: Very unique new champion: The Hangman
I don't understand the passive, his range so why a passive based on taking damages. Make him melee and keep the passive with a reduce range.
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SSmotzer (NA)
: Jungle Champion Expansion Concepts Mega Pack
{{champion:12}} !! I'm not the only one who want Jungle Alistar to coem back :D
: A champ concept of mine, thoughts?
Every thing is Overpowered, it need a lot of work. First the name, that not a champion that's a candy brand. Passive is a fun idea, seams like the old Alistar one in some way but damages should upgrades with level and health to be more "Juggernaut style" not with MS. It should start after a certain amount of time in combat and not every time, and apply the 5% slow on condition the enemy got already 5 stacks. The Q is frankly shit. Choose : it's either a AOE or an attack reset. Because for now it is the most stupid shit I ever read. That's an AOE who increase damages done by your champion on foes hit plus 6 attacks on a row (7 with Titanic Hydra) with damages increase on the target, 2 boosted attacks and 1 AOE, that apply at each hits on-hit effects and, on top of that, have a CD refresh if it doesn't hit. Rework it. For the W, use movements to imply actions on a spell is quite fun but it doesn't work, have you ever seen a champion walk? Sometimes you'll have to stop mid animation or you are starting to walk 3 time by the same foot because you were CSing. And what with the double effect? Damages + Slow + Reduced defenses OR Damages + Stun + Reduced damages, this is so unbalanced even Qiyana seems fair compare to that. Rework it. And now the E. Oooooh boy... 2 sec fear. On a Juggernaut. Followed by a 1sec stun after stealing part of the target's health. With absolutly no counter-play. The fear shouldn't be part of his kit, the stun is unnecessary because you're punishing someone for being better than you by escaping your clutch. The drain part is the only one that make sense, but it's not enough to make a good Juggernaut spell. Rework it. R need to be change as well. Nothing to keep.
: Thanks for the tips. This input is really helpful. I just have a few questions/comments. What do you think about giving the passive a range/shorter time? The point here is to really drive home the fact that he was trained to hunt and track. The r is meant to change his hit box. I should state that shouldnt I... I will fix that. The item I was thinking could be more like victors item. But I wasnt sure where to go with the improvement as you upgrade it. I am stuck on what to do with quick shot. I have always thought of Otaktays kit as a whole like a melee champ and the point here is to make it so you only really use it after engaging a champion close up or to clear a camp. I guess that is counter intuitive sense I made that portion on his ranged kit... I will work more on that
Well, you could do something a bit fun for the passive, like hints. If a champion walks in the river, on a bush, close to a wall or get hits by a a monster he'll let behind him hints who appears at Ot' as little glowing points, take one will lead him toward the champion who lets it and offered him MS. Could be a fun interaction, where you'll be like a real hunter. I really don't like the item idea, it's doesn't fit on his kit. If it's a scalling items, like Rengar's one, it should be replacing his trinket and offer bonuses based on killed champs or monsters. If it's an items that need to be upgrade, like Viktor's one, it should be rewarding to upgrade it because it takes a potential item away. As I said, Ot' already have 7 spells and a good passive, is his items really necessary? Quick shot ... Let say it's always shoots full range, slowing and decreasing damages along it way, but since the arrow is closer to the ground it could hits the targets legs, making them slower. Ignore minions, but still apply the slow, and stop on Monsters and Champs. BTW don't mind, this board is kinda dead now :/
: Character Concept: Otaktay, The Rising Chief
Hey, Passive : Stupidly strong. You're saying that without being there you can tell which champion was there, which spells he used (dashes, jumps, flashes) and you are moving faster toward them. It doesn't make sense at all. Even if the passive is fun, it's not viable. Here an option : Allies and Monster from his side apply "Hunted" on enemy champions they hit. Otaktay gain MS bonus while tracking them. Also, his item should be part of his passive and take his trinket spot. Loose stacks while dying is not a good idea, this way you're punishing a good early by a simple death. R - Mount : Don't decrease his AD, increase it while being on his first form. The horse idea isn't that bad, but it should increase his hit box. Maybe change it to a "Horse Spirit" who enter his body, this way he gain MS for the same reason and keep his hit box still. Q - Tomahawk Throw : The AD ratio his to high, because of the second hit. Sweet spots are a great idea. Q - Quick Shot : Not really effective. You are punishing yourself by making you inapt to poke. I understand the idea behind that but it's not good. W - Follow Through : Really good. Nothing to say W - Spur : Fun, but CC on range champions need to be rewarding, here you're putting yourself in a bad position only to apply a Q with bonus damages. Use it as an escape or a engage : tell the Spirit to jump where you want, it deals damages and slow enemy and moving toward him offers you MS. E - Double Strike : Nope. If it's a targatable ability apply the CC on hit. If it's a dash think of other dashes who offer CC : Sejuani, Gragas, Alistar, Camille... It apply on impact, for a good reason. It's way to strong to let him wait, specially 6sec, to apply an hard CC. E - Rear : Remove the passive. The active is great and should grant to your ally the opportunity to use your passive.
