: in case you were unaware urgots ult can be negated by....
I suppose, given Braum's interaction with it, that Yasuo's windwall might work too. ... Though I guess no one would know for sure, given how he's basically been removed from the game by the 10 ban system.
: Things You Miss About The Game But You Know Will Never Come Back?
Oh there's sooo many things. I miss when games weren't decided entirely by the junglers and early snowballing. I miss when everything didn't all insta-gib squishies. I miss when I could just jungle and not have to *constantly* worry about not affecting all three lanes all at the same time. But most of all... I miss when Sejuani's E wasn't such a chore to use, I miss when Sejuani was a reliably potent pick without at least two other melee champions on your team and I miss when Sejuani didn't need to be at Lux distances away from the enemy to get the AoE functionality of her ult.
Lμcíd (NA)
: Omega Squad Veigar's ult (and possibly q)
The ult itself looks real nice really, but that's not really the issue I have with it... It just... Doesn't really have the "BANG" you expect from Veigar's ult. I think part if it may also be because of how loud the cast sound is. There's no buildup for the impact, it's just sorta deafened out by the cast. I think the same goes for the visuals too, with the projectile being so "Noisy" that the explosion becomes less visually impactful.
: Wait what
The theme, the theme for Taliyah. The theme composed specifically for Taliyah's login, Taliyah's theme. That theme. I'd love sheet music for it. I love that song.
: Thanks for posting this! We were long overdue in posting these. We have quite a few more pieces to share with you so stay tuned for future releases!
Is Taliyah one of the future releases? Because I really hope Taliyah is one of the future releases. That song is just *way* too good.
: He was not melting tanks faster then tanks melted you. Even back then he needed multiple rotation to kill a tank.
I am pretty certain that that wasn't the case. Sure, there may have been exceptions, but there are always a few exceptions. Regardless, I don't see this arguement of tank melting going anywhere, continuing it is pointless, so let's agree to disagree and move on. In the end, Malzahar was an unhealthy, anti-fun champion that *needed* to change. He didn't need what he got, the rework failed in pretty much every way, but he still needed changes. If you want to argue that, I'll gladly hear your side of it, but this is how I feel and likely how Riot felt too.
: Everything can melt tanks today. So your reasoning holds no water. Malzahar had to choose back then to either melt tank or kill carries with more ap not both. Tanks die today very fast because AD is busted not because of AP ....
how exactly does that mean my reasoning holds no water? What you're saying is that "Because tanks melt to most AD champions now, Malzahar should have been allowed to melt tanks back then." If anything, *that* arguement holds no water. You're very literally saying "Yeah there's a different issue now, so the issues in the past were completely acceptable."
: > [{quoted}](name=Castanean,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mvRn4H01,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-06-19T16:55:09.578+0000) > > I mean, it's pretty simple really. Make him use his E. Get on his face. > ***Pound him into the fucking ground.*** > > If you have the right champion, there's also the option to just outrange him. > > Really, Veigar's late game isn't *as* good as people make it out to be. It's definitely not bad, but mid-game is where Veigar *really* shines. His lvl 6 is pretty good, that ult hurts.
Yep, lvl 6 is when Veigar finally becomes *actually dangerous.* He then only gets stronger and stronger up until people start reaching about level 16, where he starts falling back just a bit. I think that summarizes his spikes pretty neatly. ... I mean, I should know. He's my highest mastery champion.
: Interesting. I remember differently. Tanks usually destroyed him easily because back then they actually had damage with their tankiness. Full tank Garen could easily kill you during his silence duration for example. He only "destroyed" tanks when he built magic penetration instead of more ap lategame. Even then killing someone 1 vs 1 is skill dependant. If the Tank decided to 1 vs 1 a late game carry who specializes in 1 vs 1 then they sure as hell deserved to die.
