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: So is scooby and shaggy the adc + support?
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: How to fix this issue: 1. Play Anivia Support 2. Max Wall 3. Cast Redemption 4. Wall them in the redemption zone 5. SUCCESS 6. Cookie Celebration w/ Milk
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: 5 Year Absence: A returning players thoughts.
: lol all these balance issues and we want them to spend time coding this nonsense? luuuul
yup that's why op posted this in concepts and creations instead of memes and games... oh wait you must be lost get back to gameplay where you belong
: What happened with this comment chain was not what I had hoped for this thread. feelsbadman
some players just cant let memes be memes
: Wouldn't that basically be for the Mecha line?
so change Mega to Mecha the pun is a must
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Skelenth (EUW)
: Out of experience with one Morde main, I would assume it is Dark Magic.
I had a voltron scenario pictured in my head where the borde-mordes combine when they head in game move over mega zorde here comes the mega morde
Skelenth (EUW)
: The Mordekaiser Mains Guide to the Boards
how is there are more morde mains on boards than in the actual game itself?
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: This Kohler commercial used Nunu laugh for one of its effects
aaaaaand it's a toilet commercial seems legit
: What's Xayah's favorite music genre?
I am a simple man I see Joe Bereta I upvote
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: Or you could learn to path and farm effectively.
hey party pooper gameplay boards is thata way ->
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: Shouldn't this be in concepts & creations? Dank ass idea tho
figured it was dank enough for memes and gams might post in concepts and creations if i ever doodle it
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: You realize it's like 0.01% of all xerath players scripting right? How do you come to the conclusion that he now has "stigma?"
as a nunu main I can tell you that it only takes a few to forever tarnish the champion I still get people asking me if i'm "disco" when i hover him
: Owww......getting roasted till extra crispy.
LOL i dont know what he was thinking asking for clarification on ban when he paid someone to boost how dumb do you have to be to not realized the boosters scripted and that making a thread about it would only expose you as a bonobo
Swytch (NA)
: Like you said you can only see ranked games,( some of those games i was duo queueing with a few people that were in s3/s2) but the times i was playing nothing but supp/top games to practice for ranked. Also to statement about about my gameplay change, i had been watching a lot of pro player streams (such as imaqtpie, boxbox, gosu, etc....) to watch and learn from them.
>Also to statement about about my gameplay change, i had been watching a lot of pro player streams (such as imaqtpie, boxbox, gosu, etc....) to watch and learn from them. lol the best part of this thread is scrolling down and seeing all your lies before you come clean to rioter so full of sh**
Swytch (NA)
: if i was going to cheat why would most of my games consent of loses
why would you pay to boost if you most of your games were wins? also define "my games" goodbye good riddance guess you made this reply before you openly admitted to it to rioter did you not know boosting was wrong?
Swytch (NA)
: so theres no chance of getting a second chance? i will admit that i was boosted during that time but im not sure what scripting suite youre talking about.
Get rekt. that's what you get for being a boosted bonobo goodbye and good riddance
: Me when I try to play nami
{{champion:267}} Quit flopping around!
: My first meme thread to go over 10 upvotes. Man is this fame. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Why argument based on your personaly rank? Typical generation snowflake, it's all: MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!!!
>snowflake this is such an ironic insult people getting triggered over people who get triggered its like when the guy who's been flaming all game calls you a "kid"
: "If you can't play every role, you're not ready for ranked" vs. "ZMOG AUTFILL IS SO UNREASONABLE"
I don't miss draft pick but I do miss everyone having to learn each role at least somewhat just in case I know for a fact that I became a much better support when i had to learn adc and same goes for other lanes and jungle knowing what the different roles prioritize and want from their teammates Will improve your macro play and your game knowledge exponentially and make you a better team player. Or at very least learn support for autofill it will happen to you so might as well be prepared. And, no mid/top/jung dont want to swap
: Perm banned for my first offense
*Looks at summoner name* Congratulations? it is possible to get perma ban for first offense in cases of extreme toxicity (death threats, racism, etc) or for using scripts (if you have any add ons like lolwiz or something this can sometimes be the case) check your mail, if this is the case there should be a message explaining ban
: i safed ip specifically for cotton tail teemo, now he is not on sale, although it was cleared said he would be in this post of riot: {{item:3070}} EDIT: seems like they messed up the post, since every skin where it says that it will not be on sale for RP is actually not on sale for either IP or RP.
> seems like they messed up the post, since every skin where it says that it will not be on sale for RP is actually not on sale for either IP or RP. you got a source? I'm almost 100% certain we should be able to buy teemo for ip this sale since he wasnt available last chroma sale
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: The endless Boards war
meanwhile at memes and games {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
SSJTribe (NA)
: i don't see how anyone could love that ugly plant frog. (#squirtlesquad4lyfe)
: Which is understandable. Why be a main or an OTP when you can be a meta slave?
GOOD QUESTION! why let's look at higher elo's and see which one is better for climbing Contstantly switching champs you play or players who have small dedicated pools or OTP's
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: Your main's ult now is global with 0 travel or channel time.
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: Manatee skins for everyone! Taken out of context that sounds despicable.
I have a manatee skin rug in my hunting lodge it's terribly uncomfortable
: When Gameplay Starts Talking About Why M&G Doesn't Like Them
It made me sad that the Op of that gameplay post thinks we "Dont like" Gameplay We love Gameplay section, How would I ever be able to eat ALL THIS POPCORN if Gameplay posts werent a thing {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} we <3 you gameplay boards never change
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Nostormo (EUNE)
: If Morde will get his rework, there's inevitable change to his name and title
I love how the least popular champions in game are the most popular on boards #LOVE ME {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Hard to tell if you are being sarcastic or just plain stupid.
whodafuq buys champions with RP??
Porocles (NA)
: Your settings may be set to windowed mode, but changing your settings in-game to borderless could help. Alternatively, try pressing the mac key+Enter to see if that helps. Let me know if that works!
hey small correction i think you mean alt + enter its same on windows it's control that is usually swapped with apple key (apple key plus enter just opens chat) just tested in custom game and it seemed to do the trick, just a follow up question do i have to do this at the start of everygame?
: > [{quoted}](name=LeachimKcorruts,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=F5EKuhVR,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-03-08T01:56:13.556+0000) > > Hi ya I've been here for a while
That summoner name makes you sound like the unholy love child of {{champion:82}} + {{champion:8}}
: Every time a new VGU gets revealed
{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} nunu main knows dem feels
: In the old days "If you can't play every role at least decently, you're not ready for ranked"but now
I miss those days IMO you cant truly be good at your own role until you experience playing other roles and getting a feel for what they want from you. I played supp when i first started and I would just constantly go for harass and engages, and it wasnt until i had to learn adc for ranked 5th pick nightmare that i truly understood all the things i was doing wrong as a supp I started paying a lot more attention to the creep waves and how low they were and even began prepping waves by AA'ing the caster minions 1 time before turret. I also stopped going for yolo engages and played around my adc instead of expecting them to miss 2 melee creeps and a canon just so i can go for a trade with enemy supp. Mostly learning the other roles to an somewhat not terrible extent made me a much better jungler, learning what lanes are gankable and where and when laners typically put wards made my pathing and over all decision making much better. It's abundantly clear to me when i see a jungler or supp who doesnt have a full understanding of the other roles, I dont miss the draft pick, but i do wish more players realized the value in knowing the other roles
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