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: That's not his VGU, because that person wouldn't possibly have had access to a work in progress. Furthermore, he has the fur lining on his hood, and the difference in art style could simply be based on how simplified the artist needed to make him to animate him without worrying about a dozen different moving parts all the time.
The person used the new gauntlet though. So it is at least "partially" what we're gonna get. And I mean, it makes sense. They said Ezreal would keep his base splash art with a few changes, like his new gauntlet.
: For those who say new Willump isn't "Yeti" enough
It was clear from the beginning that Nunu would delve more into the whimsy category. And new Willump is the perfect example of that. A somewhat friendly looking, bear like monster (which reminds me a lot of Appa) that can easily get out of control and become brutal, but still maintains a kind of friendship with the boy that saved it from becomming a performing animal. Another thing is that they changed Nunus face from having that shit eating, punchable grin to more of a normal face of joy (at least in the pose here, I'd imagine that's just one of his facial animation), which also implies that he's just a kid, having fun with his friend and going on adventures. Also a thing I love is that Nunu is actually holding onto Willumps antlers, kind of cool and makes him seem more wild than domesticated.
: Nunus Reworked model !
I said it on the Nunu Mains subreddit and I'm gonna say it again. This is Willump when he is in his mood around Nunu. Willump isn't just an angry berserker, he is an animal and a friend to Nunu. There is no animal that is 100% of the time just bloodthirsty and rampaging. They need to be angered for that to happen. And guess what likely happens when someone engages combat on them? Wait till we see the gameplay. That's where Willump will start to be bestial. Also keep in mind he still has abilities like consume that quote on quote literally bites flesh off of a minion or jungle camp. In combat this Willump is likely gonna seem like a rampaging bear or gorilla. Sure it looked cute and harmless from afar. But that is only until it starts charging at you.
inb4 Ezreal now has some cheesy accent and screams "DIE!!!", "KILL!!!" and "COME!!!" every few seconds and has extremely long and pointless monologues.
ChunLii (NA)
: Predictions for the upcoming roadmap
{{champion:81}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} These make the most sense, considering how much information we have about upcoming VGUs. Only thing that would surprise me is if the "female VGU" ends up being someone entirely different that isn't on the Tier 1 list.
Terozu (NA)
: Im so curious as to what Urgot's skin concept will be...
Burgot together with Flying Spaghetti Monster Vel'Koz and French Fry Fiddlesticks. Legends say these three eldergods from the food dimension come to feast on all of humanity.
: Dude who cares about that skin. What will happen to Nunu Bot O_O I shudder at the thought.
Oh now you've got me worried too. The laugh is so iconic, they cannot take it away without ruining the skin. And the other quotes are also pretty funny. This is one of the skins where I think they should just keep the entire old VO and only add it.
: I had my bets on the new Urgot skin being pool party...
Burgot, a delicious execution and convenient censorship with ketchup and mustard.
: [Discussion] Do you believe each champion is going to get their own emote?
Maybe. But I'm not sure what's gonna happen to champions with very niche playerbases. To be fair, there was a {{champion:30}} emote on PBE, but it's as of now unavaiable. Personally I want emotes for any of these {{champion:266}} {{champion:20}} (obviously since he's getting a VGU, post rework) {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:6}} , especially Swain because even though I still have my gripes about the hair, I've grown to love the military and aristocrat style much like napoleon new Swain has. Also I like the combination of black, red and whiteish grey. For any suggestions it would be cool if he either had like a super serious and unimpressed face or just base it on his laughing animation where he holds his forehead out of laughter.
: So what happens when Aatrox finds out Azir is alive?
darkdill (NA)
: {{champion:25}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:23}}
I don't know about Singed. Really, Singed is so iconic and his laugh! They can't take that away. For the others I agree though.
saltran (EUW)
: PSA: Zoe spanish VO has a Despacito reference
[B]REAKING NEWS: ZOE CANCELS DESPACITO 1000 "Not gonna be around this millennia, sorry b."
