Rank, along with MMR, plays the factor when it comes to LP gain/losses. (Bronze 5,4,3,2,1 | Silver 5,4,3,2,1 | Gold 5,4,3,3,1, etc.) So, if you're Silver 3 with a hidden MMR of a Bronze 4 player, you'll gain less LP when you win, and lose more LP when you lose a game. The Ranking system wants to place you where you belong. On the other hand, if you're Silver 3 with a hidden MMR of a Gold 4 player, you'll gain a lot of LP when you win, and lose less LP when you lose a game.
I say this: ".... because if your LP is too low for your MMR then you gain more points for a win than a loss." by LP I mean league position here You say this: "On the other hand, if you're Silver 3 with a hidden MMR of a Gold 4 player, you'll gain a lot of LP when you win, and lose less LP when you lose a game." So we agree.
: We're assuming the game has been identified as likely a loss, hence the name "strategic dodge." I don't see your reasoning at all.
If you win/lose approx. 20LP for a game that means your team's MMR is matched with the enemy team's MMR. Matchmaking attempts to find balanced teams, based on current MMR for each player in each team. The assessment for a likely loss is a subjective call on your part. Or perhaps you see players on your team playing off roles, bad champs etc, in which case fine.... but the win/loss LP isn't adjusted because of Soraka jungle on your team. But yeah, I would dodge for sure in this case. Imagine a scenario where the best matchmaking can do is place a bronze team against diamond players. If you are on the bronze team and lose, you lose approx 3LP, if you dodge you lose 3LP.
: The factor you're not taking into account is that if the dodge was warranted then you only lost 3 lp instead of 20 for the loss AND your mmr is unaffected so it might work out to even less than 3 lp in the long term.
.... because if your LP is too low for your MMR then you gain more points for a win than a loss. You have actually agreed with the post you're arguing against.
: Here are easier examples to understand. If your Hidden MMR matches where you are currently placed. (Silver 1, with 1448 MMR) and with a 50% win rate, you will gain more LP when winning games and you will lose less LP when losing games. If your Hidden MMR is higher than where you are currently placed. (Silver1, with 1600 MMR) and with a 50+% win rate, you'll gain higher LP's when winning because the Ranking System wants to place you where you should be at. This is why players can skip divisions, (If you're currently at Gold 5, and enter the promo series to Gold 4, you could possibly skip gold 4 and get placed at Gold 3) If your Hidden MMR is lower than where you are currently placed. (Gold 5, with 1300 MMR) and with 50% or less win rate, you will gain very little amount of LP when winning games. You will lose a lot of LP when losing because the system wants to place you to where you belong at a lower ranking. IF YOU DODGE, YOU WILL NOT LOSE MMR. YOU WILL ONLY LOSE LP. THE MATCHMAKING SYSTEM DOES NOT COMPENSATE LP GAINS WHEN SOMEONE DODGES. IF THAT WAS THE CASE, THERE WOULD BE AN INFLUX OF BOOSTED PLAYERS AT A RANKING THEY DO NOT BELONG.
Err... I think SDars is right. You seem to lose the plot at about the same time you hit capslock.
: > [{quoted}](name=GayFluffyUnicorn,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gLruZZsy,comment-id=000c00000000,timestamp=2017-09-15T11:18:23.778+0000) > > No he doesn't need a buff and if you had a clue about this game you would know this. > You don't just randomly buff a broken kit in the hopes those buffs will completely overpower him to the point they completely negate any weakness because after all his biggest weakness being a useless piece of shit outside of sidelanes WILL NOT CHANGE. > All buffs will only make him more and more frustrating to play against and not help him a single bit in winning more games. You can be frustrated all you want, I still can put nasus in the dirt, just understand the champion. Also his kit is not inherently broken, otherwise after the pretty hefty buffs he would be killing it but he's not.
Dude, read what is being said. Nasus sucks in teamfights. Low winrate champion. Riot basically buffs his laning strength, a lot of people find him unfun to lane against. Now Nasus still sucks in teamfights. Still a low winrate champion.
Arzonv (EUW)
: Why is Twitch in his current sate acceptable?
Seen this sort of thing in many games with twitch. He does not kite or juke, just stands there and melts whoever is in front of him.
: Star Guardian Announcer sounds like Cheap Escort
Nice troll you dirtybastud, now stop fapping.
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Càne (EUW)
: 2 Things Is sterak's gage gonna get buffed/reworked? Can you change the "target champions only" hotkey to a toggle please?
The toggle is a great idea, also there could be an option to automatically set the toggle to 'off' after casting one targeted ability.
: weird, in the time it took you to write out that wicked burn you could've answered the question
and you still don't admit you get it ???
: are you complaining about the tank or the adc? im not sure
Can't you work it out for yourself... fuking jesus
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: I assume you mean the red and blue golems? Or the ones that break apart? In either case, play to your comfort level. If you'd rather have more presence in lanes and you think something is slowing you down, I'd suggest skipping past it. Embrace what makes your game work, that's always the best path.
Sry my bad, i meant to say Krugs, the ones that split appart
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: I'm sick of all the janna and lulu hate
I would much rather have a {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} support meta than ; {{champion:90}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:1}} (Morgana intentionally included this disease list) The whole support meta does tend to swing from one state of cheesy toxicity to another tho.
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: is there a way to keep my mmr low while
If you can't work out how to lose mmr, it will probably happen naturally for you anyway. Peace bro, and good luck.
: Are we going to do anything with Kat?
Mele carries with 1.5 damage items need to be able to 100-0 at 12 mins into the game... otherwise they're just not viable Kappa
: TBH i hate rakan "oops I fucked up, time to jump 15 teemos away"
Yup. 15 degrees of cheese. I mean, I was surprised with reworked Talon's "flop over the nearest wall" cheese fest. What Do Riot? You guessed.....
: I thought it was funny how Meddlers one developer letter or whatever addressed their concerns about mobility creep and then like two weeks later they released Camille.
Hmm... how do we counter mobility? Well we could always try mobility.
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