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: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
Everything you've suggested will severly gimp my jungle pathing variation Scuttle rng, krugs being worth more again, and no longer being able to do lvl 3 drake how can you miss the mark this much please dont let these changes go through
: This is just going to make everyone start taking the unique path I've been taking all season: buff -> buff -> level 2 gank top/mid while the enemy jungler is busy hitting level 3. I'm going to need a new unique strategy to avoid the enemy jungler now, because... Now there will be a greater than 1% chance of me crossing paths with him (more like 50% now).
that is a terrible path if youre going to gank lvl 2 might as well do it after your first buff like twitch or shaco
Suburan (NA)
: What are your thoughts on having it spawn top side first every game? * This will delay the jungler's first gank top as well as give your jungler a better chance of spotting the enemy's, relieving some gank pressure. * Bot-side jungle starts will no longer be de facto if the goal is to secure/contest the first scuttle * If scuttle spawns bot first, you can count on it impacting the bot lane meta. ADCs will fast push the first wave so they can secure that juicy crab for themselves.
if the goal is to create pathing variation this will gimp that even more than these changes already do (im going krugs first clear every clear woopdeedoo great variation)
: Understood. Think we can focus too much on that as developers. We want to give players different experiences game to game so when pathing becomes stale or solved it's very appealing to fix it. Will say that it is one of the lesser goals of these particular changes: we don't want to you vary your path just for variety's sake. We want to encourage it because we believe the new interactions will be more rich and ultimately fulfilling than the current jungle skill tests.
The irony here is that these changes will have the exact opposite effect. You want variation dont fkasehtoawhbp'ing make krugs worth more xp and gold. Now i will go for krugs every early clear and just pray to RNGsus that scuttle spawns same side as my krugs there is zero variation here. No more going for cheese invades or early drakes- if i dont get scuttle rng these are not viable anymore great job as usual changing jungle just for the sake of changing it my routes already had loads of variation but now that's getting hard gimped thanks
: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
why cant i downvote this thread
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: > At the end of the day as a lead I'm accountable for the results of my team, and if needing to do hotfixes was causing players to churn from the game or completely lose all faith in Riot then I'd definitely revisit this as a philosophy I don't want to come off to harsh when I say this, but as a Nunu main, it gets really frustrating to have these buff>hotfixes. Every time he gets a buff I get excited because he needs it, but then I look at it on SurrenderAt20 and realize instantly how broken they are. I then test them on pbe to be sure (playing about 3 games usually) and respond on it in the PBE boards. It then gets through PBE without adjustments. I play it live and feel like shit playing a busted champion, which becomes further busted because I know how to play him well. What I'm trying to say is, it feels bad that the feedback isn't listened to while on PBE, it feels bad playing him when he is busted and makes me not want to play him for a week, and it feels bad that specifically with Nunu every buff becomes a hotfix. Not only that, but it gets my hopes up that he will be put in a more balanced or balance-able state (which is the next best thing to a VGU) just for the community to start screaming around me. The people screaming about how busted he is just sort of adds to the disappointment that he didn't become more balanced, and that it already feels bad to play a broken champion. I'm not saying don't try these types of changes or extend the amount of time on PBE, but maybe try to look for posts on him on the PBE boards in the future and take them into consideration a bit more (I know that's hard since you may not be able to tell who mains what on their live accounts while looking at PBE feedback). It's just a little ridiculous that every time Nunu has been targeted for buffs that I can remember, ended up with a hotfix. Edit: My mistake, I did not make a post about Nunu on the PBE boards, apparently I forgot. My bad.
yeah getting real sick of this as a nunu main 3 buffs in a row that get instantly hot fixed despite a flood of posts and warnings from playtesters why do they even have playtesters if they just ignore their feedback and how do you make the same goddamn mistake 3 times in a row a mistake you keep making is a choice salty nunu main out
: yeah this is funny af looool
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: Do you plan about changing Nunu's kit more than buffing him? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
nunu kit is perfect as is just needs a little love
: _Ctrl + F: Volibear_ _0 out of 0_ {{item:3070}} {{champion:106}} {{item:3070}}
Ctrl + F: Nunu .... OMG {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: When Riot Cactopus replies to you
If i work hard and study memes enough one day perhaps I too can be a Folksy Comms Boi Riot Cactopus showing me dreams i didnt even know i had we <3 you cacto,
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Sovekz (EUNE)
: If you think outside the box, you would see that there is another keystone, aftershock that is literally made for tanks, so this grasp change was aimed at bruisers and it actually seems like the right direction to help those who need it.
: To my knowledge they manually research the boosting cases, so depending on the staffing and workload those accounts may be hit by the next wave. They could have also been caught but too close to the deadline. The reason they ban in waves is so that it is difficult for them to determine exactly what got them caught.