Kelg (NA)
: Look at Mordekaiser's model too 2018 graphics from a billion dollar company btw {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Man these models are so sad to look at when you have such iconic thematics and designs that just need proper polishment. Mundo looks like some really bad plastic bootleg figure of the hulk that doesn't even get the color right and Mordekaiser looks like a saturday morning cartoon character with gigantic pizza feet.
: Crows, Lots of Crows
I want to see a Fiddlesticks update too. Honestly, Fiddlesticks has the opportunity to be terrifying through VO, SFX and visuals. And hopefully they re-use the ult sound and make it a bit more up to date just like with the Swain ult sound. It's just so satisfying hearing the cries of hundreds of crows mixed with some really high pitched eerie sound effects.
Nylisa (EUW)
: isn't the usual cycle , VGU > new champ > VGU > new champ? with Aatrox out i thought we gonna hear from a new champion now?
No not this time around, they said that Aatrox and Akali would be right next to each other, so that this year will have more VGUs than new champs.
Kelg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gvt1,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AKAypPXs,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2018-07-04T06:16:05.039+0000) > > After the later receives his VGU I would love to see {{champion:50}} vs {{champion:82}} . I'm pretty sure Mordekaiser wouldn't be all that happy seeing what happened to the immortal bastion and who is currently ruling the empire built on it. And Swain would likely consider Mordekaiser one of the major threats to his empire. So a confrontation between the two in form of skins would be really cool. Wouldn't it be {{champion:7}} vs. {{champion:82}} since they are enemies. Swain doesn't even acknowledge Morde after his VGU.
Oh yeah I almost forgot that they even had that deep of a connection, pretty sad since both don't have voice lines to go after because of how old they are. But yeah that makes more sense. Pretty interested how they're gonna explore the relationship between these two when Mordekaiser gets VGU'd.
: Are we gonna get vs events for other rivals?
After the later receives his VGU I would love to see {{champion:50}} vs {{champion:82}} . I'm pretty sure Mordekaiser wouldn't be all that happy seeing what happened to the immortal bastion and who is currently ruling the empire built on it. And Swain would likely consider Mordekaiser one of the major threats to his empire. So a confrontation between the two in form of skins would be really cool.
ChunLii (NA)
: @Riot, is Ezreal the minor vgu you guys were talking about?
Fluffeh (NA)
: Pyke's W is obnoxious
It is a bug. They confirmed it on Twitter and are trying to turn it down a little.
: Aatrox's Sword
Ingame it beats too. If Varus gets updated some day, he'll likely be unified with the darkin aesthetic aswell, so an organ on the bow to signify it is alive.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: @WAARGHbobo, we should talk about your voice writing.
God I'm so worried about Fiddlesticks, Mordekaiser and Nocturne. Not only do all these need to be calm, but also eerie and have a terrifying chill to them. Mordekaiser for instance needs to be sinister and serious and not a brutish and cocky russian jerk like new Aatrox. Varus also has me worried. In his story he is the only darkin left actually wanting revenge for what happened and not being some dumb walking joke that screams around like a brute. Sure Aatrox wants revenge too, but his new VO tells me the complete opposite, that he actually is having a great time drunk on vodka while kicking hardly funny jokes and screaming at his enemies.
: Something that always makes me die a little inside
I know it might still be a bit away, but when that Mordekaiser VGU finally comes and hits PBE... just imagine it all, his new model and splashes that are probably gonna be even better than his current ones (namely base, Pentakill and King of Clubs), a new refreshing kit that fits his fantasy, Pentakill Mordekaiser becomming as awesome as Pentakill Yorick is after his update, his recolor skins actually becomming something cool with a theme, new VO that can finally tell the story of the character he actually is in the lore, metal af login screen. It's gonna be good.
Omaque (NA)
: Pyke does have a real short story
"you betrayed me Kalista" I think that line is more about the fact that Kalista is a spectre that punishes betrayers, yet didn't punish or seek vengeance for those that Pyke thinks betrayed him. That's why he feels Kalista betrayed him. But that's just what I make of it.
