: A moment of reflection: The Warwick rework was examplary
It's good but it's far from perfect. Warwick's presence really discourages lane interaction all around the map, because any trade that would bring you down to 50% stops being "worth it" even if your enemy goes to 25%. Also Q and R are both really clunky, from WW players perspective.
: Well I did not preassure anyone, but I'm curious: what do you mean by the borderline unfair kit parts for support? Because those are her CORE parts, her plants, which everybody has problem with. Her utility is at best mediocre among supports... Btw she's the exact same lane bully in the midlane, it's only that people don't meet her there so they don't know, but that's the reason she's played there, but she's actually not a good "support", she's a secondary AP carry, worse than Lux or Karma, because they can actually support the ADC (shields).
The unfair part is how every part of her kit is pass-through (i.e. minions grant you no protection). It's ok in midlane, but botlane champions with naturally shorter ranges usually have no real answer to that when you combine it with Zyra's damage. Saying that her utility is "mediocre" is a misunderstanding as well. Granted, she has no shields, heals or buffs - but she has multiple sources of AoE hard crowd control, something far from common even among (ranged) supports.
Avienal (NA)
: So, anyone got good 'non-repetitive' advice for S ranking or can help with earning Chests?
An easy trick to get an 'S' is to play a champion in off-role i.e. AP Alistar toplane. Since the system compares you to other players playing the same champion _in the same role_, playing something rare and trolly yields an "S" basically every time you do reasonably good.
: What makes Heimerdinger a "different playstyle" and Zyra a Catcher?
Zyra players "betryed" themselves by pressuring Riot to keep most of her kit intact. Expecting her to be balanced for midlane when no part of her kit that makes her borderline unfair as support was changed is crazy.
: Melee champs good against Darius?
{{champion:83}} has pretty easy time against Dario as long as you avoid extended trades when your summons are down.
xPerhapz (NA)
: I mean, I was Gold 2 last season, pretty comfortably, but my rank has nothing to do with this.
xPerhapz (NA)
: I just read the official Matchmaking Guide and I'm appalled.
> Sounds like a great way to keep players stagnant in their rank. Sounds like something a bronze would say.
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: Stopping to aa is retarded
If that's what actually happened it should go into bug section.
: While the trolls are downvoting this, yes I do agree if your champion physically stops to shoot her AA because she is in range, it should not matter that the opponent is leaving range during the motion. If this was there case there's no reason for an auto attack to follow flash.
It actually doesn't happen, basic attack that started is guaranteed to connect even if enemy flashes. If it happens to Udyr, it's a bug, and a pretty recent one.
: A solution against non-tanks going tank
Saying that Darius doesn't go tank because he will usually build BC is kind of like saying that a mage who bought Zhonya's is not going damage. And lack of base damage on W has nothing to do with this, all damage is as flat ratio so that it still hurts even if he doesn't rank it up.
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Deftsuo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Boomerangbro,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HgehlQqX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-18T04:35:45.115+0000) > > Now he can't go into most melee matchups and instantly zone them from farm by holding on to a tornado for 10 seconds. It actually lets toplaners be toplaners instead of having to play the game like theyre up against a quinn. They can now have more time to farm without him dashing aimlessly and with him zoning them from farm for too long. Definitely, the Q nerf was the easier of the 2 in terms of understanding why Riot is nerfing it. I'd really love more context from Riot on the E nerf. I understand yasuo's banrate in relation to the future 10 bans system, but I'd rather they release nerfs slowly rather than in a quick manner to fully understand the impacts. We've got a decent amount of time before 10 bans is implemented into solo queue.
This has nothing to do with 10 bans, Yasuo got way, way too strong with AD item changes. They need to hit him somewhere, but they don't want to hit his damage because that would ruin mid Yasuo. Those nerfs will make him less abusive over melee champions on top.
: Though I'm sure that these nerfs hurt, they don't mean much to me. As a filthy casual, all I care about is the wind wall, which can almost completely shut down a dumbfoundingly large number of champions for an unreasonable duration (and almost all of my favored champs are immobile mages or primarily ranged). Personally, until they reduce it's duration, or make it limited in absorption potential, I'll probably continue to ensure yasuo is banned in every game I play, if I can help it (and dodge if he manages to worm his way in there regardless). It's REALLY not fun playing what is often AT BEST an uphill battle in the laning phase, only to be completely cut off from pretty much every single teamfight by those stupid fucking walls, REGARDLESS of whether you win or lose the lane.
