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: Worldbuilding: Your Turn! Part II
Healthcare/medicine in runeterra. What's it like in different regions and what are attitudes towards healthcare like? We can guess that Ionia uses magic to heal and shurima maybe too. Piltover probably has some technologies and we can cheat and compare Targon and Shurima to ancient Greek/Egyptian medicine. Ionia maybe uses healing similar to chinese medicine too? We sort of know Piltover doesn't have a universal healthcare system which affects Zaunites the most and Demacia probably does have a universal healthcare system. Does Noxus even have healthcare? Also your geography post was made before the new map so it would be great to see your points after knowing more of the geography but also including wind directions/tectonic plates/rainfall patterns/other geography stuff.
: What does Ezreal DO in Demacia?
This is actually quite a good question and I hope rioters can fill us in on more details. He probably takes his gauntlet off in Demacia so they don't suspect him. He obviously went there to find his parents/make them find him and maybe he heard about the world runes and wants to find them? The national hero part doesn't make sense currently, there's a chance it's all in his head or it's a lie he made people believe. He probably just wore fancy clothes and they were like, ok makes sense. There's also a chance he is a hero by defeating noxians in some remote demacian village but he doesn't look like a warrior(which would make them suspicious of him beig a mage) so it would be interesting to know what he did to become a hero. As for Sylas, we know he can see magic so he can see right through jarro lightfeather and obviosuly sees his magic. As a fellow mage he probably would want Ezreal to join his cause unless he disliked him because Ezreal helped the mageseekers or something (or some lux love triangle).
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: Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. JK. This is an idea we've considered and will be exploring! Glad to see you're just as interested in it as we are!
That's amazing to hear! I hope we get to see it soon™
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: Thanks for the feedback! We're still iterating on how we do these, so would love to hear any thoughts or pain points!
Maybe add a note on why a specific bit was changed/updated. Don't get me wrong, any new lore is great to have, but the yi and annie stories seemed kind of random compared to what we usually get when new stories are to do with a region update/new champion.
Naalith (NA)
: I'm getting pretty tired of ripped shirtless dudes, to be honest. I'm not one to complain about sexualizing characters or that kind of thing but I do think it's funny Riot doesn't sexualize female characters since... what, Elise was the last over the top one and it made perfect sense in her lore? Evelynn doesn't count because she was sexy before the rework? But virtually every male champion in the last five years has been a ripped shirtless dude. It's getting boring and it's particularly egregious in this case because it makes no sense. If Sylas's model is supposed to be right after he escaped his execution, he could MAYBE be shirtless but would also be emaciated from being chained in prison for his whole life. If the model is supposed to be from a few months down the road, it COULD make sense that he is ripped because he is hoisting chains around as weapons but it makes no sense for him not to be wearing a shirt. He's a revolutionary and a symbol for mage rebellion but instead of being well-dressed and poignant (like his voice and lore would suggest he is) he looks like he's about to fight in a WWE match. Except he's too boring looking to be in WWE. So overall not a big fan, Riot's art department usually does an amazing job and this has been the most meh character in years in my opinion. Even Kai'sa who was questionable to a lot of people has more unique visual flavor than Sylas. I know that different things appeal to different people as we see in the "Pixar game" versus "edgelord champ" war that happens whenever a Riot announces a champion that goes into those camps, but I think most of us would agree that Sylas is just painfully mediocre with not a lot going for him which sucks because I really like his story and gameplay.
> [{quoted}](name=Naalith,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=dN0tQGzJ,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-01-29T05:08:56.653+0000) I do think it's funny Riot doesn't sexualize female characters since... what, Elise Have you forgotten Kai'sa?
Lewanor (NA)
: I am waiting for 6 years with nothing but hopes. But this is the last year. I'm giving up. You got me Riot. Nothing for 8 years, thinking there might've been some people waiting even more than me...
: > [{quoted}](name=JonnyBoyy,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fQ1trYQz,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-01-19T13:30:05.903+0000) > > yep but its taking so slow to show up making my doubts. There is no way they will skip it since they already created music for it.
Ezreal rework had quite a nice theme that was never released
Rαy (EUW)
: So... is anyone over there still doing their job properly?
