: First of all, thank you for the constructive feedback besides my not so proper way of putting things. Second, I want to make clear that I'm not attacking feeders because of their feeding. We are all humans and I lose lanes, too. And you bring up a good point, the only way to improve is to test things out in the competitive environment, and naturally bad things may happen then. Still, I can't see why it is generally accepted that teammates make games literally unwinnable in the early stages of the game, and then block the surrender vote. In my opionion, that is unsportsmanlike, rude and arrogant ("Yeah, Í turned this game into a bad experience by accident. But you know what? Enjoy it for 15 minutes more because I don't care about you!").
I'm part of those that never surrender a ranked game. You can think whatever you want, but I've won games that were unwinnable, so it can happen. Even if i'm 0/20 i won't surrender, every game counts and there is always a chance to win the game, even if it's 0.1% it's worth to try, as time goes by death timers become really long. I find people spamming surrender votes really annoying, 15 minutes into the game and they already want to surrender. I guess it's a mindset, never surrender and fight till the end.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sirthael,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dxoWtYRo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-26T20:28:09.811+0000) > > I don't think riot bans people for that, unless there is obvious scam/phishing attempt, because this is someone you accepted as friend. > > Basically if someones adds you as friend and keep harassing you, you're free to block/unfriend that person. > > I mean even if it was in game i really really don't see the issue, there is no hate speech or anything. > Something you have to realize is that you're responsible for your account security, it's in the TOS, it means that it's up to you to secure your device, don't click on phishing link, don't install something strange and so on. I can only do so much (not go on link, make share all my passwords are strong ones) but if someone is focus on doing it then there will do everything they can
>I can only do so much (not go on link, make share all my passwords are strong ones) but if someone is focus on doing it then there will do everything they can And they can't do that many things. I don't know how familiar you are with hacking and such, but basically he have a few ways to do that : 1. He hacks riot themselves, which is very unlikely ( today, passwords are never stocked in clear text, they are encrypted in such a way that you're never be able to know the real password even if you get the hash for it ). 2. Brute-forcing your password, for this he needs your username first, and i'm sure the client and website include protections against bruteforce, trust me there are a lot of people and robots trying to brute-force passwords in this world so nearly every website/application include protections against it. Brute-forcing requires a lot of time, if you have a secure enough password and riot uses such protections against it, it'll never happen. 3. He attempt phishing/hacking against you. This is the easiest way to get your password. It's fairly easy to do. But as i stated before, your account security is your problem, it's up to you to secure your computer, not click on phishing links and so on. This is not riot's problem. Something I'll add is that you won't see real hackers that are trying to phish you telling that to you. You most likely talked to a kid that want you to be scared.
: statue of the game
I don't think riot bans people for that, unless there is obvious scam/phishing attempt, because this is someone you accepted as friend. Basically if someones adds you as friend and keep harassing you, you're free to block/unfriend that person. I mean even if it was in game i really really don't see the issue, there is no hate speech or anything. Something you have to realize is that you're responsible for your account security, it's in the TOS, it means that it's up to you to secure your device, don't click on phishing link, don't install something strange and so on.
: How do i transfer all my progress from my older league account to my new one??
You can't, [you can transfer an account from one region to another](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751924-Account-Transfer-FAQ), but you can't transfer an account progress to another.
TB Wolf (NA)
: Please help me stop getting chat restrictions
Well, just stop talking, you can say something like "gj team we got this !" when an ally killed someone, but really everything else you're saying isn't helping anything, don't expect people to listen, never. Use pings !
: Why can't we view other players honor?
No idea it might be to prevent shaming, riot also isn't able to give you information about another player's punishment or his account status, and the honor level can be related to previous punishment. ( basically if you're able to see that someone did go from honor 4 to 0 you know he got punished, which is someone you're not supposed to know. ) But really you won't get a general idea of someone until you played at least a few games together, and at least a few very bad games where the tilt probability is high. I sometimes duo with strangers, it often starts by a great game we did together and from that we might win a few other games, but from time to time one of those duo partners will get extremely toxic/mad and so on because a game isn't going in the good direction, it might not be the first bad game, but some people are really impacted by loss streaks. Anyway, play with them, and more importantly play loosing streaks with them.