Highly depends on the tank, really. Far from all tanks had enough damage to fight Malzahar, Garen happened to be one of the ones that did. Garen's design also encourages actually building some damage, that's always been true, not just after the Juggy update. Also, the fact that Malzahar COULD go for a build that allowed him to essentially 100-0 a tank is still not very healthy design, he's literally negating what a tank's *entire role is.* But tanks aside, the fact that Malzahar was an extremely unhealthy champion remains a fact that you cannot claim wasn't true. It wasn't Poppy or Yorick levels, but it was still way too damn high, which *Riot themselves acknowledged.*
: gotta love how they dumpstered {{champion:90}} when he was fine for years
Malzahar was *NOT* fine. Sure, he worked as a champion, he got what he was designed to do done, but that wasn't the issue. The issue was the way he got it done. Seriously. There was nothing fun about being caught out by a Malzahar and getting 100 - 0'd *AS A TANK,* and even worse was that you literally couldn't do anything about it, only your allies could. He wasn't reworked because he wasn't strong. He got reworked because he was anti-fun. (Though to be fair, the rework didn't really help that *too* much, not with that passive, but at least ***tanks*** don't get 100-0'd by him anymore.)
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Here's how you beat veigar in late game
I mean, it's pretty simple really. Make him use his E. Get on his face. ***Pound him into the fucking ground.*** If you have the right champion, there's also the option to just outrange him. Really, Veigar's late game isn't *as* good as people make it out to be. It's definitely not bad, but mid-game is where Veigar *really* shines.
: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Mg2NKEWf,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-06-09T00:38:18.328+0000) > > If you ask me, Nasus's Q is his biggest problem. If he gets too many stacks, he's just not fun to play against. > > I think in order for him to be properly balanced, he's probably going to have to lose between a quarter and a third of his stacks on death. If not that, then he's going to either need max number of stacks or have a scaling by level in lieu of stacks. So then you must believe Veigar should lose stacks as well?
I wanna chime in here, as someone who thoroughly enjoys playing both Veigar *and* Nasus. I don't believe Veigar and Nasus should be balanced the same way, especially in terms of stacks. The way their abilities benefit from their stacks are completely different with similar results. However, while they both share the glaring weakness of a pitiful early game, once they become strong enough to fight, their strengths and weaknesses basically become opposites of eachother. ... I also believe that Cho'Gath *not* losing his stacks and being able to stack infinitely was a silly idea, but hey, that's just my opinion.
: Remember when mana conservation used to be a thing?
Uhm... No. No I don't, really. Not since last time I played DotA 2. (Crystal Maiden, yaaaay!) They've always had SOME mana problems in the early game, but generally it's always been like "Mage gets 1 mana item and their mana issues go poof." What I DO remember is having to choose wether I wanted capped CDR or pure, raw damage. Given how Veigar was/is my mage of choice, it was *always* the latter :3 That said though, there ARE still some champions who actually need to manage their mana properly, like say, Aurelion. Seriously, that guy eats through mana like a BorK Yi eats through an armorless tank. Taliyah has a fair share of management to do as well, making sure she has enough mana to roam while pushing hard enough to have the opportunity. I'm sure there's more of them, but I don't have a large enough pool of frequently played champs to know any more...
: ? both these reasons contradict each other. If all Riven and Yasuo mains have to become nice people, there wouldn't be any people who stray from the stereotype. wat.
I mean, in the end, wouldn't that be the best possible result for the game, for fun and for the players of the champions? If every toxic Riven and Yasuo player started being nice to get the skins, eventually you wouldn't be assumed to be a toxic asshole just for picking them either. It's a Win-Win situation, isn't it?
Langhof (NA)
: Are you assuming that all of us Yasuo mains are toxic people? I'm highly offended and find your generalist line of thinking toxic, reported
As I am unsure wether you're being sarcastic, joke-y or serious, allow me to point out the second point that mentions the people who DO stray from the stereotypical Yasuo player behaviour. Nonetheless, I've edited the post a bit to attempt to make things clearer. ... Though you *cannot* deny that there are a *lot* of toxic Yasuo and Riven players, mains or otherwise.
: MRW: honor system, riven skin, and yasuo skin are all teased at same time.