: > [{quoted}](name=C meLoL,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Hy3A2Qn0,comment-id=001c0000,timestamp=2019-01-11T10:26:36.184+0000) > > Just out of curiosity, if they made irl merch that was a reasonable price and was something you liked, would you buy that? That's a really interesting, multi-faceted question, and I'm not sure how to answer it. _Could_ they make merch I like? They seem to mostly produce useless knickknacks like plushies and novelty sweaters, so maybe that's too big of an assumption already, but let's grant it. Would anything be a reasonable price, in my mind? I don't have a lot of spare cash, and I'm even reticent to allow other people to spend money on me. Most things just don't seem worth it. And space is at a premium where I live (not a huge room), so the question is less "can I spare the money to buy this thing?" and more "can I spare the real estate to store this thing?", the answer to which is increasingly becoming "no." But, granting all these assumptions, would I refuse to consider such a purchase just because it was offered by a video game company? I'm not sure. I don't think I'd refuse - after all, I have a bunch of Steam games that I paid for (and never play). My concern is investing money into an ongoing experience that can be taken away or ruined at any time for any or no reason, and I don't think merch would fall into that category. After all, if you buy a plushie, you own it. Simple. So, keeping all these assumptions and caveats in mind, I think I can say that I might consider it instead of immediately refusing.
I'm in the same boat as you, not spent anything on skins since I don't want to spend money on something that can be changed and I don't own but would be a lot more likely to buy irl stuff. Riot should really invest more into selling irl stuff which people like us would be more likely to buy.
: > [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Hy3A2Qn0,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-10T20:24:51.704+0000) > > Let me ask you, reader: How many skins do you have for your favorite champions? Barring a ban or an account loss, you're probably rocking 1-3 skins for most of your favorite champs right? Or, on average, you have the skins you really want and nothing else. I've unlocked 96 champs on my main account (with enough BE to unlock the rest if I was interested in them), and 17 skins. All but one of those skins is from something like a promo or special event. As for the outlier, I found a skin I liked, waited years for it to go on sale, submitted a support ticket with a custom thing I made related to the skin, and added that RP to the complimentary RP an Honorable account used to get. With all due respect to Riot, there is nothing they or any F2P game company could do to get me to spend a dime of actual money, because I learned the folly of that many years ago. Perhaps a few more people learned this lesson today.
Just out of curiosity, if they made irl merch that was a reasonable price and was something you liked, would you buy that?
Lewanor (NA)
: Nice, let me make one for the champs that never got a lore update, or mention in lore. Ever. {{champion:12}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:26}}
But Rek'Sai is mentioned in Ezreal's lore and was mentioned in the interactive map.
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkin Hybrid,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=eAknYm6u,comment-id=00040000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-23T20:41:11.991+0000) > > I also appreciate you creating these, they are very interesting to read. Have you got any other candidates besides Vlad? > > Also happy holidays, hope you have a great time with your relatives! Actually yes. After Vlad I'm gonna do a Brand one (he showed enough to be worth a list), Ornn, Azir maybe (tho most of his powers are implied and logically to have like any other Ascended. Ex: sunfire and regeneration), Vel'Koz (was suggested in a comment above) for the moment.
d00mface (EUW)
: What champs would you like to see interact with one another that haven't?
Ezreal {{champion:81}} and Ekko{{champion:245}} For 2 champions that live so close to each other and are both young geniuses it's strange that they have no interactions in lore or any meaningful in game interactions.
: Why didn't Ezreal get a login theme?
What makes it even more disappointing is his teaser had a really cool theme that fits him and we may never get to hear the full version.
: This makes me happy. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} What sort of things would help you even more, do you think? No promises, just checking for unexpected ideas that we've not considered yet.
: Champs that got a skin line that was out of nowhere
Ace of spades Ezreal kinda came out of nowhere
: You expecting someone to peer into the future and report back or something?
No he's expecting a rioter to reply and/or just general discussion on the subject matter.
: You mean, like, in story content that hasn't yet shipped, because the champion still hasn't been officially released...?
Ooh does that mean we're getting one of those 30 minute stories with his release?
