: if anything, they're looking at him to be an APC/Assassin. But Killing some other roles that might was able to do. THey increased the Ap scalings. They nerfed his base scalings and a some stats so he becomes less of a lane bully. But wiht the nerf to Attack Speed and base Damage, I dont seen fairing that well.
Actualy they nerfed the base damage, and the scaling. Making him really weak.
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Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Hey, used to stream as a teemo one trick in high diam/masters. I really like the fact that riot is trying to make him playable at a higher elo, and I'll share some thoughts. First, Taking away his invisibility is a huge mistake. I think it was the only good, play making potential out of the champion. If you do so, you need to make the E viable. Compared to other champs, I don't think that it will be efficient enough. Slowing him down, even with the w, wont make thim able to escape, and/or gank proprely. If you take off his invisibility, you can't take away his movespeed while he is in stealth. A thought to this, would be to keep the slow, but to supress it if teemo W's while he's in his E, that way, good teemos will be able to time their spells right, as opposed to bad ones. Second, nerfing the damage from the Q is the right thing to do, but I'm not sure about the shrooms. Putting more health on them, and more charges are great changes, maybe the cd needs to be shorter (at least late game), if the damages are that nerfed. Third, the changes with poisoning is great too, one thought, will it work with Liandry's? I'm seeing the new teemo mostly played jungle, but I was wondering where you would expect him to go. Thanks for the work. Chô7.
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Statikk (NA)
: Assassins Pre-Season Class Update - Systems Tweaks and Smaller Scale Updates
Hey, i've been a Teemo main for a while now, and this brings up a thing I always wanted to happen to Teemo. Will invisible spells, like Teemo shrooms or Jhin traps, will be detected, but not killable ? Like seeing someone invisible through a sweaper trinket. The fact that it is possible to kill Teemo shrooms so easily really destroys his gameplay, and brought all of these ad teemo builds, when he is clearly meant to be played ap ( imo ). Thanks a lot for your time.


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