: Ranked Changes - Update & Known Issues #2
> Starting new accounts with no prior Ranked games in Iron helps avoid new players seeding in Silver and demoting rapidly to Iron or Bronze. Do_ old_ accounts with no prior ranked games start in Iron, too? If so, I'll scrap my planes for finally starting to play ranked this season.
MasterDeeW (EUNE)
: Any big objective like new elemental dragons or a new version of Baron? Just to spicy the things up. Scuttle fights would be cool to the river as well between 4 jungles?! I can imagine it. Any remake option? Or FF?
There is a Baron-like thing that gives all members of your team a buff. There is a FF option, haven't tried remake.
: Experimental Modes & Nexus Blitz
Alright I've played a few rounds of this and except the first one (which had a bug where the enemy inhib was untargetable and therefor was decided through the walking nexus battle thing) they were all really one sided. The team that won the first event usually won all other events and got really fed while the other team was demolished and surrendered once their inhib was down. Also there was this one time when the ring of fire's center was in the enemy base - that is the only time I've seen the team that was ahead lose an event. :'D Overall it was really fun to play especially with no-one knowing what's even going on. Design wise I'd say I support the Ionia theme for the map - though the game mode itself feels like it should actually be located in Bandle City with all that crazy stuff going on.
: Experimental Modes & Nexus Blitz
Ohh cool! Reminds me of this amazing concept I've seen a while back: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/5B6XJ


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