: Champion Concept:Yujin of the Divergent Blade
If he came back from the Void his name should be Yu'jin, by his vow I can imagine him being a Demacian trap in some way in the void while searching a way to defeat magic in Shurima. Passive : P1 : Great, should be used if he takes CC from any damages sources. P2 : Optional P3 : Not so good, if he fight against mages better apply something as half the armor he gain is converted into MR or, with his play style, gain bonus MR with atkspd bonus. Q : No AD on magic damages. Just don't. It's either AP or AD not both. NS : Ok, depend of the range. VS : Same. W : Make it a black shield, no reason to counter AD. Especially with your lore. NS : Good bonus. VS : Warp you to your cursor localization if W is reactivate. The bonus damages are ok since it's only applicable after level 6. E : It's a cool idea to deal bonus damages based on enemies mana pool buuuuuut : Renekton, Gnar, Lee Sin, Rumble. Even while hunting down mages you can't ignore rage or energy users. NS : How can he apply the damages if he stop once he encounter an enemy? Not clear. VS : To strong, something as : Return back, applying the damages again on his way. R : NS : Armor? Again!? >_<" VS : Immunity to silence is not a good idea. First it's way to strong, even with the mana drain. Second : they're is not enough silence in the game to make it good. Remove that, add bonus AP or AD or atkspd and remove the drain.
: Champion that cant deal damage to champions but also cant take damage from champions.
This passive I way beyond strong but the idea is cool. Here my idea : **_ Unbreakable_ ** Unbreakable is a robot design by Heimerdinger, is role was to test Heimer's inventions. _Passive - Test Conditions_ : When Unbreakable take an hard CC he enter in "Test Condition Mode", for a short time he can't be move or take damages either can he deals any damages or uses his abilities but he is still targetable and can block skill shots. After this he gain a good amount of Armor and Magic Resistance based on his own. The CD of his passive is reduce any time he take an hard CC and by level. _Q - Adaptative Operation_ : His next attack will deal bonus physical damages based on his target health and apply one of this effect depending of is Armor or MR stats : More Armor (default setting) : stun for a short time. More MR : silence for a short time. On turrets : deals more damages applying part of his Armor or MR as phisical damages. The bonus can't apply on the same target more than once every 8sec. _W - Focusing_ : Throw on a long distance a piece of himself, dealing magical damages on his way and taunting the first enemy champion hit. Deals more damages to minions. Unbreakable move a bit faster if an enemy is taunted; the farther the target is, the faster it will move, the MS bonus is halved if he run away from his target. _E - Reset_ : Passive : Unbreakable gain regen while being immobile for more than 1sec. Active : Offer to himself and allies around him a sheild based on his Armor and MR. The passive is lost while this ability is on CD. _R - Error H31m-R_ : Automatically refresh is passive but give him the opportunity to deal damages.
