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: Xin and Graves going to dominate so hard.. Glad I don't play jungle atm.
> [{quoted}](name=Wild Geese,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WiLAWa4Q,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-05-16T21:57:08.472+0000) > > Xin and Graves going to dominate so hard.. > > Glad I don't play jungle atm. Getting ready to be a meta slave myself
: Is he allowed to do that?
Level 17 at min 23... What the hell did you do to him. And yes, it is intended.
: This will help {{champion:20}} or not?
Probably, sustained clear and can rush scuttler.
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Vizulix (NA)
: Yasuo Needs To Be Changed
YaSuO iS bRoKeN. Why I tend to avoid League boards in a nutshell.
: > [{quoted}](name=130x,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Aglk4GVE,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-04-19T12:13:26.665+0000) > > You are 100% not making any sense. Mage mid is currently the best carry. Jg clears are slow, mid hit 6 before jg, you all have cc, one landed combo is death, they gave mages the ability to take down towers, etc... etc... You clearly do not play this game right now you are incorrect in just about every way possible. The strength of your bot lane easily translates into objective control, not mid. Jungle clears are a lot easier and you are more healthy in the process. Go look at jungle guides/games from previous seasons and look at them now and play jungle. It used to me that unless you were a tank jungle doing blue and red without backing was unthinkable, now assassin junglers not only can do both but can come out the jungle ganking near/at full hp. Assassins getting kills is irrelevant if you can CC and burst them down in teamfights, mages on the other hand have the ability to keep the ADC alive whille Assassins cannot. Much worse the ability to peel for the ADC has increased tremendously with how strong supports are now and how much more gold and items they can get early. You may look cool and strong early game getting a few kills as an assassin but then you start to see how useless you feel in teamfights where Mages have the advantage in.
I've been jungling my entire life and can't recall any season you weren't able to do blue and red in 1 run. Clears are faster only because the meta doesn't benefit tank junglers anymore, and the healthier part is relative. There are exceptions like Kha Zix, which should have a more dangerous pathing due to the nature of the champ and they don't, but that's mostly because they're broken, nothing to do with the jungle itself. Other than that, the jungle pressure is as it should be, since people complained about junglers with huge late game spikes that could afk farm and 1 v 9 like Yi, Udyr, Shyvana... and then complained about tank junglers which couldn't carry alone but had a really big impact without any need to gank either. You wanna go back to s6 tank meta with Zacs, Amumus, Nautilus, Sejuanis... 24/7 without getting any single gank or previous to that with Wriggle's Lantern? I agree mid needs more impact into the game, and that Riot isn't being really clear about how are they going to achieve that, but for the rest of your comments, it really blows my mind how you get upvoted, since current jungle is much less cancerous than in any other season and is, in fact, what people asked for.
: I remember someone on the enemy team asking me while I was still in Silver. I told him, "Because my ADC bought two sheen items." {{champion:81}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3025}} He asked why I can't just climb out of silver. I told him, "Because my ADC ALWAYS buys two sheen items."
The thing is, considering ur statement, you are also losing vs adcs that build 2 sheens. The enemy team is as bad as yours statistically, if you can't make the difference then you don't deserve to climb period. There is no excuse whatsoever to not being able to climb as support in the current meta, I can feel the OP because he's a top main.
: i have been saying ww is op for months yet i get downvoted into oblivion *shrugs*
Maybe because it's not true? Warwick is strong in the lowest brackets because people don't know what {{item:3123}} is or how to recall at 5% hp or how to position properly in fights. But if we start balancing the game according to what bronzes need we'll go nowhere :)
remakoro (EUNE)
: Every time there is Kaisa there is janne support. Whats so strange about her winrate?
Idk, top support win rate, top support pick, 0 mechanics... For 5 years.
: I wish I could tell you that WoW was dying to time, but the truth is time isn't what killed that game. Unoriginality is what did it in. That game has all the potential in the world except they won't change raiding for something else. At the end of that day the most fun part of the game is everything that has nothing to do with raiding. As where originally raiding was the most fun it got old in the first 2-3 xpacs. Now every person I know associates raiding with hours and hours of the same thing over and over again that honestly is the least fun. Which is a fair association considering the first time we did it that's exactly what it was.
Just curious, what's your experience on WoW raiding? Because I've been CE and AotC in every expac since those achievements exist (played all of them though) and never heard such thing as PvE is bad in any way to WoW. "At the end of that day the most fun part of the game is everything that has nothing to do with raiding", I swear this sentence is driving me nuts.
: All those nerfs to Galio ryze taliyah for the sake of competitive
I love the board's hypocrisy. Gnar right now is at 46% win rate (almost the lowest on top lane) and just 4% pick rate. He's shit. He's absolute crap. He's a tank completely countered by adcs in a bot lane meta, and not just that, he's just picked to counter annoying bruisers and tanks, basically the weakest roles right now. Oh but he's really strong in pro play. Ain't we having 9000 posts every single day here complaining about Riot balancing the game around e-sports and forgetting about the rest of us mortal players? You guys, with all my respect, are retarded, and no wonder things are going wrong with a community that doesn't know what it wants.
Onotori (NA)
: 54%+ WR, 20%+ pickrate, not one nerf.
: On 'thin skins' and 'SJWs' and other tired, toxic player talking points
We've been progressing exponentially these past years, both technologically and morally, it's normal that this curve has created an opposite force. But it's just about time really, just like Trump's approval is going downhill, this trend toward undervaluing respect will fade off and all these posts about people welcoming toxicity will disappear. I've been a toxic player myself and always been ashamed of it, no more.