: Proof pre-mades can gang up and blame/punish the solo player for the loss
I can't wait those 14days, i want to you post the full replay of that game on youtube, maybe if you do that people would believe you, as it is you sound more like a dude that was tilted and did something wrong that deserves a ban, get over it and focus on getting better or uninstall. 1 report is exactly the same as 9 reports for the system. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Pretty much, I'm super uppset because I have to pretty much play ever single time 1v9 in promos. I feel like i cant effect the game at all. I cant be unlucky because it has happened to me several times. It is easily noticeable when the enemy team has better players than our team.
Why would riot target you ? like seriously what did you do to deserve this ? This is only matchmaking, sometimes i also get awful teammates during my promos, i'm pretty sure it happens to everyone, it's not that big of a deal to fail your promo, you'll try another time a few games later.
Lynne12 (NA)
: I definitely need to op.gg more often thanks for the reminder!
It's so useful, it takes 10 seconds usually i've looked up their main roles and main champions before the banning phase is over, if you got 3 auto-filled with you it's most likely a loss. Otherwise looking at your replays is something nice too, you'll see mistakes that you wouldn't have noticed before, even small things like "at this moment i was affraid of this champion but he already used his hook 5 seconds ago so i should have been able to poke" from that point you make a mental note to play around his cooldowns next time you're into this matchup. Something i started to do recently is timing summoners spells, as soon as the pre game lobby is over and the game launches itself you have access to your enemies runes in details under the "live game" tab on your op.gg profile, something nice is to make a little note on a paper near your keyboard that looks like something like that : https://i.imgur.com/ShdnXj2.png ( this one might be outdated i'm not sure if unsealed spellbook still gives cdr or not ), but you get the point, you need to have chat timestamps on in your settings and set up the binding to display all chat logs. when someone uses a summoner you ping it asap. then when you've backed and move back to lane you get time to press that binding, look at the timestamp and write things like "adc f 1542 top tp 1625". It's not that easy at first that's why you do that when coming back to lane, you'll only be able to track a few summoners but once you've done it for let's say a week you don't even have to look up your little paper note anymore you'll just know the cooldown by having looked at their runes once before the game starts and pressing tab. It's really useful to know when exactly someone will have his summoner spells up your whole team will benefit from that. It's like playing without the autofocus on your champion, it takes a week or two to get used to it but once that's done it'll make your life easier.
Lynne12 (NA)
: AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG? (can't win in Gold 5)
Hey, Keep it up ! it's true that those 5s of divisions are always a pain in the ass. Try to play a few champions and play them fairly well, i started ranked less than a month ago on this account and got gold 3 playing mainly lux and lulu support, everything is possible :) TSP is an awesome channel, the "dodge at least one game a day" is one of his best advice. I don't have that many advice for you beside looking up your teammates op.gg every time before the game starts, knowing if you have a lot of auto-filled and so on. Eventually you'll end up with a nice adc that plays a champion that got great synergy with one of yours, for me it's something like vayne or twitch when i'm playing lulu, at this point if you feel great together try duoing for a few games, it can help. Anyway, good luck !
hrant (EUNE)
: Mmr problem
Hi, what are you talking about ? You have no way to know for sure what your mmr is, it's totally hidden, websites like op.gg and so on only gives you an estimation. It's not a bug everyone gets into loss streaks sometimes, and when it happens yes your mmr will tank. Of course if you loose 20 games in a row you're gonna be playing with people in bronze. The best thing to do if you lost let's say 3 games in a row is to stop playing, take a break, play a few normal games and come back to ranked when you're not tilted anymore. Here are two links for you to read on the subject : 1. [SoloQ luck ?](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JMLolIx13xnpSexshgqK_7Ur9PUTenknP6U0Il30QWM/edit) 2. [How to win from champ select ?](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q97ol7qlX7HI_OAqKTimHvyLzW3D2Yer1IEcbjvkY3M/edit) This one is really useful especially the part about dodges, to make it short you SHOULD almost everyday use your first dodge and loose 3LP, in the end you'll gain a lot doing so.