Cosnirak (NA)
: Pyke's Voice Is Bad
The Pyke in his VO is real different. This Pyke is self-aware and isn't getting revenge for himself. {{champion:555}} "They said you ain't innocent." {{champion:555}} "I got friends everywhere, especially in the depths." {{champion:555}} "I am not the only one who wants revenge on everyone." {{champion:555}} "Captains told me to kill fish, fish told me to kill captains, makes sense." {{champion:555}} "Not sure who's revenge I'm getting... Don't care!" {{champion:555}} "Every kill makes the voices louder... and I looove what they're screaming." The thing about all of this is, that the Pyke ingame feels a lot more like the man he once might have been that has been imbued with some kind of power in order to go on a mission like he was paid to do so. The one in the lore suggests a folklore like spectre that returned hateful after being swallowed whole and after the crew of the Terror, which seemingly never existed (again spooky ghost story element) died Pyke thought he was done, but from there on every time he came a across a captain he didn't go "Your names on the list, now die" but "Why is his name not on the list? Why? This must be a mistake, I must've folded it wrong. YES YOU WHERE THERE!". Pyke seemingly doesn't know himself why he's doing this, but his mind is so messed up from whatever happened to him that he's too deranged to notice that what ever revenge he's getting might not even be real.
: So, Nautilus is now just a bumbling superstitious idiot who wants people to tip the sea some coins for good luck. I'm not a fan. It seems to me a dull and boring character motivation, but the deeper problem is that Riot felt the need to explain his motivation at all. Riot's writers seem to think they have to humanise every character, no matter how inhuman, just to get people to like them. It's an insult to intelligence. I prefer beings like Nautilus to be more than human - unfathomable in their goals. Far too many of League's backstories are now: "X was once an ordinary man, who loved to do Y. One day, unfortunate incident Z happened to him, and he was transformed into the inhuman creature known as N" (who is basically just an ordinary human with normal human motivations who looks a bit weird and has supernatural powers.) Seriously, Riot, try to create some genuinely non-human characters. Don't try to humanise them, don't try to explain them, just describe their mysteries in a compelling way. Think Lovecraft.
{{champion:432}} comes closest to what you want. Bard has no motives, he has no reason, but he serves a purpose. In his teaser people are dying, but he doesn't care, he just fullfills his purpose by protecting and collecting destructive magical artifacts in order to preserve the universe. He's not true horror lovecraft tier, but builds of a similiar concept, that the universe and the "higher ups" don't care about humanity.
: Keep in mind, Karthus's W is actually the wall spell that slows and reveals at the pillars. His E is the AOE damage toggle, which also recovers mana when toggled off.
Oops. That was my mistake then. Replacing Nasus E with Karthus E then and for {{champion:120}} W.
: If you had to create a new champion from other existing champions abilities what would you choose?
{{champion:136}} Passive : 3 Orbit projectiles around you that deal damage and execute minions {{champion:53}} Q : Pulls a champion towards you {{champion:120}} W : Creates a circle around you that deals damage over time and heals for the damage you deal {{champion:30}} E : Toggle that drains mana over time while dealing AOE damage over time around you {{champion:34}} R : Toggle that drains mana over time and creates a zone that grows in size, inside take AOE damage over time, get slowed and lose attack speed I call this one the master of no no zones. Got pulled? You'll likely be burned to a crisp. Didn't focus him? Now you've got a literal sun in your team that kills you by standing around.
: Well judging from what we've heard (I'd have to find the source on this, mind you, but I've seen it around), Morg and Kayle are the ones after Akali and Nunu. I seem to recall something being mentioned about a pair of champions and the much needed Kayle rework. I'll see if I can't find the comments that spawned this questioning.
It's pretty much confirmed to be Kayle and Morgana because one of the Rioters that is working on a VGU after Nunu is working on a female champion that isn't Akali. And the only two female champions on the Tier 1 list are Kayle and Morgana. So unless we'll get a surprise gender bend or a lower priority champion that isn't on the list gets prioritized for a reason it's them. I mean on one hand I am hyped because these two have such a cool dynamic and thematic that just suffers from old design (not gameplay because Morganas kit is gonna stay mostly intact through her VGU because it's relatively healthy, only slight changes from what i've heard when it does happen), but on the other hand I want Mordekaiser. The guy and his community have been neglected so much and his thematic could be so good if executed correctly for once. And like Urgot and Yorick they finally need to find a primary lane for him. He's been played literally everywhere but doesn't really fit anywhere fully.
