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: quality of games in bronze/silver elo
I can just agree. Here is my history of silver. I had a 60% winrate at riven, but my mmr was REALLY bad. So i decided too open a smurf and try my luck there. Won 7 out of 10 games, got placed gold 5. After 2 days i was in gold 4 And from there one i climbed. If you're hardstock in a elo, because your mmr is insanely bad 18lp win and 24 loose, just make a smurf, try your luck and youll be fine. Even Yassuo said too open a smurf if youre in this case (having a nice onetrick winrate but can't climb cuz of bad mmr) if you just suck in general, you just suck in general then
: PSA to people about to play Janna
That's litereally it. If you play janna like this for atleast 100 games youll climb atleast a division
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: If Sylas is busted, annoying, or frustrating in any sort of way, remember - Riot isn't to blame
: She's literally all point and click?? Ahri has 2 skillshots, Vayne has 0.
> [{quoted}](name=LaughsInTeemo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BQVgffKW,comment-id=00030002000100000000,timestamp=2018-12-24T20:05:00.822+0000) > > She's literally all point and click?? Ahri has 2 skillshots, Vayne has 0. But playing her in teamfgights is much harder and challening. But Ahri? She is just hitting skillshots. And Vayne got a digusting early game, tho. Playing vayne is ways harder. Skillshots aren't hard. Only her E skillshot is kinda hard too hit
: the hardest top laner in LOL has 51.5% winrate and #1 pickrate by double the next champion
I main Riven and i can say, that she is way too strong (now, not in general!) **Speaking as a Diamond 4 Riven main with total 800 games** She snowballs way too hard and can 1v3 very easily And Essence Reaver is very strong on Riven too, because if you activate your ult and do some autos your q w e will come much faster and you can spam them and put soo many CC, shields and damage out and you can much easily 1v3.# And Riven Mains get nowadays SO many help. Like RivenMains has huge threads on how to beat lanes etc. Every lane match up is detailed written there. I don't know any other subbreddit who helps people like they do. They even got a website. They got everything. Everything too know. Every Matchup. Every combo. Practise tool. The process of learning Riven is shorter, thanks too the help out there. You needed back in Season 5 probaly 3-5k games too say that you mastered her, now you need 1.5-2k games. Riven mains are getting so much help out there. Its insane. If you have mastered riven, you're atleast Diamond 3. Atleast. If you ain't a potato. She is like Nidalee. Learning her is hard, but once you know what you are doing, you are escaping low elo very fast and youll play around diamond for a while. It's just that new Riven players get nowadays SOO much help. Like check their subreddit. There is a 10000 mile long post where EVERY matchup is detailed explained. You needed to do games, too learn the matchups. Now, you need games too, but the process of learning those matchups is shorterned soo hard! Just wait for a new tank meta, and her play and winrate will drop. (or an ADC meta, where adcs got more power and suports shield em) Rightnow there is a good meta for her, because there aren't many tanks played, so riven can go easily ahead and shycombo the backline with her damage builds. Riven had her worst year in Season 8, by the way. So, don't panic that much. It's just the preseason.
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