: So General Marcus Du Couteau?
How about _both_ LB and Swain told the truth? What if Marcus is "killed but not dead (anymore)" I mean, there are a number of contenders for what could bring him back: - Demons (Swain's arm?) - Darkyn ("Rallying the fervor" to the nth degree like Aatrox did) - Shadow Isles (Obviously?) - The Void (Magicks. Added more for completionist´'s sake than me actually thinking the Void would've brought him back) So... to be honest, my money is on #2 - Darkyn. What if Marcus was like a half-darkyn and is the "evil within noxus swain seeks to "remove"" That would make Cassiopeia and Katarina also partial Darkyn, which, at least in the later's case, would explain her thirst for combat and all that. (Maybe the "Darkyn genes" are given 100% to the firstborn?) Sidenote: A Darkyn Katarina skin . Legendary or ultimate. Make. It. Happen. Riot.


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