Jaruzzu (NA)
: League of Legends (TM) Client is not responding.
Restarting my computer usually does the trick for me. However, I would like to find another solution than that.
: [Gameplay] Yorick W Bug
Happened to me today when I was playing Udyr. I went for an aa, then used q to give myself attackspeed, tried to aa the wall. However, my champion then just stood still for up to 2 seconds until the wall expired.
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Tuckerrr (NA)
: Hey Riot, why don't you work on an "Accept Queue" app?
Why was this downvoted so much? Is it too disrespectful towards the company? I think the issues addressed here and the solution ideas presented are completely legitimate.
: Cant attack inhibitors or nexus with shaco's clone by pressing R anymore
Magev (NA)
: Gnar Boomerang bug
I also have this bug from time to time, here's a thread with a video included: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/Rue0uRvj-gnar-boomerang-flying-back-wrong-euw-patch-76
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