Noraver (NA)
: Can we tweak "My Shop" a touch?
i got galaxy slayer zed at 70% this time. and last time i got dark cosmic jhin at 70%. i hadn't the money to purchase them with full price it was very bad because they were my main champions. maybe luck was with me. also your idea is perfect...
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Twixie (NA)
: Am I the only one who thinks the new RP for Eternals is fine?
if it costs less than 250 rp it is fine literally fine and i will grab some eternal but they are money hungry so the price should be terrible!
: 18 stack kindred, could still barely kill ryze
ryze can E + Q any squishy champion in 47 minutes even with tanky build. only a guy who can dodge his Q can beat him.
: Do you think Sivir is too mana hungry?
just buy tear then manamune also start with cdr manaflow band rune and essence reaver then spam your q and w ,,,,,, i start game with saphire crystal then i build tear
: {{champion:202}}
> [{quoted}](name=SonOf SakuraTree,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AMJeqEWb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-12T11:03:59.789+0000) > > then a syndra{{champion:134}} + tahm kench {{champion:223}} should take scuttle vision ward out to enemy red monster.
Tenkrejoe (EUW)
: Scuttle proposal
: Banning nothing is okay
me and my team we only ban zed and yasuo . only them...
Åiur (EUW)
: Can we have some Gamemode pls
you want a lazy company to make game modes?? huh i only beg them to fix their bugs that are there for years instead of making skins for lux. also modes like urf has more problems like bugs. rito scared because of bugs!!!!
cabbysb (NA)
: I really want to enjoy League but....
rito is lazy if not it is ez thing to let people play nexus blitz/arurf in only two day each week they are not scare effort of making lux skins because it grants them money
Latarnia40 (EUNE)
: Ideas how to make Hail of blades viable
only change cooldown of this rune to 5 second out of combat with champions instead of 4 seconds out of combat
: We want urf
i myself hate urf but i love arurf pls rito bring arurf permanent :(
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: Watch his E in game, that's literally what it does. If you still don't believe me watch the [Awaken cinematic.]( His traps are clearly mechanical and made of some type of metal. I love Jhin, I think he's a very well designed champion both from a character and gameplay design standpoint. He just has nothing to do with nature. And you don't need to be scared, there is almost no chance they put Jhin in as a demon, as he has no demonic origins. He's a human from Ionia. The only way he'd get put in as a demon is if Riot were to add the Blood Moon skins in as a faction, which I HIGHLY doubt will happen.
thank you. i just scared now i think yeah they can't put a demon on jhin he is not a demon and every one loves him so it is completely impossible :) {{champion:202}} <3 {{sticker:sg-lux}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: > lll Rome lll : worst thing I am doing lll Rome lll : is lll Rome lll : not being a slave lll Rome lll : listening to meta ... > lll Rome lll : yi lll Rome lll : why no bork 2nd? lll Rome lll : it's better ... > lll Rome lll : imagine being told how to play in league lll Rome lll : #slavery ok? > lll Rome lll : nope lll Rome lll : not using chat so won't get banned lll Rome lll : let the best team win full screen of chat logs later, in post game > lll Rome lll : you just get banned for chat lll Rome lll : adn I don't use it anymore ok??? Also, wtf is this game 1 chat log? Its longer than my last month chat log would be.
