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: cant even bother talking to this dude man, he just doesn't realize how gypped OG CS Riven owners have been. Riot can clearly make the effort to re-release a skin but keep the original intact, just look at Neo PAX Sivir, the new one is just a swapped color palette and the original one is still clearly evident. OG CS just got a couple of half assed additions like a tiny crown, a border no one will see in loading screen, and vfx during ult only that are easily mistakable as her passive.
Yeah that's also the thing, just because a newer version of the skin got released doesn't mean that we should also be left behind with these new additions, like chromas.
: Can I just say I really don't understand the hubub around it? If you really want the chroma, it's not like it's not available to owners of the OG riven as they were given 2016 Riven. So just get that Chroma. If there were a more significant difference I could understand it, but it's just a crown. In the end it just seems people are annoyed because they saw the Chroma on the 2012 version and feel entitled to it. I get 2012 CS Riven is unique, but I don't know how much more special treatment you people want from riot. Just get the 2016 Chroma and move on.
Oh, I can see what you mean. It just doesn't feel like it makes sense to have the skin completely left in the dust when it's also apart of the Championship line-up, and it's also pretty evident that the model was made for the CS 2012 version, so in a way it's just why not just that release it alongside of the 2016 version? And yes, it's pretty annoying because the skin wasn't supposed to be released in the first place. In a sense it's also just agitating to have it teased for the _2012 version_ when it's only for the _2016 version_.
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