: The Honor system might have ruined the game for me
What ? You really think that honor has an effect on matchmaking ? That's just not true.
: But I mean what happens if they know the boosters main account? Like if I logged onto a friends account and boosted him and they found out it was me, would this account be banned?
Punishments are taken against an account, not against a person. So no their main account is safe. Riot has the "ID ban" as last resort, but it's never done for those things. Boosters usually use bought accounts, so they really don't care about getting those banned. And ultimately i'm not really for punishing the boosters, i'm for punishing the dudes who are paying for MMR boosting.
: Does Riot ban the ELO booster or just the boosted account?
I guess it depends, if you let someone else boost your MMR by letting him play on your account, your account would get a permaban if caught. If you pay a high elo player to duoqueue with you with a bought account of some sort and boost your MMR that way i guess only the booster's fake account might get banned, if he used one of his personal smurf it won't get banned because duo queuing in all forms is legal as long as both people own their own accounts.
: Why i don't play support much anymore
Yeah just don't pay attention to what they say, i play support quite often and when my adc do stupid things and die a lot while blaming me for it, i usually wait till the laning phase is over and go support the most fed/better player on my team. But i'd still stay near my adc or roam a bit but come back until the laning phase is over, mainly to not suck up minion xp from other players.
Spinyfur (NA)
: Ban system seems out of control
It's pretty rare, it might be caused by a lot of different things, like if you bought the account, if you used a cheat on another game or have/had a cheat engine installed on your PC or on any computer where you logged in, maybe you clicked on one of those "free RP" thingy and logged onto that, some mods used to modify champions skins or HUD in some cases, someone playing on your account, ... It could have been detected month ago, they ban people in waves to avoid people knowing more about their detection methods. Unfortunately they won't give you any information about the program causing issue in your case for the same reasons. Anyway feel free to fill a support ticket, sometimes they make mistakes, it's rare but we've seen a few people getting unban.
Jikker (NA)
: Swain VGU Megathread
Look i'm totally fine with riot reworking a champion, [but this rework is actually causing a lot of people huge FPS drop](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/search?query=swain+fps&application_id=PEr1qIcT&created_from=now-30d&rioter_post=1&content_type=discussion). This is unacceptable the only solution is to ban him every game.. [This issue has already been noticed on the PBE](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/E4yNRjrj-swain-rework-causing-low-fps-problems-unplayable) but nothing has been done so far.. This need to be fixed as soon as possible, a ban is an extremely valuable resource and it shouldn't be used for that.
69axes (EUNE)
: Banned for int
By inting you're just lowering yourself to his level.
: Is Sarcasm reportable?
I guess it depends what sentence and how often you use it, i'm pretty sure that some form of sarcasm can be punished. For example i doubt that you'll get punished for saying "ur so good", but if during the whole game you make a similar comment a bunch of time, like every time someone say something to you, if that's frequent enough that might get categorized as harassment or something like that.
shggfhdh (NA)
: Riot please review my chat restriction/honor level
Sorry for your loss dude but I hope you realize that if everyone getting a punishment could use the same argument to get their honor back everyone would do that.
Mini Larva (EUNE)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUm5SF9b5P0 Be aware that previous cases have shown that people unable to control themselves and unable to talk are more likely to troll/int, which isn't that great. I think that's why riot doesn't want to implement this.