: Very unique new champion
Radia (NA)
: Argeus: The Silver Streak
Hey, fun idea. I love non-humanoids champions, and this one is quite fun. Here some adjustments : Passive : Make it gain 250 gold each time his "Blessed [Support Item]" quest is over. This way he gain advantages only at certain point of the game, not during the whole lanning phase. And when all the quests are over the item add +1gold to the passive. Need an alternative for Aram. Q : Great but he need to be slowed or immobile why channeling. W : Passive : This is Trundle's passive. Play with the gold, when he gain gold he regens the same amount of health. (Works with his ultimate too) Active : Fun but while doing so he loose his passive. E : Should be paired, not all allied but only one. This way you can add MS with the shield when he turn visible again. R : You need to say how many jumps he can do, also if he can gain gold from this it's need to be a short amount per champion, or less and less at each jump.
: New Support Champion Concept (Unfinished)
Interresting Idea, seams like a good support or a tanky jungler with quite a good clear if his passive procs on monters. Name : Change it to Valjhar, names with apostrophes are typical of Void champions. Passive : Make it from 3-10% depending if his Level. Even in percent a 20% armor reduction at level 2 is to strong. Q : Nothing to say, really good. W : Why not a scaling bonus? If he's alone he get full bonus and because his offering is protection to his allies we can imagine that he'll give less and less bonus the more allies their is in the area of effect, but still a good amount . Shielding them in the same time. This way he can choose to peel for the carry, boost himself while engaging with his E or protect the whole team for an large spell. E : Is the Toss necessary ? I mean, he carves for an engage and you're offering a good one with the Charge. If you want to keep the shred of armor you can say that he gain a enforced attack that will apply twie his passive if he encounter a champion on his way. R : This spell is a bit confuse, can you explain it please? :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Breizhillien,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=yEF9aTr2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-01T19:49:55.798+0000) > > Hello there. Ahh, General ~~Kenobi~~ Breizhillien :D
Jechter (EUW)
: Miss Fortune boobs
Let me explain something to you : breast are not only for big size model. It's all about genetic, sometime skinny women wears big cups because they're genetically condition to store fat on them. It happen that large women can't grow breast. Really it's just genetic. No, Miss Fortune breast isn't unnatural.
: Gorilla/Ape
After reading everything I made this, hope you'll all enjoy ! :) _**Kinxtal - The Jungle King**_ [Contaction of King and Ixtal] **Passive - It is my Kong-dom ! ** >Climber : Kinxtal ignore thin jungle walls and climb them, while doing it he's a bit slower, still can be hit by CC and use abilities. >Herbalist : all plants and sometimes bushes gives bananas to Kinxtal, healing him a portion of his missing health and offering a "Banana Traps" stack. **Q - King Fists/King Smash ** > King Fists : Kinxtal's next two attacks deals a bonus AD damages. If he don't use them he became "Enrage" for a short time, running faster toward enemy champions, and the ability become "King Smash". > King Smash : Kinxtal hits violently the ground on a short circular area in front of him, stunning enemies for a short period of time. **Z - Gorilla Instinct ** >Passive - Chest Pounding : After killing a enemy Champion/Monster/Large MInion Kinxtal pound is chest, dealing magic damages on short range around him. >Active : Kinxtal pounds his chest with anger for a short time, every ally walking toward him gain MS. For each allies in the radius of "Gorilla Instinct" he gain bonus AD **E - Banana Traps** >[Up to 5 charges] >Using on himself : Kinxtal put on the gound a Encheanted Banana Peel. Enemy Champion/Monster who walk on it will slide toward him, taking some magic damages and becoming "Unstable". Enemies hits by Kinxtal's attack while being "Unstable" are stun for a short time. >Throwing : Kinxtal throw a Enchanted Banana Peel dealing physical damages and slowing them for a short time. >Enchanted Banana Peels ignore a portion of the resistances of the target. **R - On my back** >Kinxtal "Enrage" and grabs the next enemy champion on his back instead of attacking it, carrying it where he want to. >If "Gorilla Instinct" is used right after "On my back", an ally can choose to click on Kinxtal to be carried. >(Yes, he's "Enrage", his Q change to "King Smash")
: Star Wars' Imperial March, played by Sett!
