Moody P (NA)
: pyke wasn't hard buffed and lux just got nerfed What about when Caitlyn and Ashe both got nerfed right before their legendaries dropped
> [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XdyATHdH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-24T23:12:23.860+0000) > > pyke wasn't hard buffed and lux just got nerfed > > What about when Caitlyn and Ashe both got nerfed right before their legendaries dropped This comment is right and makes sense so I must downvote :pepega: Honestly these boards get dumber every day.
: It sure doesn't feel like Riot wants you to climb in ranked
If you're not climbing you're not winning. If you are better than your current elo you WILL climb. It's really not that hard. Past 3 sessions I climbed B4-B1, B2-S3, S3-G4. If you're paying attention to win/loss streaks, you're playing too much and tilting. Stop blaming your teammates, concentrate and do not give up on a game until it's over.
: RIOT Supports Bigotry!
PRO TIP: Disable Allied & All chat in the interface options menu to significantly improve your game experience! Seriously. Don't use chat. It. Does. Not. Help. For anything at all. Sure maybe 1 in 200 games it helps. It's not worth it. Just disable it and live with it.
IcyWard (NA)
: I want to thank Riot
An item is a permanent buff in battle that will be present throughout the entire game. 2 gold is a reroll than can turn out to be nothing. Oh well. League is 9 years old an TFT a month. I'm sure it will get better.
: Can we get an option to not be matched with premade groups?
Wouldn't work for matchmaking I'd presume as it is quite a specific scenario.
Moody P (NA)
: You can tell the exact moment when Riot punishes you for winning too much
Oh hi moody Pretty sure this is just complete luck How many hours do you spend on league boarss btw?
: Little Legends Series Egg Guide
I want my yellow featherknight but I'm not gonna be buying all this crap. Enough gambling is enough, riot. Mistery skins were ok and fun to give to friends, then hextech came along which was only acceptable because it was free... And now we get this shit again? Like the prestige skins aren't expensive enough? No thank you. I am not spending money on this.
iPrawn (NA)
: Riot has disabled the forced win rate algorithms for most of the top streamers on twitch. Because unfair losses are not fun to watch, and they want to keep league at the top of twitch. If you are a top streamer and they haven't already unlocked your account, you can send a ticket to support. Just let them know you're a top streamer on twitch, and they'll be more than happy to flag your account for easy wins.
Please tell me you don't actually believe this. You don't even watch them or you'd see. Please tell me you're trolling and millions of years of evolution haven't lead to an IQ this low.
: I feel like it’s more like 40% of games you’ll win more easily, 40% of the games will be a tough loss and then 20% of the games depends on you more. That’s why when people smurf from high elo they usually have about 60% winrate. But when you’re in your elo you usually hang around 50-53 % winrate.
2/5 gamea is hard loss, 2/5 games is easy win, 1/5 games you can make the difference. Thats how I see it.
iPrawn (NA)
: Riot admitted that the matchmaker is rigged, and nobody even noticed.
Actually insane how dumb this is, because people still climb. If you're better you will climb. People move on the ladder and they CAN'T rig it against YOU because everyone gets the same matchmaking. Sure the "data" you're talking about is different but that method of matchmaking applies to everyone. Stop blaming matchmaking for your losses. Sure it can happen, but in the end you ranking up is down to your skill. Individual games might not be, but in 10+ games your skill WILL make a difference.
: OP.GG dodges = Riot "outsourced" matchmaking to the players
You haven't even played your placements.
: Pay 2 Win disguised as Free To Play...
DalekZec (EUNE)
: There's so much hypocrisy in this post that i'm not sure if our buddy here after3perma is delusional or just a melee champion main.
: Unpopular opinion, since I'm not a Malphite player: Q spam is unhealthy to toplane, and should absolutely not be buffed, especially the range. This "gating" your are talking about is non sense in 2019 LoL. With corrupting potion, manaflow band, TP and an early glacial shroud, malphite just can't get OOM. I just don't understand how malphite could have a "bad match-up" on the top lane, when you can just out poke them from a safe range. IMO, the Q should totally be reworked, not only in order to feel good to the player using it (making it more visually appealing is a poor choice seriously), but also to let his opponent have way to play around the Q, that isn't "Buy MR and potions, and out-sustain his mana with your HP"
Q can't be spammed before 15 minutes or so. It starts at 70 mana cost level 1 with his mana pool starting at 280+40 per level. Which means he can use 4 Q's level 1 before being completely out of mana.
Jacksin (OCE)
: Remember when Riot was releasing a new champ every 2-weeks? Why not a minor VGU every 2-weeks?
They literally wrote an article about this. People don't like their favourite champions being changed so they don't push VGU's that much.
Moody P (NA)
: yo riot could you let certainlyT rework volibear
How about an ult that makes his winrate go up to 90% in LCS but down to 30% in soloq
Lovelle (NA)
: Indeed, Botrk is the main problem, it synergizes too well with her kit and its build path pretty much removes any early game weakness she would otherwise have. Coupled with Guinsoo's, she essentially becomes a raid boss that cannot be itemized against, only bursted down. This would be fine if she didn't have the capacity to permakite 90% of melee champions, while simultaneously shred-bursting them. Then she also was directly buffed, so she has a lot going for her right now. Can't blame people for spamming her.
