Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 1
{{champion:11}} dont u think picking ignite + smite by yi mains shows there is a garbage balance behind it ? everyone started funneling again, because u are skilled on champ and game but u cant do anything, tnx for nerfs btw {{champion:11}}
Ęvelynn (NA)
: yasuo literally has 5 of the things on that "insufficient weaknesses" list but he kept all of them....really?
lol i was thinking the same, wtf this champ have everything on list OMEGALUL
xAcidik (NA)
: Jungle Mains Are Saints
This year jungle is only supports (ivern like) or tanks (sejuani like) , carry junglers are dead outside of karthus that afk farmis and kindred because she is adc works with gold not xp
: I know Yi is not op, but plss
If you dont jump in when he have everything stacked u will not die, any carry jungler is exteremly weak now outside of Karthus and Kindred
Sukishoo (NA)
: Pretty sure its international and not a bug since both items serve different purposes.
If you right click on enemy after using it , it will attack, but if you dont the game itself have a bug, I know what he says because clicking on enemy is kinda hard when u jump between 2-3 player
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Dr Dog (NA)
: look at, from last patch to this patch he went from a 47% wr to a 52% because of dark harvest and the rageblade change
25% pick rate master yi on wild card region have 52% winrate wow. overall 400 game analyzed
: I do not main Yi,but i played him about the last 2-3 days.This dude has no need for buffs to be honest.When he finishes the Rageblade he becomes quite a pain to deal with.
You are playing normal, Im playing ranked
: I don't think new guinsoo's is bad on yi. It's less good against squishies but it's better v bruisers and tanks. 9% AS + 6 AD + Runes should be fine lol, and it's not like the enemy jungler has an advantage over you, they have the same set up.
because other champs dont scale with as, is that so hard to understand ?
Dr Dog (NA)
: yi actually went way up in wr this patch what are you on about he is placed in middle of page3 (all 5 page) with 50.5% winrate wow.
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: It's removed :). We believe that the bounty system changes that will be taking minion gold into account will resolve the problem. It also gives us a pretty easy lever to tune if need be
so trynd jungle is finally playable ?
Saianna (EUNE)
: all you've had said is obvious, as Yi in teamfight works exactly like any assassin. Considering his dueling potential... This is just bad argument as it works pretty much against everyone else (minus malphite). You can't itemize vs Yi, you can't duel Yi unless you are even bigger damage-creeped monstrum and in the end his only weakness is "gangbang the living shit out of his ass untill he can't walk straight". Or "let him go in first like a total idiot" Here's the thing. You yourself said playing Yi isn't easy. And if one knows the basics of playing squishy fighter/assassin, one knows that: NEVER EVER go in first. Yi goes in once at least 1 enemy is half-HP, so he could work with his alpha-resets. What you propose "group up" is useless as he won't go in for untill your team gets smashed by tank and your ranks will get in all directions. Then he goes in and the whole second or 2 from stopwatch won't save you. --- I'm not saying he's bad or EZ-PZ teamfighter. if anything I'd say he's like tryndamere. Awesome duelist or small-skrimisher. But teamfight potential is pretty shitty for fighters standards. Assassin-wise he's just perfect, though. Anyways, you ask Riot to let Yi do more than he does, which is fine be me. But man... You can't keep everything. If you want Yi splitpush, then yo have to pay with something, otherwise we'll have splitpushing monstrum that will win any 2v1 fights just cause of his fighter/assassin design. Needless to say, if you can't push a splitpusher back, things tend to get kinda stupid.
yi is not an assassin. many champs can duel yi, champions that have stealth or CC+Dmg easily beat yi 1vs1 ,if you are not even good you can zhonya under tower when yi is pushing and kill him (or kayn ult) all you said dont even come in mind, when i play game as yi in plat V my first problem is making it into my rageblade (18min) because always one tower fall at 10-15 and enemies immidiately group mid and play for nashor, works well under gold1-2 though you always get core items
Saianna (EUNE)
: tbh the amount of true/mixed damage he has does put him into "OP/annoing/difficult to deal with" category. He's not braindead simple to play though. The fact that the counter-play vs good Yi is only a "stun" shows that. Him instantly clearing a wave past 10 minutes by alpha striking is tad too much for what he already has. He'd have to sacrifice some of his power somewhere else.