193708 (NA)
: "Broken Glass"
Here is my idea Vitral - Broken Glass Passive - Mirror sword : Vitral use two mirrors to attack, her attacks deals bonus AP damages. Attacks and Spells shred her sword at each hit, letting "Glass Shard" on the ground every time a champion is hit (one shard/champion and spell). An enemy champion walking on it will take damages over time (up to 5 stacks per champion). While a Mirror is one the ground she can't use the abilities who relate on it and her attack who should have use it no longer apply the passive. Q - Mirror Mirror : Vitral throw her right Mirror toward a location who reflect the first skill shot toward the enemy and deals magic damages on a short range when it hits the ground. Vitral needs to walk on it to get it back, reducing the CD of "Mirror Mirror". W - Look at you : Vitral uses her left Mirror to absorb an spell, recast "Look at you" throw a shard of glass charged with the ability absorbed and a AP bonus. E - Let me see : Passive : Taking a Mirror from the ground deals magic damages around it. Active : Vitral dash forward dealing damages to the first champion encounter. The dash is longer toward a Mirror. R - Shards of Glass and Darness : Vitral breaks her left mirror creating a large cone of brocken glass and darkness, dealing magic damages and pulling toward it nearby ennemies and blocking the first ability throw into charging "Look at you". After a short time the mirror stay on the ground and every enemy champions still in the cone are slow.
: > [{quoted}](name=Breizhillien,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=lEEqUqmM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-01T17:22:54.505+0000) > > This look like on so many points at the old Taric kit. > > Passive way too strong, 80% damages reduction level 18 for 2sec.. Don't even think about it, need to be reworked. > > Q should be on W, because of how Riot made their champs. Because of the 2sec shields chart it's an pretty useless move. Could be a good Ult if reworked. > > W shoud be on Q, an AOE who deals damages based on your max health is stupid AF. I love it. The slow is great but it's hard to put an slow on one champ while doing an AOE, especially without a good close up. > > E is a great move, AOE stun on a skill shot needs a way to be counter. See Taric stun or Veigar cage, they have a way to be counter or dodge. > > R passive is not so clear, or make the first passive even more stupid. Cast to short for a long range sheild, especialy with that CD. > > I think I have a concept idea. May I post something base on this if I can end up with something? Quoting you ofc. Oh I'm sorry, I started playing in season 7-8 so I missed a lot of og kits, I'm sorry if it is really that similar with something already existing. And just to clarify you understand it wrong some parts, for first the passive is not a percent reduction, it's a flat amount, for ex if you would get hit at level 18 by a 500 damage, you would take 80 less damage, so 420, so it's not really that op. Percent reduction for allies would be a little too op. But sure, if you have a better version and a way to fix those flaws you're welcome to post it, less work to do for me xd.
No worries :) Oh it's make more sense now ! In that case it's a pretty nice passive and no need to the CD. Up to 400 damages reduces on him at level 18 is fair. I was thinking about some kind a bulky humanoid mole. Using dirt and rock to defend and attack, what do you think?
XD haha (OCE)
: Hey thanks for reading and taking the time to reply to my post!!! Haste to me, is someone whose kit is really dependent on her power stations, so much so that it should be the first thing she thinks of when she spawns, and the last thing she remembers before she dies. Unlike heimer's turrets, these are support structures, and therefore can be placed in a relatively safe place. Enemies should not seek to actively destroy these, but only do it if they come across one. I agree, I think it's better for the linking to be automatic, and the respawn an option. The initial design for her Q is that she could hold to deploy/station her cirrus 3000, and then she could tap the abilities to command it from the machine's position instead. Your idea is really good and I like it better. My position on her E, is that her traps are actually held back by the power stations. Traps are only operational within the station's radius, so unlike teemo's shrooms, she can't just hide them where ever. E1 - yeah a root is also fine. Roots overall have less counterplay though, as a wall can be dashed over. E2 - I don't want it to deal any damage as her E is primarily a support ability. It can have the option of dealing damage to revealed enemies. E3 - Monsters and champions should have idle animations. Haste should be able to mimic any one of those of her choice in the game by clicking on them, and then casting the ability. R - I think the robots could either walk super fast, and be destructable. Or walk slow but indestructible. Another idea I had for her is to make the robots deal no damage, but have a large hitbox and can tank like 3 skillshots each. They shove forward pushing enemies back, or just completely blocking them off with their march. I think she's a steampunk inventor who truly enjoys what she does.