: Vaynes W is a fucking oxymoron. It's True damage that scales of Max HP. The counter to True Damage has always been building health, but against her, that shit doesn't matter. She could be 2/19/1 and still three-shot you on the virtue of just being Vayne. She will never be balanced. My first "break" from League was when she was released. She was dumb then and she is dumb now.
This is not true. Vayne needs items to do damage. Her win condition is proccing W, so she is naturally strong against tanks. This is not "being broken", it's as simple as a counter. She is still a squishy marksman with not all that much mobility, apart from being able to kite well.
faure (NA)
: Vanye with one item is better than most champs with 2
We are still crying about Vayne apparantly. 3 things I have to say about this as an ADC main who has played Vayne: -She spikes at 2 items, not 1. -Vayne is no longer a late-game carry, but more mid-game. Again, she spikes at 2 items, so if she gets ahead early that is easily achievable. -Vayne has a high skill cap. Just because she can deal a lot of damage doesn't mean that she will. A good Vayne player can do crazy stuff against bad ones, but she is still a short-ranged adc. She has more mobility than most ADC's with her Q, but that is only applies if is used for poking so the cooldown starts ticking again. Her E doesn't mean much in teamfights. I don't see how she is better than something like Jinx other than her two item power spike. Though she doesn't completely fall off lategame it is no longer her strongest point. Also, Vayne has always done this kind of shit. Even if she is better than other ADC's, I think those other ad's should be buffed rather than nerfing vayne. Adc's have enough to survive already.
: Seriously. The only people who were complaining about ARAM bans were people with ARAM accounts.
I didn't like them and I barely play ARAM. I don't feel like they make a big impact when it's essentially random what the enemy team gets. They are already implementing damage% balancing, and I don't feel like my ban matters if there aren't extremely high percentages anyway(like thresh/yasuo on SR). I didn't even ban anything at all. Tldr; I don't think they have impact, riot already balances broken aram champs
: Removing the bans from ARAM is the absolute last straw for me. It's a very poor decision.
Aram is a literal gamble and you only have impact on the outcome of the game if you get a decent champ. One OP champ doesn't change much, a decent team comp easily wins.
: After exactly 9 years...I quitted this night. I just can't stand it anymore!
Nobody cares. Its the same for everyone playing the game, don't cry about losing LP because of bad matchmaking. Go play fortnite so you can't blame others for you not being good enough(though you'll probably still cry and call them hackers)
: Any reason why Nasus W cooldown doesn’t start after the ability is finished??
You can CC him, spellshield, use mobility spells to get away... There is plenty of counterplay. If you don't have any of these tools then you can't fight him 1v1. Besides, it's only good if he outdamages you which is unlikely early/mid game Apart from that, he IS a scaling champ. If you let him get to this 45% cdr with max W and enough stacks/items to outdamage you, I don't know what you expect. We can also talk about morgana Q duration, I think that's even worse than this. Nasus slow is not a root and slowly builds up over the duration.
Am I the only one who thinks this'd make for an excellent copypasta
GigglesO (NA)
: Why aren't we nerfing Riven, Vayne, Zed.
1. They are not that broken in LCS 2. People love these champs. They love the mechanics, and having them be strong allows bad players that see those youtubers pop off on them to do similar shit. 3. Skins. These champs all have lots of skins and people love buying them because they play them a lot. This is the main reason. 4. Who cares. How strong a champion is doesn't matter until high skill league so basically high diamond. League is actually really quite well balanced. There are no champions that are so strong that anyone can play them and always win lane, win fights, win game. Winrates above 55% are very rare. Stop complaining about what this company is doing and go play the game. It's not like a 50% or 53% winrate will influence how much you enjoy playing.
Juice (EUNE)
: Riot, if you nerf Vayne I am quitting the game
You're kidding right? Half of these are weong and the other half applies to literallt every other adc. 5 escapes is more than most other adc. She cannot 1v5 Literally every adc depends on a support Caitlyn is much harder and more mechanical than vayne Most fun to watch is subjective All adcs are squishy Twitch has camouflage and his Q has a 1 second channel. Its completely different from vayne. Who cares if W doesn't do the same damage as garen R, thats a crazy comparison. TLDR: You must be trolling or you don't understand this game at all.
Moody P (NA)
: What Id like to see Garen getting right now is some manner of improvements to early game in particular. Since he doesnt scale he should get back some portion of his early game that was lost in his rework in season 5. Namely making E better at early ranks so it can be more reliable at last hitting with it, and just generally making his spin stronger since it's arguably the worst ability in his whole rotation, to the point that Garen is much better off focusing on Q burst with items like Trinity Force. Villainy is unfortunately probably here to stay.
I knew you were gonna be here. Was expecting you to be topic starter tbh. Thats all I had to say. Have a nice day mister Moody P who I only know because of the many league boards balance threads that get shown on my google news feed for some reason.