: It shouldn't be happening in general. How many players are in this game? I'm not so high rank there's only a few of us. The guy received 4 reports from our team. Shouldn't be paired up with the same guy the entire team decided was toxic for us. Go berate some other poor people.
And it doesn't happen in general, it's pretty rare. There are plenty of players in this game but most of them will be in game when you queue, if you queue right after the end of your game it's more likely that people that were with you in the last game will queue too, since you have a similar MMR ( because you were already in their games ) it's even more likely that the matchmaking system will group you up. Riot can't make reported/blocked people unable to be in a game with you, that would be abused a lot, especially in high elo.
: Can we not be paired with the same toxic players repeatedly?
I mean it's not that hard to wait two minutes before queueing again if you really want to avoid the chance of getting paired with the same people again.
: So apparently it goes from chat restriction to 14 day ban?
"[Talk about getting countered.](http://matchup.gg/matchup/Katarina/Zoe/MID)" Yeah here are the different punishment tiers for toxicity in chat : https://i.imgur.com/ACZhFYu.png
: Isn't it weird how people who play poorly call others trash?
It's not weird at all it's basic cognitive bias, many people believe they are better than others, yet most people will revert to the 50% average winrate. Our mental tendency is to accept the easiest/laziest explanation to resolve internal conflicts. It's easier to blame others than to improve ourselves, we avoid responsibility to resolve dissonance ( this apply outside League as well ). "I'm 0/5/0 because my team is bad" is easier to accept than "i suck". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirming_the_consequent https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasty_generalization https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cognitive_biases
WooXu (EUW)
: that talk is crap and makes no sense m8 :).. if you are 1 player on youre team playing VERY VERY GOOD even if u are a diamond player on youre main acc. u CANNOT carry a team with 1 afk, and maby 2 feeders. coz even tho youre good if u get to lane against another decent player and u have to deal with 2 fed champs + youre laner u would not stand a chance. So the crap talk u come with that 1 person aint good enough to carry aint true. :) U CANNOT carry a 5man game 1 man alone. not doable at any points. (maybe if u get fed alone) but not against 2 other decent players that are fed when youre not.
Dude of course some games are not winnable, but the ladder isn't based on luck, it's based on skills. There are some games where that will happen, but that happen to everyone. Everyone get games like that, really. But unless you're only playing like 100 games during the season you won't be stuck because of your team, because over the course of hundreds of games you are the deciding factor. Yes it feels unlucky sometimes when you're on a 30 game loss streak because of teammates, but that won't happen for weeks. Everyone can be unlucky and even pro players go on loosing streaks. For example a platinum player that create a smurf will be able to put his smurf at around the same rank as his main if he play with his normal champion pool, same thing for a gold player, same thing for a master player. If bad teammates was a factor that wouldn't be possible. Yes some games are unlucky, but statistically the enemy team will have as much issue as their team. If luck and teammates was the thing determining your rank, a plat player wouldn't be able to create a smurf and climb to about the same spot. If it was that way you wouldn't find any "unranked to master/challenger" series on youtube. If that was the case you'll find high elo players stuck in gold after each soft reset just because of their teams. If that was the case MMR boosting services wouldn't exist,it would just be a coinflip because of teammates. Here is a very long in depth video that will explain why the ladder isn't based on luck with a ton of examples, have a look at the google doc included in the description if you don't have time to watch it, there is a part about psychology and why thinking that "luck" is part of your rank won't help your climb : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_Oe09t6wWA That's why there is no such thing as elo hell, people could never reach the same elo every season for example, if it was luck and teammates you'll find bronze players in master tier. High elo players are all able to reach about the same rank for multiple seasons on multiple accounts. I'm not saying that those games are winnable, i'm saying that instead of saying "my teammates are shit so i'll stay silver all my life the ladder is only luck anyway" is way too easy/lazy and instead of doing that if people focus on improving and better game knoweledge they would win more and climb.
You don't need to curse to get banned, just being an asshole is enough..
