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: As per the rules you did nothing wrong. Sportsmanship wise you were a selfish asshole of the type that values Free LP above all (so long as MF's AFKing wasn't intentional).
Wouldn't i be an asshole to my team if i didn't do my best to win? I don't want to grief in order to let MF get free farm. MF could have gone to another lane against champions who are less aggresive than Lucian, or atleast stay close to her team and not just go off and farm alone without any protection.
: You can't be punished for it, but ask yourself these questions: Do you treat others like you want to be treated yourself? How would you feel if someone did that to you?
I get what you mean, but i would not expect others to have mercy on me if i disconnected. I'd maybe ask for free farm in all chat, but imo it's fair game to just go ham. The MF was overextended as lvl 1 against a lvl 10 lucian. I didn't go out of my way to kill her, he just went up to farm near me and so i took free 280 gold.
: That depends. If it was in ranked you did the right thing. If it was a normal, u're a d*ckhead, but nothing too desperate.
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