why breaking meta isn't a good thing? who said i can't get a pentakill and 19/3/8 with CRIT ANNIE because she has NOT a STUN and a BEAR and a 625 attack range while SIVIR has 500 range? when you re going AD tryndanere you re missing big part of his kit!!! you can heal yourself really crazy by just building AP ashe ult does 100% ap magic damage buy rabadon cap and full ultimate CDR ( with runes ) anf stun eveyone evey 22 seconds with tons of damage? ( with magic penetration )
: You seem to be uncertain of exactly what you want nature to be. Typically in TFT champions have an origin synergy and a class synergy, some champions have multiple classes (For example Swain has the Imperial origin, and is also a part of the Demon and Shapeshifter classes) but none of the champions have more than one origin. I'll take this champion by champion. ------------------------------------------------ ZYRA You have Nature as her origin and Sorcerer as her class. See above as to why this doesn't work. I'd say Zyra is better off as Wild-- as she is from Ixtal, same as Nidalee and Rengar, who are also Wild. I like the idea of her stacking a seed every time she reaches full mana, and then ulting after reaching a certain number of seeds, kind of like how GP places his barrels and then pops them. The plants need to deal way less damage than you are suggesting, though. And they need to die automatically after 2-3 attacks or they'll be busted. Wild, Sorcerer. ------------------------------------------------ NEEKO I agree with Wild origin for Neeko. She's also from Ixtal, makes sense. The clone thing is really weird though. That's not at all how Neeko clone behaves in game, and I don't think it's a good fit for TFT. Honestly I'd just use her Q if she's a cheaper 1-2 cost unit or her R if she's a 3-4 cost unit. I can't see her being more expensive than that, and her ult is similar to Kennen's. ------------------------------------------------ MAOKAI Phantom, Brawler. There you go. ------------------------------------------------ JHIN >"jhin uses flowers that count as nature also his theme is completely red rose. we don't know his undermask but that flowers means (can be hint) he can be a part of nature" No. No on so many levels. His E in game isn't even a real flower. IIRC they are made of metal and shoot shrapnel upon exploding. They are literally the furthest thing from nature you can get. Gunslinger, probably. But there's no way he gets anything like a Wild/Nature origin. I feel like you just threw Jhin in here because you really like Jhin and couldn't think of anything else. There are plenty of other 'nature' themed champions: Ivern, Nami, Malphiye, and Qiyana all could've worked a lot better.
i agree with all parts except jhin one. metal and shoot sharpnel?oh poor jhin {{champion:202}} it seems that none of you guys believe in jhin that he is the most beautiful thing. can someone pleeeeaaase give me one name or picture that is more beauty than jhin???no one can't because there is is shame that TFT has not THE MOST LOVELY PERSON on it. i said he is nature because i scared they can make a gunslinger and demon jhin. jhin is not demon or any bad thing jhin is good guy he is pure and devine maybe a noble and gunslinger. {{champion:202}}
Blùe (EUNE)
: Perma banned for a player who ints my game
> Then she starts inting and running it down on bot lane and said that she dosent care about the game at all every one makes mistakes that adc just lost in bot lane and it is normal but your flaming caused that guy to int and troll all because of YOUR FLAME and so rioters were right that was only a bad game. you are toxic and permanently ban means riot won't you in league to ruin others experience anymore. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: There is no way for Jhin to have "nature" origin. Wild and nature are both origins (thats ok by itself but that means Neeko has no traits) Why should Zyra plants deal damage based on her hp? Building 2k hp(thats 1-2 hp items) on a 3 star Zyra means that her plants AA for 660 damage min. If their attackspeed is comparable to plant attackspeed in SR, that would be pretty OP. Why Neeko clones can attack and heal Neeko and clone themselves? This is somewhat not fitting for her.
1_jhin uses flowers that count as nature also his theme is completely red rose. we don't know his undermask but that flowers means (can be hint) he can be a part of nature 2_ then neeko is shape shifter so she gets shape shifter bonus health after she makes clones 3 times. 3_sorry for confusing that zyra plants gains health ( hit points ) based on zyra health and gains damage based on zyra damage. i said (AT) before that term 4_only one neeko clone can heal and her clones only heal actual neeko not all clones i mean clones heal can't stack .
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Bionic13 (NA)
: this is still happening any update ?
the sad thing is that now they are working on a lux and ezreal skin when we have only one ornn skin. still this rune bug fucking my games . but wait we have a tft that champions randomly stop moving and attacking ( a bug) but it is a ranked mode!
: quest: Build a 3* unit with 3 combined items.
i can't complete this challenge it is bugged! also my units stuck on each other when the match starts this game is a buggy one from a multi million company!
: Login Queue reset
they re making billions of money so they can't create powerful servers!
: time for riot to clean their game
all champions (exclude yasuo) are balanced! and they all are same so diana can't press 1 button for kill! when i am playing diana i need skill and brain... if i have not enough i can feed 9999 times! i always killed that one shot champions( like diana) under my tower with just a cc skill if you are different and pro one...go play ranked so noobs like me can play normal game be sure we can't annoy you in ranked if you're in the top like diamond or master!
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: And Nasus is Vegeta
i hate that kind of tanks can deal a lot of damage with 0 ap/ad build! this include nasus
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