: ADC is riots baby. they cant nerf the campions. then how will they be the most meaning full role and the only players that matter?
Playing adc isn't really a party though. Almost any champ in the game can do half your hp with like 1-2 attacks or spells. And you won't have GA until late, PD was needed. But hey, winrates mean everything right.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BV2iqRVB,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-02T21:21:08.992+0000) > As AzuBK said on Reddit. "Vayne needed a buff, so she got one". > > 50% at all ranks is a bit too heavy handed, making it scale through the game will keep it as a "late game buff" as it was intended. > As I said, I play both champions (540k Mastery Jinx, 1.2 million Vayne) and I acknowledge they are too strong. Vayne's Tumble 50% CDR from R needs to be removed completely. Is not even a late game buff but for the entire game. Stupidest thing I've seen this year. Jinx recieving buffs only for a whole yesr is absolutely disgusting, cause they ain't small buffs either.
I'm fine with that, she kinda needs it to stay alive in teamfights with her short range and it makes the ult invisibilty good. So don't remove it, but they could let it scale. Right now she is no longer the late game monster she used to be, but they could let her scale towards late more again.
: Riot your bias toward high playrates champion need to stop !
Of course. People love lee sin. So they buy skins for him if they play him. Same for yasuo and thresh, people like playing them so they have to be viable
: Since the "matchmaking" is rigged with lots of bullshit (e.g. I just had a game that went level 11, 16, 21, 146, 32 vs 11, 9, 28, 15, 18 while the first team with the Level 146 was a 3-premade while my noobs could not even speak basic English) I also play less. I don't often want to even try anymore. Yesterday on this very account I won an unlosable game and then I lost an unwinnable game. Neither of the games were fun. I am here for too long (almost 9 years now) and I just start to outright hate this "game".
9 years and what level of those levels are you then?
: I will say that the game is in a much better state than it was at the end of season 8. They at least added some counterplay to conqueror. I think they know they've gone too far in the damage direction, but just don't know what to do about it. They obviously invested a lot in rolling out the new system, and scrapping it all would be a nightmare for them. That said, I agree with you wholeheartedly on the fact that it's a different game. I started playing in season 4, and there was so much more adjustment available during the game. Dying once or twice didn't mean you could no longer compete. Especially with how much bounties are worth now. 1000g?? The idea is that behind teams can get back in it, but what if you're doing well on the losing team? All of a sudden the Jax that's ahead gets a full sheen from your bounty alone. I think one of the main problems, besides damage and easier access to gold, is CDR. I remember when there were "CDR Builds." Now, going anything that isn't 30-40% CDR is a huge sacrifice for almost all champs. Most champs have their ult up every teamfight, which in turn reduces strategic decisions and leads to more head-on brawls, determined usually by pure damage output. I like a lot of the changes they've made over time, but the excessive damage and CDR have really harmed the diversity and creativity available. I think ghost poro giving adaptive force is the most extreme example of them feeling the need to overpower everything in order to keep up with everything else, rather than understanding that it's ok for the game to be more difficult based on player choice, if they prefer a different payoff. Carries don't need to be able to carry from lvl 2. They should be patient and cautious until they build up. Yeah, lot to say here. They've created a mess to balance for themselves, as so many champion changes have been made to compensate for items and runes overpowering them. I'm having fun again with current season, but as a jungle it's frustrating for the snowball effect to steamroll lanes before minute 10. Playing safe and catching up is so much harder when an assassin can pop in, 1-shot the adc and support, and be back to lane before even losing a wave.
CDR is very true. Lategame ult cooldowns are neglectable because I don't think there are more than 10 ults that will have a CD longer than a death timer. Bounties are also just dumb. I don't think they help comebacks a lot. And thank god for the conqueror changes. So much true damage is bs.
Saianna (EUNE)
: That was good read and yeah, I agree with you. Personally the game went downhill with inclusion of full AD champions such as riven or Zed. It was Riots way of saying "fuck hybrids and multiple, even if silly, builds"
I'm fine with a couple of them, but nowadays EVERY champ is like this. Except for kaisa because they LITERALLY designed her so it'd be viable.
: I really miss League of Legends
Apparantly pros love it. Personally I think I'd prefer old league. I remember going full tank nautilus and being an unkillable cc machine that would never die no matter what. Nowadays he would get bursted down in 3 seconds because of true damage(which is EVERYWHERE) and max hp damage. The new rune system has promoted this even more. Or when nautilus top was still viable. It was great. Nowadays he is stuck as support and you can't play him anywhere else. The jungle meta is also bs. The only viable junglers are the ones that have good clears, if you have a slow clear like nautilus jgl(yes, that used to be possible) you're a joke. Junglers gank all the time. You can't carry a game by yourself because anyone can press 2 buttons and kill you. Still, I enjoy it, but only because I play custom 5v5s with an actual team and draft strats and shit. But where's clash? That stuff was so much fun because you could actually play to what they balance the game for: 5 man play. But team ranked is gone and flex is seen as a meme.
: I miss Taliyah in midlane. Good old times...
Taliyah winrates in almost all ranks are above 50%, I don't see the problem?
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