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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 13
Many Adc's Are overpowerd because they recieved too much buffs when Crit got changed last year im talking about Jinx Sivir Draven
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 13
Any buffs for Katarina , Maybe a revert . her laning phase is so weak right now i would like to see more power in her Q. Please dont nerf Zoe
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Why does Zoe gets a Nerf i think she is balenced . Id rather see a real nerf to kassadin where he doesnt one shot u with a 1second cooldown ability
Talon12 (OCE)
: The lv 1-30 Rewards
Lyaso (EUW)
: New Roadmap ! Reav3 can you give us an update on the Tier 1 VGU list you mentioned one year ago ?
: PBE is testing 2 version of Ahri, let's vote which one we prefer.
Meddler (NA)
: We think Kat's a bit too strong across a range of MMR bands, including above Plat, and including when played by people with only moderate amounts of experience on her. It's not just one tricks with 100s of games doing well. Even if that wasn't the case and she was just stomping plat and under we'd still probably look at her. We can't balance purely for the few % of the playerbase above plat, even if that's where a lot of our balance focus is. We would want to do work on them to even out their performance by MMR more, make them less pubstompy for example and if needs be more functional in higher skill bands, wouldn't want to just ignore the issue though.
As a Kat main My self i dont think Katarina is that strong . She could Use Some changes maybe up her Q damage but lower her Base Ad or ad ratio on Shunpo but her ultimate should be untouched. I dont like kata to be perma banned but maybe Its the gunblade that should be nerfed .PS can ivern have Some changes i feel like daisy does nothing and specially in the late game
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: Honestly, Kindred has always been unplayable. They've never really had a good spot in the meta other than her release when she was completely broken. Currently, she's a late game hyper carry who can seriously kite some people. The issue is, getting to that late game power spike. Kindred has a really high skill cap, meaning that people must seriously practice and main them if you want to get anywhere other than mid-game with them. Your suggested change to the passive _sounds_ nice, but it essentially allows them to roam freely whenever they want to get a mark, therefore making them nearly impossible to counter. Riot loves counterplay in champs, and aside from being a squishy adc-jungler, Kindred only has their marks. If you still want to play Kindred, try coordinating with your bot lane to let you come in for frequent ganks whenever you can mark a champion, securing an easy stack.
Riot loves counter play but kindrid has a too much counter play they should rather give counter play to {{champion:157}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:11}} to those champs they stomp so much people and they never get nerfed
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Zexvain (NA)
: Tired of Kayn getting a lead every single game.
i agree with u kayn always gets fed and if they are behind they easily get ahead that champ is so stupid
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Divewing (OCE)
: @Meddler - Azir mini-rework?
Im still hoping for katarina rework to get reverted i liked the old one better and it was more balenced . Ryze really needs some nerfs that champion is overpowerd id like to see more kalista buffs she is getting stronger and more populair cuz she is a fun champ but still weak compared to other like twitch who can 1 vs 5 in a few seconds and from 1000 range from stealth . nerf the overpowerd adcs so kalista will be alright PS delete shaco
: Assassin Roster Update - Katarina
NOOOO they rework my favorite champ again first the rework poppy{{champion:78}} now they rework my favorite champ{{champion:55}} plz i hope only her W gets changed but i know they change her bouncing dagger. but i hope deathlotus and katarinas passive will stay the same. But will katarina still be a penta kill maker dont make her too overpowerd then people will steal my katarina in ranked {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}}

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