I want this. I genuinely, ***GENUINELY*** want this. Two reasons: 1: The stereotypically toxic Riven and Yasuo players will have to become nice people if they want them. And they definitely want them. 2: You get to tell the Yasuo and Riven players who actually stray from the stereotypical behaviour apart from the ones who don't. (Note: I've made some edits to the post because it was apparently confusingly contradictive.)
: "We nerfed Evelynn ult range to match her stealth radius in order to give reaction time"
Isn't that going to make his Q absolutely pointless? If the detection radius was that large, the ability would essentially only be used for the AS steroid and nothing else. Also do keep in mind that Twitch has been weak before while being *completely undetectable* outside lucky-shot reveal skills and pinks (which still work by the way.)
N Komaeda (EUW)
: Nocturne?
Huh. I either picked bad clues or good ones, depending on how you look at it. Nope. Not nocturne. As with Zac, I don't think there's a woman or cold involved in Nocturne's lore.
Pinkaj (NA)
: {{champion:154}} ?
gonna have to disappoint you; Nope. I don't believe his lore contains women who don't quite get how cold works :P
: Guess your main!!
1: "It's no use running!" 2: I mean, he's *basically* flying, right? 3: Ahem... *GOD DAMMIT WOMAN, COLD DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT.* I have a couple mains, buuuut I'll just pick this one because reasons.
: Everything I hate of every Champion
As someone with a slight interest in the depths of medieval weaponry and tactics: > {{champion:59}} : Spear is a horrible melee weapon #*TriggeredTriggeredTriggeredTriggeredTriggeredTriggeredTriggered* Though I will give you that (in terms of realism) Jarvan's spear is horribly designed and would under no circumstance be an effective weapon in genuine medieval combat.
: Faster the mana regen on summoner platform [Suggestion]
I'm all, 100% for more mana regen in the fountain, it's really frustrating to have to wait that extra while before you can get moving. If there's an issue that for some reason means having more mana regen is bad when there are enemies in the base, then just lower the regen while enemies are in base.
SSmotzer (NA)
: Should Ashe and Sejuani look stronger?
For Ashe, I'd say it makes a lot of sense for her to be relatively lithe. As an archer, her main skills should be arm-strength and precision, and you don't need to be super muscular to have good strength in your arms. Sejuani on the other hand; She should probably be larger. Or at least a bit broader. Compared to what she *used* to look like, current sej is a massive improvement, but I wouldn't mind her being a bit larger. Not Illaoi size, but a smidge larger than she currently is. I'd personally also like to know why the designers felt it necessary to leave cleavage in Sej's design when they changed her from "Bikini Cavalry" to "Badass Warlord". Like, I get it, people like tits, but to me at least that opening in Sej's outfit feels really... Out of place. She really doesn't feel like the kind of character to show cleavage to me.
: Lets talk, Aurelion Sol
I would personally be fine if all his damage didn't retreat up his ass for 4 full seconds every time the slightest bit of hard-CC got within 10-foot radius of him. It's a looooong time to wait for it to come back up in a fight. I get that Rylai's makes having his stars out at all times a bit... Really difficult to deal with, but 4 full seconds still seems a bit too punishing.
øHaruø (NA)
: Anyone else ever felt lost playing champions?
{{champion:113}} Cinderhulk happened... When her banrate had finally fallen low enough for me to actually be able to play her again, her W didn't even feel like it existed anymore. It's just sorta... There. The AA Reset and the (back then) ridiculous ease with which you could repeatedly cancel the AA animation were all that remained. I get she needed nerfs, I just wish they could have done something that didn't remove all sense of satisfaction from one of her abilities. There's also Taliyah, a champion whom I pretty much just fell in love with when she was released, but the changes to her W and E lowered the usefulness of her E by letting the combo eat at her power budget. But hey, It's not all bad! Veigar and Karma have just gotten more and more satisfying with each buff/change they've gotten, and once I got sort of decent with Aurelion, he got pretty damn satisfying to succeed with too!
: Why doesn't anyone play Taliyah?