Yeah. It's just sad to see 9-0 Brand having close to zero carrying potential without his team being able to kill or stunlock that 0-7 Yasuo on their own. Yasuo players say to "bait it out", but the thing is projectiles have travel time while WW is instant, so any non-potato Yasuo will always block the most crucial abilities.
: @Riot I'm confused what you want us yasuo players to do.
Right. Because denying CS from a melee champion for at least 15 seconds each wave just by holding stacks is such a huge outplay.
: Which ADC's do you think need buffing right now (if any)?
Every one of them should be buffed to Lucian's level. Cait should be tuned down in certain abusive areas (trap-walling etc.).
: Plea for more magic penetration items
Bumped. This is especially terrible because Void Staff has no secondary effect - a mage usually _needs_ to devote a slot to a stat stick. Even if new penetration item didn't stack with Void Staff, it would make AP build paths a bit better. Also, AS no longer grants penetration.
: Mobility boots are too important early game. You are right that they should swap boots mid to late though. Especially since basically every support takes summoner's insight mastery too. Hell I'm surprised I don't see junglers building them for more frequent smite's.
> Hell I'm surprised I don't see junglers building them for more frequent smite's. Tank junglers just can't afford non-defensive slot, except for occasional snowball with mobis. Non-tank junglers have super-easy time clearing anyway, and as a combat summoner spell smite has by far the shortest CD even without lucis.
: i know 10 bans are coming, but why do the last 3 picks get a ban instead of the first 3 picks?
First picks have a chance to take a powerpick before enemy takes it from them. In soloQ powerpicks are usually more important than counterpicking.
: Hope people realize that LeBlanc is only doing this cancerous Lich Bane+Gun Blade build because...
It's not like she was any less cancerous before said "gutting", though.
Penns (EUW)
: Wait... is there a reason why we cant buffer spells while teleporting anymore?
As much as one might hate it, landing on a snap trap or chompers should end up with being rooted without any ability to dodge it.
ZenKe (NA)
: I understand but he is making it sound like Zed shouldn't be buffed when he's in a bad spot right now because of how good he was in the past.
Kass wasn't buffed until he was reworked. Same shit.
ZenKe (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: Zed needs help
Nobody cares, he single-handedly ruined one and a half season, in that regard being second only to Kassadin. No buffs to him until 10 bans are released.
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Rioter Comments
: sounds like you haven't seen a good tryndamere. If lore was a determining factor for how a champion behaves, I'm sure many more champions would be in line for a rework before him.
Rioter Comments
: people start flipping cars and burning tires when yasuo has 53% winrate for one patch.
Players complain about Ahri's winrate too. Only less so because Ahri players aren't 90% assholes who constantly BM enemies and allies alike. Harsh but true.
: Three Reasons 10 Bans is very important to me
> Right now for example Yasuo is 'weak' in terms of win-rate and numbers. I guess Barry Allen fucked the timeline again because you must be posting from April.
: Here's something interesting, Karthus's gameplay stats have RISEN after 7.9!
Now, this _might_ not be the actual reason, but what I noticed as a Teemo and Swain player is that Adaptive Helmet rush is a huge noobtrap - it is good lategame, but early SV is almost always better. So if presence of Karthus makes people rush it often, it would cause raise in winrate. Like it happened with Teemo and Swain, too.
: Evelynn passive is stronger than Rengar ult
Yeah I totally love Evelyn's free vision, movespeed bonus lasting half the map, auto crit and point and click dash.
: MSTU: Observations on Top Lane Tanks
Riot doesn't understand that fighters almost uniformly have sustain, and if you cut tanks damage they absolutely can't lane. Old Sunfire rush might have been cancer, but it was also a necessity. Tanks got tools for lategame, but nothing that would help them _survive_ Darius and the like.
: Riot Please Reconsider/Take an Objective Look at the Rengar Rework
You better pray that Riot doesn't take an _objective_ look at Rengar, because that would mean Yoricking until Sion-level rework.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: I said early levels man. You can only start with a spectres cowl in aram.
I'm not talking about cowl, I'm talking about MR runes, flask, secret stash, feast, vampirism, all the good stuff that easily gets you to cowl. There are many champions with early levels much more punishing than Teemo's.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: He is impossible to lane against in the early levels for some melees. A buff to his Q at higher ranks might be an idea, like % magic pen applied a second after his Q. Out of laning phase I guess he is very vulnerable when he isnt sitting invisible. Is rushing botrk good now? The item is pretty broken. The build path shouldnt be that good for Teemo though.