It's a pleasure :D Well, enemies will try to destroy them anyway. The bonuses offer by them are way to good because of most of her kit need them to be used. An idea could be something close to Illaoi passive : Haste can place stations only on walls, they last for the gamea and her W need a long CD decaying with levels. It an interesting thing because it's force her to be safe early, while keep making her late game strong. For the traps set up : it's a really good idea, it's offer counter-play. E1 : It can be a new interaction. 2 charges : walking through slows like hell but will not root except if she's Q the enemy into, the second one will be slow but less and dashes won't activate the trap but still count as if one enemy walk throught. E2 : In that case why not recharging the station? If the station found an enemy it's recharge part of their energy. E3 : Still not sure to understand what this ability offer to her kit. The R is really hard to balance I think; either to strong or not enough. What about that : one tap - the robot is summon near Haste and do his stuff, casting - Every station make an JoyfulBot (one/station) they blowup in contact with enemies champions, dealing AOE damages and forcing then to laugh. JoyfullBringer style. I was totally imagining her the same way, you did great with the kit because of how easy it is to imagine her.
: Ekko playing the USSR anthem
XD haha (OCE)
: Haste - The Joybringer of Zaun
Great idea and pretty cool mechanics. I know it's your baby but here some ideas to make the Joybringer even more joyfull. Passive : Haste should be able to choose if she want to respawn to her stations, and link to a station should be automatic once she's in range. Offering some counter play for the enemies once the sation is out of power. Aslo something as "linked power" should be a good idea, the more stations their, the more power they have, but it's decrease for all in the same time while Haste attack. Q - Cirrus 3000 : Canalization who stop her. Execute minions with low health and with 3 stacks. Big Minions and Monsters can be "locked" on the Q if they are executed, becoming bullets if she "tap her Q" offering more damages and a good slow. W - Mobile Power Farm : Stations should have health base on Haste AP. E - Trapmaker >E1 - Trip Wire : No need to the wall, but the second enemy passing through is rooted for a short time. Even the first one if Haste use her Q. >E2 - Scrying mode : Give vision on the radius of the station and deal AP damages to ennemies in it. >E3 - Image Projector : _I'm not sure of what it does, can you explain?_ R - JoyBots : It's a difficult ultimate. being untargatable make them too strong. The channel one need to be stronger and bigger, walking through a define pattern and do something as alert Haste when he found an enemy. Or even better, walk forward and grab the first champion he found to bring it back to Haste. The wave ones, as I said, should be targatable and can only be cast if Haste is in a station radius. How do you imagine her style? Steampunk like or something more like Jinx, colorful and crazy?
: Another tank support concept
This look like on so many points at the old Taric kit. Passive way too strong, 80% damages reduction level 18 for 2sec.. Don't even think about it, need to be reworked. Q should be on W, because of how Riot made their champs. Because of the 2sec shields chart it's an pretty useless move. Could be a good Ult if reworked. W shoud be on Q, an AOE who deals damages based on your max health is stupid AF. I love it. The slow is great but it's hard to put an slow on one champ while doing an AOE, especially without a good close up. E is a great move, AOE stun on a skill shot needs a way to be counter. See Taric stun or Veigar cage, they have a way to be counter or dodge. R passive is not so clear, or make the first passive even more stupid. Cast to short for a long range sheild, especialy with that CD. I think I have a concept idea. May I post something base on this if I can end up with something? Quoting you ofc.
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