Summarized; 1: She doesn't deal 50 veigars of damage within a split second 2: She isn't tanky. 3: She isn't mobile. 4: Her W is... Unreliable. 5: She takes effort. ... I mean I f*cking love playing her, but I can see pretty clearly why others wouldn't.
: Break a champion without changing their numbers
{{champion:92}} R: Kills and assists now refresh its duration and allows Wind Slash to be used again.
: So what is the counter play to Graves?
Well, since the title mentioned counterplay... Yeah. He does, he does have some. Avoid getting between Graves and a wall. Stay at longer ranges, if you can. And then there's that one, really interesting bit of counterplay he has: Get something... Or some*one* inbetween you and Graves. Minions, summons, jungle monsters or... Y'know... Your tank. I mean, Graves can still be frustrating to play against, I wont deny that, but "Too much damage" isn't exactly a "Graves Only" problem at the moment.
sobi999 (EUW)
: When i get a kill as supp
{{champion:37}}: KILL SECURED! {{champion:67}}: fffffff... {{champion:37}}: Time to get my support item! {{champion:67}}: ... At least she's- {{champion:37}}: {{item:3100}} #{{champion:67}}: ffffFFFFF- ------ In all seriousness though, doesn't matter if the support gets a kill or two, so long as the carry gets assists. Though you do want to at least *try* to give your carry some kills.
: It used to be like that, I miss those days, when you would wait and then come out with a guaranteed crit.
Ah yes, the times when you could take Ashe with a Crit Damage runepage top and initiate laning phase by chunking Nasus for 50% of his health. Those were good days... (Although New Ashe does still feel a lot more interesting to play, IMO at least. Maybe not thematic to her lore and lines, but still more interesting to play with.)
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Castanean,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Hx9RrA24,comment-id=000300000002,timestamp=2017-02-27T07:23:09.267+0000) > > So, I could go on and on about these subjects, but I'll focus exclusively on ZZ'Rot to keep myself from getting too wordy. > ___ > #The Issue: > ###ZZ'Rot has a key issue with how it functions at its very core, something that is the very essence of what creates uninteractivity; It cannot be proactively dealt with, and sometimes, not even reactively. > ___ Here is the deal, you can proactively stop their zzrots by getting an inhib, or even just getting a banner of command/zzrot yourself. You can reactivity destroy them. You could even force a 4v5 while the enemy tank goes and places their zzrot. *gasp*
>you can proactively stop their zzrots by getting an inhib Getting an inhib doesn't stop their ZZ'Rot at all, it just means you got an inhib while their ZZ'Rot chewed away at your objectives. That's not "Dealing With", that's a "Trade-off". If you're thinking to destroy their inhib ahead of them placing ZZ'rot, well, that doesn't really change much, does it? It means their inhib is down, it has no effect on ZZ'Rot, not to mention taking an inhibitor isn't something you can just choose to do at any time. >or even just getting a banner of command/zzrot yourself. Having to counter an item by getting the same (or a similar) item isn't at all healthy design. That just means the item is too hard to deal with or too powerful to be dealt with, so the game becomes a sort of "Who can get and use the most of this item"-fest. Things like that never turn out well, or fun. >You could even force a 4v5 while the enemy tank goes and places their zzrot. So, say the one with the ZZ'Rot is the top-laner. What are they gonna have? Teleport. What now? There are also plenty situations where someone can place down their ZZ'Rot and you *can't* force a 5v4, either because your team is split up, because someone on your team is dead or hell, maybe the 4 members they have left are powerful teamfight champions. Think Sejuani and MF kinda stuff, stuff that doesn't need a full team to win a teamfight. >*gasp* Oi, don't you condescend me ye cheeky thing, I said nothing disrespectul to you and only gave actual points and arguements, so you can at least show me the same dignity. In the end though, I'm not against having *something* with a purpose like ZZ'Rot, ZZ'Rot just isn't it. Not in its current iteration anyway.