> He is impossible to lane against in the early levels for some melees. Nonsense. He is only impossible to lane for people who refuse to invest in defenses. Jayce, Quinn, Swain, Fizz etc. are all much, much stronger laners.
Rioter Comments
: Goodbye teemo
Agreed, Teemo needs buffs. This is even worse for him than spirit visage rush, and spirit visage rush already denied him all his early game potential. Like come on, everyone who complains about Teemo says his laning is too strong, but if you look at his winrate over game time charts he looks like a lategame scaling champion - and he often plays like one.
: New Rift Herald buff Canceled and removed by cc? Why?
I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, preventing it from being cast in combat seems like a good thing - fighting and killing enemy only to have them summon her as they die, and have her taking 3 towers because you now don't have HP to fight her off seems dumb. On the other hand, completely removing the buff is nonsense too. It is not something you get for free, it is a reward for a major objective. It shouldn't be denied by say a Nami wave or Syndra stun casted from fog of war.
: I think it's fine the way it is. If Seeker's needs a change then it should be the removal of the stacking process, considering AD doesn't have to do it with Hexdrinker either.
That. It's really not okay when you have to miraculously land your stuff on a champion with two blinks, one dash and invulnerability period on top of that only to have them out-stat you even if you do.
: ARAM Changes for 7.10
Not sure about "10 MR on all melee champions". While most of them do suffer, many tanks and assassins are monster level threats on ARAM.
Penns (EUW)
: What exactly do people expect from assassins?
I'm pretty sure that honest answer for most people is > We expect them to go away Of course, assassins need to quickly and easily kill carries and mages to function. This doesn't change that they are often completely ruining the fun for everyone else.
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: That's uh, that's a lot of added power, not just satisfaction. Given the amount of mobility Rakan's got, and his two sources of hard CC, we don't think we can afford to put more utility on his kit, especially not on a low risk ability.
Why almost every change in "tank update" benefits juggernauts more by a large margin? Is it intentional?
: {{champion:254}} _Has more forms of CC than an actual tank_ {{champion:98}} Jokes aside, as a tank player you gotta see what your team needs and pick a tank to fulfill it. Do you lack hard engage? {{champion:113}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:154}} Does the enemy team have high diving power against your squishies? {{champion:98}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:223}} Do you need someone to be disruptive? {{champion:14}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:12}} Do you need someone to just be a brick wall? {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:33}} Or make your carries safer? {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:12}} So remember, picking a tank is good, but knowing which tank to pick for what scenario is even better. Picking Shen when you need hard engage is not a very good idea, and picking Sejuani when the enemy is chock-full of divers and assassins doesn't help much when they flank your carries.
This doesn't change that picking a tank ATM basically guarantees one lost lane or getting heavily outjungled for little to no gain. If you need to protect carries, it is way better to take an enchanter, hard engage comp gives you nothing if Lee Song puts all your team behind while you struggle with clear etc.
Wráthful (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=LostFr0st,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E6AhUKIo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-02T06:36:05.417+0000) > > Its damage scales with its hp. it's still too much to hit 1000k+ TRUE damage on towers when they are already paper.
It is actually perfectly OK. You don't get herald for free, your enemies could take a tower or other objective and pressure all lanes while you were fighting it. If she doesn't take one full tower basically for free, she won't be worth killing. I agree that it makes game faster, but tanks should come into the meta soon, so without 3 assassins in each team game should slow down a good bit to equalize it.
: Helpful Tip: Learn to Pick a Tank
Right now actual tanks suck ass. It is almost always better to pick a fighter.
: And ideally, pick a top-lane tank. Most jungle and support tanks struggle a lot right now in comparison to top lane tanks.
Nonsense. Barely any tank does good at top right now, after Naut's gutting it's basically Malphie and Sion, both of which still have really brutal counters. Right now tanks suffer in every single lane, but hopefully, this changes next patch.
Shylien (NA)
: "We feel that the mage class is healthier when mages rush Rabadon's Deathcap as their first item"
Mages are different because they don't get protection from a support. So they need to be allowed to rush variety of items.
: Tips on illaoi?
Don't miss your E.
Borsuk (EUW)
: Dodge Q. Step away when moonsilver is up. Stun her as she dashes or right after.
And if you were going to write "she just kills me with R-Q-E without passive" - uninstall.
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