Squad5 (NA)
: Diana changes on PBE
: TFT is not fun
Okay im pretty sure people disagree, tho.
: Absolutely not. Canonically, no matter what universe she's in, she's heroic. The idea of Akali being a backstabber does not sit well with me.
> [{quoted}](name=IlyaK1986,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pgsMgYaH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-17T02:22:14.608+0000) > > Absolutely not. Canonically, no matter what universe she's in, she's heroic. The idea of Akali being a backstabber does not sit well with me. What are you talking about, Akali is a more asshole Zed. And Zed is literally trying to stop a serial murderer!
: PROJECT: Fiora chroma???
Lucian also is getting one.
: Is Qiyana not going to get a login screen?
...Arcade Qiyana is on the current login screen.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Prestige point skin will be for Star Guardians next.
> [{quoted}](name=Zoli Ben,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9TetprsP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-17T12:33:20.504+0000) > > Prestige point skin will be for Star Guardians next. Correct, there is no event for Star Guardian, wich means it's gonna use Prestige Points.
: hol up
The void is another dimension, yes.
: The Ideal Situation (personal opinion)
The biggest reason you guys don't think Jinx feels similar is because Jinx dyed her hair.
: My PROJECT Splash edits
They are biomechanical cyborgs, they have skin, mabe synthetic, maybe their original, but skin nonetheless. Hell, look at Project Lucian, one of his arms is completelly visible.
: Please Riot change the PROJECT Jinx model
Yall disrespect for the Neonpunk mohawk hurts my soul.
: Damage Text Changes
RIP purple, again. still miss the purple minions.
: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
: [SHIPPED!] Ziggs' Arcade Blast, an arcade-themed 2D-platformer made in 48 hours with your input
: Could Diana possibly see buffs soon? Or are you waiting for the eventual diver class update?
: I don't see any mention of Dominion and that makes me sad (Since it was pretty fun the reworked version and the ultra minions where the sickest thing ever) Was Dominion really so unpopular?
or, even if it's not in Dominion, will Ultra minions ever be back in any other game mode?
: RGM brain dump June
I don't see any mention of Dominion and that makes me sad (Since it was pretty fun the reworked version and the ultra minions where the sickest thing ever) Was Dominion really so unpopular?
Meddler (NA)
: There will be, yes! Can offer that it's neither a marksmen nor a champ we'd expect to see much in the support position (targeting different player bases to Xayah/Rakan).
Not a viable support? that sounds like a **CHALLENGE** to me.
: and bring back the gold ring instead of the blue ring too please.
: Problem is mastery points are confirmed worthless past level 5, other than swagfactor.
oh yeah because level 5 had so much stuff.
arc95 (NA)
: can you put the mastery score back under the portrait?
Arakadia (NA)
: THIS! I can't stress this enough! Noxus isn't "evil" but mostly with different values. Rito makes Noxus look evil to make the story simpler, but I love how they made two sides of Azir. Those who think he will not be a good leader, be a tyrant, and those who support him and his bird glory.
Well actually Noxus right now is pretty evil, NOXIANS are not evil.
: To be fair, any other route from Ionia to Shurima would have to go through the Freljord (where Yasuo apparently has friends), Bandle City (which most people can't even find), or...Noxian territory.
The most logic route would be going from Ionia to Piltower, then to Freljord, then go from the sea to the south. Whatever it is, Piltower grabs everyone gets close.
: There is no REAL indication of how much time she passed on getting to Ionia, and after meeting {{champion:157}} until the end of chapter 4, since the beginning of chapter 5 seems to skip to a totally different scene. To summarize, we dont know her age as of now, in the future i hope Riot releases more information.
i mean im asuming the only image we had of her is her actual appearance and she looks arround Ekko age, if not younger.
: Is she a minor? I know Yasuo called her "girl", but that doesn't mean she's a minor. She trikes me as very early twenties, 19 at the youngest.
She looks like a teenager in the image, like slightly taller than Ekko?
: The world is Round, and there are maps that are Distorted because the world is round, sizes and distances can change through perspective and of the changes the map displays on you. This can apply to the fictional world of Valoran, Ionia and Fleljord may be much closer than the map displays, which is why {{champion:157}} told Taliyah (instert Face in the future) to go to Shurima in that specific order.
I was making a joke about how everybody goes to Piltower.
Kinjishi (NA)
: The old map isn't valid any longer according to Riot, so the exact way to get there isn't known yet.
Good job, you fucked up the joke.
: I've played more games of Diana, (around double) than you since the release of champion mastery.
Well yeah but i like Diana, thats the diference between you and me.
NelomS (NA)
: then you must hate 90% of female champions in this game. There is no reason to not make sexy/attractive skins for Diana when every other (mature) female human champion gets those again and again... there is no need to make Diana as the idol for feminist/SJW in LoL... Why does Leona, the paladin/knight in full body heavy armor runs in high heels but Diana in Dark Valkyrie or Lunar Goddess attires is flatfooted? She also got half skimpy beach outfit... and guess what = no one bitched/whined about it. But when Diana got a bit more visible cleavage on Lunar Goddess skin then RIOT censored it few days before release of that skin. And no people like you want to mess up with another Diana skin. Why you don't cry over Sona, Ahri or Nida skins when they are literally perfect examples of eversexualized skins in LoL... but you know what? they sell and that's why RIOT does more of those skins. My mind just can't understand why RIOT don't want to do the same with Diana when they do this with other female champions.