: The burst mentality
When it comes to Vayne, I generally use tumble as an opportunistic trade-tool. They let me hit them twice? Q, AA, back off. Gets me in range, gets the AA off, no minion-block issues. Nice 'n easy. Veigar on the other hand, when I get someone stunned, I tend to delay my Q so it hits just as W hits. Really, it's just a strange habit, but I like to think I do it to stop them from pin-pointing exactly how much damage my abilities do seperately. Knowledge is power after all and the death recap sure as hell isn't gonna tell them what happened.
MeryXmas (NA)
: Need help convincing a new player who is my friend that warlords is not a good keystone on aniva
You could explain the differences between an AD champion and an AP champion, and how their scalings change how they function? You could also go for something like "Warlord's *technically* works, but it's not efficient because it doesn't scale off AP. Thunderlord's Decree and Deathfire Touch does, though." There's also the "Warlord's Bloodlust only gives you enough health to be worth it if you deal at least 80% of your damage through auto attacks" If he then begins to play AD Anivia, you explain how a champion using AD or AP is decided by what their ABILITIES scale with, And for Anivia, that is AP. Could also be that he's doing it just to trigger you. Either way, he's got to learn some way or other. If you can't convince him, then he's just gonna have to learn on his own.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Castanean,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Hx9RrA24,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-02-26T23:06:44.767+0000) > > Either way, it feels uninteractive and frustrating, forcing reaction without any real input from the enemy team. Catching a stray skillshot and being half health is less interactive than zzrot... Being nuked at level 3 by a high damage high mobility champion is uninteractive... Having a jungler camp you making your lane 2v1 is uninteractive... Yet we still have all 3 of those.
So, I could go on and on about these subjects, but I'll focus exclusively on ZZ'Rot to keep myself from getting too wordy. ___ #The Issue: ###ZZ'Rot has a key issue with how it functions at its very core, something that is the very essence of what creates uninteractivity; It cannot be proactively dealt with, and sometimes, not even reactively. ___ #The Details: ####If you don't know what exactly that means; There are two forms of "Action" one can take: **Reactive**, which is to respond to what your opponent is doing; to *follow*. **Proactive**, which is to prepare for or to set up; to *lead*. These aren't really related to the immediate goings-on of the game, so many players don't really even know about them, but they're key to any form of game of strategy; The one who acts *proactively* is the one who *leads the game*. I believe it's obvious why that is an advantage. By leading the game, you can control its course, by controlling its course, you decide who wins. Things like preparing rotations (Pushing several lanes at once), setting up vision control near dragon and/or baron shortly before clearing them, Setting up a counter-gank or even just *warding* are all forms of *proactive action*. Actions whose goal is not to gain immediate advantages, but to set up and manipulate things to gain future advantages, or *prevent enemies from gaining said advantages*. ZZ'Rot... You cannot prepare for a ZZ'Rot. You know they've got one and you know it's gonna get placed, but nothing more. You don't even know *where* it'll be dropped. You just have to wait until its down and then spend valuable time dealing with it while the enemy team basically has free reign. You can *only act reactively* to a ZZ'Rot Portal, and if you don't deal with it, it's gonna spiral out of control. ___ #The Point: ####ZZ'Rot forces you to react. You don't have a choice. It's either "Go deal with it and give the enemy free reign and certain huge advantages" or "Ignore it and lose valuable objectives." ####You get even less options if you happen to already be the losing team, since you straight up don't even *have* the resources to react to the ZZ'Rot. ___ ######... This is why I need to actively stop myself from handling more than one topic at once. I write waaay too much.
GigglesO (NA)
: Can we buff zzrot minions back up?
I'm personally against this. I don't feel playing against ZZ'Rot is particularly fun. Either they drop it and guard it, while they basically just wait for it to kill your turret or they drop it and leave it, then teamfight when eventually you have to send someone to deal with it. Either way, it feels uninteractive and frustrating, forcing reaction without any real input from the enemy team.
Verdade (EUNE)
: Its basically undetectable as it doesnt interact with game itself. It just looks for patterns caused by cloak and highlights them
I am deeply saddened by the fact that people feel the need to be such *absolute pussies* and cheat when there's a mechanic *VERY SPECIFICALLY* intended to help deal with a mechanic that is otherwise very hard to deal with. It still doesn't change my opinion that it's a more interesting way to do stealth, but I do see the issue. Cheaters are the reason we can't have nice things.