give me kha'zix and i beat yi early/mid/late game 1vs1, no cc btw. Edit : even before buffs
: Preseason Development Update 1
as a jungle main, trying to kill enemy jungler is nerfed a lot , new hunters talisman gives free blue buff in jungle and river , many junglers go red => Raptors => scuttle and dont even come to their blue (where u want to kill them) , and they look for ganks after ! and the time waste is so huge if u dont successfully kill enemy jungler that simply doesnt worth to try it. new wards stay so long, older some people come and ward river or back of blue buff so early, now the ward stays up even when u do first buff and want kill enemy jungler, the scuttle itself gives so much hp and mana back that people simply prefer it over blue buff, i myself play yi and all of these changes are a buff in my opinion, but if u ever want try a counter jungling and trying to kill enemy jungler style it is so risky. sry for bad english (so 1. free blue buff talisman 2. scuttle gives mana so much that u can skip sucttle 3. wards stay long) and finally i think the goal of keeping junglers farming and not ganking so much was successful with this changes, so if that was ur goal keep it up ! belive in u (not dAnIEL sOb)
: Preseason Development Update 1
Actually 200iq changes, clap
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: No assassin should have true damage or attack speed immunity in their kit. Riot has no clue how to design and balance assassins, it gets more obvious every single day. I was looking at that build to judge the true damage, but you know what would be worse than that? {{item:3153}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3046}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3006}} {{item:2140}} - No reason to build armor pen since true damage isn't physical. This combination would do far more damage to high health champions, combining BOTRK + Bloodrazor's 4% max health on-hit and rageblade's double on-hit with infinity edge (10% of damage as crit) plus Conqueror rune (AD boost, true damage) - Now, as far as the numbers? - With Bloodline you gain 8% lifesteal over the game, combine that with BOTRK and you end up with 20% lifesteal overall. That's equal to a Bloodthirster. - Attack speed: 40% + 25% (and when stacked, 48% on rageblade) + 45% + 50% + precision bonus and ult = 2.5 - On-hit damage would include true damage as well as 5 + 10% bonus ad + 5 + 10% bonus AP + 8% current health + 4% max health and adds 12% less damage from the victim due to PD passive, which also enhances his already unable to be slowed movement speed. - Crits equal 10% crit damage converted to true damage added to the basic attacks - AD amount would be around ~250 plus the E bonus plus Rageblade bonus plus Conqueror bonus, so you'd hit for this every 2.5 seconds So with elixir and conqueror's bonus AD, you're basically dead within two seconds. Armor means nothing, the more health you build the quicker he'll cut through it, and you can't slow him or his attack speed. A 4,000 health champion takes 160 damage off Bloodrazor per hit, plus 8% current health (320 on 4,000) and then you also remember conqueror switches 20% of your damage to true and adds up to 35 AD bonus. So Rammus, Malphite, anybody really would die quickly and stuns usually last a grand total of 1-1.5 seconds - his ult lasts 7 and adds 7 every kill/assist. To stop his ult, you'd need a Malphite ult (1.5)+ Rammus taunt(2.25 max rank) + Xerath(2 max) or Veigar (2.5)stun + another stun every time he ults. The attack speed immunity is one thing that needs to go. Then, add the ridiculous unmitigated true damage to that and you'll be all set. This is why true damage is bad, kids.
yi is sorted as assassin in 2010 but atm in 2018 u cant call him assassin ?
: And you decided to engage a fight with fully stack Guinsoo and Conqueror Yi and we are talking about braindead stuff :3
rageblade stacked is better for rammus, all rammus can do is forcing yi to attack him while he have his W (so each attack will do superior dmg on yi). a good yi will not attack rammus and goes on W when his taunt is ended so it is 2.25 seconds while rammus max E. but the dmg rammus does with his W is so much u die in 2sec , u must either qss or buy black cleaver to reduce his armor and dont die while he is on W. it is not as easy as i said, i myself died and feed to rammus 3 games until i figured out how to beat him , but overall yi can beat rammus only with QSS or Black Cleaver in late game. but rammus should be a good rammus. if u are like lvl 7 and other champ is lvl 9 u cant 1vs1 for sure
: 1800 true damage in less that a second? Exaggerating a bit? There is no way he was able to dish out such a big amount of true dmg in less than a second?
yea, there is no way you beat rammus as yi with attack speed build, u either should buy qss to dont attack him while he have W or buy Black Cleaver after rageblade if you have conqueror u might do it. i searched his op gg but this game didnt exist in last 7 days game he probably de active his W or didnt know how to play match up and died. or maybe skip thornmail , rammus kills yi while he have 10% of his hp late game if u dont qss or black cleaver, same on early. other way is going crit so you dont have high AS to kill yourself while rammus sit on his W oh he might dont put levels on E , so his taunt duration will be so low that you can stop attacking rammus without having qss , probably this is the case because it must be a normal game(his last rank was 24days ago) and he is not a rammus main
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
akali state is 100% pick/ban , all games in LCS and Asian Games she was either banned or first picked, i dont have problem with that just saying because u said in post u dont want this happen
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
: I'm looking for the community to let me know why they may think League is not fun anymore!
kargish (EUW)
: Hashinshin made a pretty good point
Malìce (NA)
: This Anivia in the game I just played ended up killing the Scuttle as well.
> [{quoted}](name=Malìce,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wLHP39AZ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-08-24T08:27:37.936+0000) > > This Anivia in the game I just played ended up killing the Scuttle as well. > > i dont know how this post got upvote, every champ can kill scuttle, if you kill it 2 time it will completely be removed from game
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: Oof now even Riot is using bots on the boards because no one likes their game. Dat grammar.
? im french english isnt my mother language
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