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: Very nice even better than ur vinegar work, it would help Karthus out since Riot can't have him showing bones
: Pretty certain the Fiddlesticks skin was out first... I followed Hylia as he was drawing the Lissandra piece.
Nice! Can you tell me where can I follow his (and other riot concept artist works?)
Capi974 (EUW)
: Risen Karthus skin concept!
Edit: I added an "in game" sorta render!
: I love this! I even suggested that he should be a part of GotS or something not too long ago. Very Impressive.
Ifneth (NA)
: You sure like your Shuriman skins!
I would do Shurima everything, even scuttle crab as a scuttle scarab.
: lol maaaaan I wish I could do art like that, it'd make designing my Karthus skin ideas a lot better! :P
And I wish i could do 3d modeling so i could make fun videos with my skins! I need to learn :^D
: Excellent idea for a Karthus skin. Could have the same scarab motif as Risen Fiddlesticks. I've been enjoying Karthus lately, and yet I don't find any of his current skins all that appealing; this would definitely be a cosmetic I'd strive for.
I FORGOT THE SCARAB Thank you anyways!
: can i suggest connecting the arms, otherwise it looks xerathy
Actually I'm not working more on this fanart! But it could work, however I prefer it crossed!
: Not sure if you're aware, but Taliyah will be getting a SSG skin!
AWESOME! Even thought I dont like the SSG color scheme, I have faith in Riot's art department!
: Surely it could have been inspired by Risen Fiddlesticks, who also has crossed arms? :P
Actually I think that Risen Fiddlesticks is the recycled Risen Lissandra! :^D
Jaspers (EUW)
: I like it, love the idea he's not using his arms. It's amazing what some of you guys can come up with, yet next patch we'll most likely just get more 'generic' skins for Jhin and Yi. :-P
The idea of his crossed arms is inspired by Riot Hylia's work on Risen Lissandra which I think is inspired of real mummies! I think Riot games makes great skins , even thougt i'm kinda sad we don't have a new Taliyah/Tahm Kench skin! But thanks a lot man! Really appreciate it!
Santus (NA)
: DragonSlayer Leona Fanart Skin
Wow! Very cool model man! Is it handpainted? (I'm sorry i'm not familiar with 3dimentionnal art). How long does it take to model something like this? I'd like to learn and do it myself for my concepts.
: Ancient Syndra [Fan Skin Concept]
Very cool design, but I absolutely love the splas art and the thumbnail exploration you did on this! I need to learn to do this!
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: I think the ult should be a bit different. Maybe a head of a spirit animal?
dattista (EUW)
: seriously Super cool idea, but you should have meybe worked more with that veigars big hand what he is know like i that battle boss skin. meybe it should be another mask aswell :D
Actually you're right, i went so much on thinking about the mask, I forgot the hand. I'll be working more on it next times!
: This isn't a shaman, this is a witch doctor...
Oh, rly? Sorry I didn't know, what is the difference?
This could be one of his line!
yeulx (NA)
: Very cool concept
: Damn, why is this not in the game yet? I have never played Veigar, and I absolutely hate to play against him. But this concept is amazing!
Nyloaf (NA)
: i love your artstyle
: Only problem is the autoattack, Q, and R all look quite similar (though this is a common issue with Veigar). Other than that it's quite good.
Someone suggested to do an elemental thing on spells, R = fire, Q = water, W = Thunder...
: If this gets released he'd need a kakamora chroma
: It's not an ahri concept so I'll pass. Lol jk jk but it definitely has me voting for it! He could have like tribal sounds when he recalls!
Hahah with friends we were thinking about him running after a chicken when he recalls trying to catch him!
Bonnìe (NA)
: he nakey {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} capi back at it again with the cutest designs
: instructions unclear, instead we made [ice/fire/robot] veigar skin. -riot probably this is really great
: Great concept and drawing! but sorry i had to
Hahah you're not the only one coming out with this dw! :^D
Onotori (NA)
: The only thing I hear in my head when I see that is... patapatapatapon, ponponpatapon, chakachakapatapon, ponponpatapon.
This was the inspiration for the concept! (And that one Maokai skin)
: Your creativity for making Veigar concepts astounds me. This is a cool idea that I would definitely want. Keep up the good work. Question: Have you tried making concepts for more champs than Veigar? I'm just curious to see what you'd have in mind for, IDK, {{champion:432}} as an example
Thank you very much ! Here you can see my Warring Kingdom Taliyah. I also have lot of idea for other champs such as bard which has an interesting general shape to work with. I'm actually thinking about Captain Hook Thresh. :^)
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Elfezen (NA)
: really good black mage concepts
: I actually really like the sound of that.
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: i looked at some of your other work and dude is legit af. keep it up
Thanks a lot man! I really apreciate these kinds of comments :^D
Capi974 (EUW)
: I drew another Veigar skin! (Haunted Veigar)
Since everyone likes it i might go a little further with the design! I'm going to do itterations and try some things (like the deathfire grasp as a staff idea from a guy on Reddit). Thank you for all the lovely comments
: I'd immediately gift this to my Veigar main friend. Love everything about this!
BBagz (NA)
: If they make that an actual skin I might main veigar
: I never knew I wanted this skin until now. Seriously, if this isn't one of the next harrowing skins I'm going to be a bit sad.
I'm going to work a bit more on the design, and do itterations since every likes it!
: This fits Veigar uncannily; you've done a great job!
: looks like thresh's son xD
: wait so that not in the game yet????? riot is wrong for that
: Everyone throw money at Riot until they make it happen!
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: Logged in to upvote this. Beautiful concept! Never thought that the mummy theme would work for Veigar, but apparently it does! It looks great :)
Recuro (NA)
: Really unexpected for Veigar, I love the design. Then again of course it's a great design because it's based on {{champion:268}} **SHURIMA**{{champion:268}} But seriously though keep up the good work. edit: Okay just looked at your Taliyah concept and I love that one too. You clearly got some talent, I'd love to see what else you come up with.
Thanks a lot man! I'll be posting here if i'm doing other fanskins
: I'd name it Risen Veigar to fit with the already existing theme. But it looks really niceu.
Here comes Risen Veigar then!
: He cant be from Shurima, there is a height requirement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but nice work dude
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} thanks m8
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