: Pyke Bandanna tweak on PBE
Much better and not visually noisy. Now the only thing I still want is a slight tweak to his skin to make him look more undeadish and maybe more wide open eyes. But that bandana now actually looks like something that you could mistake for a giant maw if he were to find and drown you.
Catalin10GG (EUNE)
: Pyke’s mask
Well at least we got the funniest excuse ever, it's just one of his many bandanas he keeps in his basement.
: Urgot is pretty high up that list.
Not really. They said they are cautious about making that skin a reality, because in the past when they made meme skins reality (Baker Pantheon for example) no one bought them. If they were to make Star Guardian Urgot it is highly unlikely that people that actually like or play Urgot will buy it and instead it'll just be left to those few people that make videos on those skins.
: What can be done to Naut's lore to differentiate him from Pyke?
It's actually really interesting if you think about it, it's essentially the same story told in a different way, sailors left to drown by their crews, but which also lead to both of those champions to become pretty different characters. Pyke is essentially just a serial killer out for vengeance, going after those he finds "guilty" of his death, appearantly with a list of names. A lot of people compared this to Kalista, but the difference is that Pyke is doing all of this for his own selfish reasons, while Kalista seeks to punish all betrayers, not only those who betrayed her. And the difference to Nautilus might be that Pyke was left to die, even though he didn't need to which would be actual betrayal and what we can gather from Nautilus is that his crew left him to "die" because the ooze and the weight of his diving suit was dragging the entire ship down, which would've lead to everyone's "death". Now i'm being a bit skeptic about the death thing with Nautilus because it really doesn't seem that the ooze directly killed him, but merged him with his Suit, which might be, as you said, the doing of Nagakabouros.
Terozu (NA)
: Pike is fucking terrifying.
Honestly Pyke is the first champion who's appearance genuinely kind of unsettles me. Everything that tries to be scary is either so old that it looks goofy in a way {{champion:31}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:35}} or if the champion has some scary or terrifying elements there's always a level of coolness to it {{champion:6}} {{champion:19}} . But the only thing you can get out of Pyke is his wide open stare. The mask thing looks like a ripped open jaw, which may hide something even worse underneath. His skin looks rotten and is full of scars and that "armor" or what ever it is he is wearing looks like it is made out of whatever that beast was that devoured him. That entire fishing hook net thing is also fucking scary and brutal. Still waiting for the rest to make a final judgement, but I think this guy might give us the first truly terrifying "horror" champion.
Igotlazy (NA)
: Riot this needs to stop: #WolfLivesMatter
It's kind of sad that a champion that doesn't even mention the second character in the name does the entire duo thing a lot better gameplay wise {{champion:141}} . And soon another duo will likely surpass Kindred gameplay wise {{champion:20}} . Such a shame that Kindred have the best personality out of all of these duos.
: The god skins
Nah God Wand Lux, God Orb Ahri, God Blade Riven and God Sniper Jhin. Gotta be creative with the champion choices.
Elistaan (NA)
: I believe they DID give Maokai a VO update a while back
Yeah that's what I said. But Alistar, Shen and Fiora still feel half finished. They feel like they should have new VOs but still haven't.
: Shen's Voice Actor | Keith Silverstein Responded
Well there's a certain champion that's gonna receive a VGU soon that has a deeper connection to Shen, with said champion also seeming to move on from her association to the kinkou order, making way for an interesting relationship, especially Shen's duty being to make as rational and non emotion driven decisions as possible and would honestly help to get both sides of the coin instead of just one, especially now that the opportunity is clearly there... hint hint {{champion:84}} ... seriously though that's multiple conditions and it's not like the voice actor is unavaible or not interested in still giving the character their voice. It would honestly be perfect, especially since Shen still feels only half-finished like those other pure VUs like Fiora or Alistar. At the very least Maokai got a VO update later on, but that's about it.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: When you think you don't give a damn about some champions...