: Not at all. A K-Line blocks the Hostmask, what the ISP has designated as the ID for a particular account. If you ban -this-, you ban the player, their family, and whoever lives in the house that uses that connection. A regular ban, or even IP ban, does not block much when you can go to a website and alter yours for free.
I think that would be unfair, for like family members or let's say that you're playing from an university, or from any place where you find a lot of people behind the same router. RIOT already has ID bans for extreme cases, and it isn't that hard to change your hostmask, anyone can do it with a google search and 2 minutes.
: How do I Ask for Ganks? (The Polite Way)
I never ask directly, i say "bot no summs/ult" for example. But i always play just like if my jungler would never come, if he come then that's great ! If he doesn't then it doesn't matter i'll deal with it.
WooXu (EUW)
: the problem is that there are MANY NOT new players that get stucked in bronze/silver coz they might be unlucky on teams. it dossnt matter if you are 1 good player on a team and rest just feed.
I don't really think it is the case, i think those players are either playing "casually" like without watching their own replays and without doing everything they could to win/improve like keeping track of summoner's spells for example, not paying enough attention to the minimap, not paying attention to the enemy powerspikes and itemization, either they're playing way too many champions and never get really good on one, they also need to use their dodges effectively, at least using the first dodge everyday ! [[in depth dodges with precise numbers](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_iu_GpS1V4gn4bt43WU0LQlTuTGCGTQJWnBVcqk74XU/edit), page 4-7} Maybe they just don't put enough efforts into it, they need to not only learn a certain champions to get the feel of matchups and so on, if their cs is bad they need to practice it everyday until they reach a cs number way better than what you usually find in their elo, it'll help ! They really need to watch their replays, study the different strategies, learn to play without the camera centered on their champion, knowing others champions itemization. They need to pay extreme attention to everything that is happening on the game, not only focus on their lane, they need to really really put effort into it, not only just play until they'll magically climb. I see a lot of people playing in some sort of "autopilot" mode but really in ranked you need to put your concentration at your maximum every time. I know sometimes games will be lost because of their teams, but really everyone can get good and carry. Having the "i loose because of my team" mentality isn't gonna help you progressing, you need to see it as "i wasn't good enough to carry them" and ask yourself how to improve, how to do better next time you'll end up in that situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exVyYXm-Wco You'll find tons of useful resource/replays/in depth guides/... online. ( EDIT : all this, of course, is only necessary if you want to climb, there are a lot of people playing the game just for fun, and it's OK )
WooXu (EUW)
: If you are a smurf you shouldnt even be able to enter ranked if u ask me ^^.. but that issnt an option to check for riot. And if u are a new player at lol u shouldnt eather be able to enter ranked if u ask me, and the fact u can spend like 20£ real money and get youre 20 champions the cap is today, u will not even know the game at all when u hit ranked and ruin the game for all others in there. besides that, some ppls in ranked are lucky to get quite good players like 7-8/10 games while others getting bad players like 9/10 games. u can have a VERY good player stuck in bronze or silver duo to just simple BAD luck of teammates.. Coz EVEN if u are the best player in lol u cant take out 5 champs alone if they just have a clue about the game.