I'm sure they will all get what's coming to them eventually. Even if riot never catches them, the amount of grief they must get in their games and all the other side effects of being an overall douchey human being with no mindfullness of others is punishment in and of itself
Rulor (EUW)
: Why did I get banned for ELO boosting
do you always just randomly swap summoner spells when you play braum? just because the other person who played on your account for whatever reason, wasnt the person to get you to your current rank doesnt mean you didnt f up. Riot cares not what the other person on your account was doing, just that you shared your account. bans are not result based Why did you let someone else play on your account?
: Its already hit - boards are filled with people saying they've been falsely banned for boosting.
this news makes me happy and sad I guess there really is absolutely no point whatsoever in submitting a report ticket regarding boosting. Makes me wonder just how obvious and obnoxious you have to be about boosting for riots own system to detect it. Would probably have better luck making a reddit post than a support ticket if you want riot to actually react to something Still happy that some of the boosters/boosties got hit. Thank you for the reply
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Corechild (EUW)
: My bots have had less fps since preseason patch came in. Dropped performance by 25% at least. P.S. When can we expect banwave?
I would like an answer to the banwave question as well SO many players i've met that are OBVIOUSLY BOOSTED like not even trying to hide it, who got ranked rewards
: Hey all, This is actually my first red name post, but this is some work that touches on a lot of aspects that are near and dear to me :) Being the art lead on the client and returning to working on the client again soon (I moved over to work on the leveling system and the health bar design with some awesome folks), I have quite a bit on context around the client's design and visual language. First and foremost, I love the work you've done here. You've taken a lot of the visual language of Hextech and created a beautiful rendition of a personalized player space. There's a lot of things that actually replicate some personal exploratory directions myself and others have made too, which is awesome. If you'd ever like to explore the option of working here, I'd be more than willing to review your portfolio and talk to you offline about opportunities we have available. We have quite a few openings in LA and other regions worth exploring here: (look under visual design). Add me in NA under SpicyMemeDreamz and under your posting name here and we can talk more. Secondly, it makes me sad that so many people here have said "too bad Rito will never do this" but I understand where the frustration comes from. Ultimately, things like this can fall into a balancing act of prioritizing delivering new features vs. innovating already established ones. It's a pain point that myself and others are very aware of and constantly trying to improve, but progress takes time. I WISH it was as easy as taking a new design and copy pasta'ing it into the client to make changes like this, but there's an intricate web of data being fed into each part of the client that takes a lot of problem solving and up-front work to do correctly. Just know that this particular problem space is something we are aware of and working daily to improve on. Thank you all for not only highlighting the need for improvement in this area, but congratulating OP on the level of quality in these design directions.
jovack (NA)
: Sounds suspicious... "A friend of mine"...
youre suggesting i reported myself for getting boosted and am dissapointed i havent been banned yet?
: I feel you OP.
thanks buddy lover your summoner name btw
Sarutobi (NA)
: If the system hasnt caught them, then there are chances that it will eventually catch up to them. Although if in not mistaken Boosting doesnt result in a ban just lost of the reward.
I believe first offence is a 14 day ban and a loss of rewards a repeat offence results in perma ban according to riots support page faq
gdhalksu (NA)
: im not making excuses... let alone trying to...
jesus christ learn to hit the "reply button"
gdhalksu (NA)
: either way, you should probably find other shit to focus your shit on
gdhalksu (NA)
: put some thought into it. i dont drink.
youre making up random excuses that ignore the bulk of the evidence yes, there are legit reasons why players would play from different ip addresses, I dont know the ip adressess that's not what made me send the ticket. Riot knows the ip address and should be able to conclude (again ON TOP OF THE OTHER EVIDENCE) and how often they swap This isnt some random who had one bad game I decided to make a ticket for this is a person on my friends list and if I could link you their it would be obvious to you to based off champions played and winrate in ranked compared to everything else (nevermind the summoner spell swap) and again, as mentioned, I included a screencap of admission of guilt from the person boosting the account in chat dont know why you are trying so hard to make excuses
gdhalksu (NA)
: more than one account. seperated parents. more than one home for career purposes or travel during winter season/vacation home.
And they only play a handful of champions in one location in another country that have 80% + winrate hours apart form logging back on in actual location and feeding on a different champ with summoner spells swapped in a normal game go home sherlock you're drunk also what does "more than one account" have to do with anything?
gdhalksu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Candoodle,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9xPEsjzU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-27T06:59:25.131+0000) > I understand sometimes these things take time, but i find it really disheartening when you essentially do riot supports job for them by taking screencaps of players admitting openly to paying others to play on their accounts and months later no action. other than text on a screen - how do you really prove it? they will drop in rank regardless. i cant remember the last time i bothered with a rank game but you still have to be bad before you improve. who are you to determine who deserves to be playing at what level?
