: Riot report system is a JOKE
The league of legends community has turned in to a community of sensitive crybabies that can't take a joke. If someone calls you shit don't go crying to mama Riot and report them, but learn from the replay and get better.
: Riot's System makes players actively RESENT and HATE thier teammates. They can do whatever they want to you, and you cant do anything at all. Yeah you can report them, but riot's own system encourages you to "bottle up" those frustrations. And it will just result in people risking to "blow" on others. But yeah, all this tells me is that my team is just an extension of the enemy. Meaning I can play whoever I want, and I dont have to listen to my team. Because listening to them will just risk getting me in trouble. mlm This Community is not even worth acknowledging as human.
Pro tip, play with full premade. The rare occasions i do get mad at people is solo/duo queue. I am really glad flex queue exists now, so i can just team up with friends and enjoy that. Well, after 12 more days that is xD
: I just got a suspension because of a troll who kept spamming for reports on me. Would run off solo and die (he was actually inting, avoiding teamfights. And another who was afk farming. And I get a suspension for saying "Gg. We lost because people want to afk farm" I got suspended for looking at the match objectively in a 55+ minute game where 2 people didnt want to end, just run around farming kills. ANd for that I get a 14-day. I am really growing sick of this bullshit. We are about to lose the match, but we cant actually say anything because it might hurt the feelings of the two players ACTIVELY TROLLING the match. So Yeah, If I come back (Maybe I should try Dota or another moba that isnt sesame-street level coddling) I will recognize my team as the enemy. They want to screw the team over, then that means as long as I dont talk, I can do what I want. (No requirement to help in teamfights, No requirement for me to play an actual support in the support role. I can take all the kills and CS I want. As Long as I say nothing) I am sure thats how it works right? This is the system that riot creates, It makes players HATE THIER TEAMMATES. People can screw you over all they want, but as long as they dont say anything, nothing will happen.
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Shadòw (EUW)
: same as no one needs a toxic fuck as you in their games. it's always the same excuses.. "just defending myself" whatever. is it so hard to actually just stay quiet for two games? > I guess defending myself from toxic players makes me toxic as well? Believe it or not, it does. It's like saying "So killing a murderer makes me a murderer as well?" and refusing to admit it.
Why are you so mad at me. You assume I trash talk every game when in reality I got mad at trolls in one game and typed way too much so the system instantly banned me after I got reported. You're more toxic for assuming tbh.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bot Guni,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Eg2Vr1Ro,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-11-06T21:04:19.551+0000) > > I play video games to vent from IRL stress, so staying cool when some assholes decide to feed, right after I come back from a long day at work, is not an option. Then you probably don't want to focus on a COMPETITIVE online team-based game, play Witcher 3 or something.
Funny, cuz my main games are League, CS:GO and Overwatch :D
Shadòw (EUW)
: only that 1 report is the same as 9 reports. so premade reporting does nothing. if they were toxic and you report all 4 of them, it's more effective than all 4 of them reporting you if you stayed cool. but I'm pretty sure your ban was justified, I don't even need to see the logs.
I play video games to vent from IRL stress, so staying cool when some assholes decide to feed, right after I come back from a long day at work, is not an option.
Emenarth (NA)
: ***
God bless you my man. Through the heaps of SJW's i find great people like you. <3 {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: I got a 10 game chat ban and honor reset from 5 (I have every ribbon from last season) because I asked a troll duo to actually gank my lane when one was jungling raptors and watched two towers get pushed by just mid and jungle. Also got a wee bit tilted at full ap "support" in ranked flaming me in the same game. Set of ifs and lost lvl 5 honor (I got it within like 2 weeks too). Yeah maybe get the trolls out or something?
Pretty much the only reason i ever trash talk as well. I legit don't even use chat that often, but when i see people trolling and call them out, this shit happens. Sad world we live it. :(
: Yeah, Idk. It seems more like im playing some hello kitty island adventure with a league skin now days. Miss the time where you could tell 0/5 ad leblanc at 7 mins to "stfu dude" when they flame you for no ganks. Btw get ready for the juicy downvotes because the board is just full of esports justice warriors.
As a player since S2 and just now getting a 14 day ban and the chat restrictions in this year too, i must say, league is going to shit with their ''non toxic'' attitude.
Sarutobi (NA)
: Riot isnt incompetent. they just believe everyone should have some amount of Self Control. You can already mute everyone already. You just want another way to do it before anything actually happens.
Yes, now i found out how to do it. Not like Riot ever told me. Had to go to forums and get this info by a player.
: You can mute people on the scoreboard. You can also type /muteall
FOR REAL???? OMG thank you! I will use this in all my games now. God bless you Spicy Rice! <3
Shadòw (EUW)
: ah the usual "toxic premades who all reported me" argument
It's a thing that happens, whether you like it or not. Especially here in EUW where you often times get full premade teams where they don't even speak English. I often play alone, so i see this quite often, but this case (which i meant in the post) seals the deal. :D
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