: > [{quoted}](name=Larriet,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=8yWnAs10,comment-id=0002000000010004,timestamp=2018-09-22T15:50:45.675+0000) > > Honestly, imagining how Piltover and Zaun work is extremely difficult for me, even with all the pictures we've seen. There are images like you've shown where both cities are define by very tall and thin towers with many bridges, but we clearly see/read about locations with much more horizontal space. Images on Piltover's page look like they could be on solid ground, but NONE of Piltover should actually work that way, right? No a fair bit of Piltover would be on solid, flatter, ground. It is very confusing, I agree. Here's my working theory: The isthmus where Piltover and Zaun are, is unusual in that sea level is different on either side of it. This is unusual, but not unheard of, even on Earth. The height difference is fairly pronounced, however. So when it was just Zaun, the settlement would have been built on the easiest, most convenient, part of the land to build on - coasts, riverbanks, the narrowest parts, and crossroads. The higher altitude, more difficult/less convenient parts to build on, might have had some proto-Piltover districts, but mostly they wouldn't have been especially desirable. When the OG Progress Day went down, several of the areas that were high density collapsed/sunk into sink-hole like chasms - effectively taking a lot of Zaun down there. The previously undesirable areas of high, but flat, land, suddenly became highly desirable real estate, and new developments for the wealthy cropped up. These areas are probably Piltover now. If anyone remembers the plot to Superman: The Movie, it's like the San Andreas fault snapped off and now there's newly desirable coastline where there wasn't before. The analogy is a little off, but you get the idea, maybe?
We would love if you guys at the map team would give us more pictures of how it all works but that theory is very interesting!
: > [{quoted}](name=Okuma,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Jw1KR0cU,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-09-11T08:18:09.106+0000) > > How dare you! {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} I'm a straight male who never watched Sailor Moon, so I can't say that I particularly like a skin line full of pink, frilly girls.
Neamean (NA)
: Runeterra daycare{{champion:20}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:150}}
: Worldbuilding: Your Turn!
Do you think we'll ever get a beatiary type thing which includes all the animals found in runeterra with information about them? Lot's of different creatures are mentioned in all the bits of lore, it would be nice to have them all in one place.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Please no.
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Loborcs (EUW)
: What comes from the West?
Could the seer be the same seer from the syndra story, i.e soraka?
: Ionian, Demacian, Noxian, Shuriman, Icathian, Zaunist, Piltoverian, Freljordian, Bilgwaterian, Are these all right?
: > [{quoted}](name=C meLoL,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=VJJ4cBab,comment-id=000000020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-28T22:40:52.305+0000) > > xD > > So you're saying you are a level designer for a game that uses league IP but is not league? Hmm interesting. What is with people putting words in my mouth? :P I didn't say that.
It's because you're active on the boards and we're all thirsty for info. Don't take it personally! And I can feel it's making you uncomfortable since I know you can't say so I'll stop. But while I have your attention, we on Ezreal Mains have been discussing his age. I know you can't give an exact number but would you say he's closer to 17 or 23?
: > [{quoted}](name=C meLoL,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=VJJ4cBab,comment-id=0000000200000000,timestamp=2018-06-28T21:46:07.846+0000) > > But do you work with league IP? Yes. Is this 20 questions? :D
xD So you're saying you are a level designer for a game that uses league IP but is not league? Hmm interesting.
: > [{quoted}](name=I NEED YOU,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=VJJ4cBab,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2018-06-28T16:31:50.182+0000) > > why are there level designers in league XD I don't work on League :P
But do you work with league IP?
: It's been awhile since the last Shadow Isles champion, where did they all go?
: Kumungu (!) isn't a region in the same way that Shurima or Demacia are, but we will totally get around to those big areas too. Like Ironspike, and the provinces of Ionia beyond Navori. Bandle City... well, there's a mystery wrapped in an enigma... ;-)
I'm really glad to hear that and I'm actually ok with bandle being a mystery .
: Glad you enjoyed it all! I think there's a false assumption that we pick regions to update based on our own preferences... when in fact, we are led to cover (and re-cover) certain areas because of the new champion releases... Besides, there isn't a single region/faction in the lore that has been fully explored, yet. Plenty more to look at if we ever need to return to Bilgewater, too! :-)
Bandle City hasn't been fully explored. Neither has the big jungle on the southern continent.