Man there is so many really interesting characters, it's such a shame that a lot of them are either underexplored because they're old and don't have much lore content or people just simply don't give a damn about the personality their voice overs bring to the table. Confessions of a broken blade was Riots first real attempt to breathe life into the lore and I think it successed. There was progression and a level of sympathy for Riven and how she feels. We need so much more of this. I mean sure some big lore updates every now and then with short color stories are completely fine, but they feel like bandaid fixes for the people that actually care about the lore. But this was different. It was split into multiple chapters, was released one after another and most importantly didn't have a big impact on anything. It was just the story of two characters that in of themself don't have that big of an impact on the league universe. But it explored them and with that made the universe itself so much more richer. More of this please.
: So what *is* the new champion?
Would actually be kind of funny to have something like an octopus control a mini ship or submarine through the rift. That way it could be a creature and also intelligent. But judging by riots claims of it being some kind of champion with a dark and serious thematic it might either be a monstrous sea creature or some fucked up humanoid, may that be in appearence or personality. Or both. Something lovecraftian would also be sweet, but I think the Void already kind of fills that niche. Either way i'm excited, not only am I a fan of the whole sea aesthetic but I love making aggressive plays as a support, so maybe I can extend my champion pool a bit.
: Something weird just happened to me when selecting Morgana in champ select...
It is a bit different, but that doesn't mean anything. I can think back at Pre-Rework Warwick where they used a cut quote of his original VO as the ban quote, so it might just be that, an unused piece of VO that somehow made it in. Or it is a subtle way of teasing a Morgana Rework and Riot wants us to think it's just unused voicework. It must be a conspiracy.
: My theory is that they were originally beings free from their weapons; they just wielded the weapon. However, they were sealed into their weapon and can't permanently undo the seal. This is why when they take over a host, if the host dies, they revert to the weapon.
Honestly quite interesting because you can see Rhaast still blink on the ground after Kayn dies.
: Is Aatrox's new sword smaller in size?
From what i've heard it's a greatsword (2-hand weapon) and Reav3 said it's fucking massive ingame. So like you probably will feel heavy impact with it, unlike the current one that is a longsword and meant for swift strikes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gvt1,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=RpKWqPsf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-19T21:35:11.332+0000) > > will be going for a more "silly" champion approach with them like all of these {{champion:36}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:17}} I don't know about you, but Draven and Rakan are not silly champs. Sure, there's a touch of absurdity to them, but Draven is a narcissistic executioner, and Rakan is a rebellious militant in-it-to-win-it with his girlfriend. They don't even approach the level of silliness of someone like Kled, Lulu, Tristana, or Zoe. Mundo, and by that note, Singed, are all relics from the early times of the game when they did make almost every character silly and whimsical. Singed, as we see, is not silly in the lore, but instead a sadistic chemist in Zaun who does experimentation on live people. I would imagine that with their VGUs (wherever that may be in the future), these two champions would be pulled out of their tropes and gaggingly bad dad-jokes and into the dark side of science where their lore is taking them.
Well you may be right. At least Singed is a lot darker from a lore perspective, it's just that his Gameplay and VO don't portray that. Mundo would probably still be pretty silly though, atleast from a visual and VO perspective. I think it's a bit of what makes him what he is.
Kelg (NA)
: Will Willump talk after Nunu's VGU?
Honestly it would be funny if Willump mostly made normal Yeti sounds but ocassionally very simplistic speech. I think Kled already covers that "Duo of humanoid and animal but the animal just makes sounds while the humanoid talks to it like it was actually talking" thing kind of well, so it would be nice to see Willump kick simple reponses and jokes. Riot said that they will be going for a more "silly" champion approach with them like all of these {{champion:36}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:17}} anyway. Also riot, please don't completely scrap the Nunu bot VO, improve on it. More lines and keep some of the quotes.