: they're probably gonna raise his Q damage further if they nerf the stealth though (which I wouldn't necessarily oppose)...
Why? He's broken. They need to nerf the 1.5 s (I think it is) stealth from his passive, he shouldn't be able to cross the enemy jungle in 1 go full stealth.
: Why are we complaining about J4? Buy a GA or Hourglass and his damage goes poop.
Cuz OP found one in aram that crushed him.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: Can you decide wether J4 is a diver or a oneshot bot?
For posts like this my main is at 47% win rate... Thanks. PD: Fuck you. J4 assassin isn't viable since the duskblade nerf.
: You mean just mid right? Cuz mages are the only other ones that have trouble with assassins, and certain mage counter assassins too.
Jungle is mostly about setting the enemy jungler out of the game, by providing vision on his map, invading and counterganking him. Kha is just to good at that. He's God tier btw.
: Good. Assassins should actually be good at ASSASSINATING. Nerfing champs like Kha will make an already overbearing bot lane even more so, but go ahead upvote this....
Go play jungle against a Kha'Zix and you tell me how does it feel. Unable to walk into tribush without a control, unable to do your second buff without your trinket, unable to duel or invade him at all, and you'd better not die to him because he'll snowball your game to oblivion. Kha'Zix isn't just an assassin right now, he's got Kassadin's mobility, Rengar's burst and Evelynn's stealth, all of that in an early-mid scale.
: New Dev Team vs Old Dev Team
Despite agreeing they're doing a bad job with balance and new designs, I must say it's MUCH more difficult to achieve it at this level of competitive play than 4-8 years ago. I also don't think we've been going downhill this season, I believe it's much better than the lethality os fiesta of s7 or the immortal tanks meta of s6. Cut them some slack please, we also had stupid ass shit remaining op for entire seasons before the new team... {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:38}}
Lovesick (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DragonShea,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=L7p7Gpwq,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-04-11T10:08:33.614+0000) > > Then what about Ghostcrawler, people talk so much shit about him but there is rarely anyone that sets the record straight about him, is he good, is he ok, or is he an utter gobshite, Unlike CertainlyT, we dont know what stuff he does that is good or bad and at least we all know what CertainlyT brings to the table. We know what Ghostcrawler brings to the table, he ruined WoW almost entirely to the point where entire guilds just quit raiding for year and quit PvPing.
Let's be fair, as a cutting edge raiding WoW player myself, I'm well aware Ghostcrawler wasn't the only motive why pvp went downhill (which has always been bad even during WotLK). He's got a team behind him with A LOT of people. He's just the man that gotta speak up, and everyone points their guns at him.
Daunt (EUNE)
: You guys are really delusional if you think that balancing the game around silver players like yourselves wouldn't have killed this game a long time ago. <removed by moderation>. Your job is to get better at the game <removed by moderation>. Why would worse players get rewarded while the better ones get screwed over because the worse ones are incompetent? To me, that's how you make a shitty casual game. Boards wants the game to be less of a casual game, boards wants the game to be balanced around the majority of the players. *thinkingemoji* Just look at the fact that you're complaining and ranting about Archangels getting nerfed. That item is busted beyond belief. Other mana items can't contest with it since they're not as efficient as Archangels. Which is one of the reasons why you see its abusers pop off so much lately (Ryze, Cassio, Anivia). Just because lower elo doesn't use it as much since they don't understand why it's so much better than Ludens doesn't mean that it's not a problem.
Sometimes it's not about worse-better players (and I do agree with you about the archangel thing which is busted af) but about SoloQ and competitive play. Riot has been making changes towards 5s games, where you obviously don't build the same as in SoloQ, that directly affect SoloQ negatively. I think the OP took the wrong direction structuring the post, but I still believe Riot is far from making good balance choices for both casual and pro players. Btw, I know analysts stuck at gold that still have more game knowledge than the average diamond, even analysts that don't play the game and are coaching challenger series teams.
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: Unplayable
Imagine they actually balance Janna... Where will all those Janna abusers go? Those players that climbed up to dia+ by spamming her shield and clicking on the ground, they'd just lose every game. Chaos.
: It really depends on what part of the game we're talking about. Jungle is great early and decent later. Support is great early and good later (just can't solo carry later unless you play brand or something) Adc is good mid (great when ahead) and godlike late. Mid varies a lot, but generally is good throughout. Top is ok early and great mid. So I would say either support or jungle since the early game is so important. And I'd probably put support in first considering they are really good early but still scale later with thier utility.
This makes no sense, it depends on the champ not the role which stage of the game ur power spike is at. Adc is the only one that has a constant potential throughout late game.
: Janna is 54.59% winrate
I've been banning janna 24/7 since the start of the season, it's ridiculous. 0 mechanics, probably the easiest support to play and yet the most overpowered. Makes 0 sense.
: Analysts don't need experience with the game. They are there to analyze things with the powers of hindsight, not understand the game as it is and think about where it will be in the coming months.
I know and I'm not saying they should.
: i don't know if he said that, but even if he said that he probably didn't imply that riot doesn't play their game everyone at riot plays the game, even the fucking lore team
That's not true though, some analysts don't play the game, Idk about balance team, but I've played with and against many rioters from silver to diamond, stop biasing.
: I've never encountered this in 6 years of playing league
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