NeonLeague (EUNE)
: Yes, the maps have the same gameplay and framework but the visuals represent different regions located in the same universe. Not everyone likes them both and it would be better if Riot makes an effort to do some kind of Wooxy-like programme implemented into the client which lets everyone to see the map he wants instead of randomizing and getting someone disappointed.
Or you could have something like what they did with the event SR maps where you can turn off the 'arcade' or 'snowdown' features. So in ARAM you could select the aesthetic from the options in game.
: Be nice if they had a setting for the old one.
Disabling custom literally gives you the old one back.
Lordk0z (NA)
: Future "Food Delivery" skins
Pizza Delivery Ezreal
: What kind of Chromas would/do you want next/
Anivia could do with a chroma
: > [{quoted}](name=edoxbox1,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=s5Z3BMT2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-31T21:42:25.970+0000) > > **Hello there. **(sorry not sorry) > (sorry for the GTranslate xd, imma bad in english): > Question: > Will we have the map when you have finished updating all the regions? > Or one piece at a time like you did for the Piltover map? > > {{sticker:sg-soraka}} > > ~~And please do not say "I can not talk about it" or throw myself under a train, thank you.~~ Please stay away from trains! Also - we will be releasing a map showing the three presently player-known contients (Valoran, Ionia, and the Southern Continent) some time next year. At the moment, I don't think it's intended that the map release will be tied to any particular region update - but will stand on its own. That might change, if something comes along and we feel it'd be a good fit. I still hope we're going to release smaller, more specific and flavorful maps for things (like the Medarda/Piltover map) but that will **not **get in the way of releasing the main map. No trains, ok? :)
> [{quoted}](name=Bioluminescence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=s5Z3BMT2,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-31T21:48:18.143+0000) > > Please stay away from trains! > > Also - we will be releasing a map showing the three presently player-known contients (Valoran, Ionia, and the Southern Continent) some time next year. At the moment, I don't think it's intended that the map release will be tied to any particular region update - but will stand on its own. That might change, if something comes along and we feel it'd be a good fit. > > I still hope we're going to release smaller, more specific and flavorful maps for things (like the Medarda/Piltover map) but that will **not **get in the way of releasing the main map. > > No trains, ok? :) Does this include city maps? I know you said there was a Nashramae one in the works, any chances we'll see a detailed map of other cities (perhaps piltover?){{champion:81}}
: Do any of the in-game objects exist.
Honeyfruit exists as shown by the medarda heirloom
: Only thing Anivia "deserves" is a heavy nerf to her stun. Speed that shit up so I can actually avoid it, or at least be able to excuse why it hits me.
You think you can dodge a fast projectile better than a slow one? What?
Bethanie (NA)
: Theory for Star Guardian Ahri ♥
What if the original teammates were those from the Academy skin line? Ok the champs don't fit the theme but at least they all go to highschool together.
: So Ezreal's gauntlet has a twin - but what does it do and who has it? (And is Ne'Zuk still alive?)
I don't think either of his parents have it since why would they only take one of them? The posession theory is fine except Ezreal isn't posessed so why would the other guantlet posess others. What if the person that took the gauntlet got teleported to the void or soemthing? Would explain why they couldn't get the other and why they didn't just leave. If the other gauntlet has the same power as Ezreal's the user would be known around Shurima or there would at least be tales about him/her. Also wasn't it confirmed that having both just made the powers stronger? The defensive option sounds pretty cool though. I don't think Ne'Zuk is still alive, he would have come after Ezreal by now.
: You misunderstood the quote, Ezreal isn't saying that he doesn't need a map; he's a wandering map vendor who's asking if anyone wants to buy one.
Would fit with his old lore of mapping out Piltover's tunnels and such.
: Ezreal Caught Using a Map
He also uses a map in his lore when he heads off to find the gauntlet. Don't think the quote is really canon.