>then you must hate 90% of female champions in this game. There is a huge diferent between a character already sexualized (Ahri, wich is part of the character) and sexualizing a character that is all about not sexualization. You know why people like me complain wich every single Diana skin? Because no matter how much we ask them no give us a badass skin, they keep givin us this shitty skins, like lunar godess, wich not only they not actually fixed at all, is a pretty ugly skin. Why i don't cry about other champions? Because Diana is the champion I LOVE, so giving me this shit actually offends me.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Not really but then again legal age of consent is 13 over there, so yeah.
: The Bird and the Branch
So, she wants to go to shurima, but is in ionia, and is going to Freljord, and will go to Piltower because everybody is going to piltower, so the map is something like this: https://i.gyazo.com/3e9b5694d12f834e23bb0a88f99390db.jpg
: I'm more curious about Xerath's plan/situation now. While Azir has the power to rise Shurima again, Xerath has the power to annihilate it... again! Also there is a quite problematic guy who just arrived to Targon.
: That's likely from restructuring the terrain of Shurima. That'll be my guess anyway. And yeah I agree with you there. Just curious if Xerath's betrayal changed his plans at all.
no fuck that Azir did it because it looks cool.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: My guess, A beefy mage with (mainly) AoE damage and hard CC.
lux? Annie?... Ap sejuani?
: We can't even know who the lead designer was? :c *Was it you???*
: yea T_T, I always wonder if 1 ability claims the "earth" champ title, cus {{champion:54}} has 1 earth ability as well...
Malphite has all the earth habilities, even his autoattacks are earth ones, cause he is earth.
YuGiHo (NA)
: is that the name of the story or are we getting another champ with birds in league? we have alot of birds...
They are adding bird champions because the bird Rioters are migrating.
: SPOILER: {{champion:157}} “I now understand why much of your desert is flat.” <Taliyah> "Is that a FLAT joke!"
: As loathe as I am to see Yasuo again. (You get out of here, you windwalling donkus.) This was a good story and I'm excited to see more of Taliyah. I think it'll be interesting if they follow up with her and Azir, since apparently the public view of Azir is that he's a crazy "Bird God" (which cracked me up) who's just running around probably trying to enslave people. Which is, you know, the thing he wanted to stop, but apparently not everyone got the memo, or the Xerath incident turned him back on that path.
I imagine Azir "SHURIMA, I AM YOUR EMPEROR" "IS THE BIRD GOD, HE IS TRYING TO SLAVE US!" "I AM N... not... don't run from me!"
: You have to admit, though. Yasuo has a pretty cool lore
and now he has someone that believes in him, so cute.
Cryo00 (NA)
: In before an Air, Fire and Water bender get introduced as well. At last.....the avatar will be reborn. EDIT: props to you guys on the lore though, its a really good read.
fire? wich fire? Oh yeah annie.
: {{champion:54}} #NoLongerForeverAlone
Morsigil (NA)
: "New champ?" She looks like she has ridiculous mobility. What do you think? All sarcasm aside, I'd play a rock surfer.
I like her bird hat.
: The Bird and the Branch
I was super "oh shit another wind master, maybe he killed the elder, Yasuo could hunt him!" then i heard "murdered" and i was like "ah shit thats actually Yasuo"
: The Bird and the Branch
"oh yeah that bird god, resurecting an old city with reverse rivers, whatever" Ionian people is fucking wierd.
Surge06 (EUW)
: Can we make this Dunkmaster Darius' theme song
But, dunkmaster darius already has a theme song...
TyRamos (NA)
: The skin IS badass though, whoever (besides feminazis) have ever said you can't be attractive AND badass? You're basically saying this skin is stupid simply because of an armor choice? The particles are FANTASTIC, go play Illaoi if you want badass without sexiness.
the skin is NOT badass tough, is not about atractive, is she wearing a freaking boobplate, defeats the point, how can she be badass, she is wearing a fucking boobplate, is an useless and stupid piece of gear, is like wearing a bikini mail, it protects absolutly the same. AND, fuck you, Illaoi is sexy, you don't know what i am talking about. besides your point is stupid, Illaoi is the new Diana, Diana was the character to go when you want a non sexualized badass, are just going to leave her out of all this shit just because riot likes to sell boobs?
Vhaidren (NA)
: The BEST Taric VO Line
they have a small penis. wait, wait.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rLxAFZpQ,comment-id=0003000000010000,timestamp=2016-04-05T22:08:04.201+0000) > > Okay, I get that you don't like the chest plate, but you haven't addressed what you **would want** in exchange. Again, saying you hate something doesn't help us understand what you **do** want. > > While this skin may not be what you're looking for for Diana, feedback regarding what you would like to see can help us better craft a skin more tailored to your liking in the future. I dunno what this guy's talking about. Boob plates op. ;) Jk jk
Nefas (NA)
: Pretty sure his picture showed what he wants. A Diana without highly sexualized armor.
Yeah damm, im not asking her to wear a burka, but i want ONE, just ONE skin that is just badass, everybody gets one! (Besides the hyper sexualized champs, but then, they are hyper sexualized, so you get what you want there)
: Nahhh. :P We never intended for her to be released immediately after the All Star event. Instead, we wanted to ship her out with the SKT skins! :D
Releasing in the all star event would have been pretty hard.
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