I mean, plenty of people have smurfs that they use to learn new roles and new champions, many high elo players use smurfs to play when they loose a few games on their mains, that way they can play without being so stressed by a loss and learn roles/champions they're not used to. it's a good and often recommended way to either learn new champions/roles to prevent your main account from dropping a bunch of divisions just because you want to have fun playing another role ( because let's face it, if you want to climb you don't play a lot of different champions, you onetrick 2/3 champions ), if you're a jax/fiora main in plat 2, you might want to get a new account and learn to play adc with it, otherwise as soon as you would play adc in ranked you would loose directly and drop to gold. For example if you're a katarina onetrick you can easily climb to plat with a little bit of effort, there is no such things as "bad luck with teammates", sure sometimes a game won't be winnable, but as soon as you play champions that are able to carry and get good at mechanics on these champions you should be able to carry your teammates. It's something way easier to do with certain champions, for example if you play Master Yi you can climb really easily to high gold, then you'll have difficulties but it's a champion that once you've understood how to play him well pretty much everyone in bronze/silver won't be able to punish you. Whereas if you play something like Lux for example, you can climb too, but you'll be much more dependent on your teammates because she has nearly no mobility. It's fairly easy to climb and pretty much everyone can get to plat, but you need to play champions that can carry and you need to onetrick them, like playing no more and 2/3 champions and dodging when you can't play them. I often see people in ranked that are playing a ton of different champions, this is such a bad idea if you really want to climb, you end up by not really knowing any of those champions really well and end up being mediocre with all of them. But let's say you've abused Master Yi to get into gold, and then decide to play Ashe, you'd better start a new account and climb the ladder with Ashe this time. ( that's why for me having mastery 6 on 20 champions to play ranked is awful ) Like of course sometimes you get unlucky and loose because of your teammates, but you have to realize that over the course of hundreds of games you're the only factor that you can control, so everyone climb or fall based on their skill level and mental. I really don't see an issue with new players getting in ranked, they'll loose yeah but they'll also fall down to bronze 5, then learn and then climb.
WooXu (EUW)
: A requirement to enter ranked games on champions
Do you realize that you would need at least 20 champions with mastery 6 just to begin playing ranked ? It's not an issue for a long time player on his main account, but it is problematic for new players and smurfs
: Unsure how im still honor level 0
Be aware that being validly reported, even if it's not enough to punish you again, will pause or completely stop your honor progress. [It is possible tho.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/BHyEFQH3-its-possible-getting-out-of-0-is-possible)
: It really sucks how many trolls are on PBE
I'd suggest you to not play on PBE, I've nearly never seen a "good" game there, people have never taken PBE games seriously. It's mainly used to test a rework or some changes, but don't expect people trying their best to win.
IainG10 (EUW)
: Can we stop this bullshit about 'not seeing' someone's pick now please?
It's rude it's whatever the fuck you want but it's not forbidden..
CloudDino (EUW)
: Tyler 1 Account is unbanned. So is riot now unbanning accounts or just preference?
He didn't received any of his accounts back, he was ID banned, which is way different. ( it was mainly to stop him from streaming not really remove him from the game ). Were you ID banned ?
: 25 game ban for this??
Pretty meh, but be aware that this chat log is only the one that triggered your punishment, **you must have been previously reported a bunch of time for similar behavior.** https://i.imgur.com/ACZhFYu.png >Keep in mind this is Bronze IV and no one is in any position to demand other players to play a specific class if they don't want too.. Yeah but keep in mind that asking for report is totally useless ( one report is enough to trigger the system, otherwise premades would have an unfair advantage ), on top of that it's annoying and it will be taken into account when deciding a punishment. And you did it 3 times. And keep in mind that everyone have the right to ban any champions, it doesn't matter if someone declared it. Pretty much everything you said could have been avoided ( it's useless, have no effects whatsoever and doesn't helps you win the game ), learn to mute people if you can't handle it and need to reply. A chat restriction isn't that big of a deal but it's riot's way to tell you "stop being an asshole", you need to improve your behavior from that point on, don't feed trolls.
: Still Honor lvl 0
Just be sportsmanlike, honored, and be sure to never get validly reported, a single valid report against you might pause your honor progress, up to virtually no progress being made. [It is possible tho.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/BHyEFQH3-its-possible-getting-out-of-0-is-possible)
: When the new Swain Ults my FPS drops EVERY SINGLE TIME
Please fix this it's totally unplayable so my only solution is to ban him every game.. It doesn't happen only when he ult tho, it was making me lag when he was lvl 4.
