Accenix (NA)
: How Does One Genuinely Climb The Ranks?
Stop playing a different champion every game last season you played 141 different champions thats literally over 95% of all champions in league. Just find a couple of champions you like, preferably in the same role and i guarantee you you will climb.
: please help poor asian boy to stabilize his data consumption
Use wifi instead of data? (try turning it off maybe that helps with connecting to router)
: Is it just me or are hit boxes kinda ridiculous right now?
At the end of the hook the hitbox gets wider and it prioritizes champions over minions so it hooks them through minions. It has always been this way and its really frustrating imo.
koshkyra (NA)
: What is this double standard?
Pretty sure its not a bug but because when he auto's he yeets a meep at you and it hits you twice once for the auto once for the meep
: Can't Connect to Game After Champ Select
Used to happen on my laptop and now it also does this shit on my pc... nice and still no fix after all this time ofc just a "its a connection issue" comment thats litterally on every thread and everybody always replies its not a connection issue but riot still ignores it :thinking:
Ada Wong (NA)
: Can't Connect To Game??????
Still happening tried everything repatching, hextechrepairtool, etc... anyone got a fix? (i can usually connect after trying like 20 times but by that time they already voted for a remake)

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