Znoxyboy (EUW)
: "The Southern Continent"
Wasn't it confirmed that the northeast of the southern continent is a huge jungle stretching from kumungra to mudtown and down through that big river that you see on the new map? I guess it could be the same jungle referenced in Ezreal's story and maybe where nidalee and zyra live.
Sharjo (EUW)
: A few things that come to mind: - Necrit mentions celestial _dragons_, but there's only one such being in existence. Aurelion Sol certainly wasn't alone in the early universe, but those beings weren't like him in form or power. - As far as any lore has stated Aurelion Sol's visit to meet Targon was his first trip to Runeterra period. He hadn't seen humans before that and potentially humans might not have even existed back then, though of course that depends on whether Targon was a nation of humans, which I personally doubt heavily. - Necrit posits that Aurelion's enslavement was specifically so that Targon could use him to close Void rifts, but Targon has used him for much more than that, including forcing him to fight some of those celestial beings he shared the early cosmos with. - Necrit then goes on to describe how it might've been gods who chose people to become Aspects, but he seemingly confuses the fact that the Essence of War that he describes IS Pantheon. The Aspects have avatars on multiple worlds and are beings that are not all that comprehensible to simple mortals. This traces back to Necrit assuming that the beings who enslaves Aurelion were humans originally, which has no evidence backing it up as far as I recall. - Necrit then goes on to say that the only reason Targon would do this would be to fight the Void, but that's just assuming since Targon's mindset could've been completely malicious; they might've wanted him to serve as a weapon so they could control as much of the cosmos as possible. - He then ponders about how the Aspects spread the seed of life to other worlds, creating humans to fight for them, but firstly there's no evidence to say Targon could ever do that, and two humans are pretty much exclusive to Runeterra afaik. The only true aliens we have in the roster atm are Aurelion Sol, Soraka and Bard (and all of the voidborn), so not a big sample size but all of them are pretty distinct from humans. - Necrit posits that Targon had to have had help and prior knowledge of beings like Aurelion Sol to enslave him with Star Crowns, but given they were already a space faring civilisation there's potential for them having done this all on their own. Mortals have done stranger things in the past. - Necrit assumes that Runeterra's magic was put there by someone, but there's no player facing lore that speaks to how magic came to exist in the universe to begin with, so there's nothing to suggest that some god put it there. - Necrit discusses the approach between the Aspects of the Sun and Moon in regards to informing Leona and Diana, but makes the leap that Leona was given only half of the story, or even a completely factual story by her Aspect, where as the Moon Aspect purposefully didn't tell Diana the full story. This could be put down to the Aspects having different approaches to interacting with their chosen vessels, which we know is the case between Pantheon and the Protector anyway, so the Moon Aspect might just be trying to show Diana in a different manner to leona; with memories and freedom to choose her path rather than a great big stonking vision. - Necrit mentions Nami's staff has a similar insignia to the Void's, but chances are the Void's insignia exists because of some mortal culture making one, and that the resemblance is just a coincidence. Nothing about Nami's lore directly states that her people know anything about the Void in any regard. - Necrit's analysis of Bard stuff leaves a lot to be desired, since there's no way humans are gonna have access to Abyssal Pearls, the Bard's Mountains are super far away from Mount Targon, Bard not being connected to Targon because "he doesn't wear exclusively gold and silver" is pretty weak, the Noxian commander calling it a "stone" tells us nothing other than what people assume about it, the purple magic being void related is also very weak since the object itself literally glows with blue energy and starlight. - He mentions Shurima "forcefully" stealing the power of Ascension, yet people easily died via Ascension from being unworthy, and Azir ascended completely by something else giving it to him. It would be more logical to assume that, if there's a Targonian connection, that Targon was giving the Shurimans power via the Sun Disc to those who the Shurimans brought before them as being worthy of such a boon. - Skarner and Rek'Sai don't look all that similar really. - While Mount Targon is technically north of Icathia, it's no where near a direct north. Far more ~~east~~ west than north. Also his lore's old. Necrit's theory's interesting, but there's a lot of difficulties I have with it.
You mention that Mount Targon is to the north east of Icathia but according to new lore wouldn't it be closer to Demacia and therefore somewhere on the west of the north continent? Possibly near Palclyff? It looks mountainous around that area.

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