: [Gameplay] New Swain Drops FPS Like Crazy
: Swain rework causing low FPS problems (unplayable)
xexman (NA)
: need help assessing an old replay
You can search online [apparently people have found solutions](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5ikngx/different_patch_replays_new_replay_system_solved/), i didn't test that one tho.
MikoLone (NA)
: Is honor affected less by if you were honorable and more by which role/class you play?
On this account I played support mainly since the start of the season and i've reached honor level 3 at around the same time as other peoples that are playing some hard carry champions so i'd say nope. BTW for example people usually like to honor you if you saved their life with Lulu's ult a bunch of times during the game, it's really not a damage related thing.
: Dodging Games
Just don't play blind pick there is no rules in blind that says "you need to call your role", in fact you could take any champion and go to any lane you want without any issue. Play draft.
Zalap (EUNE)
: i mean its not that hard, i jsut wont type %%% and kys right, i just find it funny that, its so easy to get banned for 1 word. It looks like word is goin to end if ppl are offended by smth like this. Worst part is that i NEVER EVER play normals, just played 1 game, said %%% and insta ban XD. Tbh i called ppl worse than this, not proud of it but almost every game that isnt stomp, someone in team will flame/be toxic, and dont get punished for it ( taking myself as an example) Just was suprised that i got banned for saying actually 1 word 3 times, when i was so awful person in other games ( sory for bad english)
Just be aware that now that you've received a 14d ban, your next punishment will be a permaban ( even if you're not using any hate speech or so ). You'll be on thin ice so just be really really careful with what you say as just one game of toxic behavior will be enough to trigger it.
: Toxicity is ill-defined.
hm, i don't really think that people get banned just for a single sentence criticizing their midlaner, but if they keep arguing or keep criticizing teammates i guess it can be categorized as harassment. Because I've seen a few cases where some players kept criticizing their teammates on those forums, they got punished for it even if they didn't use any insults. Having a teammate contently criticizing what you're doing is annoying and when someone gets annoyed the likelihood of victory is drastically diminished. Personally i feel like giving an advice like "Hey lux ! next time she roams bot try to ping and follow, maybe we can collapse and get her ! I'll ward near drake :p ", is way more effective than "Your job as the midlaner is to roam with the enemy midlaner or take their tower..". To sum it up, nobody wants to listen to a complete stranger telling them what to do. So yeah critique isn't that toxic, but it's often ineffective/useless, it can be annoying and considered as harassment if used a bunch of times or if said with CAPS LOCK on and things like that. ( This plus the fact that you'll often find critique and toxicity mixed together in the chat logs you can find on those forums ).
: a)its an obvious joke never the less(but as i was typing it i had a feeling about riot thinking its serious and to say riot its a joke plz dont ban.Its sad that i didnt do that.) b)In eune there arent even any black people so you cant offend anybody
From[ the summoner's code](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/) : >Someone who is unfamiliar with what you consider playful may take your comment as an attack and react unfavorably.
: 5 20 min waits because my pc died?
Having to wait 5 x 20 minutes is only possible if you are leaving games quite often. [As the FAQ says](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752714-LeaverBuster-FAQ#h2q2), the timer starts at 5 x 5 minutes : >You will be placed in the low priority queue for 5 games. If you continuously leave,** the low priority queue timers increase from 5 minutes per game to 10 minutes per game and then capping out at 20 minutes per game.** If you only left one game there is absolutely no punishment, you need to leave several games to trigger the low priority queue ( the 5 x 5 minutes part ) it doesn't happen just because "my pc died" once, you need to wait 20 minutes between games only if you've left quite a few games recently.
: Got hardtrolled by rito. (chatban 10 games)
Yacoubie (NA)
: Working so hard to get honor 1 back then...
>I tried to keep my team focused and encouraged them to not give up so early. You can't say that just because you said "we will win", you've spend the majority of your game insulting others.. How can you believe that you were working hard to get back to honor 1 while being an asshole ? And this is only one game it means that it's not the only time you've done that..
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