: Blood Moon Evelynn has to be the worst skin of 2018
I'm gonna be honest here, I didn't really like a single skin of 2018 till now. And especially not some of the updates to previous skins that were actually pretty good (Tyrant Swain, Frostblade Irelia). Badlands Baron Rumble is okay I guess. But any of the skins that come close to being good feel rushed.
Moggy (EUW)
: I mean the whole point of Gangplank's achievements like stealing the Leviathan and stuff from Zed's clan is to show how cunning and dangerous Gangplank is.
I know. And I respect Gangplank for that. He ruled an entire region for years without real contest. The man survived everything up to this point, even being dethroned and having his arm destroyed in the explosion of his own ship. But I think Swain and Gangplank might be on the same level in terms of intelligence and cunning. Depending how a fight might play out they might be even, which would still be awesome to see. The thing that Swain has over Gangplank is his demonic abilities, if a situation is grim enough Swain would fight for himself instead of hiding behind soldiers. And Swain might already know what Gangplank is up to before a fight even beginns. Still, as you've said, it would be interesting to see that despite Gangplanks disadvantage how he could outsmart even an ability as powerful as the demons knowledge.
Tomeksz (EUNE)
: @Riot Aatrox VGU
The thing is that the visual update itself is more akin to the scope of Fiora or Shen according to Riot, as his rig will be similiar. To put it simply, he's probably not on the level of your average VGU. The things I've read just imply that he is a bit more muscular and wields a greatsword (simply put he wields it with both hands). Of course there's gonna be a new voice over added to all of that, which almost puts him at the level of other VGUs if it weren't for the fact that visually the update seems to be a lot more minor compared to other champions, which probably has to do with the fact that Aatrox himself isn't visually outdated, just a bit of a missed opportunity in terms of what his overall theme is and of course needs to be visually a bit more akin to Varus and Rhaast. Varus has an excuse for looking a bit visually different from the Darkin because he hasn't fully corrupted the body of Val and souls of Val and Kai, but Aatrox did with his host and Rhaast can with Kayn ingame. I think that will also imply that Aatrox sword will have an eye on it just like Rhaast.
Moggy (EUW)
: A story I need to hear.
Swain still has lots of stories to tell. How did he outsmart the demon? Appearantly he doesn't know of Kled, what would happen if they met? What are his exact relations to LeBlanc and the black rose? How would an encounter of him and either Urgot or Irelia go out after everything that happened? Honestly for some I would prefer a comic or cinematic/music video because one thing we really haven't seen is how Swain would emote in such situations. I mean it's pretty much a given that in most cases he would keep his composure, but I'd like to see a story where a bit of his emotional side might shine through. A story about him trying to reclaim the Leviathan would also be interesting, though it would honestly be REALLY hard for Gangplank to have any sort of chance of defeating him. Swain is cunning, intelligent, mostly serious and cruel while also having the power of knowing almost everything on Runeterra. Not only that but the demon is also able to expell eldritch magic at a fast rate, that would be really hard to survive for a "normal" human like Gangplank, who mostly has his pistol, sword and barrels. Maybe he would use his ship in that battle too, if it were to be overseas.
: Champion Teasers themes in-game
I honestly don't know how Riot decides when a theme should or shouldn't play at the start of the game. For me I think every time a champion gets their own theme ingame it adds a lot of flavor. Their themes represent their overall personality and stories very very well. If you were new to League and pick up Swain or Zoe for example and you would hear their themes at the start you would instantly know a lot more about these two without having ever heard quotes of them or read their stories. Swains sounds imposing and like an anthem, you instantly know this character is someone with great power and is a leader of sorts. Zoe on the other hand sounds calm, cosmical and playful, fitting for her childish nature and her reality warping powers. I really hope that, at some point, Riot decides to take all of the existing themes of champions or skins, cut them a bit short, maybe a little bit of editing like the ravens in Swains ingame theme and then add them to the start of the game. In the end it is just a little detail and sadly sometimes little details that are afterthoughts often aren't worth the time and effort they take that could be spent on things that have priority (New Champs, VGUs, Features and Story Art). Allthough something like this was already done when they gave old champions that had no recall animations just other animations they had as a recall, but I think that was more for gameplay clarity reasons than anything else.
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