Come on There are lots of ways to prove it Summoner spell swap and insane high winrates on champions they never played before and never played since yes COULD say that could be circumstantial (really tho?) I would link the exact matches but that would be naming and shaming but aside from that once presented with this riot support has the ability to check ip address used to definitely conclude if account sharing was going on. as for your last question. I will report anyone I know for a fact is being boosted, friend or not. Anyone who has ever been in a promo game against a booster knows how shit that feels like christiano ronaldo joining a 3rd division little league game of soccer it's not fun and players who pay to have someone else boost them dont deserve ranked rewards or even an account to play on imo
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I am F8 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Promiscuous,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=AmEvYWet,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-31T06:43:43.868+0000) > > so i recently gotten level 3 honor and i had a flair for a few games then it dissapeared is that suppose to happen? "At level 3 and above, honors from two premade teammates unlock loading screen flair in your next game." "At level 3 and above, an honor from a non-premade teammate unlocks loading screen flair in your next game." Source: Hope it helps
Ah thanks was confused about this as well (>'_')>
: For anyone who just needs one today
if i come here everyday is still random? {{champion:32}}
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: That's not on me, I am just a Warden (A community volunteer) I am not privy to all the secrets the Riot holds. Well except whatever we manage to pull out of Keyru, but she is a tough nut to crack. We share the same hype all of you guys do, we just get to look pretty while doing it.
Dont lie to us. We know you fondled some gems to get that sweet riot pillow talk about upcoming reworks That's how you got your warden status I'm on to you.
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: A group of Yasuos is called tumor. A group of Rivens is called kindergarten. A group of Fizzs is called school. A group of Urgots is called empty space. A group of Kindred is called Kindred. A group of Illaois is called hentai convention. A group of Vel'Kozs is called hentai convention research.
a group of fiddlesticks is called a murder
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: I think kindred ult can but that's not exactly practical.
on rift harold could be worth, or at very least pretty funny
: Alistar passive? I don't even know anymore. Can Janna shield them? I know it's not the same, but it's something.
didnt even think of shielding minions surely i would have done it by accident while playing lulu if that were possible but i mean if nunu can blood boil harold and morde ghost drake why shouldnt other supp champions be able to buff minions
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Bradyo (NA)
: Please don't advertise here. This is for concepts and ideas only. However, nice video you got there.
are you just going and posting this on all video threads? this board is not just for concepts
Bradyo (NA)
: Please make threads about concepts and ideas here.
the name of the board is concepts and creations this is a creation based on a concept I dont know what your problem is where would you have me post it? pretty sure if i posted in another sub board they would remove it and tell me to post it here. please read the names of the boards.
: Or maybe I can use my celebrity status to secure my spot was a Warden
If laughing fish isnt selected, and given the official title of "Warden of the memes" I say we riot I know a good pitch fork emporium if it comes to that
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: It's you and everyone else who just doesn't get how the system works. Plenty of people do, and as junglers and laners get repeated S grades. It's not "too focused on cs". It's focused on GPM mostly. Which includes gold from kills, cs, objectives, even wards, but kda and cs score do help. It's focused on ward score, which yours isn't amazing, and between 0-2 pink wards per game isn't nearly enough. It's speculated to be focused on damage done, which yours is next to nothing... even as a nunu player it should be a lot higher than it is. All graded against every nunu jungle player in your region. So if they have 3x your cs, 3x your damage, twice your vision score, and better kdas. Yes, its 100% on you if you didn't get a good grade. And if you say something like "well what am I supposed to do when etc etc" and "i can't juggle this AND that"... it's up to you to find out, practice, and get better. Watch some videos. I get consistent S's across many different roles and champs, including the jungle, and in several different elos. Because I understand what it takes to get it. But more importantly I understand what it takes to _win._ Because yes, these things literally ARE tied together. Getting high cs, a big gold lead for your team, objectives, good ward control, and good stats... these are the things that help to _consistently_ win, and thus climbing. It's a good grading system for this reason alone. If you understand it, it actually teaches you what you need to play better and climb in ranked. And if cs and taxing is a problem for you, think of it like this... after every successful gank, you want to shove the hell out of that turret to deny cs, yes? Do it, and ignore whatever your laner has to say. There's absolutely 0 point in freezing after the enemy laner is dead. Shove with yours and deny cs, while taking some for yourself. That's not taxing, that's playing smart and getting a _team gold lead._ And there's no reason why you can't mid-late game, clear a gigantic wave with your ult if you have enough CD and no fight is imminent, nunu's ult isn't terribly long, and guess what? The gold helps you just as much as it does your grade.
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