Verdade (EUNE)
: scripts are a thing. People in HOTS often use 3rd party software that detects such shimmers and basically reveal stealth
I mean, that's sort of, y'know... *Cheating?* Y'know that thing that gets you banned? Just because someone can cheat doesn't mean the mechanic is bad. Really, what it means is that the cheater is acknowledging that they're too bad to play around a mechanic specifically designed to help counter sneaky-cheeky stealth heroes.
Derfel (NA)
: I'm just going to say it stealth isn't an interesting mechanic
I find stealth is a much more interesting mechanic when its done the way Heroes of the Storm did it, with very, very slight distortion where the hero is and since being hit brings you out of stealth you can actually do something about Nova being invisible. I mean, Akali's shroud leaving her completely invisible and not being brought out when hit is fine, because there's a limitation to it, something to play around. Shaco though? No. Fuck that shit. Shaco is especially bad IMHO because not only is it *invisibility*, but also a *flash*.
: > [{quoted}](name=Castanean,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=faHkY8vX,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-02-20T03:09:13.400+0000) > > What Riven LACKS: > - ANY type of damage not mitigated by armor > - Range > - Decent Utility that helps someone *other* than herself > - Sustain. Seriously, her health regen is terrible. > - Quick gap closers Quick gap closers? Q Q R Q E is pretty good at closing gaps Why does she need sustain when she can mitigate any damage taken with the notorious no-cost shield
First of all; You're responding to a comment that is *two years* old, I'm surprised (and slightly impressed) you even found it, but I still stand by what it says. Now into my arguement: Riven isn't bad at closing gaps, she's very capable of it, but compare how quickly she gets there to anyone else with a gapcloser. Xin gets there near instantly, Camille is really fast too (and about 3 times the range), Akali, Vi, Diana, Rengar, Kha'Zix, so on so forth. They all reach their target *much* faster than Riven does. There's also the fact that Riven is using her primary damage ability just to get to you, which should make trading with her much easier (Though don't underestimate her passive.) And yes, a skilled Riven player will mitigate a lot of damage with her shield, but she's not invincible. The shield lasts for a puny *ONE* second. If she uses it to initiate for a stun combo, it wont be up for her to defend herself when the *actual retaliation* happens, but if she doesn't use it to initiate, she likely has a harder time getting to you without flash, since it's her fastest dash. **TLDR;** Riven has good gapclosing abilities, but they're not FAST, they're *consistent*. You have plenty time to react to her initiation compared to most other champs unless she comes out of brush at you. Look, I get it. Riven is frustrating to fight, trust me I *really* understand that, but she's not *overpowered*, and *definitely* not overloaded. She does one thing and one thing only, and that is brawl. You know *exactly* what a Riven is gonna do, and you know she's gonna do it well, so the best choice is to simply not allow her the opportunity to do it.
Trick2G69 (EUNE)
Apparently I am cactus, because I got Rammus. I am surprisingly OK with this.
: Top {{champion:133}} Jungle {{champion:104}} Mid {{champion:81}} Support {{champion:21}} ADC {{champion:22}} What now?
Stand behind eachother in a circle of standing behind eachother, thus everyone is the backline to the person in front of them who is the backline to the person in front of them who is the backline to the person in front of them who is etc.
: Malzahar didn't even need a rework to begin with. Let's just call this rework a *failure* and revert it, can't we? His midlane got gutted for the SUPPORT role. SUPPORT! What has Malzahar been reduced to? Why did he deserve this?
That isn't actually an indication of how Malzahar's rework failed as much as it is an indication of the support role being fucked up. I can't give solid answers as to what exactly is going on, but it could be a fair few things: 1. The game has too much damage. This one is, well, it's true. Damage is off the charts, and having one champion that can't deal damage (i.e. most actual supports) is *not* a very desireable option. 2. Supports get too much gold. Now, before you get your pitchforks and torches out and burn me at the stake; hear me out. More money = more items, more items = more scaling, more scaling = more carry potential. If your support can scale nearly as hard as a dedicated carry, why sacrifice that potential carry for, say, Soraka? Especially because of my next point; 3. Mages often offer a lot of utility. Morgana? Yeah she was made to be a mid laner. Is she a mid laner? Pretty much "No" at this point. What's happened to Malz has happened before. Annie, Brand and Zyra were all supposed to be mid-lane mages too, but are taken support due to their high natural damage, scaling potential and utility. Malzahar's case isn't different. Also, don't get me wrong, Malzahar's rework is a failure on all levels. I don't know what it's like to play, but it sure as hell didn't make playing *against* him any better, which I believe was the original purpose of the rework. He did need changes though, just not these. Being able to solo 1-combo a *TANK* wasn't exactly very fair, or fun.
: Dumbest assumption you've ever made when starting
"Why would I spend IP on runes, those stats are way too low to even matter" Also; "... Eh. I'll deal with masteries later. Too many numbers to care." I _could_ mention the "Smite champions" thing too, but I'm pretty sure everyone did that.
SSJTribe (NA)
: I know this is a joke, but seriously... I was playing adc a few days ago and pinged that our laners were missing. My Support is instantly tilted, saying "OMG it was just one CS I'm trying to help you push you %%%%% so we can get the tower, what the %%%% is wrong with you..." etc. And I'm like dude... it was actually just a mia ping.
I, um... I feel a bit sorry for that support. His/her luck with lane partners must have been awful...
: So your an autist who bans champs so nobody can learn how to play them?
> in ranked It's completely fair to not trust people with a champion/rework that's been out for less than a week. You don't want an inexperienced person on said champ in your ranked games, regardless of how mechanically simple they are. There's more to skill than just mechanics, after all. **Secondly;** Do you actually know what "Autist" actually means? Because I don't think you do. Using autism as an insult is both silly and insensitive, so don't.
: When you see a 5-man gank coming, and you know you don't have time to recall
{{champion:45}} Ever seen what happens when someone dives this guy? Contrary to what you'd expect, the outcome is usually hilarious.
: Which League of legends champion's personality ressemble you the most?
The champion that best describes me doesn't exist yet, because they haven't even attempted to join the League of Legends yet due to social anxiety and extreme confidence issues.
: Do you agree that Sejuani's W doesn't feel as impactful as it should? It could just be me.
Yeah, 100%. And I know why too. When Riot nerfed Sejuani due to cinderhulk, they decided to halve her W's impact damage. No I am not exaggarating. Literally cut in half. End result is that Sej's W has no impact, you don't really feel anything no matter who you hit. It may be a relatively short CD 6% max health damage hit, but a single 6% on a champion that doesn't build a lot damage... It doesn't really feel like much. I sincerely hope you got to experience Sejuani's glory days of %health hitting TURRETS. Now THAT. THAT was satisfying. Also, Full AP Sej, where one impact W could deal a third of Shyvana's healthbar (provided it was a low MR build :P)
: But her whole thing is her AoE CC threat and that she charges in to punish people for sticking together, for being 'cowards.' I'm not sure if Sej players would like such a drastic change.
Sej player here, previous Sej main. No, I would not like that kind of change. I would hate Sejuani being a made Juggernaut. To me, her identity as a champion is her "Tag 'n' CC" style with W and E and her ability to completely shut down any attempts at escape when her Q, E and R are used right. As a tank (Vanguard, in her case) I see her defining factor being exchanging natural bulkiness and/or sustain for tank-scaling damage. Far from enough to be a juggernaut, but more than enough to trample squishies. Just chiming in. Gotta chime in for your favourite champs.
: Why does Gangplank passive do true damage?
Initially, I believed this thread to be a genuine questioning as to the purpose of the champion Gangplank's passive ability inflicting damage refered to as "True", to which I would reply; "Because he doesn't ignore your armor enough already", but upon noticing the inherent meme-age of the thread in question, my response has been altered to become: "Lel"
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